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Well if you insist I'll reply.
Back the banhammer up here.

Atleast 80% of anyone banned in the last 5 or 6 years, has been by me, and sitting here looking at the ban log, there isnt a single one who didnt have it coming. When the site has rules and you are called out for not following them, its not a great idea to start name calling an admin.

In raw numbers, how many people were banned over the years?  What percentage of your "logged in that year" userbase were they?  What did they do to "have it coming"?

I pointed out earlier that I'm more than capable of making my own editing tools and given the apparent results of the current administration's tenure I don't need an antagonistic relationship with them to attract a larger active userbase.  All I need to do is focus on hacking, research, and tool development, without the random purges once every 2 or 3 years.  So your threat that "it's not a good idea to start name calling an admin" is toothless because you have nothing to harm me with, I pose more of a threat to you than you do to me, and I'm willing to be reasonable if you meet me halfway

Going by the visible dynamics, you're the enforcer and Xifanie is the policy-maker.  I have no real issue with you because from what I've seen you go by the tone set by others.  Your arguments aren't well thought out, which lends credence to this theory.

You do realize that Xifanie has always been here right? Whether it be Zodiac or Xifanie, shes always been an admin here. So go ahead and tell me who was lost due to this that was needed in any way.

It not who was lost that mattered, it's who was lost that would become someone that mattered.  If you kick off every stupid newb that doesn't know how to act, they will never grow.  Newbs serve a purpose - they are playtesters, bug reporters, cheerleaders, documentation writers, and marketers.  Those with an aptitude for something more involved usually find it and graduate, but the networking effect of having a large group of newbs is greater than the sum of their efforts.

Scale matters.  You don't have the same interaction dynamics in a village of 150 as you do in a city of 150,000,000.  By the same token, progress occurs faster when large groups of people are around to feed on each other's energy and keep one another motivated.  Look at how many releases and code rewrites occur at communities with a handful of active members vs those with hundreds of active members.

By banning every poorly socialized no-nothing you hurt yourself.  It's better in the long run to call them out in an open, neutral fashion, and then encourage them to learn more.

Lets run down the big patches shall we?

- Mercs, LD realized he was way in over his head and had ideas that werent even possible at that time and lots of spriters and people who came up with ideas for it, got burned when he simply bailed with little to no explanation. Nothing to do with Xif there.

- Remix, Zozma may have had issues with some people on the site, but Xif wasnt one of them for the most part and that was also the way of the site way back then before a lot of bad seeds left (feel free to check post history on any of these if you cant take my word for it). He bailed and left his big project unfinished as well, though it certainly went further than mercs.

- IA, good lord, do i even need to go into what happened with this one? The stuff between r999 and voldemort again, nothing to do with Xif.

- Symbols or Rage or whatever, dude got sick and bailed. I dont think Xif mailed him a virus, maybe, but kinda doubt it.

Since those mods, there has been no attempt at anything but small, easy, vanilla patches by 95% of people who come to this site. We have JoT5, TLW and eventually KoI in production by people who actually do things.

And look at where FFH is now, where the people who do things are allowed to do whatever they want to the people who can't yet do things.

If youd look, youd see that anyone who has tried to venture outside of standard fftp work and make a non vanilla mod has still always had their questions answered, and even when it comes to fftp stuff they still usually get an answer, even if we encourage them to work on other things first, but hey, weve only been doing this for a decade, what do we know.

And look at how much your userbase has shrunk in that decade.  Part of it is due to people growing up and moving on, but that's not sufficient.  FFT had releases on PSP, iOS, and Android.  On GameFAQs there's a surge of activity whenever a game is ported, remade, or rereleased, but here?  Almost nothing.

As for your personal life. Thats on you, that is completely irrelevent here. We could go into my background if it would please you, but to me, it seems pretty telling to call out someone else falsly saying that this is all ego related, then feel the need to inform us of your background. Are you also vegan?

Well someone asked a question and I answered it.  If informing people of my background is an ego problem, what is Xifanie's use of chat and the forum as a way to publicly play out her BDSM fetishes?  Granted it's her forum, but she should be aware of the consequences that her behavior will have on the userbase.

