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i'd like to add myself, and maybe some friends, to my personal patch... how would you do that?

do you think that it would be possible to substitute rad, lavian or alicia? or maybe it's better to make the unit join after some battle a la algus/mustadio?

any suggestion is welcome.


Are you talking about a spare sprite? Gyumu.spr is a duplicate of Alma's sprite.

Replacing a character is very possible, but are you asking whether you should? I'd suggest replacing one of the three (Rad, Lavian, Alicia).

Personally, I'd recommend against adding yourself into the patch, but if you have a good class and creative way to add yourself, then by all means, go for it. However, I'm not sure I understand what part of the 'adding yourself' is a problem.

its very easy there are many duplicate sprites the ones that have a dupe that im aware of are:

Alma (i think she actually has 2 dupes)

that alone is.. 8 or 9 free sprites all you have to do is go in entd edit and make sure that the origional charcter uses their 1 remaining sprite wherever they appear..

thanks for the suggestions :P

XD you could just add me, you, and zodiac in place of them! That way ppl know who's responsible for the awesome patch.  >.>

I was planning on making Rad a Red Mage and Lavian/Alicia Mystic Knights, but those classes could replace some other less-liked classes by meshing two into one.  I still would like to do a joint effort, because I seem to be less and less enthusiastic about making an awesome patch all by myself.


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