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  • [December 11, 2017, 08:33:54 AM]

FFT: WOTL - Valeria 1.5.3 "Ivalice Reborn"

It's been a while since last release of Final Fantasy Tactics Valeria Mod. I realized there was tons of bugs and inbalance to be resolved so I spent a long time fixing bugs and made massive adjustments through months of testing.

After coming back to Final Fantasy Tactics again, I tested playing the game from ground up time and time again to make sure every story fights will proceed without inconsistencies.

I thought I'd mod this game for the sake of no grind run at first. But I ended up doing a complete vanilla re-balance patch with adjustments based on Tactics Ogre and Tactics series released thereafter.

The goal of this mod is to breath new life to Vanilla gameplay with new mechanics and gameplay design. This Valeria mod will make the game more enjoyable without imposing difficulty.

I recommend to enjoy Valeria mod without excessive grinding. You can reliably beat boss battles with lower level though it maybe more challenging without cheesy tactics due to removal of some broken abilities.

>=== Reworked mechanics ===<

In this Valeria mod, I adjusted some battle machanics based on experience with Tactics Ogre and re-balance some items and equipment to be more useful and interesting.

If you're familiar with Tactics Ogre gameplay, you'll find this battle mechanics working in similar manner with some new fresh ideas while staying faithful to vanilla design.

[Re-balance healing mechanics]

Cure's healing formula should be 10/20/30/40 but they increased healing factor on Cure to 14 due to unreliability of faith based healing. However, it's far from optimal and need high MA and faith to make it effective.

Since all other HP restoration abilities are percentage based, I decided to change healing formula into faith-based percentage based at 30/40/60/100% with chance to add Regen status bonus.

Aside from percentage healing and regen status added, Cure spell will heal a single target and Curaja will heal with wider effect range similar to black magic's spells too.

In other words, you'll get more reliable Cure spells without MA in consideration with shorten charge time from 4/5/7/10 to 2/3/5/7 to make it more usable comparing to other healing methods.

Potions will also be adjusted for more balanced gameplay in consideration. Potion will cost a bit more at 80, Hi-Potion will heal 60 HP, and X-Potion will restore 120 HP with price decreased down to 500.

Other healing abilities are also nerfed a bit such as Chakra and Murasame but Summon will receive 20% boost on healing.

[Introduce proper status infliction mechanics]

In original gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics, you'll hardly see enemies using status infliction because they need JP to learn and they barely use good ones. Most of the time attacking does better job since chance to inflict status is on smaller side.

We saw how some mods tried to make status infliction becoming more active and it was painful to play. Status infliction changed from contributing factor into core winning factor and many modders avoided such approach to make the game more enjoyable.

In Valeria, status infliction will be used more often. Some basic abilities has status infliction and they're useful without breaking game balance or most of them aren't at annoying level.

We have Mystic and Orator as magical status infliction but we don't have any job doing physical status infliction at all. In Valeria mod, some physical jobs will also have abilities about status infliction with one that won't annoy player too much.

I also considered Blind and Silence status for Archer too but they are permanent status with weapon range which will make the game too painful to play without status recovery setup. We all know that pain from difficulty mod.

Aside from adding status infliction on physical jobs, I also added status infliction on some magical abilities as below.

Some abilities are least desirable to use due to low success rate and require zodiac compatibility and faith to make so I also raised success rate of these abilities a bit more.

With success rate increased, I hope you'll consider giving those abilities more chance to try in your gameplay.

[Re-balance speed multiplier]

Default mage jobs are way too fast, as fast as Squire and Knight and White mage is even faster. Black mage sometimes kills enemies before they even act. By reducing speed multiplier to 90-95, they will act after other jobs making game more balanced.

Only White Mage, Orator and Bard will have the same speed as malee jobs. I won't decrease stats on some enemy's jobs so it won't decrease difficulty in gameplay.

I also decreased Speed Growth on Thief and Ninja so it won't have broken speed in late game fights. Thief and Ninja will have swapped speed multiplifer for re-balance purposes. They're still faster units but not way too fast.

[Re-balance PA/MA Growth for generic jobs]

Most physical jobs has high PA Growth from 40-48 for basic jobs but generic jobs don't have MA Growth except Mime. So I increased MA Growth for Magic oriented jobs based on half of PA Growth decreased from base 50.

Since maximum MA bonus stats are decreased and some spells are nerfed, higher MA Growth should compensate well. I also increased PA Growth on Black Mage/Time Mage/Summoner by 5 for re-balance purposes.

For physical jobs with PA growth, they'll have MA Growth decreased by half of PA Growth gained from base 50 except some hybrid jobs that won't suffer MA/PA Growth penalty.

[Remove Brave/Faith manipulation]

Some abilities can be too powerful or useless with brave/faith manipulation. So I changed most brave/faith manipulation abilities to PA/MA manipulation instead.

Mystic and Orator's abilities are adjusted to PA/MA manipulation for different uses. This also applies to enemies' abilities. Beowulf's Chicken will temporary inflict Chicken status without lowering Brave so it will work until enemy's turn.

I also removed Brave manipulation from Ramza and Reis' abilities too leaving only stats boosting. Bravery Boost and Faith Boost reaction abilities are also removed from Bard/Dancer.