Would you be willing to admit that something makes you uncomfortable or seems wildly unrelated to the stated goals of this forum when random newbs get banned for being newbs?  Or would you quietly ghost?

And where were you during all this, Elric?  Too focused on making things to be honest to the person who needed this feedback the most?

Fact is, most of the tools Xif has created the last 5 or 6 years has been to specifically help people out or make their jobs of modding outside of the tiny stuff that FFTP gives access to, easier, and it has allowed many awesome things to be done that otherwise would not have been possible. So if you truely see it the way you describe above, you are incredibly delusional

Wow, that is just sad.

Listen, you can either listen to my advice, or be miserable the rest of your life. It's your call if you want to wake up or not. I'm not your boss, and it's your life.

You're going to be fucking wasting your life away if you try to pay back student loans being a dishwasher.

You got replaced because you were very replaceable.
Your current job also has you easily replaceable.

So, how do you make yourself not easily replaceable? You need a skill that is rare, and high in demand. Something that is up to date, not information that you learn in college that immediately puts you 5 years behind in terms of knowledge compared to people who learn how to code using just Google.

The moment you graduated, your knowledge was already was outdated. That's how school curriculums work; they don't change very fast. Now if you only try get a new programming job in 4 years, what's going to happen? Why would anyone hire you? You're not special, you're not up to date, you're fucking nothing.

You need to find a skill you perform well at and stick to it. Use Google; no one in the history of the world ever had access to so much information, and most of it is FREE. I don't care if it's programming or not. Is programming really for you? Is it the only thing you can remotely excel at? Is it worth all the trouble? You have to ask yourself these questions.

Because with your current plan, your life situation will NOT improve. That would be a total fucking delusion. Most Americans don't even have 10k in savings to retire, hell, something like 28% don't even have a single dollar saved for retirement.
And our generation will have it FAR worse. If you don't have plans to excel, yeah, then just get replaced by indians and robots and complain how people should go into prison even though you were so fucking replaceable in the first place. That's gonna help. You can bitch all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that your life is your own responsibility. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can move on and start improving your life.

I might have sounded harsh, but you need to wake the fuck up.
China requires foreign companies to employ about 50% native Chinese workers and to share tech/I.P. secrets.  A lot of our products are already tariffed by the Chinese - we're already in a trade war with them and we're losing.  There's no reason the USA can't do the same.

The same can be said of illegal immigration and Mexico - Mexico does not allow the children of illegal immigrants to Mexico born in Mexico to become citizens.  Mexico also deports non-citizen legal residents that take part in political protests or general political activism.  So if I snuck into Mexico with my girlfriend, had children, and waved an American flag around at a political rally for other illegal Americans in Mexico so our kids can become Mexican citizens, I would be imprisoned, my property would be seized, I would be deported, and I would be banned from entering Mexico for decades.

All this guff about rights is bullshit, it's people who've are either hypocrites (the illegal Mexicans in the USA who wave Mexican flags), or people that have internalized beliefs that are counter to their interests (tech workers that take the side of tech corporations that bring in hundreds of thousands of foreign scab workers).  What I've noticed is that radical leftists don't care that they're hypocrites, they're willing to say and do anything to get what they want.  They're dumb enough to believe that we care about the sexual escapades of our orange-hued Executive after they spent decades defending everything Bill Clinton does.  We know that Trump is a poon hound, we didn't elect him for principles we elected him because we don't want our traitorous corporate overlords to destroy us.

It galls me watching Trump make deals with these traitors while giving ground on the few things that Democrats do well, like environmentalism, but Trump will only cut deals with people who negotiate.  The Democrats refuse to negotiate, therefore they get nothing.  Trump offered them everything they wanted to resolve DACA (which was a patently illegal executive order by Obama), but they rejected it because they've riled their base up so much that they will tear them limb-from-limb if they are seen negotiating with Cheetoh-Dust Hitler.

We'll see how this plays out in the midterms, but my bet is we will see a spate of suicides by diehard Never-Trumpers and #Resistance when they realize their folly.  Trump has an amazing ability to turn liabilities into advantages, and we have 6 more months to go.

