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PSX FFT Hacking / Re: The little asm hacking reference
« on: May 26, 2014, 06:02:04 AM »
Nice, though not going to download it yet anyways.

But if I may ask... Is it possible to edit the tutorials and make them... challenges? Or uses them for events or extra battles?

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Raven's Spreadsheet Shop [LOTS OF BUGFIXES!]
« on: May 23, 2014, 09:22:10 AM »
I suppose I have to look this up.

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Fur Shop Before Chapter III? [SOLVED]
« on: May 23, 2014, 06:30:33 AM »
So wait, why is it that the guns I made seem to be working? They're properly showing up on classes with proficiency with them (like chemists) despite formerly being harps (my chemists definitely have no harp proficiencies) and yet they're spawning on NPCs and only NPCs with the proper proficiencies. I didn't do anything special to make this happen, so what's going on?

I think you understood what he was saying little wrong. I believe if you go to battle and use the gun, you will most likely notice the animation for that said weapon is the same animation as the Harp.

And that's because there are separate values set for the gun animation sprites used in battle and the sprite shown in the menu. So yeah, your gun is a gun. Or atleast that is how I think it goes. I has been a while since I've been to these forums.

The Lounge / Re: OH DEAR GOD PLEASE NO! Disney To Acquire Lucasfilm Ltd.
« on: November 06, 2012, 08:08:28 AM »
It's not like they can fuck it up any worse than Lucas all ready has. The new trilogy is pretty much the worst trilogy of films ever made. A strong argument can be made that Episode I is the worst movie of all time.
Case in point:

First point. That review sucks. Second point Star Wars always has sucked yet they meade it suck even more, there is no limit for sucking. Worst movie of all time? NOT EVEN CLOSE. But one of the most disapointing maybe.

The Lounge / Re: OH DEAR GOD PLEASE NO! Disney To Acquire Lucasfilm Ltd.
« on: November 03, 2012, 09:47:21 AM »
Oh god Disney bought Star Wars... Well Star Wars fans might as well do suicide. You guys are aware that The Spectacular Spider-Man DIED when Disney bought Marvel. And considering that show was the best of Spider-Man animated shows, so yeah we are so fucked. This does give a more funny things that can appear in Kingdom Hearts series lol.

Also prequels suck as much as the originals.

New Project Ideas / Re: My Patch (Unamed)
« on: August 20, 2012, 04:39:16 AM »
The risk of instantly lose a character is not fun, no matter what
And you are the only one who is talking/thinking about him, Shade

Who said instantly lol? You guys are still thinking of banish.
You could give it meteor CT and have abilities that cancel charge.

New Project Ideas / Re: My Patch (Unamed)
« on: August 19, 2012, 08:51:12 PM »
Or you can force equip ramza with an item that makes him immune to crystal.

you guys are thinking too much of banish from 1.3

New Project Ideas / Re: My Patch (Unamed)
« on: August 19, 2012, 07:12:19 PM »
About the crystal argument in the first page, in Persona games there has been many instant death skill that once hit main character, it's instant game over. So I would say that It would be nice to have crystal move that has certain chance of hitting the target.

PS. I still believe in fake difficulty.

ps. I miss Arch.... (on these forums, before he came jackass towards the forums)

FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena: Stats/Ability Discussion Thread [HUMANS]
« on: August 19, 2012, 04:49:26 PM »
I am declaring Murasame broken (the skill).

Reason are actually very simple.

Instant, better Y value then moogle, not based on fury or faith, AOE of 2.

Doesn't help that masamune still exist and in lesser extend, but it will still make murasame even more broken. Even if it's a single target.

Also I noticed during tourney that draw outs were really powerful. instant 150 damage in AOE of 2 hurts, especially when fury or faith don't effect it at all. Also notice how top teams in the tournament had draw out expect for FDC (I salute you for making farther then I my friend). It's not a suprise that draw out was efficient, it is pretty easy determine that the consistency of the draw out was killing other team left and right. and a lot of consistency coming from the fact that draw outs aren't affected by fury or faith.

FFT Arena / Re: Arena Monster Concepts
« on: May 19, 2012, 01:11:52 PM »
Yeah dammed the reraise/zombie seems to do wtf it ever wants.

11:15 unit with zombie and reraise dies, and later comes back up.
22:28 the same unit doesn't come up and just dies.

FFT Arena / Re: Arena Monster Concepts
« on: May 18, 2012, 09:36:45 PM »

Yeah undead and reraise, it's buggy as fuck.

FFT Arena / Re: Arena Monster Concepts
« on: May 18, 2012, 04:35:05 PM »
Reraise on undead unit = undead unit never gets back up. So Ghost's Rising Dead should be tweaked a bit.

