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Hi everyone, its been really a while..
I am surprised that i could login actually  :o

This is the thread i opened when i was active on the forum.

After that huge earthquake i had a pretty tough time.. My apologies for leaving you guys with an unfinished project..

The idea of developing a Tactical RPG never leaved me tho.
During the past years i have been actively developing games professionally (I was the main dev on Bleach brave Souls) and i now have my own company in Tokyo. (We create mobile games).

After our first success title (Sorry i can't give my company name), i wanted to do something new and fresh.
The idea to make a Tactical RPG immediately came to my mind.

We want to bring a playable demo of the Battle mechanics ASAP.
To see if the project has potential before developing it fully.

The plan is to target Smartphones and Tablets, should support controllers and have multiplayer features.
Other platform like the Nintendo Switch interest us a lot.

I hope to share some interesting visuals and videos very soon.

Sorry guys, could not find a way to Edit my post?
Maybe there is a way?

Here are the features already implemented.
- Pathfinding that support character jump ability.
- The battlefield can be rotated in 3D.
- A very basic AI implementation.

This simple map has been made using an internal Map Editor i made.
It support height variation, slopes etc...


Some Work in Progress.


Casting Fire!



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