Before anyone gets into a political fight, remember that both Republican and Democrat politicians support unlimited legal and illegal immigration.  Republican politicians support it because their donors want cheap labor; Democrat politicians support it because the children of immigrants overwhelmingly vote Democrat even going back to the days of Irish and Eastern European mass migration in the 1800s.  It took over a century to integrate the Irish and Eastern Europeans into the rest of American society, and if anyone needs reminding the Irish and Eastern Europeans were brought here by giant corporations who wanted cheap expendable labor.  Upton Sinclair - a socialist muck-raker - wrote a book about it called the Jungle.

I'm a radical centrist - a populist, nationalist, and anti-corporate capitalist.  I don't care about culture war bullshit because for the most part it's a distraction.  I'm thankful that Trump hasn't started any wars other than bombing an empty Syrian airbase and bullying Rocketman on twitter (and using North Korea's nukes as an excuse to apply economic pressure on China).  I did not look forward to Fallout 2017, should Hillary have won and started proxy wars with Russia.

I can afford to make more than the minimum payments on my student loans because I cook all my own food and don't have a high maintenance girlfriend.  By my own math it will be 4 to 6 years before I'm out from under them, depending on whether I decide to relocated to do wildland firefighting next year.

If I could go back in time 5 years I would be apprenticed to a plumber, because the key is to find something that isn't easily outsourced or mechanized.

I made one of my rare weekday appearances in IRC yesterday to ask a question while I was waiting at a long red light, and while I was in there I saw Xifanie ask if she'd maybe gone too far with her responses to you here. Make what you will of that.

But, dude, some of the questions or ideas you bring up are just... weird.

You asked "how are DVDs and CD-ROMs different" in a topic barely even tangentially related to your question. A quick google search brings up a few general answers. I'm sure you could find the answer to a specific technical question in the same way (or a more appropriate forum for that specific purpose), but even if not, why not ... y'know, be specific with your question in that case?

Good point about the DVDs and CD-ROMs, I should have clarified that - and I will if I remember.  I imagine the sectors are larger and it probably has more features in both the directory sectors and all sectors in general.

Most of the time when I ask a question I'm fishing for information that I can't find in a google search.  Given that FF12 is probably a DVD based game, someone who asks about it may know more about it than me; or may know where to ask about it.

You checked out a decompiler on github and decided to openly wonder what would happen if you tried using it on FFT files, instead of just... finding out by using it? And then when you got asked why you didn't just find out the easy way, you said it "didn't seem wise to use it on a public forum". But you wouldn't be using it on the forum, you'd be using it on your computer... so that reply doesn't really make sense. Are you suggesting the decompiler might not be trustworthy? Or that you couldn't put up the results of the decompiler for some reason (my best guess, the assumed potential risk of legal action)? Couldn't you still mention "it did this thing" without being too specific, if that's the worry?

There's a lot that's platform specific code in most PS1 games so output from a very powerful decompiler wouldn't be 1 for 1 what you could compile on your computer and expect to work, but decompilations that don't use clean-room reverse-engineering practices are illegal in the USA.  This means that one team disassembles something and writes a spec, and then one or more people who weren't part of the first team takes the spec and implements this.  Given the somewhat shady nature of the rom hacking scene, which are basically warez sites (let's not kid ourselves), I don't want to bring any more heat on the forum.

I'm also confused by the idea that you can't run FFTPatcher or "most tools created for Windows". Windows operating systems are so universal that even Apple computers have an option to use 'em. I've been able to run Patcher on a cheap laptop that once crashed trying to open the Documents folder. I just don't get how you don't have that option at all. Or why reinventing the entire wheel from scratch is a worthier time investment than simply going out and grabbing a cheap used PC for stuff like this.
Honestly, I think I can safely suggest that absolutely nobody considered the idea that you wouldn't be able to do this.

The last thing that confuses me here is how you seem to take Xifanie's barbed questions so personally. I mean, normally I'd get it, but it wasn't that long ago that you proposed an idea of digging up old drama and pissing off a lot of people, some of whom ties have been mutually cut with, on the grounds that trolling people like that would boost productivity. (It probably won't surprise you that it was only after this post that I started seeing any comments expressing annoyance with you.) Well, here you are, arguably being trolled (to a far lesser degree than what you proposed), and you're spending time passive-aggressively biting back and asserting that it makes one a poor moderator. So... is it productive or not? You should really make up your mind on that.

