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Install Instructions:

All patches are being released in PPF format. You will need a clean rip of a Final Fantasy Tactics PSX ISO and a program that can apply PPF patches. I would recommend PPF-O-Matic for Windows:

Applying the patch in PPF-O-Matic is pretty self explanatory. Under "ISO File" click the floppy disk icon on the right, select the clean ISO you wish to patch and click open. Under "Patch" click the floppy disk icon on the right, select the version of the patch you are applying and click open. Next click the "Apply" icon. Note that patching could take a very long time and even may look like it isn't processing it likely is, a message will appear at the end saying you successfully patched.

Current Beta: v.50

-Script: 100% (untested)

-Text: 100% (untested)

World Map Locations (untested)
Battle Conditions(untested)
Map Titles(untested)
Battle Statuses

Books unlocked

Old Betas:

-All releases prior to v.50 can be found in the FFT:C Project thread on the first page.

Congrats on getting your section Cheetah ^^

Well, looks like it's time to nit pick.

Hoorah! ^_^

Awesome, testing very soon.


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