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As the title implies this is a mod for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the PSP...
Links to the bundle (patching instructions and a copy of the current change log) as well as the current .ppf for patching are below.  They will be updated so that no one has to scour the thread for the current versions. 

This mod leaves the original story of the game intact while focusing on rebalancing aspects of the game related to combat. 

Ability descriptions, job descriptions, and status messages have been edited to generally be more informative.

ALL of the psp exclusive items have been made available in the normal single player game. 

Since GGL Edition is the "lite" version of my mod it should not viewed as a hard mode mod.  I did spend a fair bit of time while working on this mod reminding myself that it was not meant to be a hard mode mod.  I have also made modifications on several occasions based on feedback from the closed beta.  However, players should still be unable to roflstomp their way through this mod in quite the same fashion as was possible with the original version of the game. 

Forethought plays a much larger role in this mod than in the original game and players may find themselves rewarded or punished based on certain playstyles. 

Certain "exploits" are no longer possible while others remain and are generally encouraged.  For example:  manafont/mana shield on a knight is no longer possible while JP overflow and spammable abilities remain to be abused at your leisure.

::Current change log::
quality of life adjustments:
- slowdown removal
- crystal crash fix
- found/discovered item name fix
- custom title screen added
- custom Milleuda sprite added
- generic human classes are now immune to the traitor status
- undead should no longer turn into crystals or treasure
- adjusted jp requirements for job levels
- adjusted encounter difficulty (most enemies should now scale to party level)
- overworld random battles adjusted
- adjusted item lvl list (to give players a bit more "breathing room")
- adjusted some item costs (mostly increases for previously unavailable items)
- adjusted some ability learn rates
- adjusted some ability jp costs
- renamed most mystic spells
- most story characters/guests should now scale to party level aside from generics and Cloud
- adjusted starting job levels of most story characters/guests
- all mandatory guests should now be under player control
- removed availability to level drain until post midlight deep
- altered traps so they cannot be abused
- removed variance from most hidden treasure locations
- auto-potion priority is now mega-potion, x-potion, hi-potion and then potion
- removed golem ability from summoners
- the following may no longer be cast using arithmetics: ga tier spells, arise, reraise, wall, esuna, holy, toad, death, flare, haste, slow, stop, immobilize, float, reflect, gravity, graviga, umbra, belief, disbelief, corruption, quiescence, fervor, trepidation, delirium, harmony, hesitation, repose, and induration.
- streamlined most poaching
- Ultima (lvl 1), and Zodiark have high JP cost to learn normally. However, both can be learned on hit.
- most multiplayer only items added to the level list (some may be missable due to the nature of the level list)
- many rare/unique items added to the level list (in case you lose the item you may be able to acquire replacements)
- most items that had equip haste or reraise have been changed to intial haste or reraise
- adjusted the brave/faith of storyline generics
- adjusted durations of regen, protect, shell, haste, faith, and reflect
- protect, shell, faith, atheist, and reflect no longer cancel on death
- performing status now cancels invisible status
- invisible status can no longer stack on top of performing status
- berserk status now cancels charm status
- berserk status now cancels confusion status
- charm status now cancels confusion status
- charm status no longer stacks on top of berserk status
- confusion status no longer stacks on top of berserk status
- confusion status no longer stacks on top of charm status
- updated some of the status messages to be more informative
- updated some of the ability descriptions to be more informative
- updated some of the job descriptions to have more information
- updated some of the job requirement descriptions to have more information
- updated some ability descriptions to have special notes
- ether is now available in stores earlier
ability list changes:
- adjusted ability lists of most monster classes.
- skill sets expanded for byblos, automaton, and most unique human classes.
- beastmaster removed from most human classes
- jp boost removed from squire and unique human classes
- parry moved to squire
- reequip moved to squire
- accrue jp moved to squire