Hitting back isn't a bad thing by itself if your arguments are solid and you aren't the sort of autistic person that thinks the emotionality of the argument doesn't matter.  What's it called, escalation of force?  Where you reply with one level of greater intensity of violence than the person attacking you, in order to diffuse the situation via dominance?  That's what I did.

And yeah, you're definitely taking it a bit personally, or else you wouldn't consider Bonesy's completely unrelated and off-topic joke to be "kissing ass". It can't have been a jab at you because it's not at all related to what you're asking. (Messing with you a little, maybe, but not rudely.) And the off topic part shouldn't irk you either, considering when someone else made a topic to discuss the release of FFXII hacks you decided to hop in and ask what the difference between CDs and DVDs was.

Well geez, if I'm going to be struggle-session'd for my off-topic replies let's give Bonesy a struggle session too.

Is there even a tool to extract files from DVDs, specific to rom hacking?  Though you're right that I should have mentioned that it's hard to hack something when there's no easy way to interface with the data.

Usually if someone makes a low detail reply it's best to reply with an equally low effort request for clarification.

I can't really speak for anyone else here. I wouldn't have made the replies Xifanie did. But there's a little insight into why it can be hard to take you seriously and what might be annoying about (some of) what you're posting. And when you're asking a question that an available tool can answer for you, it's easy to see how someone might roll their eyes at it. I'm not saying this out of some attempt to drive you away or whatever; it's not as if you aren't knowledgeable about a lot of stuff. But you're not just being martyred for no reason here.
How is being as straight-forward as possible and calling things as they appear to be passive aggressive?  Isn't that normal aggressive?  The healthy kind where you stand up for yourself?  I'm not the type to shy away from direct confrontation.

Windows isn't an option for me right now because I'm on a hell of a budget paying off my student loans.  The firm that hired me literally brought in dozens of Indians and I was stuck doing IT scut work (imaging DVDs, oddly enough) for 3 weeks until management remembered that they were replacing all the Americans in the job I was hired to fill.  I'm washing dishes in a sushi joint for the next 4+ years until these people get deported... though if we could send the managers to prison and sell their assets to pay back the workers they ripped off that'd be great too.

Coding is one of the ways I keep my skills sharp; it doesn't matter to me if I'm reinventing the wheel.  Given that the wheel in question can't be used by some subset of people (and it's faulty for some use cases ie moving files or changing their sizes) reinventing it seems like a good idea if I'm the one offering to do it.

The issue with Xif's barbed replies is that I have personally seen people banned by her for asking questions when they aren't equipped to understand the replies.  If someone is going to ban me for asking questions and not giving 100% complete context, then that's on them and not me - I did all I could.

RE Bonesy: If someone hits me, I hit back.  Hardly passive.  If you're not getting the joke it's that I'm more bothered when someone suggests I'm passive than I am when someone calls me aggressive.

I wouldn't call going off and building my own tools martyrdom, and anyone who would non-jokingly create a massive shitstorm of non-feigned butthurt over internet insults is a loser (ed. for clarification, this refers to Voldemort).  Even if you did ban me I'd be OK with anyone here using any tools I make, forking them, whatever you want.  I'm just pointing out in my own special (which may be more retarded than special to some people) way that this may not be the best way to moderate a community if you want it to grow.

My style may not be your own.  I'd rather a forum where we don't take anything but hacking and programming seriously, and where we prank each other relentlessly.


I may be an asshole but I strive to be a fair, good-natured asshole.


Fixed some spelling errors.

I already wrote 99% of the code to navigate the disc image directory structure, read to and write from files, and generate EDC and ECC*1.  I'm debugging the last 2 cases of writing to a disc image (case 2, middle of a data table; and case 3, end of a data table).  It's abstracted such that it works on any table*2 in any file in a disc image regardless of it's location.  This is counter to how FFTPatcher works, where everything is hardcoded.

