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--- Quote from: "chobibo" ---Are the fixes done by melonhead already applied to the v50 downloadable patch? When I applied the patch from the download, the errors were still present. Anyways, thanks for the effort, I hated the psp version for the slowdown, this saves me from having a nerd rage lol.

EDIT: Missing Text Bubble
I think there is a missing text bubble on the battle of Sweegy Woods(Siege Weald), the one being of Gaffgarion. Gaffgarion looks at Ramza but no text bubble appears and I think he was trying to say something there. I'll try to get a screenshot.

It was the battle to save the chocobo, if that needs to be known.
--- End quote ---

I'm getting on these.

before the beginning of the battle with Hashmal, Vormav/Folmarv's lines are untranslated. other than that, i played the game through and found no inconsistencies with the PSP version's script.

Thanks for spotting this and fully playing the patch. I'm surprised that that that hasn't been spotted before.

Well, I don't know if this is the right topic to post what I've seen, but well. Maybe someone already spotted this, but, when I cast a spell or another skill that sometimes has a chant, the char speaks the chant and immediatly it ends, leaving no chance for me to read it completely. Why?

We accidentally included the autoskip ASM hack for spell quotes. It will be removed for the next release. Thanks for the reminder.


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