- cup of life moved to chemist
- counter moved to knight
- defend moved to knight
- move +1 moved to knight
- adrenaline rush removed from archer
- vigilance moved to archer
- lifefont moved to white mage
- levitate moved to black mage
- bonecrusher moved to monk
- jump +2 moved to monk
- gil snapper removed from thief
- archer's bane moved to thief
- critical: quick removed from time mage (to prevent unlimited turn(s) strategy)
- manafont removed from mystic
- equip axes moved to geomancer
- equip heavy armor moved to dragoon
- equip guns removed from orator
- ignore terrain moved to orator
- fly moved to summoner
- first strike moved to samurai
- magick boost moved to arithmetician
- vanish moved to bard and dancer
- hp boost moved to bard and dancer
- fury moved to dark knight
- soulbind moved to dark knight
- shirahadori moved to dark knight
- rush replaced with precision blow
- tailwind added to generic squire
- steel added to generic squire
- skill set altered for archers
- arts of war stat rending abilities replaced with sap line abilities
- flareja and unholy darkness added to black mage
- steal exp removed from thief
- quick removed from time mage
- hesitation moved from mystic to time mage
- meltdown, tornado and quake added to time mage
- invigoration removed from mystic
- trepidation removed from mystic
- poison, toad and death moved from black mage to mystic
- bio and bioga added to mystic
- reordered some of the orator skill list
- midgardsormr added to summoner
- horizontal jump 3/4/8 and vertical jump 3/4/5/6/7 removed from dragoon
- all but shuriken and bomb removed from ninja throw line (to prevent abuse of catching end game weapons)
- rousing melody, finale and faith boost removed from bard
- slow dance, last waltz and bravery boost removed from dancer
- skill set of dark knight class expanded
- chicken removed from templar
job changes:
- adjusted many human/monster/demon/zodiac stat growth values and multipliers.
- adjusted monster elemental resistances.
- equipment limitations altered for some unique human classes
- buff packages given to most unique/rare classes, zodiac monsters and demons.
- arithmetician now requires White Mage level 6, Black Mage level 6, Mystic level 5, Time Mage level 5
- bard now requires Squire level 4, Chemist level 4, Summoner level 5, Orator level 5
- dancer now requires Squire level 4, Chemist level 4, Geomancer level 5, Dragoon level 5
- mime now requires Squire level 8, Chemist level 8, Knight level 5, Archer level 5, Geomancer level 5, Dragoon level 5, Summoner level 6, Orator level 5,Samurai level 6, Ninja level 4, Arithmetician level 4
- innate lifefont granted to squire, knight, and dragoon.
- innate manafont given to most generic classes with spells.
- innate jp boost given to most human classes.
- innate poach given to archer class
- innate concentration given to thief class
- innate waterwalking and lavawalking given to geomancer class.
- innate ignore elevation given to dragoon class.
- innate doublehand given to samurai class.
- innate arcane defense given to white mage class.
- innate arcane strength given to black mage class.
- innate defense boost given to mystic class.
- innate swiftness given to time mage class.
- innate halve mp given to summoner class.
- innate concentration given to dark knight class.
- innate safeguard and reequip given to Lv.1 onion knight class.
- innate safeguard, reequip, dual wield, and doublehand given to Lv.8 onion knight class.
- innate beastmaster given to most tier 3 monster classes.
- diversified reaction abilities of monster classes
- squires can no longer equip axes or flails
- squires can now equip shields
- chemists can now equip crossbows
- monks can now equip hats
- white mages can now equip flails
- thieves can now equip ninja blades
- orators can now equip books
- ninjas can no longer equip flails
- dark knights can no longer equip axes or flails
- Boco is now a unique white chocobo
- red chocobos are now white chocobos
- removed cannot enter water from death seraph since it did nothing
- removed cannot enter water from bomb since it did nothing
- removed cannot enter water from grenade since it did nothing
- removed cannot enter water from exploder since it did nothing
- removed cannot enter water from ghoul since it did nothing
- removed cannot enter water from ghast since it did nothing
- removed cannot enter water from revenant since it did nothing
- removed Ignore Terrain from Automaton since it did nothing
- removed Ignore Weather from Automaton since it did nothing
- added innate defense boost to Automaton
Ability changes:
- mystic arts and spellblade animations swapped
- multiple hit abilities should no longer animate misses
- charge times of most spells/abilities reduced.
- most stat debuffs are now less effective.