*1: Currently it only works for PS1 disc images, which off the top of my head I think are Mode 2.  I can never remember the correct Mode and Form, I always have to look at my notes.  Anyways, the code could be easily changed to accomodate other game systems that use CD-ROMs (like the Sega Saturn or CD-i), and maybe even the PS2 (which can use CD-ROMs and DVDs) though that would require a lot more work.

*2: Currently it only covers unencrypted, uncompressed tables with an absolute address, which never change size, and where all entries are all the same size.  For the editor I'm currently making for another game, I will eventually need to support tables that are encrypted, compressed, pointer-addressed, null-terminated, and of variable lengths.  I think these categories cover all use cases, though I'm not sure if that applies to images, videos, and sound.

I made this topic because I wanted to see if I can easily adapt this code to FFTPatcher or if I need to add code to handle custom LBA tables.  Java is superficially similar - at least in terms of syntax - to C#, so that's not much of a barrier compared to the operating system barrier (I use linux).  Having to write my own code to move files makes it considerably more difficult to test something - you can use CD Mage to move a file around and test it.

Now that I'm done discussing technical details, let's have a meta-discussion.

You just proved my point. Betting would give you an incentive to actually do something with the information.
You even suggesting that shows you were not planning to do a goddamn thing in the first place. Also your failure to mention anything that you've done with your countless pointless questions.

So you don't want to share information because you already did the hard work of finding it and you don't want the plebes to know how to do it?  Is this really a forum about hacking, or is it a project to massage your ego?

How does treating someone like a moron for asking a random question that does not harm this forum in the slightest create an incentive for people to contribute?  I'm not angry, just curious, because it seems like FFH has lost the vast majority of it's participating members under your tenure.

Oh, and just to prove further my point, this is something I figured out in less than a minute by myself when I wanted to figure out how to move files in FFT.

Translation: "I'm a better hacker than you?"  Am I getting that right?  I'm very curious why you're having this outburst when a programmer asks a question.  Have you ever been employed as a programmer?  If instead you want to have a pissing contest then please tell me so I know to unzip my pants.  :)

Oh, and just to prove further my point, I made a fucking tool that allows creating and moving PSX ISO files. You would know the answer already if you gave half a shit.

Well thanks for telling me now.  Couldn't you have said that earlier?  Have you considered that I asked the question because I can't use most tools created for Windows and I'm more interested in programming than hacking hence why I rarely download spreadsheets?  Genuine question.

FFH has a lot of people who don't really do much, and only work on their own personal projects, and I'm still fine helping them.
You? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh...

LOL this is a straight-up lie, I've seen you ban people for not displaying proper netiqeutte... though you've stopped that in the past year or so.  I guess you realized that if you chase everyone away with emotional outbursts then there's no point to your project.

Why are you bothered by another forum post which takes up less than 0.01% of your database and bandwidth?  Do you think that mocking the few capable programmers that haven't already left for more relaxed modding forums is a good way to keep this community viable, or is this more of a social board where you can indulge your desire to control and dominate the converation?  Because if it is the latter - and if seeing someone do something that you can't or won't do bothers you - then I will stop posting and instead rely on Private Messages to chat with the remaining assembly language hackers and programmers.

I can't use FFTPatcher or most of the tools here, hence my inclination is to make my own tools.  This will happen with your assistance or without it, but if it happens without it you won't have any influence over me.  I've never moderated a community before and I'm very curious if I can do a better job than you.

In any case I thoroughly enjoyed watching your temper tantrum and I will pass this around to my friends as an example of how not to behave as an authority figure on the internet.  No hard feelings!

how hak fft into another game entirely
Kissing the administrator's ass is peurile at best and demonstrates a lack of moral fiber on your part.  Elric and Xifanie have every right to participate in this discussion simply on merit of their contributions; you do not.  I want to make the tools to edit FFT better and most import I have the means to do so, hence why I consider myself on closer footing with them than yourself.

I'll just answer this in the most concise way possible: PlayStation accesses everything by sector, not by structure. This is true even for redbook audio - games do not play audio by track data, but by sector.
I'm aware of that, Angel.  Some games use the directory sectors - which I call a directory structure - to navigate to and read from files on a disc image.  Some games instead load files from custom tables and ignore the directory sectors altogether - Vagrant Story is one such game, according to Valendian.  Using these custom tables (which Valendian and the people at RHDN call LBA tables, which I think stands for logical block addressing) makes it harder to modify the game as you must modify the LBA tables along with the directory sectors if you move files around.  You must find the LBA tables too, of course, which is tedious and time-consuming.