[Remove abilities that break the game balance]

Despite having Brave/Faith manipulation removed from the game, some abilities are still too powerful to use. Here's the list removed abilities for re-balance purposes.

Most of them are reaction and movement abilities that I can't adjust to make it more balanced. Offensive support abilities are also removed so the game won't tilt toward offensive side too much with decreased over all HP.

It's a hard decision to remove so many abilities I often use but it also made me realized how much more viable other abilities can shine after removing obvious ones out.

[Unlock useful jobs for special characters]

Most special characters join with basic jobs unlocked making them subpar most generic you own before they join. So I changed unlocked jobs to be more appropriate to story progression better.

Mustadio: Geomancer(3) - So he can advance to dual wielding gun sooner
Agrias: Dragoon(3) - Making Iaido Agrias easier to grind and can get Dragonheart too
Luso: Summoner(6) - Making use of Summon will help a lot like Golem
Rapha: Black Mage(8) - Help Marach become a Dark Knight easier
Marach: Knight(8) - Become a Dark Knight faster
Beowulf: Mystic(8) - Mystic Arts is already good but can have higher level
Balthier: Monk(8) - Martial Arts is already good but can have higher level
Reis: Samurai(1) - For Equip Katana and Iaido becoming more viable without grinding
Orlandeau: Arcanist(1) - He holds Zodiac stone so let's give him some Lucavi spells bonus
Cloud: Time Mage(8) - Swiftness will help his meme-tier limit becoming more viable
Meliadoul: Ninja(1) - Dual Wield/Reflexes and higher speed growth job is welcomed to have

I've been thinking about changing this for a long before starting version 1.4 development but I wasn't sure that it will match will with story progression and character development. Now I'm certain this will work out for the best after trying generic run.

[Re-balance stats of weapon equipment]

After playing for a while with re-balance mod, I made numerous adjustments to weapons so it'll scale better with gameplay. Some items are better and some are nerfed a bit for re-balance purposes.

Knife equipment will be more useful with extra 10% evasion added and it can work better with Parry skill. I also added 5% to Staff/Rod/Crossbow/Ninja Blade too. This will make Parry much more useful to have.

Crossbow and Bow will have weapon power scaling over time better according to chapter progression to compensate Aim making Archer becoming more powerful. Bow's range is increased from 5 to 6 too.

Axe has randomized damage with unreliable attack power so I added chance to inflict slow status on all axe equipment to improve its usefulness. Using Weapon Strike won't trigger slow status so it's a good trade off.

Gun doesn't seem to scale pretty well in WOTL release with Balthier's gun doing 144 damage and Stoneshooter doing 256 damage. So I adjusted gun to be more balanced with Dual Wield in consideration.

Polearm has standard weapon power similar to sword but it has 2 range with 1.5x damage boost on Jump attack so I decreased weapon power down by 1 except Obelisk and Holy Lance.

Flail provides terrible damage so I changed Flail damage formula to WP^2 so it can provide better damage.

Ninja blade is meant to be next tier of knife upgrade for Ninja. Due to the nature of dual wield, its output is too high comparing to sword so I decreased weapon power by 1 for some ninja blades.

Knight's Sword is the most powerful weapon in single player game so dual wield will make break the balance. I removed Dual Wield support for Knight's Sword and add Holy element attribute.

[Re-balance HP/Evasion Rate of equipment]

Weapon Guard has low block rate but shields and cloaks has crazy high block rate during chapter 3-4. Aegis Shield giving 50% magic evasion rate is too powerful with 30% cloak and Reflexes.

Physical evasion can goes up to 40% stacking with 10-30% evasion from class meaning equipping shield will hit really hard and Concentration will be needed to make sure you'll land a hit.

However, most seasoned players will ended up using non-evadable attacks with attack bonus instead and the idea of adding Concentration to render evasion useless benefits player more than AI.

As a result, this re-balance will decrease evasion rate cap down to more reasonable level as below.

Weapon: 60 -> 35 (40 for Defender and Dancer's Cloth)
Shield: 40 -> 30 (40 for non-buyable shields)
Cloak: 40 -> 25 (30 for Invisibility Cloak)
Magic evasion: 50 -> 25

You probably won't notice significant changes during chapter 1 you won't get to see less than 70% success rate very often as much as before. Enemies will have Parry more frequently too.

Helmet and Heavy Armor may give more bonus HP in early chapters but bonus HP advantage later fall behind in late game with about the same amount of HP bonus rendering heavy armor useless.

In this re-balance, I'll setup HP bonus cap on buyable equipment as below.

Hat: 100 -> 50
Clothing: 100 -> 70 (80 for Rubber Suit)
Robe: 75 -> 60 (70/50 for Lordly Robe)

Sounds like a massive cap but fear not. Most items scale a lot around chapter 3 so you won't lose a lot of HP bonus until very late. Let's compare stats boosting items here for details.

Headband + Power Garb
Vanilla: 56 + 70 = 126
Re-Balance: 36 + 55 = 81
Loss: 45
Close Helmet + Golden Armor = 70 + 70 = 140

Celebrant's Miter + Wizard's Robe
Vanilla: 64 + 30 = 94
Re-Balance: 40 + 30 = 70
Loss: 24

This way mage units won't suffer much from HP bonus reduction and this will give more reason for Equip Heavy Armor to shine because it's going to give you 220 HP bonus over 80-120 HP from Hat and Clothing.

