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Well, Axes have been being the major problem.

We just can't find a way to make them useful.

We tried Double Strike... but it doesn't work correctly.

We are now thinking on Crush Punch or something chance on attack...

Still, these changes wouldn't make me grab an axe. I mean, sure having a chance to cast Crush Punch with 16 WP is nice, but the odds are that you won't see it.

On my squire SCC, I used Axe with one of my units from Miluda II to Lionel (first visit)... Power Break didn't kick in even once... I did however happen on play testing (aka, save state).

So, since we aparently can't remove the randomness, what should we do?

How about give lots of stuff to it? Like a Grand Cross or Parasite... but not statti. Damage stuff. Can we even do this? Each one having 25% to kick in and the being able to stack...

This other I doubt will be possible, but what if we give it the area attack like Triple Attack (from Hydra)? It would make a rather interesting multiplanel weapon and makes perfect sense for axes...

Asmo X:
Could axes ignore shield evasion or something? That can be their "thing".

Of course, I'm not confident that's even possible.

Or maybe they could be weapons that sacrifice one stat for another: Lower HP for increased PA, lower speed for increased MA, lower PA for increased speed.

Could they damage both HP and MP? Chance to cut the enemy's level by 1?

There are probably any number of things you could add to make them useful so long as they have some kind of niche.

Well for them to pierce evasion would mean to make them gun, which Chemists and mediators can use. ;/

Give them a new formula, but they're very limited since you have to use general abilities formulas.

Axes with Holy Sword Formula = axes dealing constant WP * PA damage and 100% chance of inflicting any status you wish.

Normally it's 25% per status and the same goes with magic.

Sadly you cannot determine a new attack range using any ability. The game has 4 specific flags just for that, But I feel that's not enough.

I have an idea for axes.  Since the axes are heavy 2 handed ones how about they have a chance of breaking the opponents shield?

Is there a way to make them add Chicken for one turn? That would be fun =p


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