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Final Fantasy XII PC: The Struggle for Freedom- A Difficulty Mod


Those of you who know me know that I'm a huge fan of Ivalice not only as a series, but as a world itself. To that end, I've modded most of the games in the Ivalice Alliance to some extent during the last several years of my modding career.

Recently, I was working on FFTA2 and kinda vanished from here for a bit, as I was pulled into modding something very different- Final Fantasy XII for the PC. I wasn't expecting the modding scene to be as advanced as it was, and I, along with a few others in the community, worked together and have created the world's first FFXII rebalancing mod. I'm excited to announce the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Struggle for Freedom, a mod that changes various aspects of FFXII to make things more tactical and interesting, while making things a little more difficult. Struggle for Freedom's biggest changes are as follows:

-Each character has a set role, similar to FFX or XIII. These roles are based off of other canon appearances throughout the series, and allows for a balanced party at every point during the game. Vaan is a Thief, Penelo is a White Mage, etc. If you don't like set jobs and prefer XII's job choice system, there's a version of the mod that allows you to choose the original, albeit slightly modified versions of, the original boards. Taking Quickenings early on gives you an early boost of power, or you can save them until later on in the License Board's progression to unlock bonuses for each character.

-There are more elemental options now- Gravity/Graviga are Earth Elemental, Bio/Scourge are Water Elemental- elements that were sorely lacking in the original game. Likewise, certain Technicks such as First Aid that were useless in the original are much more usable now.

-Equipment is rebalanced, and most final-tier weapons within the same category are unique in the sense that they're different, but each usable. For example, Gastrophetes has a higher Attack Power, whereas Tula is weaker, but fires faster. Also, the Three Invisible Items can now be obtained via the Bazaar.

-Enemies are tougher. Most enemies have 2x HP and 1.3x boosts to their other stats. Enemies that use weapons use various different weapons now, such as the Urutan Yensa using Bamboo Arrows to Poison the party.

-Espers have a wider array of skills now and entirely new Gambit sets to take advantage of those new skills. For example, Adrammelech focuses on outspeeding the enemy with Haste/Slow, whereas Cuchulainn can reverse the effects of items on the enemy.

There have been more changes than I can possibly list, but everything is notated in the Readme/Master Guide included with the mod download. I hope everyone enjoys SFF as much as I did making it, and I'm excited to be able to mod FFT/A2 again very soon! As always, feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome!

Full download here:!uLQU3Y4C!_wl1_X2YL4fEU4dMwbB_TBX5_L142SZJpnhj850ayY0

Hi Eternal,

I have been a big fan of FFT for years and not to long ago i founded ffhacktics and its like i have been reborn again... Other great mod for FFT like CCP make me so happy (props celia)

i Also saw that you did mods for FFta and FFTA so guess whats!!^^...back on those game too.... AND then the chery pop cake sunday... THIS ffx12 mod... i just can't thanks you enough!!!

If you wouldn't exist, we would have to create you !

You are like a deep friend i never meet even if i'm only a consummer of your great work :p ! Once again Thanks mate.


Haha, that's a mighty bold show of appreciation. I'm glad you're enjoying everything. Welcome to FFH!

SFF has been updated and a link to the updated version is available in the first post. The update features myriad bug and balance fixes as well as a version that rebalances each of the 12 jobs for TZA's dual job system.


Full changelog here:

Hey everyone! Version 1.5 is out and features some rather large changes.

Changelog can be found here:

Download can be found here:!uLQU3Y4C!_wl1_X2YL4fEU4dMwbB_TBX5_L142SZJpnhj850ayY0


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