Since bonus HP is decreased a lot, I also removed offensive support abilities out from the game so player can't taking advantage of offensive tactics against enemies with lowered HP.

[Toughened bosses in important fights]

Some bosses can be exploited with status ailments to make battle easier. That's fine but Lucavi bosses shouldn't be affected by negative status like Slow/Immobilize/Disable.

Many fights are easier thanks to Slow ability so you have more time to prepare before getting nuked by bosses. In Valeria mod, those bosses are immune to those status now.

I also buffed up some bosses to be harder to defeat but there's also extra merits as well.

Gaffgarion: Added Safeguard so you can't steal/break his weapon now but you'll get Blood Sword as War Trophy after defeating him
Argath: Added Arcane Defense and wield Chaos Blade now but you can also get Chaos Blade from treasure hunt
Elmdore: Changed Brawler to Concentration but you can get Masamune as War Trophy after defeating him
Dycedarg: Added Safeguard so you can't steal/break his weapon now but you'll get Defender as War Trophy after defeating his Lucavi form
Aliste: Added Arcane Strength so his Iaido will hit harder but you can also steal his equipment and get Genji Glove as War Trophy instead of Genji Armor
Bremont: Added Defense Boost to his Dark Dragon form but you can also get Lordly Robe as War Trophy after defeating him

As this isn't a difficulty mod, I'll buff Argath and Elmdore's defense for story battles and buff Aliste and Bremont's offense for optional battles. You can control units you already recruited as a guest too.

>=== Reworked jobs ===<

I find many jobs being unbalanced for better or worse especially for Archer with uselessly long Aim and Arithmetician being too over powered with math abuse.

Magicians are as fast as malee units and White Mage is even faster. It was very hard for beginners to land magic spells on enemies without making mistakes because you need to plan and predict everyone's move ahead.

So I decided to revamp some parts of jobs that need some works with some changes and enhancenents while staying vanilla but more fun to play with proper mechanics.

[Specialize jobs with innate abilities]

Back then when I was playing Wild Arms XF, I found each class being so useful with its unique abilities and you can learn that skill to use on other classes. Chemist with Throw Items is awesome and I wish more jobs can be like that too.

But this game can't add many skills freely so you're stuck with only one each making some abilities seem less useful than others and often ignored. Some jobs are utilized for getting abilities and move on.

The hard part is choosing the right abilities that makes job more interesting to play without breaking the balance between your units and enemies. Enemies will gain benefits too making gameplay even more interesting.

Some abilities can be learned without JP cost which will allow enemies taking advantage of those abilities more frequently rather than player using those abilities alone.

Reaction: Parry/Regenerate
Movement: Treasure Hunter

These will also increase enemy's evasion rate and surviability after taking damage. If they walk on treasure tile, they have high chance to steal your loot too.

[Re-balance Squire jobs]

Original Squire abilities are a bit too useless to be used with other jobs in after the first chapter. I decided to re-balance a few abilities in Squire job as below.

I also removed PA Growth restriction and decreased MA Multiplifer a little. Squire job will become more useful through later chapters in this way.

[Re-balance UberSquire jobs]

Ramza's Squire job is uber strong and always like that since the beginning of the game. So I locked PA and MA to be the same value as generic Squire in chapter 1. This applied to Delita and Argath too.

After chapter 1, Ramza's Squire job will gradually become stronger over the time based on Delita's scale as a reference. These changes will also apply on Delita and Argath as guest units too.

Ramza's job name will be changed over time as "Squire -> Mercenary -> Heretic". In his final upgrade, he'll have some stats increased comparing to original as below.

I believe this will balance out the game play experience better and also give more realistic challenges using starting Squire job without damage boost and get stronger over time.

[Revamp Chemist Items abilities]

Chemist in Valeria mod will have innate Treasure Hunter and Equip Gun support ability so you don't have to go all the way to Orator just to get Equip Gun for other jobs.

Gold Needle and Maiden's Kiss are least like be used items in FFT and superceded by Remedy. So I changed them to Protective Charm and Maiden's Blessing for providing Protect and Shell improving Chemist usefulness.

Now your Chemist can provide buffs to a single unit immediately which makes Items being more handy to have. I also removed PA Growth restriction and buff MA Multiplier a little so you can keep using Chemist without Growth penalty.

[Revamp Archer Aim abilities]

People often complain how bad archer is as they can't utilize higher than 3 so most will get some decent abilities and move on. Now archer is back, stronger than before and be more useful enough not break the game.

Aim will be changed to Precision having the following new abilities with status infliction based on later Tactics series. Original Aim is moved into Machinist's skill set with Aim re-scaling up to +7 with 10 CT.

Some new spells are shared with monster abilities and Machinist/Sky Pirate job. Machinist will take hybrid Knight/Archer setup with Rend stats as a bonus. I won't add Rend equipment as it'll work too well against Thief Cap.

I also improve Crossbow and bow's weapon damage scaling according to chapter progression so archer will hit harder with stronger weapons now. You can also use Equip Crossbow with other jobs to do more damage too.

[Re-balance White/Black Mage abilities]

As I explained before about changes in healing mechanics on White Mage, I also made some other adjustments to make these jobs performing better in this re-balance too.

Since Regen will be applied on Cure and Regenerate, ability Regen will not be useful anymore so I changed it to Meditate similar to Tactics Ogre restoring MA*4 with CT 5.

