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I don't know if someone ever asked for this, but why don't share custom creations using gameshark only?

... Inserting custom characters into games via gameshark alone? Dude, you're asking the equivalent of "why don't you build a house using a sewing needle and thread?" Have you ever looked at what the average Gameshark codes can do? 'Cause they definitely don't do that.

While the patcher can generate gameshark codes, this does tend to be a rather inefficient way of handing data over to others, yes. It's easier to just link a patch.

Late to reply, but remember that on console, original Gameshark has a 15 line limit per code. PCSX-R has a line limit per game. Then there's pSX, with no official support. Why not make this site inaccessible to anyone not using Windows 3.1 and Netscape Navigator while we're at it?

hey no dissing netscape


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