This is why there isn't a univeral disc image patching format other than PPF.  You can't rely on the directory sectors for every game, and you must find the LBA tables and document them before you could patch a game; assuming you wrote code to hande them.  Granted you could set up a repository to document this and let people contribute to it as they find out, allowing your universal disc image patcher to edit more games, but given how petty and spiteful so many people in the rom hacking world are these days it's unlikely this will ever happen.  That isn't a dig at FFH - being overly emotional is more funny than off-putting to me (you can guess how women react to this) - sites like RHDN are far, far worse than FFH ever could be.

If I answer this one, will you finally stop asking questions out of pure curiosity? Because we both know you won't be using this information. Just like your last 10 questions.
Are you willing to bet that I won't do anything with this information, and if so how much?

... to navigate to files and load them?

Non-FFT Modding / Re: Final Fantasy XII Modding
« on: March 20, 2018, 08:28:30 PM »
PS2 games are on DVDs, right?  How do DVDs differ from CD-ROMs?

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: RetDec, a retargetable decompiler
« on: March 03, 2018, 08:23:59 PM »
It doesn't seem wise to use it on a public forum.

PSX FFT Hacking / RetDec, a retargetable decompiler
« on: March 02, 2018, 09:18:54 PM »
RetDec is a retargetable machine-code decompiler based on LLVM.

The decompiler is not limited to any particular target architecture, operating system, or executable file format:

* Supported file formats: ELF, PE, Mach-O, COFF, AR (archive), Intel HEX, and raw machine code.
* Supported architectures (32b only): Intel x86, ARM, MIPS, PIC32, and PowerPC.


* Static analysis of executable files with detailed information.
* Compiler and packer detection.
* Loading and instruction decoding.
* Signature-based removal of statically linked library code.
* Extraction and utilization of debugging information (DWARF, PDB).
* Reconstruction of instruction idioms.
* Detection and reconstruction of C++ class hierarchies (RTTI, vtables).
* Demangling of symbols from C++ binaries (GCC, MSVC, Borland).
* Reconstruction of functions, types, and high-level constructs.
* Integrated disassembler.
* Output in two high-level languages: C and a Python-like language.
* Generation of call graphs, control-flow graphs, and various statistics.

You can try all of these features by using our online decompilation service.

It can only handle files smaller than 10 megabytes, but I wonder what it would output from BATTLE.BIN or the SCUS?

Help! / Re: How I can export battle map geometry to Blender?
« on: February 25, 2018, 03:04:01 PM »
You have three options.

Make a github account and post in the issues tab for that program.  He hasn't done anything since May of last year but sometimes these sites send out email notifications.

Email him at his username plus  It's unique, so it's probably his email.

Post a request along with links to the relevant wiki pages (everything to do with maps, it's on the front page of the wiki) on the blender and c++ subreddits and any other large forums dedicated to these subjects.  If you're polite you may find a fan of FFT that be interested.

Help! / Re: Breakpoints in pSX
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:35:30 PM »
I think mednafen uses the unreleased 1.14 source code, you could poke through that.  It doesn't have a debugger though, so I doubt it would produce anything useful.

Unfortunately, those spell types are the only ones programmed into the game. Anything past 0x0E just gives you no spells. If I could find the data of what spell types have access to what spells, I lost definitely would, but I have no idea where that data is.
So it's not a bit field (combination of bits in a single byte) that gives you access to various spell categories, but an entire byte?  That suggests there's a table somewhere.

Ah, I see you found the rest.  Very good job!

Can you upload that to mediafire or mega?  I don't want to give you my gmail address.

News / Re: Help save RHDN and Data Crystal
« on: September 08, 2017, 03:28:00 PM »
Mocking someone for their poor decision making skills isn't drama, it's humiliation.  Given that we can't challenge people to a fistfight on the internet (well we can, but nothing will come of it) this is the only way to police anti-social behavior.