I also nerfed Holy spell since some people use it to OHKO some battles. Now it has damage factor decreased (50 -> 34), CT decreased (6 -> 5), and MP cost decreased (56 -> 30).

Holy will hit a bit weaker than Unholy Darkness but have less CT and MP cost to be more efficient. Celebrant's Miter and Luminous Robe will also strengthen Holy too.

Fire/Blizzard/Thunder spells are also upgraded with better scaling for different uses. First tier spell will hit single target and effect area keeps expanding after upgrading to higher tier.

Fire will have damage scaling changed from 14/18/24/32 to 14/17/23/32 which will have -ra/-ga tier little weaker. However, they can be casted faster with CT decreased from 4/5/7/10 to 3/4/6/8 so you can land more powerful spell more frequently.

Blizzard will deal more damage slightly with damage scaling at 15/19/26/36 and Thunder will have CT decreased by 1 having the same CT scaling as Cure spells at 2/3/5/7.

Since only Fire has Oil effect to double damage, I hope adding bonus to Ice/Thunder spells will balane things out a bit. These changes will also be applied to Summons too so please check in job's details.

[Re-balance Monk's Martial Art abilities]

Some Monk's abilities are overpower and much more preferable than spells due to instant cast time and its effectiveness. So I added CT and adjust some abilities as below.

This way Monk's abilities will still be useful but won't conveniently render white magic spells useless. I also adjusted Doom Fist to be more situational to use in different ways too.

[Rebuild Arithmetician as Arcanist]

The original Arithmetician is too OP and abusive with other jobs. Looking into its original state, it has terrible stats so most this job can't function by itself.

I decided to rebuild this job anew with lost magic from Lucavi demons and they can learn from story battles as blue mage. However, they still lack some interesting innate to add for their puny stats.

So I decided to rebuild this job based on Arcanist job in Tactics A2 version with poweful monster abilities. In this case, I use Lucavi spells which can be learned on hit with 100% or learn through 1200 JP.

I replaced broken abilities with lost magic from from Lucavi demons. Meltdown/Tornado/Quake can also be learned with 1,200 JP cost or learn on hit.

Arcanist comes with both Defense Boost Arcane Defense as innate abilities but have MA Multiplier slightly lower than Black Mage.

[Re-balance Bard/Dancer]

Default Bard/Dancer has a lot of disappointments like very low HP/MP and crappy evasion. It's like they're trying to tell you to not use these jobs more than support units.

So, in order to make these jobs actually useful as fighters, I compared stats to other jobs and try to find optimal niche it can fill in like having strongest physical attack in mage jobs and magical attack on malee jobs.

I boosted HP to only around Ninja and Summoner level with small Evasion boost so they won't break the game balance of other jobs. MP is adjusted with little higher than Mystic for Bard and Samurai for Dancer.

But that's not all, I changed success rate of some songs and dance too. I boost effective songs and dance a bit to 60-70% and keep broken abilites down to 35-40% so it should be fine and more useful.

They also have additional equippable weapon such as Gun for Bard and Ninja Blade for Dancer. Both jobs can also equip Robe too which I think it should be within balanced area.

[Re-balance Mime job]

Original Mime has a bit too abyssal growth to for growing very strong after a few level ups. I reduced growth rate from monster level down to human level with increased multiplier to compensate as below.

Mime's growth rate is still exceptional comparing to other jobs with big PA/MA Multiplier to compensate for lowered growth rate and no equipment.

[Re-balance Sword skills]

Holy Knights are known to have over powered physical move. They're non-evadable, hard hitting with status infliction and no CT at all. The worst part is Orlandeau has them all.

In this Valeria mod, I adjusted Sword skills to be usable for both player and enemies without breaking game balance as below.

This way player can't freely spam Hallowed Bolt, Divine Ruination, and Crush abilities freely. I also decrease attack power a little. Judgement Blade is ranged and multi-hit so no damage bonus.

[Re-balance Dark Knight job]

Original Dark Knight job is ridiculously strong with 140 PA Multiplier. Since it takes massive grinding on high PA Growth jobs, its physical damage output ended up being ridiculously high.

So, I removed level 8 jobs requirements making Dark Knight job becoming much easier to unlock. This way it won't have high massive PA Growth to booth and I also adjust stats as below with Vehemence innate ability.

Do not let 100 PA Multiplifer fool you. With Vehemence boosting 1.5x damage for both PA and MA, it's even higher than original 140. You can also stack with other support abilities to improve defense side too.

[Re-balance Onion Knight job]

Onion Knight is designed to be meme tier job since you need to master all other jobs for Onion Knight to have decent stats but still be subpar comparing to other jobs due to abilities restriction and can only level up is eating bacon from Pig.

So, I decided to rework on Onion Knight with same growth rate for both before and after mastering all other jobs and set all stats Multiplier to 100 and boost to 120 after mastered.

100 Multiplier may sound a bit too powerful with all equipment support but he can't level up normally and has no access to abilities so it's a good trade off from my testing run.

Speaking about abilities, it's a shame that he can't use anything but attack so I decided to give him some special abilities that can be learned without JP cost and use as below.

Since he can't gain EXP/JP or assign any ability, I also added remaining slots with abilities from monster which can be useful but not too broken in story battle too.

