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This thread is similar in concept to the Patch Proposals/Idea Thread; the reduction of new posts about job concepts and execution. However, it will also have some secondary purposes. This thread will also help to reduce "How do I make X job" questions in the Help forum.

Let's begin discussion with the ever popular Blue Mage.
As many of us know we can set any skill in FFT to be learned on hit. This includes monster skills which are woefully incompatible with humans without some modification. The problem here is that if left alone the monster skills are very weak in comparison to other magics in the game. The reason is monsters' high MA growth.

I can see two solutions to this; one simple and the other tedious, but far less lame.
1) Leave each skill as is and choose only insta-cast skills for the Blue Mage to learn. The skills will be weak, but they won't cost any MP anyway. This is totally unlike a normal FF Blue Mage, though.
2) For a more tedious but very win and FF like set of skills, we could mod all monsters stats a skill powers to be more in line with the humans. For example cut all MA growth by 1/2 and increase all MA based skill damage/Hit rate by 2x.
Next would be to give all MA based skills an MP cost which will have the added affect of preventing lower level monsters from using more powerful skills as well as granting the Blue Mage spells a cost.

As for base stats for a Blue Mage we can take some ques from the Geomancer since they are both forms of warrior mages.

Traditionally, Blue mages tend to use knives, swords, rods, staves, and only light armor, clothes, or robes. I tend to think of them as more speed based fighters as opposed to Geomancers who are more strength based, and Red Mages which are totally average in almost every way.

i think there's another problem with blue mage... if blue mage exists, it would kill the purpose of using monster to fight.. because they have  a compilation of a lot of monster's skill.. it's just like you're using a chimera which is capable of wearing equips, and lower stats.

i guess the first solution is better. So the blue mage skill will be weaker compared to the real monster's skill, but he has a number of skills to choose to. i myself like self destruct, bad breath, odd soundwave, and choco meteor as blue mage's skill =p and i've tried gave choco meteor on one of my unit, it's weak but not that bad because it's instant cast and has a really long range.

Yes, I agree with Orlandu on this. If reduce monsters MA growth, making the spells weaker (same average as human), there's no point fighting monsters anymore and not challenging because they are same as us, human level spells/skills, except that they are monster. Just that difference. Making monsters weak just for Blue Mage, I don't think that's worth it all. I rather choose having monsters strong than having Blue Mage by making monsters weak for its skills, which is on our side. It becomes imbalance. Having insta-cast of weak skills isn't really bad at all because they have varieties of skills and long range. So, I would say go for the first option, weak insta-cast skills while monsters stay strong.

The usage of any given job in this thread will be totally up to the hacker we're just going to discus the best way to execute them with our current resources.

As far as the skills go You also have to consider the character animations that the skills use.
If the animation isn't compatible with a human it will look horrible.
It is possible to change the character animation with the newest version of the patcher, but you'd have to choose something suitable for both the monster and the Blue Mage.


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