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We have had many new topics for sprite requests. In order to maintain some form of organization please post all sprite requests here. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be answered, however, this will help everyone to see what has already been requested and what has already been completed. Any new single sprite request topics will either be moved here or deleted.

All Spriters are welcome an encouraged to pick of any of these projects if they are interested.

Thank you,
-Sprite Department-
Green = Someone working on sprite
Red = Requested but not picked up by anyone
Current Requests:

Flan (Vanya)

Gremio [Suikoden]
Squall Leonhart -Has been requested at least 3 times-
The Lion Heart gunblade requested at least 2 times
Kaze from Final Fantasy: Unlimited
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Garet (Golden Sun)
Judge Gabranth
Uchiha Itachi (Naruto?)
Chrono Cross sprites
Wild Arms 2 sprites
Guildus [A well-made portrait exists] (TO)
Ashram (Record of Lodoss)
Wallachia (Melty Blood)
Siegfried (Soul Edge)
FFTA Paladin
various terran infantry units
various protoss infantry units
various zerg infantry units
Brandon Heat from GunGrave
Hitsuguya from Bleach
Tsuna from Katekyo hitman Reborn(high school version)
Robin and Amon from Witch Hunter Robin
Mello (Death Note)
Garland (FF1)
Flonne, Laharl and Etna (Disgaea)

Llednar (Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced)

ive almost finished that dark knight fuzz removing project

that whole bit about the fuzz thing this late at night had me laughing for a while.....

anyway, i'm in need of something different, a mix of a holy and dark night. not a cut off legs paste onto torso more like left and right halves. ive attempted this to make what looks like a suffering clown. for the head would be short hair, think military cut. the rest is up to the creative minds out there. thank you for your consideration.

yea relooking at it fuzz is funny when you sleep deprived

gremio from suikoden please


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