Oh. Onion can equip everything right but he can't make use of any weapon properly so I decided to change his innate abilities from buffing to abilities related to equipment as below.

May sound a bit too powerful to have Dual Wield or Doublehand innately but it won't hit unexpectedly hard with 100 Multiplier. Maybe this job can be great to use after mastered.

>=== Job leveling re-balance ===<

In this Valeria mod, level requirements for basic jobs are decreased by 1 similar to PSX version. This will allow player advancing to new jobs faster building up JP points for important abilities on time.

I also changed job progression path to be more friendly to no grind run and re-arrange job unlocking system to be more proper in my own understanding.

[Re-arrange job progression]

Why does Dragoon job requiring Thief job to be unlocked. Is it just me that Dragoon job is like Knight-varient? Why does Mystic unlock Orator not Time Mage when the job itself resembles Taoist who reads the star?

And Time Mage job unlocks Summoner that talks with espers instead of Orator that can talk with Beast and specialize in Speechcraft, not to mention both jobs are superior to Orator in terms of magic.

Time Mage needs massive JP to master so it should be on the same level as Summoner and makes more sense for Mystic job to advance to Time Mage that can call forth Meteor from stars.

Dragoon: Knight(2) -> Monk(3)
Geomancer: Archer(2) -> Thief(3)
Time Mage: White Magic(2) -> Mystic(3)
Summoner: Black Magic(2) -> Orator(3)

Since Monk can unlock Dragoon job directly, you can also proceed to Samurai and Ninja with linear job progression path as below.

Samurai: Knight(3) -> Monk(4) -> Dragoon(3) - No more Archer(3) -> Thief(4) requirements just to unlock Dragoon
Ninja: Archer(3) -> Thief(4) -> Geomancer(3) - No more Knight(3) -> Monk(4) requirements just to unlock Geomancer

This way, you can unlock Samurai and Ninja job naturally without putting extra effort as it should be. You can gain access to jobs around the time you get their items without excessive grinding required.

I also changed Dark Knight job's requirements to killing 20 enemies with Knight and Black Mage mastered only. Reaching level 8 jobs for Dragoon, Geomancer, Samurai, and Ninja is not possible without massive grinding.

The reason why Dark Knight is so powerful is due to massive grinding on high PA Growth jobs up to level 8 combined with 140 PA Multiplier. He's ridicolously strong thanks to high base PA. I also re-balanced Dark Knight too.

[Jobs' requirements summary]

>=== Items re-balance ===<

I found some items working differently from Tactics Ogre or some being way too unbalanced crippling main jobs too much so I made some changes to make items being more useful to some jobs.

Items re-balance

Weapon's stats re-balance

Job equipment re-balance

Weapon stats re-balance

Shield evasion re-balance

Hat's bonus re-balance

Hair Adornment's bonus re-balance

Clothing's bonus re-balance

Robe's bonus re-balance

Accessory's bonus re-balance

>=== Jobs and abilities re-balance ===<

I find switching to new jobs and have unusable main abilities unacceptable so having some skills that can learn immediately will help a lot. So I'll make basic abilities for each job usable and decrease JP cost for some abilities.

I won't change stats more than necessary like other mods as it might break the original game balance. Some jobs may have significant adjustments but won't go beyond original role to keep vanilla feel.

My changes won't affect game mechanics too much. It's still faithful to original design, just to make sure that it doesn't go overboard. I also add JP Boost with no JP cost required so everyone can learn and equip JP Boost to level their jobs even faster.

Since changes and improvements are too long to be listed in this main thread now, please download full Valeria update from this link below for more details about Valeria Job System.

>=== Changelog ===<





>=== Download ===<

My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics.

FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.3 (PSP USA)
FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.3 (PSP EUR)

I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again. :)
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    • [December 12, 2017, 11:14:37 AM]
    Version 1.0.1 is now released with some fixes and corrections as below.

    -Added Slowdown fix for USA by Nexus and EUR by Eternal
    -Crystalization causing game crash is now fixed
    -Defend/Counter Tackle innate abilities are added to Delita/Argath too
    -Improved Cure/Cura healing efficiently a bit to scale better and reduce Curaga MP cost a little
    -Increased Monk's physical attack a little but still nerfed with default's PA Growth
    -Reduced Fire/Blizzard/Thunder CT by 1
    -Reduced Meteor CT by 5
    -Potions will heal at rate 30/70/160

    I play my mods for a while and found something like Auto-Potion being too powerful so I reduced it back with respect to original's abilities design and scaling. Cure/Cura are boosted based on +6 +8 +10 similar to damage spells at +4 +6 +8. :)
    Nyzer [Posts: 1098]
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    • [December 13, 2017, 04:48:40 AM]
    Innate Reactions, in my experience, prevent the player from equipping their OWN learned Reactions. (Possible workaround: no learnable Reactions - they only exist as innates. They might still appear equipped after changing Jobs until entering battle though.)

    Allowing weapons with different ranges to be Dual Wielded can result in stuff like swords having gun range. (Possible workaround: remove all Equip Weapon Type abilities, and never allow any Job to equip more than one kind of dual wielding weapon.)

