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Raijinili [Posts: 84]
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  • [February 28, 2017, 01:22:10 PM]
Gender, Job Unlock, and randomly-generated enemies
« on: February 28, 2017, 01:22:10 PM »
I played around with job unlocks and genders in ENTD. Here's what I found.

Generated battle units:
  • Starting stats: Male has priority over female. If neither male nor female, use Monster.
  • Monster units don't get random skills/equipment (i.e. random skills/requipment rolls are "Nothing"), but get fixed skills/equipment. (Not-player-controlled Monster-only Ovelia somehow loses her fixed equipment, too.)
  • Units with neither male nor female respect "Jobs Unlocked" during generation (unless monster), but start with 0 JP in all jobs. (The JP amounts might come from uninitialized memory, and should not be relied upon.)
  • Monster + Male and/or Female ignore Jobs Unlock. All jobs start at level 0, with 100-199 JP, unless neither male or female.
  • Job levels are recalculated upon joining. Monster + Male and/or Female end up with JLvs 1, and ungendered or Monster-only-gendered units end up with JLvs 0.
  • Starting with a given job only gives you levels in its direct requirements, not its reqs' reqs. (This doesn't matter in vanilla, because job reqs include all previous reqs. E.g. Monk requires Knight 2 AND Squire 2.)
  • The "Jobs Unlocked" setting can be higher than 8. Level 9 JP is 4280-4379, and Level 10 is about 32800, capped to 9999 after rolling learned skills. (These values could be from a buffer overread, so unrelated patches might change them.) Only the bottom four bits are read, so 16-31 is the same as 0-15.

Job tree:
  • Bard and Dancer gender requirement is exclusive, not inclusive. A male+female unit can access neither, while a genderless/monster-only unit can access both.
  • A Bard/Dancer requirement is ignored if the unit can't access the job due to gender. E.g. If Samurai (only) has a Bard 8 requirement, all females (including female+monster) can access it, because they can't be Bards. It MAY be possible to make jobs gender-specific by setting required Bard/Dancer level to 9, but FFTPatcher only allows requirement levels up to 8.
Raijinili [Posts: 84]
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  • [July 05, 2018, 06:55:58 AM]
Re: Gender, Job Unlock, and randomly-generated enemies
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2018, 06:55:58 AM »
I found this post again because I wondered about job level 0. Bumping because I think it should get more attention. Some of the findings are fascinating, some are useful, and some are both. I'm speaking as a person who forgot all of the information here.

For example, you can turn off Ramza's gender flags (may need an ASM hack) and allow him both Bard and Dancer, or the ultimate Dancing Bard. Or do it for another special character. Doing it for a generic will result in oddities in sprite and portrait.

I didn't test at the time whether gendered equipment is inclusive or exclusive.
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