- adjusted accuracy of most status inflicting spells.
- adjusted most monster ability damage formulas.
- increased the range of abilities that trigger nature's wrath
- increased the range of spells that trigger magick counter
- most sword techniques can now be evaded.
- most sword techniques can now trigger magick counter and nature's wrath
- most sword techniques now have an MP cost
- adjusted the damage bonuses of most sword techniques
- adjusted the vertical threshold(s) of hallowed bolt
- Drain (sword spell) now uses the formula (PA*WP)
- Aspel (sword spell) now uses the formula (PA*WP)
- damage output of Vengeance (sword spell) is no longer reliant on damage taken.
- damage output of blade beam (limit) is no longer reliant on damage taken.
- adjusted the damage formulas of brave slash, cross slash, meteorain and omnislash to be in line with other sword techniques
- blade beam now functions as a linear attack
- aoe limit skills can now be centered on the caster
- removed ct from sky mantra and nether mantra spells
- added MP cost to sky mantra and nether mantra spells
- sky mantra and nether mantra spells now trigger magick counter
- sky mantra and nether mantra spells are now evadeable
- sky mantra and nether mantra abilities will no longer hit the caster
- adjusted power of task skills
- barrage can now be evaded.
- energize no longer tranfers health, but acts as an instant cast single target heal
- most dragonkin support abilities now affect all unit types
- most dragonkin abilities can now target the caster
- Dragon's Might now grants haste, regen, and reraise.
- increased the range of status ailments removed by dispelna
- ultima line of spells will no longer hit the caster
- ultima line of spells is no longer reliant on faith
- reduced the power of the ultima line of spells
- increased the range of status ailments removed by salve.
- tailwind now applies haste
- steel now applies regen
- Shout now applies haste, regen and reraise
- chant no longer tranfers health, but acts as an instant cast single target heal
- speedsap is now reflectable
- sap line of sword spells no longer require a sword
- equipment rending abilities have increased accuracy
- ja tier of beneficial spells will no longer hit enemies
- all ja tier offensive spells will no longer hit the caster
- holy and flare cannot be evaded and bypass reflect.
- steal abilities have increased accuracy
- steal heart (thief) now requires line of sight
- pummel is no longer evadeable
- shockwave no longer ignores evasion
- consolidated bio line of abilities
- bio line of spells now bypass reflect
- gravity line of spells are now dark element
- orator skills that bestow positive effects should no longer need beast tongue to affect monsters
- stall now inflicts slow
- praise now grants reraise
- intimidate now inflicts immobilize
- preach now inflicts faith
- enlighten now inflicts atheist
- beg now inflicts disable
- geomancy, offensive iaido and most offensive summons can now be evaded.
- geomancy abilities no longer hit allies
- adjusted power of geomancy abilities
- adjusted the power of some summons
- Faerie now revives allies
- Sylph now deals wind element damage with a chance of inflicting silence
- Lich now deals dark element damage with a chance of causing instant death
- midgardsormr will no longer hit the caster or allies
- reduced power of zodiark
- iaido abilities are longer allies/enemies only
- Some offensive iaido now have elemental attributes
- verse of oblivion changed from a MP attack to a MP heal
- bard songs may no longer be mimicked
- accuracy of bard songs increased
- battle chant will no longer persevere
- magickal refrain will no longer persevere
- dance abilities may no longer be mimicked
- accuracy of dance abilities increased
- polka will no longer persevere
- heathen frolic will no longer persevere
- eye gouge now deals damage with a chance to inflict status
- venom fang now deals damage with a chance to inflict status
- bomblet and flame attack can now inflict oil
- ink now deals damage with a chance to inflict status
- dread gaze now deals damage to HP
- oily touch can now inflict a wider variety of negative statuses
- life nymph now removes KO
- magick nymph now restores HP as well as MP
- bequeath bacon no longer crystalizes the caster
- tentacles (malboro ability) is no longer evadeable
- lick now removes negative statuses
- goo can now inflict the same statuses as bad breath
- malboro spores is now a damaging ranged attack that can randomly inflict the same statuses as bad breath
- almagest can now be evaded
- karma can now be evaded
- twister can now be evaded
- adjusted damage of tail sweep
- tail sweep is no longer evadeable
- vampire can now be evaded
- Snakecharm is no longer evadeable
- consolidated petrify and aphony (Lucavi abilities) as Seal
- tri-breath is now dark element