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    • [December 13, 2017, 07:04:30 AM]
    Really? I thought having multiple reactions will randomly allow which one to trigger. I'll test it in details. Maybe I'll change to support and move abilities only. Thank you. :)

    Windows X [Posts: 49]
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    • [December 13, 2017, 08:45:33 AM]
    You're right. Innate reaction will be enforced during Battle and learn after battle. I'll change to support/move abilities only now. I'll probably need to move some abilities to balance things out a bit.

    As for dual wielding gun with Sword for range, I think it's acceptable glitch to exploit as seen in a few games I've played before. They can equip with only Pistol which is a basic gun to gain range instead of two powerful swords. Not that I encourage them to do so though.
    Windows X [Posts: 49]
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    • [December 14, 2017, 05:53:27 PM]
    I checked the job's weapon type today and realize that only job with innate dual wield like Ninja can equip stuff like Ninja sword and Flail with gun. Others are Chemist, Orator, and Bard that I added.

    Ninja needs Equip Gun support to wield both gun and Ninja blade. Chemist and Orator can equip knife with gun. Bard can't equip instrument with gun. Others can't have both dual wield and equip gun at the same time. I think this is still in safe region enough to add dual wielding pistol, only basic pistol that can do that. :)
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    • [December 16, 2017, 07:01:35 PM]
    Hi everyone. It's been a while. I'm so busy with big project I'm working on but now I have some spare time to finish this update with bugs I need to fix and stuff I need to revise and improve.

    Let's start with Archer again. After revising Aim to be more balanced and enemies sure use it well with Aim +2/3 on me. However, I find Aim +10/15 charges too long and ridiculous for JP cost to learn.

    I checked Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and it looks like Archer over there is OP with cheat abilities. I noticed Arm/Leg shot from Machinist was there too. It looks like we get crippled Archer and Machinist here.

    So, to balance things out a little bit. I removed Aim +10/15 and replaced with Arm/Leg shot. I also add Aim abilities up to Aim +5 on Machinist so this job will be more like Archer variant. This applies to Barich and Undead Archer too so be careful.

    Next is about innate reacion ability bug. We can't add it so I replaced innate reaction abilities to something else available. I also moved some abilities between jobs to balance things out better.

    Some support abilities can be quite and might break the game so it needed to be tested for a while. Fortunately I found it's still within safe region thought it may increase challenges and make things a bit easier sometimes.

    Squire: Defend/Beastmaster so they can always defend and enhance beasts
    Chemist: Treasure Hunter since Chemist already has Throw Items
    Knight: Reequip improving versatility to re-equip weapon depending on situation
    White Mage: Arcane Defense increasing surviability against magicks
    Black Mage: Arcane Strength making Black Mage becoming more threats
    Monk: Lifefont increasing tanking capabilities
    Orator: Defense Boost so to work as physical oriented mage job better
    Geomancer: Attack Boost/Lavawalking and Geomancer abilities won't hit your friends now
    Dragoon: Ignore Elevation so Dragoon can move at any height with his jump
    Bard: Faith Boost improving magical efficiency during battle
    Dancer: Bravery Boost improving physical efficiency during battle
    Mime: Poach to match with innate Beastmaster skill as a real beastmaster
    Machinist: Safeguard because machinist always keep things safe

    Black mage will hit you a lot harder enough to OHKO some of your units but still manageable. Moving Reequip to Knight was a great decision as he can change elemental weapon without support skill required now, very nice.

    Orator now has innate Defense Boost from Mystic so he can keep shooting and taking damage while enticing your foes to support your cause. Equip Guns is moved to Chemist now so you can pick to learn this or Throw Items support.

    Next is about improving Squire's abilities. Some people added Tailwind so it won't become too useless but I disagree with this idea. Everyone casting Tailwind will break the game balance literally so leave those talk skills it to Ramza and Luso.

    I revised Stone to use PA/2*MA for damage formula with chance to inflict Oil status so mages can cast fire spells for more damage though chance aren't that high but still fun bonus to add.

    After adding inflict status with Stone, I also added status infliction on other high level spells like Regen with Curaja, Disable with Firaja, Immobilize with Thunderja, Stop with Blizzaja and some other spells including only enemies ones.

    After playing for a while, I feel current version stable and balanced enough so I'm releasing version 1.1 here for both USA/EUR ISO as usual. Here's summary of changes in version 1.1

    -Added Aim abilities for Machinist up to Aim +5
    -Changed innate abilities on some classes to Support/Move only (Please re-read again)
    -Moved Reequip from Chemist to Knight job (So he can use it as an innate skill)
    -Moved Equip Guns from Orator to Chemist job
    -Moved Defense Boost from Mystic to Orator job (Orator is like physical mage type so this should fit him better)
    -Rush damage formula is now 50% of physical attack (Random 25-100% is too unreliable)
    -Stone's damage formula is now PA/2 * MA. It will also have chance to inflict Oil status
    -Increased Rend Speed's speed reduction by 1 for more viable effects in early chapters
    -Curaja has chance to inflict Regen status
    -Firaja has chance to inflict Disable status
    -Thunderja has chance to inflict Immobilize status
    -Blizzaja has chance to inflict Stop status
    -Meteor has chance to inflict Dead status
    -Gravija has chance to inflict Stone status
    -Flareja has chance to inflict Confusion/Berserk status
    -Reverted Cyclone damage boost
    -Potions will heal at rate 30/80/180
    -Changed Archer's Aim +10/20 to Leg Shot and Arm Shot

    You can patch with original USA/EUR ISO and enjoy Veleria 1.1 mod. I thought I wouldn't mess with special jobs but Machinist is too pitiable to ignore. If you have any suggestion for further improvements with this mod, please let me know.

