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What is the script: All dialog found in all events, including battle tutorials, is considered the script. The script from the PSP version of the game was inserted into the PSX directly, except for the scenes in the PSP version that were FMV.

How to test the script: Play through the game and read all the dialog carefully. Comparing it to the actual PSP script as you go along is ideal to insure that a scene doesn't accidentally still contain the PSX translation. Things to look for:
-Chopped off text
-Weird characters in the text such as japanese
-Very odd formatting
-People saying another person's line

How to report errors in the script: Screenshots are always preferred. At the very least a direct quote of the dialog in question and what scene it is occurring in necessary. Post all script errors found in THIS thread.

This is what i found, i dunno if this suppose to be like this...

*on every page n it has some spanish *

Haha yeah that is a known thing and is because we haven't touched it yet. It isn't Spanish though, just random jumblings of letters. I'm glad to see someone has actually opened the books though. Look forward to the real deal once we start inserting Heian's translation.

Dominic NY18:
Here's something I've come across. Agrias' response to the guard when the party reaches Lionel for the first time doesn't appear.

Guardsman: What errand brings you to Lionel?

Agrias: I am Agrias Oaks, a knight of the Lionsguard. My companions and I have
journeyed from Orbonne Monastery seeking sanctuary. By the grace of Saint
Ajora, I beg you, lay open your gate!

Guardsman: The graces of Saint Ajora are in the keeping of His Eminence here.
All who seek those graces are given like treatment - the gates of Lionel stand
open to them. Raise the gate!

The camera pans over to her after the guard's first line, but after about a second, it automatically pans back to the guard and the scene then continues as normal. Her lines are never said.

Oh wow an error, this is super exciting! I will check it out and report back in the near future.


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