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Hey team! Wanted to quickly note that there are mods and a modding scene developing already for the PC release of Final Fantasy XII.

Here's the Nexus Modding page where some people have already released a few fun hacks (namely a License Board Editor, the ability to bring your party into towns, and the ability to play as Reks all game long!)

Screw the nexus

PS2 games are on DVDs, right?  How do DVDs differ from CD-ROMs?

PS2 uses CD's, DVD's and DVD-DL, depending on the game

They are different due to size and some hex code controlling them.

Maybe google it next time derpy derp

The Rex one got me super excited when I first bought the game (again, already have it for PS4), I prefer Rex's design over Vaan's. Now they have that shirted Vaan that's out, though, and it's pretty sweet.

I noticed you worked on a couple tools in there that I have yet to use, thanks for your contributions to almost all the games I love to play!


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