    Nyzer [Posts: 1098]
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    • [December 19, 2017, 03:18:07 AM]
    Pretty sure you can't use default Aim skills and normal skills in the same skillset.

    Also, making Mustadio an Archer copy is redundant, as he already has access to the Archer job in game. I'd recommend instead expanding his potential body part targets (ex. Eye to blind, Vitals to KO, Mouth to cancel casting, Throat to silence), while the Archer becomes a venom specialist to produce different effects (Toxic Venom to poison, Lethargic Venom to slow, Tranquilizer to sleep, Cursed Venom to stone).

    That's just an example, of course. Do things however you like, but just making Mustadio an Archer copy... I mean, by the time you get him, your generics with Archer JP will already do what he does, but better than he does. A bit of overlap is fine IMO (though I do know some who would disagree) but that much... no.

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  • Windows X [Posts: 49]
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    • [December 19, 2017, 08:15:56 AM]
    Thank you for your suggestion. There's part I don't quite understand here so could you eloborate it?

    "Pretty sure you can't use default Aim skills and normal skills in the same skillset."

    I checked Archer in Tactics Advance and A2 seeing how Archer was improved there and brought some of those improvements back to the original.

    I also agree that Archer and Machinist is redundant the way things are now. I also considered making Mustadio more useful with status infliction but that'd stray from original gameplay too much.

    I'll try to fix Mustadio job abilities in future updates. Adding status infliction too much will break the usefulness of mage jobs so I'd like to avoid that.
    « Last Edit: December 19, 2017, 08:34:42 AM by Windows X »
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  • Nyzer [Posts: 1098]
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    • [December 19, 2017, 02:24:51 PM]
    Thank you for your suggestion. There's part I don't quite understand here so could you eloborate it?

    "Pretty sure you can't use default Aim skills and normal skills in the same skillset."

    Aim is a special skillset that doesn't use normal skills. Like Jump or Arithmeticks. And last I checked you can't just throw skills like that together with normal ones and have it function properly in game.

    Also, it doesn't break the usefulness of mages. Weapon-based, single-target debuffs are different enough from a mage's AoE spells to make both worthwhile. And that's just as a generic. The argument completely falls flat when you're talking about special characters, considering Swordskills are broken as fuck.

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    • [December 19, 2017, 03:47:37 PM]
    I see. Thank you. I didn't know there was something like that. What do you think about swapping between Archer and Machinist abilities? Archer in Tactics Advance is more like Machinist.
    Nyzer [Posts: 1098]
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    • [December 21, 2017, 02:58:14 AM]
    Honestly I don't remember the TA Machinist.

    Whether or not you want to do that to Mustadio is up to you and how close you want your mod to be to the base game. I would say changing the Archer is arguably necessary because its skillset sucks for even a second tier job (though it's considerably better in Jot5 where it's on the Squire instead and most other skills now cost MP). But there are many potential ways to approach that adjustment.

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  • Windows X [Posts: 49]
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    • [December 21, 2017, 06:09:04 PM]
    I agree. Right now I mix some abilities like you suggested (Poison/Oil/Disable/Immobilize/Petrify Undead). I used ability from Monster with for time being. It works but didn't show animation for Poison/Oil.

    Machinist has Focus and Rend Helm/Armor added as hybrid class (which Argath also has). I hope this sounds OK. I thought about using CT 0 hack with Aim +20 abilities but that wouldn't sound fun and all so I dropped it.
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    • [December 23, 2017, 01:55:26 AM]
    Hi guys. Version 1.2 is out now. I've finished my big projects so I can focus on finalizing 1.2 release. This time it's another big update on spell improvements in this re-balance.

    Back then spell tier are classified strictly with less favorable merits. Upgrading to -ra spells is OK but -ga spells are some what redundant and make people feel like I should save up for -ja spells instead.

    In this re-balance, I added extra merits to -ga and -ja spells to make it more worthwhile. I increased effect area on -ga spells and added status effects on -ja spells so you can use -ga spells as shorter chant version with the same effect area.

    I also add increased effect area and vertical range on Cure spells and all other status spells including spells on -ja spells for enemies too along with some other minor spell improvements.

    As I was informed about Archer's Arm/Leg Shot bug not working with Aim skillset in previous release, I decided to build a new skillset for Archer. This new archer abilities will have the follow abilities.

    Venom Fang
    Oily Touch
    Leg Shot
    Arm Shot
    Seal Evil

    I tried playing optimized aim with CT and power for a while but gotta say it's dull and boring. So I decided to make archer abilities around status inflicting instead based on Machinist and monster abilities.

