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Spam of naruto, aka No referee=no rules

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No referee means no rules
So...Zodiac will not come here, and thus this is like the spam of naruto...
What do you guys think of the Naruto anime/manga?
Someone reads the spoilers?

Haven't look at the latest chapter yet. Downloaded latest anime episode though ^^
Jiraiya the Sannin is going to die soon in anime. Sad....

well i read the manga and see the anime when the chapters are availble

i havent watched the anime in a long long long time... i still read the manga though...

I'm with RolyTunedIn. I stopped watching the anime after the first round of narutard, I gave it another try but then it was suffering from DBZ disease and every action took a couple episodes to complete. I keep almost giving up on the manga, but I have kept up.

More importantly, what are people actually going to do with these great sprites?


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