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love and complain XD  (Read 1236 times)
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Hyraldelita [Posts: 197]
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  • [March 11, 2015, 05:21:41 AM]
love and complain XD
« on: March 11, 2015, 05:21:41 AM »

I want to say first, that every thing i will say as " critics " are not negative , it's just some "tips" to make the chapter 2 even better, quality talking  ^^

First things first:

Random battles, usually ok, but some of them are insanely hard, and really i honestly think i'm very very good at this game but 1 hour or more to finish a "random" encounter it's a bit too much i think^^
For my humble opinion some monster are way to OP for the start of the game. specially the monster support unit that can cure ALL status heal them protect shell regen defending ,(all this with VERY LOW MP) and in top of that he's fast does good damage with normal attack and if you happen to find it with white magic well good luck killing him with 2 chocobos or more in the fight, since the choco cure has been changed much.(i like how it has been changed but sometimes, when you do 40 max damage and chocobos heal 120 it's a bit frustrating XD)

chapter 1:

let's say around lvl 15  chocobos have 110-140 Hp , everage damage of my heroes is 20-30 a bit more with the skills, so i can barely kill 1 if i attack with everyone.
I'm counting the fact that i'm playing normally without farming strong class or skill, (off course things change if you farm enough)
I did a fight for 3 times then i gave up couse it was kinda impossible to do...
4 human units on top of 4 chocobos..  it's a random 8 VS 5 fight with most of the enemies that has LOT MORE mobility then you , heal with no Mp cost, plus human units often have items and infinite phoenix down potions.
Plus red chocobo hit 100% with no evade chance from far.. you can barely reach them.

Then the 5 lamia fight with the support monster , protect shell regen reraise to a monster that has MA save, is = Dead 100% after few rounds couse they actually get so much mag atk that they one shot your heroes no problem ^^

I think the story battles are kinda perfect, some very hard but nothing impossible if you know the game, and most of the random battle are ok too, but some i met was actually impossible or very very hard to do.

I would like random battles to be a good way to farm jp and exp, but meeting those impossible fights really decrease the fun a lot^^

other then that i get some graphic glitch, but it doesn't bother me at all, this mod is totally Awesome, if i knew before that there was people like you guys around, i would have been coming to this forum and support  with all i could.

I LOVE how you mixed the character and how they act, very very similar to theyr personality in the original games^^

I never played Zelda (don't really like that gender) but link is one of the most cool char to play, very versatile, change equipe as base ability is amazing and make him really funny to play

Snake is awesome too, totally not OP but very very usefull in many occasion, and lot of different ways to use him in fight, (there were fight in which i didn't even attacked with him, i was just using him to block monster path or avoid attack from behind and other things^^

Ramza is lovely, a perfect Support leader role , which can be use to attack too. lot better then before, i really REALLY hope you'll take in the option to give him his father class, and make the heavenly knight just for Ramza. I always always wanted that to happen in the game =/

Dante is lol i love all the time he speak , pretty strong char too, but i personally would never use him with 2 hand weapons.. too much defensive , when there are tank support class already, i would have made the 2 hand sword his higher damage skill.
All his other skills are pretty nice, and i really liked the idea to make him that way, so it's not boring to play always with the same pattern.

Cloud....  his sprite from Advent children is lovely , really perfect^^
Only thing is i never liked much the Limit skill they give him, and whoever scripted cloud new skills didn't changed them too much.
And plaese do something about climhazzard... how is someone supposed to use that skill?XD

Let's  analize the potential of the skill:
Hit 1 target, and does half damage of half life the enemy lost...
So, let's say a monster got 999HP  and lose half HP means he got 500 and the skill will do 250 damage.. when you meet monster with 999hp your average normal attack will do maybe even more then 200 or 300, why using a skill that can even miss and take turn to cast?...
Counter Deathblow, i made a post about that skill XD i think it would be lovely.. if just i find a way to understand why it miss 80% of the time! Love the idea of a powerfull counter that uses mp ^^

I completely liked some new sprites, but please do something about the blackmage, is kinda.. hem ugly?XD

The event's are totally epic XD

The story looks interesting.

Over all thanks for this master piece, you don't know how much gratefull i am with you all^^ really looking forward to play chapter 2, and PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!! i beg you XD make Alma and Delita possible to add them in the party;_;

I don't know why people dislike Delita so much, as for me i think he's the best side character ever made, i simply love the way squaresoft did him.
I think most of the people didn't really understand Delita's actions and reasons, and probably they didn't try to think about "if i was in his boots what i would have done"

If in the story he's not going to join the party, please make some kind of post game in which all the side character are recruitable.
(like in cross edge)

Sorry for the long post !^^
The bar background , the recruitment soldier background, and the shop. jeez those things, are better then the original in so many ways, lol you guys should get paid for how good you are =O

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