    I also increased physical attack multiplier to make up for missing aim abilities. Archer will hit a bit harder than vanilla version but not too broken like Tactics Ogre but can be fearsome with Focus/Tailwind added. :)

    -Added status infliction to abilities' description
    -Changed Archer's Aim abilities to Venom Fang/Oily Touch/Leg Shot/Arm Shot/Seal Evil
    -Increased Archer's physical attack a bit
    -Changed CT time of Wall ability to 6 and no more additional MP cost
    -Revised Cure spells MP cost to 5/10/16/24
    -Cura has 2 Vertical range now
    -Curaga/Curaja have 2 Effect area range now
    -Protect/Shell has 1 Vertical range now
    -Protectja/Shellja have 2 Effect area range now
    -Holy has chance to inflict Blind status and reduce damage by 20% and cost 48MP
    -Thundera MP cost is now 12 like others
    -Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga spells have 2 radius now
    -Haste/Slow/Stop has 1 Vertical range now
    -Hasteja/Slowja have 2 Effect area range now
    -Graviga spells has 2 Effect area range now
    -Changed Meteor CT to 16
    -Kotetsu is now Dark element attack
    -Adjusted Arithmetician's physical/magical attack to be little weaker than Chemist
    -Changed Machinist new abilities to Focus/Rend Helm/Rend Armor
    -Toadja/Gravija/Flareja/Blindja/Confuseja/Sleepja have 2 Effect area range now
    -Innate abilities also be apply to more enemies' jobs variants like Undead and others
    -Elmdore's Safeguard innate skill is replaced by Arcane Strength
    -Move/Find items will be rare or better items now

    In this release, I also tested abilities and performed test run with 1.2 changes to make sure everything is working and also balanced. Machinist also works great with Focus ability now that I wish Mustadio should have it as every generic can do with guns.
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    • [January 22, 2018, 10:59:16 PM]
    It's been a while since last release and I've been testing and working on re-balance and improvements on various jobs. 1.3 will have a big update with real effort to keep things more balanced and improve enjoyment.

    Since there's a lot of changes going on in 1.3, I'd appreciate if anyone can test my mod before releasing. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send current Valeria 1.3 update for you. Here's some main ideas.

    -Archer will have abilities similar to aim with status infliction added
    -Some spells has been adjusted and reworked
    -Monk has some offensive abilities reworked for situational use and adjusted support abilities not to render spells useless
    -Summoner receives magical attack and spells boost now
    -Holy Knight and Sword Saint abilities is now nerfed to be more balanced
    -Some adjustments on items making ranged weapon be more useful and balanced

    This new patch will totally change the way you play the game since tutorial. Ladd can be hit by Archer. Sword skills won't work right away and hit weaker. It may raise the game difficulty a little but also make some fights easier too.  Please let me know what do you guys think about these changes and have fun. :)
    mleimnek [Posts: 3]
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    • [April 01, 2018, 10:03:01 PM]
    It's been a while since last release and I've been testing and working on re-balance and improvements on various jobs. 1.3 will have a big update with real effort to keep things more balanced and improve enjoyment.

    Since there's a lot of changes going on in 1.3, I'd appreciate if anyone can test my mod before releasing. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send current Valeria 1.3 update for you. Here's some main ideas.

    -Archer will have abilities similar to aim with status infliction added
    -Some spells has been adjusted and reworked
    -Monk has some offensive abilities reworked for situational use and adjusted support abilities not to render spells useless
    -Summoner receives magical attack and spells boost now
    -Holy Knight and Sword Saint abilities is now nerfed to be more balanced
    -Some adjustments on items making ranged weapon be more useful and balanced

    This new patch will totally change the way you play the game since tutorial. Ladd can be hit by Archer. Sword skills won't work right away and hit weaker. It may raise the game difficulty a little but also make some fights easier too.  Please let me know what do you guys think about these changes and have fun. :)

    send it to meeee!!! ill play it today and have you know any comments asap!
    lessen [Posts: 8]
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    • [April 06, 2018, 04:11:28 AM]
    When you release 1.3, would you please please include a version with the Unstretch patch included? I play in an emulator on a large screen and Unstretch is the only way I can play at 1x resolution (best performance) and not have hideous pixel distortion.
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    • [May 28, 2018, 11:51:39 AM]
    Saw news about FFT today making me realized that I haven't finished my FFT Valeria 1.3 release yet. Here's my current progress and I'd like to ask for your opinions for new changes.

    Inflict status with MP cost, have 6 range Long Bow and hits harder.

    Black Mage
    Fire - Double damage with Oil
    Blizzard - Reduced MP cost
    Thunder - Reduced CT
    Poison - Mini Gravity (12%) with chance to inflict status

    Basic summons hits a bit harder with increased vertical range

    Offensive abilities have more damage but support abilities will have CT added.

    Arithmeticks replaced with Red Mage abilities having CT 0 innate.

    Holy Knight
    Sword skills and Crush abilities has CT added

    I'll release it soon after having some test runs. :)
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    • [May 29, 2018, 12:34:02 AM]
    When you release 1.3, would you please please include a version with the Unstretch patch included? I play in an emulator on a large screen and Unstretch is the only way I can play at 1x resolution (best performance) and not have hideous pixel distortion.

    What is untretch patch? Will it affect normal PSP gameplay?
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    • [July 15, 2018, 08:33:45 PM]
    Re: FFT WOTL - Valeria 1.3 "Ivalice Reborn" (MASSIVE UPDATES)
    « Reply #19 on: July 15, 2018, 08:33:45 PM »

    Hi. Today I've finally finished updating my Valeria 1.3 version. It's like creating a new patch with everything changed. If you play this mod before, I recommend to start over and enjoy the whole new experience again.

    >=== Download ===<

    My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics.

    I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again. :)
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