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How to add it:

* Download the attached file
* In Notepad++, Select Language/Define your language...
* Then click the Import button near the top left and choose FFT_Events_UDL.xml
How to use it:

* Select Language then FFT Events at the very bottom
How to make it auto-load with defined file types:

* In Language/Define your language... there is an Ext. box. You can just type the extension there. I already added evt, so ideally you should name your event files *.evt
* You could always set it to .txt, but I don't recommend it unless you plan to use notepad++ exclusively for FFT events
Warning: If you only ever use event.txt and want to use event.evt instead, you'll have to edit your event compiler's CONFIG.INI accordingly.

This is awesome and will definitely be a world of change for me when it comes to quickly jumping between parts of an event :D

You rock Xiffie

are u converting the evtchr.bin file to an .xml to get all that ? when i loaded in your file to notepad++ it didnt give me hundreds of lines with the convo text to edit ??
any help appreciated, TY !

no, EVTCHR is for EVTCHR...

This is for events (which are in TEST.EVT)

Thanks !


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