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Hello all,
I'm french and me and my team are translating this wonderful game.

Everything is practically translated. But we have one probleme.
In the boot.bin many of the translated text are too long I also modified the pointer of them to move these text in an other place of the file.
But the problem is that I had to move one of the text in the logo of SQUARE ENIX. Now instead of have this:

I have this:

So my question: Can anyone tell me if there is a way to compress the text or make something else? Maybe compress the image??


Well, wouldn't it be possible to just hack the top of the image with a few instructions somehow?

Like pasting many white rows with only a few more instructions and loading the rest of the image, then it can be processed as inteaded.

Oh it looks like you could just cut the image and make it print at the middle. your text seems to only appear in the middle of the whole thing.

I'm not really the best person to help though. :/
Even if my primary language is French.

There should be an instruction that tells the system where to load the Square logo from. Change that so that it load starting after the text data.  Then have it do like Zodiac said, have it print at a lower position on the screen. That should be all it takes.

Ok thanks I'll try it. I'll tell you in 2 days if it works.


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