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Bastard Poetry:
The way I see it, the Chronicles wouldn't even be possible without the tools and guidance of the FFH community.

So I'm going to start a topic about it!

Check it out:


Speaking of Kanbabrif... work on my custom patch is going pretty steady, it's quite a story, without giving away many details, Zalbag feels Alma is unsafe in Lesalia and marries her off to... Kanbabrif. Thus making Kanbabrif and Ramza brother in laws. (Despite how I make it sound it's actually a pretty small part of the story) Of course I would need your permission to use Kanbabrif, in this manner. Also, when the time comes, may I ask you to give text for Kanbabrif's lines?

EDIT: Wow, a site! Hehe, That intro looked pretty amazing. Did you make those graphics yourself? I know a few somewhat looked like FF7 burning town and FFT's opening cutscene, of course I could be wrong.

Bastard you certainly have a touch and some flare that comes off very nicely. By that I mean "Very well done". I'm very impressed by how you were able to cut all those different into pieces together to look like a cohesive scene. Oh and I dig credit spots hehe.

Bastard Poetry:
Re: LastingDawn

A Kanbabrif.. PATCH!? Hell yeah, I'd give you permission! (Not that I really think anyone'd need my permission for anything, but I do appreciate the sentiment). As far as helping to write the dialogue, I'd be more than happy to help out with that. Just give me some time to finish some of these videos. Then, when I get a chance, we can collaborate. Just let me know what you need!

Also, your question about the clips reminded me of those two sacred little words: copyright infringement. So I quickly threw together a list of sources to add to the description fields of both the youtube and the Vimeo displays.

"I did not make the FMVs. I intended to put the sources in the ending credits. For copyright reasons, though, I'll list them here. There are clips from the following:

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Intelligent Systems)
The Mind's Eye (Thomas Dolby)
Age of Conan: Frost Swamp (Funcom)
Prince Charming (frogs created by Jason Carswell; Guru Animation Studios)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Activision)
Final Fantasy II Anniversary Ed. PSP (Square Enix)"

Ass: saved.

Most of the Chronicles will be in-game footage, and I only plan to occasionally use fmv clips like that.

Re: Cheetah
Thanks! I have a soft spot for the overly dramatic. But don't let the tone of that video fool you.. most of the Chronicles will be funny; the serious, epic drama will be interspersed sporadically, for the balance.


On that note, I was planning to have philsov be the main character. The one who has to stand up against Kanbabrif throughout the series. He gets "transported" to Ivalice a la FFTA sorcery. I was going to use your blue option of the red mage sprite, because that hat is so utterly pimpin'. But my only concern is that it looks too.. Ivalicean, if that makes sense. Since philsov is from our world, perhaps he needs to look like he doesn't belong?

Does anyone have any thoughts on how philsov should look?

*****END SPOILERS*****

I do like the Red Mage's blue palette as well. Well I would definitely suggest a battle sprite with lots of animations, seeing as how he is the main character. You can always just explain it away with one of those famous Hollywood dialog inserts Philsov: "Oh my gosh, where am I? Everything looks so strange and foreign. WTF am I wearing!? I look like the ridiculously overpowered illegitimate child of a Blue Mage and a Red Mage." Or something far more witty then that.


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