If someone hits you, hit back.  If someone displays anti-social behavior, send some their way.  In this way they learn to stop being antisocial.  If you bully someone hard enough for being useless, you don't need to ban them; they'll leave or they'll stop being antisocial.

That's not to say that you should go around bullying people for no reason.  If someone hasn't done something seriously wrong there's no reason to go off on them.  If someone responds to open requests for them to change their behavior then that person shouldn't be bullied.  The degree of mockery should be proportional to the antisocial behavior.

What is drama is someone showing up out of nowhere and trying to police others thoughts by claiming it's circlejerking.  It serves no purpose other than telling people that they can't let off steam, which leads to tension in a community that leads to more sniping and butthurt.

You get what you incentivize.  Provide incentives for the behavior you want in your community.  If you want people to police their language so much that it's no longer fun to do whatever your community does, by all means shut down everything that's offensive.  I'm sure your forums will be great when it's you and half a dozen other people that all think alike.

RHDN is plainly experiencing a money-grab right now, and the horrifyingly offensive people at BHDN are right that it's self-inflicted and that it will destroy RHDN.  It's probably not possible to save RHDN, but there are a lot of talented folks there.  Maybe we can capitalize on this and poach some of them that are interested in TRPGs and FFT?  If nothing else airing our opinions of the admin's horrible behavior will show that he can't get away with it.

That said, if Xif, the webhost, or the admin needs cash I would be totally ok with her posting a link to her paypal, bitcoin, or monero address.  This may bring some heat on FFH from SE, but that's my only real concern.  Xif et al. have done and continue to do good things for FFH.  No reason there shouldn't be a means to compensate them if someone wants to.  Same deal with ads (though I'm not turning off my adblocker).

If RHDN is so concerned about trolls, they should flag troll accounts instead of banning them and charge them ten cents per post.  Find a way to make your enemies serve you, instead of wasting energy policing dissidents.

News / Re: Help save RHDN and Data Crystal
« on: September 06, 2017, 06:14:39 PM »
Let's see...

-No talk about exact money numbers of what site costs go per month/year, or how much a site design job would cost.  Just clean 500 dollar increments, with the thousand one not really offering anything new.  Looks shady already.
-No comments or questions about the Patreon are allowed.  The linked thread is locked saying that none are necessary, and the thread with conversation about the new site layout was locked.  There have supposedly been reports that if you mention the Patreon you should expect your thread getting silently nuked.  Hmm...
-Most of the perks are content we had full use of before (in fact these were barred for days beforehand with no explanation given).  One part of existing forum content just happens to be where you usually report bugs, meaning preferential treatment to those who have paid.
-Staff didn't even know about this until it was sprung on them, multiple sources confirm this.
-No one asked the community to lend a helping hand to the site, which as mentioned before is full of NEETs who would be glad to help out the last big central group for their hobby.  There were opportunities many times to bring it up, we were just talking about site features and site members even have answered Help Wanted Ad posts related to site updating.

My crap radar's all over the place.  This is by far and away the worst handled Patreon I've ever laid eyes on, and to be frank if it isn't a scam it has a really bad way of showing it isn't.  I wish it wasn't this bad because I use the archives, but I can't on good conscience support this.  In fact I backed up my junk to MEGA in response to it.
Can you post any chatlogs of the bolded portion?

Can you imagine the horror the mods experienced, in light of them shutting down all dissenting opinions for the past 6 or so years?   :lol: The backstabbing, the purges, the constant drama and anxiety that someone is spreading rumors behind your back; and then your own admin sells you out for rent money.  It's glorious.

I have a theory that rom hacking sites attract a critical mass of autistes, who enact their fantasy Sanic Hegehog Naruto-style running self-inserts before destroying all sense of community.  They're not capable of meaningful human interaction, so they latch onto anything that gives them a sense of belonging.  They react poorly to those who just want to have fun, like the Bad(der/est) Hacks crew... mockery is an attack on their identity, their in-group.  Criticism of the latest FF6 translation holy war is an existential threat when your self-esteem depends on autistically interpreting a foreign language according to your chinese comic book porn collection.

Nightcrawler may be exposing himself to a C&D, if some game companies get wind that he's soliciting donations for hosting game mods.

