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I figured it might be a good idea to put in any detailed issues in terms of patching for the PSP version in one topic. This way the PSP users here can help test melonhead's programs extensively too.

Anyway I started messing around with the PSP version again after a long time today and used the Text Editor. I already know there were some issues with it but I wanted to test it somewhat.

So basically I changed all instances saying "Fell Sword" to "Dark Sword" (Gaffgarion's job/skillset) and also changed Ramza's Ch2/Ch3 job to say "Merc" in all instances. Everything works fine except there aren't any changes to any of the job names. All job/skillset descriptions work though.

I will test it a little bit more to see how ability names/descriptions work out to see how that is working as well.

Another update on Text Editor, good news the Job name changes are shown on the pre-battle formation screen.

The bad thing though is that it seems ability name/descriptions seem to suffer from the same problem as the job name/descriptions and skillset name/descriptions. So basically description changes work fine but ability/skillset/job names aren't being changed at all except in the pre-battle formation screen.

A few pics of successful changes.

Added the arrow and Huntcraft showing that Luso can learn the moves Blue Mage style.

Just a small change, "ramming" to "slamming."

Showing that Merc shows up in the pre-battle screen.

I can't see any of the pictures. >.<

My bad, pics should be viewable now.

After messing around a bit more with the Text editor it seems that with the PSP version you can go over the maximum byte length.

In addition to putting the "arrow Huntercraft" for all the monster skills Luso can learn from monsters on my patch. I've also given all generic jobs an innate ability also listing it in the job description. Below are a few more pics to show you what I mean.

These next two show the Mime Job description longer than it should be and working just fine.

The next three just show Luso with his abilities and two descriptions of only two of his abilities.


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