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I kinda like axes as they are now, though I must admit the Power Break hasn't kicked in yet for me...

Btw goldblade, axes are now 1-handed

Chicken, although I'm sure it would be fun, is just out right ridiculous.

Slasher + 25% Shellbust Stab = Win

Chicken for one turn is no problem and even if it's such a odd idea, I want it. =D

Since at the beginning of the target's next turn s/he would turn back, it could be like a temporary Defense Down, for your second axe hit and whoever gets a turn before the enemy

We should do it. Who is in favor of Slasher w/ 25% Shellbust Stab, add: Chicken? I am.

It will look ridiculous though.

Hehe sounds fun =D

Are axes TwoSwordsable?


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