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Asmo X:
My god. A story hack that actually stands a chance.

Putting the FF1 patch on the backburner for the time being because I've been working for weeks on it and need a breather from that project...

In the meantime, I've been brainstorming for ways to make a vanilla-based patch that adds some fun and difficulty to the game with a new twist. One idea I've been toying with is to treat the elements more realistically. Here's some of the concepts I've come up with so far (didn't see anyone else with a similar idea so here's hoping no one has already posted this)...

- metal items give wearer weakness to lightning (ie. armor, helmets)
- non-metal items give wearer weakness to fire (ie. clothing, robes)
- ice & wind element attacks have chance to add slow
- earth element attacks have chance to add don't move
- water element attacks don't do anything different yet...

If anyone has some suggestions on how to expand this I'd much appreciate it.

Pickle Girl Fanboy:
You could try Saiyuki: Journey West's elemental system, which is based on Chinese mythology and Tai Chi.

Just a random idea I had kicking around my skull, may have already been thought of but here goes...

I see a considerable amount of Final Fantasy VII characters that have been sprited for use on FFT. I was thinking of making a storyline featuring the characters, with Cloud as the main character of course... Kind of, have the intro being the team being transported to FFTs  world and scattered across Ivalice. Some of the characters are corrupted by the Zodiac Stones (I was thinking Barret and Yuffie) Others die, such and such. Featuring new weapons (granted you can re sprite the weapons palette) to accomodate the weapons of each unique character, Secret Characters (Zack, Vincent, Lucrecia) New storyline completely. new boss for the Deep Cave (Hojo, Jenova and Sephiroth)  New abilities and even Perhaps Secret Abilities for Vincent (transforming into the Zodiac Monsters)

If this is a cool idea, let me know :)

here's an idea: making fft into ffta, complete with the missions cycle, and law and judge system.


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