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Project Description: FFT Complete is meant to take all the best parts of each version of the game and combine them into the original PSX version. Including the script from the PSP port, the missing bits from the Japanese version, and getting rid of all those nasty bugs and cheap cheats along the way. I don't think this should turn into FFT v1.4 or something. The core gameplay should basically all stay exactly the same. Then if people want to really change game mechanics, story, or difficulty they can just base their build off of this. Inserting the new script should be relatively painless and is all established knowledge, it just takes time. With Melonhead's new amazing FFT Text editor all the text everywhere else in the game is also very easy to edit. Getting the story books to work will be much tougher, but should be possible given that the japanese PSX version has them in there working. Bugs/glitch fixing already already been done for many of the games issues, but will require experienced hackers on board. If some dedicated people got on board with this project, I honestly believe it could be finished quite rapidly.

1) To insert the psp script into the psx version for starters. Voldemort mentioned getting all the new content in there, but I think that is perhaps to grandiose at this point.
1.5) Getting a majority of the name changes for skills, descriptions, and backstories also in line with the WotL translation. Or at the very least establish concrete choices between the two versions.
2) Get the story books that were removed in the US version of the game working and translated. Some real hacking skills would be needed to do this, but should be possible and would open up a new area of hacking for other projects.
3) Bug/glitch fixes. What would be considered bugs and which should be left in I think would be needed to be decided by the team who takes this on. But stuff like dublicating weapons and learning all the skills from a skill crystals.
4) If this project is done I would think it should be about making the perfect/complete version of the original FFT to create a good gold standard of FFT and be a great base for other patches to work off of.
5) Other excluded material from the Japanese original. Such as the music test and the formation screen character quotes.
6) If you think there should be more changes do share. Because I know I didn't think of all of it.

Video Previews:
- Script Preview 1:
- Script Preview 2:
- Script Preview 3:
- Script Preview 4:
- Script Preview 5:
- Japanese Book Preview Part 1:
- Japanese Book Preview Part 2:
- Books working in US version!:
- New Intro Movie
- Japanese Music Test Preview:

-Event Editor/Lead: Cheetah
-Text Editor: Dominic NY18
-Hacker Extraordinaire: Melonhead
-Translator: Heian
-Spell Quotes: Eternal
-Graphic Editor: Vanya
-Tester: FFMaster
-Tester: PX_Timefordeath

-And I'm definitely looking for help

Help Need:
-Testers: Play through this initial patch and tell me what is wrong. I have time to insert the text but not test it so I will never find a mistake unless people tell me about it. Screen shots and direct quotes are a must. If you can be comparing this to the PSP version you get bonus points.

-Text Editor: I'm not sure about the state of the beta Text Inserter by Melonhead, but using it the next phase will be inserting all the PSP's text into the PSX version. So if anyone wants to take this on that would be great. Position filled by Dominic_NY18

-ASM Hacker: You will need someone to do real hacking to do bug fixes, and I believe ASM hacking is the way to do that. Obviously you will need someone experienced for this.

-Master Hacker: Getting the story books working is going to take some real hacking skills with in depth knowledge of FFT. I would recommend some really thorough analysis of the differences between the US and JAP versions of the games. Task completed by Cheetah

-Translator: I don't believe there is a very good translations all the story books anywhere. So if they do get working, you are going to need someone to translate them.

Version History:

-Script: Through Chapter 2 inserted.
-Text: Job Descriptions, Job Names, Item Descriptions,Item Names, Skillset Names, Skillset Descriptions, Ability Names,Ability Descriptions,Job Requirements, Ability Quotes, Some Help Text
-Script: All of Chapter 1 inserted.
-Fixes: Corrected one line of text.
-Script: All of Chapter 1 inserted.
-Script: Now inserted up through the Reed Whistle scene with Ramza and Delita. Balbanes's death also also been correctly inserted.
-Hacks: Hopefully by editing the games font in three different files the random kanji problem should be fixed.
-PSP Script inserted up through Dorter 1.


This is during just before the Gariland battle.

EDIT: another one

Ah....a combination of patches?
So is there going to be new events, like maybe from PSP version?
Also, are there any jobs or skills changes? Or is it everything back to the original?

My first thought was that I really didn't like the psp translation, but then I remembered the psx one was just as bad.

A suggestion would be to make a seperate "psp translation" patch so people don't have to go through this if they want the psp translation in their psx hack.


--- Quote from: "Kaijyuu" ---My first thought was that I really didn't like the psp translation, but then I remembered the psx one was just as bad.

A suggestion would be to make a seperate "psp translation" patch so people don't have to go through this if they want the psp translation in their psx hack.
--- End quote ---

That is the general idea Kaijyuu. So that is can become a base for other projects to work off of.


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