increased radius of:
spin punch
ultima (lvl 1)
feral spin
leaf rain
life Nymph
guardian Nymph
shell Nymph
magick Nymph

increased range of:
unholy darkness
unholy sacrifice
choco esuna
choco cure
bomblet line of abilities

increased vertical threshold of:
steal helm
steal armor
steal shield
steal weapon
steal accessory
cherry blossom
Leaf Rain
Guardian Nymph
Shell Nymph
Life Nymph
Magick Nymph

increased range and vertical threshold of:
cross slash

removed vertical threshold from:

reduced the MP cost of:
spell blade line of sword spells
sap line of sword spells

reduced radius of:
sap line of sword spells
holy breath

reduced range of:
spellblade line of sword spells

increased MP cost of:
ultima (lvl 1)

introduced CT to:

introduced MP cost to:
sanguine sword
crushing blow
judgment blade
cleansing strike
northswain's strike
hallowed bolt
divine ruination
crush armor
crush helm
crush weapon
crush accessory
Heaven's Wrath
Adamantine Blade
Celestial Void
Hell's Wrath
Nether Ashura
Nether Blade
Nether Maelstrom
Corporeal Void
holy breath
brave slash
cross slash
blade beam
finishing touch
cherry blossom

Abilities replaced:
- bio (2) is now choco raise
- bio (3) is now choco magick
- sleep touch is now choco star
- Biora (2) is now heal
- Biora (3) is now Unholy Ruination
- Biora (4) is now Northswain's Glow
- bioga (2) is now Megalixir
- Bioga (3) is now Ultima Shot
- rush is now counter throw
- invigoration is now precision blow
- focus is now persevere
- steal gil is now gil toss
- wind anima is now mosfungus bomb
- chicken is now wish
- trepidation is now crisis protocols
- quick is now full life
- steal exp is now double blow
- plunder gil is now aimed strike
- plunder heart is now rift strike
- plunder helm is now osmose strike
- plunder armor is now leech strike
- rousing melody is now dousing strike
- finale is now muddle strike
- bite is now firestorm
- doom fist is now unholy aegis
- glitterlust is now typhoon gust
- charge is now beam breath
- tentacles (mindflayer) is now deluge
- last waltz is now bioja
- slow dance is now dark matter
- counter tackle is now counter throw
- petrify (Lucavi) is now seal
- aphony is now hide
- wing buffet is now blade dance
item changes:
- adjusted the item level list (both availability of items and level at which they become available to NPCs)
- removed the following to make room for the psp exclusive items:  mythril knife, Orichalcum dirk, kunai, ninja longblade, long sword, coral sword, sleep blade, platinum sword, battle axe, giant's axe, poison rod, wizard's rod, serpent staff, golden staff, iron flail, mythril bow, mythril spear, battle bamboo, musk pole, gokuu pole, croakadile bag, hydrascale bag, round shield, golden shield, leather helm, mythril helm, platinum helm, headgear, mythril armor, platinum armor, leather clothing, mythril vest, wizard clothing, hempen robe, spiked boots, rubber boots, winged boots, reflect ring and angel ring.
- some guns can now be dual wielded
- increased weapon power of romanda gun
- increased weapon power of mythril gun
- removed equip effect stone from stoneshooter
- Ras Algethi now increases speed by 2 and prevents immobilize and disable status ailments
- rods can no longer benefit from doublehand
- increased weapon power of dragon rod
- staves can no longer benefit from doublehand
- white staff now cancels more status ailments
- staff of the magi now increases MA
- adjusted weapon power of books
- poles can no longer benefit from doublehand
- adjusted weapon power of poles
- added spell effect double blow to crossbows
- adjusted range of crossbows
- adjusted weapon power of bows
- adjusted range of bows
- added spell effect blizzard to ice bow
- adjusted weapon power of knives
- mage masher should now absorb MP
- zwill straightblade now inflicts KO and not sleep
- spellbinder now increases MA
- Sasuke's blade now inflicts stop
- iga blade now inflicts KO
- koga blade now has double blow
- reduced weapon power of moonsilk blade
- moonsilk blade now increases speed
- added spell effects/equip effects to katanas
- added equip effect haste to moonsilk blade
- adjusted weapon power of spears
- adjusted block rates of spears
- Javelin II now has spell effect Zodiark (remains irreplaceable)
- flails are now forced 2 hands
- adjusted flail block rates
- lowered weapon power of vesper
- adjusted block rates of axes
- francisca now increases MA
- adjusted weapon power of swords
- adjusted block rates of swords
- mythril sword now increases MA
- blood sword is now dark elemental
- moonblade now increases speed
- materia blade is now forced 2 hands
- knight swords are now forced 2 hands
- Defender had block rate adjusted
- Defender now applies passive defending
- added spell effect holy to excalibur
- added spell effect flare to ragnarok
- lowered weapon power of chaos blade
- lowered weapon power of durandal
- adjusted weapon power of shurikens
- adjusted weapon power of elemental bombs
- adjusted evasion rates of shields
- escutcheon II now provides immunity to an array of status ailments (remains irreplaceable)
- circlet now increases MA
- crystal helm now provides immunity to silence
- grand helm now also grants immunity to charm, immobilize, and disable.
- carabiner mail now increases speed
- crystal mail now grants immunity to sleep
- maximillian now has innate protect and shell
- adjusted hp granted by black cowl
- adjusted HP granted by thief's cap
- adjusting HP granted by clothing
- rubber suit now increases move
- luminous robe now grants permanent regen
- adjusted evasion rates of cloaks
- improved lordly robe (remains irreplaceable)
- improved cursed ring (remains irreplaceable)
- improved genji shield (remains irreplaceable)
- improved genji helm (remains irreplaceable)
- improved genji armor (remains irreplaceable)
- improved genji glove (remains irreplaceable)
- remedy cures fewer status ailments