I think that the Dragon, Behemoth, and Worker 7/8 classes all have move in excess of 128.

Okay fixed the status part, originally messed up one of the storage pointers so it'll store the status properly now. Also added in your original question. Just be careful with adding in too many negative stats of the same kind (like 4 items of different types with -1 jump) since I don't have /any/ room to add in protection against this.

You use the 1st unknown as another attribute id, so like 18 would grant 2 PA (based on vanilla's original attribute).

Edit: Since I was assuming I should clarify, you need to use 255 - 128 to put a negative stat on a unit. 255 = -1, 254 = -2, etc.

Code: [Select]
0005b684: a202003a sb r2,0x003a(r16) Store Unit's Move
0005b688: 92220018 lbu r2,0x0018(r17) Load Job's Jump
0005b68c: 00000000 nop
0005b690: 3042007f andi r2,r2,0x007f Cap Jump at 127 (0x80 flags stepping stone)
0005b694: a202003b sb r2,0x003b(r16) Store Unit's Jump
0005b698: 92220018 lbu r2,0x0018(r17) Load Job's Jump
0005b69c: 00000000 nop
0005b6a0: 30420080 andi r2,r2,0x0080 Get Stepping stone Flag
0005b6a4: 10400004 beq r2,r0,0x 0005b6b8 Branch if Unit isn't a stepping stone
0005b6a8: 00000000 nop
0005b6ac: 96020048 lhu r2,0x0048(r16) Load Unit's Y Coordinate + Flags
0005b6b0: 08016db1 j 0x 0005b6c4
0005b6b4: 34424000 ori r2,r2,0x4000 Enable Stepping Stone
0005b6b8: 96020048 lhu r2,0x0048(r16) Load Unit's Y Coordinate + Flags
0005b6bc: 00000000 nop
0005b6c0: 3042bfff andi r2,r2,0xbfff Disable Stepping Stone
0005b6c4: a6020048 sh r2,0x0048(r16) Store Unit's Y Coordinate + Flags
Did you remember to rewrite this so something other than 128 is the stepping stone bit?

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Playable Zodiac Monsters.
« on: August 22, 2017, 01:24:30 AM »
The ??? stats only applies to ENTD settings, I don't think it persists after battle.  I think this is what multiplies their HP by ten too.

Many Zodiac monsters don't have correct formation screen sprites.  Someone will be along shortly to explain if it can be fixed and how.

I'm not sure about a per battle limit on Zodiac monsters, but there is a limit on how many different sprites you can have in a battle.  Palette swaps don't count, IIRC.

New Project Ideas / Re: FFT:LHW (Lionheart War)
« on: August 17, 2017, 06:45:28 AM »
Throw Weapon and Throw Item ranges are not linked.  Throw Item range is hardcoded to 3, but I think it's found.

Here are some routines for Throw Weapon:

This routine is almost certainly jal to from the Throw Item routine, just a matter of searching for a "0c016a21 jal 0x0005a884".

Open up BATTLE.OUT and locate every instance of "0c016a21".  The endianness may differ, I'm not sure.  One of them may be the Throw Item routine.

Personal messages are fine, but edit your post to include everything you find out from looking through routines.

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Hack Proposals (for modders and ASMers)
« on: August 17, 2017, 12:14:26 AM »
My bad, that's how item drops are rolled (horribly inefficiently) in another game I play.

Here's a proposal for an ASM hack: turn unused Jump abilities into other effects that affect the Jump skill.  Effects such as increased damage, increased accuracy, normal damage boost applies to more weapon types, and change the Jump CT formula so it performs slightly faster.

Do you think it would be useful?

Xifanie already improved the Jump skillset.

Incremental Jump Range

Instead of choosing the highest value of the learned jump ability for the horizontal/vertical ranges, instead they are added all together,
meaning no one skill is ever going to be useless; it will always count towards your total horizontal/vertical range.
You could have Horizontal +2, Horizontal +1, Horizontal + 1, together would be the equivalent of Horizontal +4.

My other proposal is that Charge/Aim skillset increases accuracy by Power * 2 and keeps the damage boost.  The more you charge, the more accurate and damaging it is.

They seem like good ways to improve the existing skillsets without much effort.

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