items replaced:
- antidote is now elixir
- eye drops are now turbo ether
- potion is now mega-potion
- hi-potion is now x-potion
- x-potion is now hi-potion
- elixir is now potion
- poison bow is now arbalest
known issues:
- less than optimal audio quality of ability/death sound effects in combat (psp version feature?)
- truncation of found treasure notifications may occur (should be fixed)
- graphics error which leaves in battle portraits of enemies blank may occur if the unit begins combat with innate statuses such as regen (encountered on two units on one map. was able to replicate so long as the units continued to spawn with innate regen items)
- inconsistent accept/decline errand window graphics error
- inconsistent display of errand reward gil
- inconsistent menu display error(s) when viewing class details in job change menu
- Balthier comes hardcoded with the legit versions of mirage vest and ras algethi.  They will not stack with cloned versions in your inventory.
- minerva bustier clone is a hair adornment that equips to the body slot in order to be a female exclusive item
- onion knight item clones not set to onion knight only
- Various sprite graphic errors when cloned psp exclusive weapons are "swung"/"fired" in combat (mostly color issues a few use the incorrect sprites)
- stardust rod has a range of 1
- some weapons may suffer from the poaching bug due to the nature of how I made edits and cloned in the psp exclusive items.  (I have yet to have this issue)
- changing the equipment of player controlled mandatory guests in combat can lead to the loss of items from inventory under certain conditions (mainly when the guest does not join at the end of the battle)
- malboro spores attack declares that the target was turned into a malboro although that will never happen.
- aimed strike may suffer from the "charge and move" bug. If the player begins charging the ability and then moves it will terminate charging.   
- Aim abilities, precision blow and ultima shot have minor animation/display issues when using a bow, oddly enough.  They may also inflict double KB at times.
- generic monsters do not display the resolution time of abilities with CT in battle.  You can view when the ability will resolve by hitting right on the dpad. (players will simply have to keep this in mind when using some generic monster classes in battle)
Patching instructions as well as a copy of the current change log should be present in the "psp ggl bundle"...  If anyone has issues or needs further clarification on how to apply the mod feel free to post.  Use a clean U.S. ISO when applying this patch. 

psp git gud lite bundle 0.9.81.rar is available at:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

psp git gud lite 0.9.81.ppf is available at:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

Feedback is more than welcome. If you encounter any "glitches"/"bugs"/issues/text errors in general please report them with information that will allow identification of said "glitches"/"bugs"/issues/text errors.  Essentially I would like to know who/where/what whenever possible.  Simply stating, "I encountered an enemy in a random battle that was level XX while my highest level party member was YY," will not cause me to scour the entire ENTD searching for a mystery mob. 

Also, I hope that whomever decides to play this mod finds at least some amusement in doing so. 

PPSSPP v1.4.2 for Windows currently appears to cause many audio issues when emulating FFT: WotL.  Version 1.3 for Windows seems to suffer from less.  So, if you experience missing/muffled sound effects please check your version.  If anyone experiences slowdown issues with my mod please feel free to PM me and I will attempt to troubleshoot the issue for you. 

Version 0.9.75 is now available.

U.S. or PAL iso?

You will need a clean U.S. ISO to apply the patch.

Version 0.9.76 is now available.

I cleaned up some spacing issues I found...  Also, I updated several status messages and ability descriptions to be more informative. 


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