I am not so sure about that, since I have seen them get back up with reraise, but the thing with that was it was permanent reraise afterwards, since I think it read it as undead trying to get up instead of reraise, so undead came back every single time on first chance possible.

Atleast that's what I saw on a video where there was a unit with undead and reraise.

Anyway it's really buggy and should be outright avoided.

FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena: Stats/Ability Discussion Thread [HUMANS]
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:33:40 PM »
You take your fucking War of the Lions gibberish and get your fucking ass out of here right fucking now before I fucking murder your fucking ass.  Fucker.  :V

I'll be taking that.


The thing with Dia is that, it would be good if it were like unfury, but currently it's faith. And when you are build for DPS, you are building damage against melee units most of the time, since none of the mages can have armors without equip armor and tanky melee units tend to have 40 faith and 40 fury. So of course you are going to take unfaith skills instead of Dia.

Well at this point it would be pointless to add them, since we really don't have space for them in ARENA. I can still remember the suggestions somewhat, almost all of them for some reason tried to make them jack of all trades. None of them really would have worked expect for FFM's own demon monster that had black hole and white hole. And that I could have used in ARENA, but anyway not enough space, moving on.

@Holy and Raise 2
Both of them should cost just more mp, so there would not be as much spam of them.  Also reason why I would use Holy instead of Flare is that Holy simply has better DPS/CT ratio, nothing more.

This skill is the best way to get MP back compared to anything else. I mean wow did you really have to make 2 AOE or have it only cost 5 mp? AI isn't stupid about mp, if it has this skill it will heal it's mp back instead of casting damage, so it can keep casting spell without having running out of mp. So question. Why 5mp? why not like 15 or more? AI would still used it well. It would not make much harder to AI. Also the 2 AOE, just what? Anything that is going to carry this spell is going to have 10 MA atleast so it's 60 to 120 mp to 1 to 4 people. This is a lot for a team that has Holy or Raise 2. I would be fine if it was AOE of like 1.

I would like them a lot more if they had bigger AOE and before you ask "Why Shade? I mean there is already Lich.", reason is simple, Lich doesn't fit in summoner skillset, everything else has/had 100% hits (even if magic evasion were to come to skills, it would still be heck of a lower chance to hit). So I would actually say that let the Lich be dark elemental summon for summon skillset and increase demi AOE to 3 and Demi 2 AOE to 2. This would power up time mage skillset that doesn't see much use currently after haste debuffs.

FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena: Stats/Ability Discussion Thread [HUMANS]
« on: May 13, 2012, 03:34:16 PM »
16. Bow Gun: Oh, so it procs Shellbust Stab rather than just Armor Break from Archer like I thought it did? In a way that makes me dislike it even more. I'm obviously missing why Bow Gun would only have a 30% chance of hitting as well? Are we assuming Arrow Guard being ubiquitous despite your "most teams only have 15%-20% P-EV" comment to advocate Concentrate coming back? I ask that not because they're mutually exclusive; I just want to be sure.

I think he meant that chance to hit with armor break would be smaller then 19% percent. Considering that armor break is % based skill. Bow gun would be actually pretty badass to use afterwards.

About 19%, here's legit question, why not just change proc chance to 25%? I mean this would boost elements and a lot other skills.

Why does it need mp cost, it already costs hp?

Kinda cool status. Bad thing about it is that it will just help raise 2, a skill that I think should just die at this point.

Dia vs ninjutsu ton's(Meiton etc.)
Dia is a skill that has basically just different damage modifiers then ton's, so why does Dia have lower Y then ton's? I personally would have Dia and ton's with 9-8 Y so they would not make too little amount of damage, and not too high.

Can we get the videos in the discussion topic?

Can we see how many skill sets are being use and how many jobs?

Also I would like to see how many weapons there are too.

Also FDC look at our post counts. Make a post (doesn't have to be here), so we can have both 1074 posts :3

*looks at TL's team*

This is going to suck hard.
Two black costumes... again.

Looked at what not healing skills are most used... masamune 32. Steal heart at 17... god I hate that ability. Also what is up with holy these days, it seems everyone uses holy instead flare these days.

Also 36 black costumes... dafuq? I mean we don't even have many kagesougi users.

I am really happy that I gave my kagesougi users the unfaith skill (I think I shoulda give some other one of the unfaith skill to them now that I think of it so I could bypass black costumes.... it's too late isn't it?)

FDC I know that you "predicted" me that far in to the tournament just because of my team's name (FDC Corporation) and that there is a guy named FDC in it.

« on: April 17, 2012, 11:20:39 AM »

« on: April 12, 2012, 06:52:26 PM »


FFT+ / Re: Most useless special unit in FFT: Plus?
« on: April 08, 2012, 07:38:24 PM »
Well at this point hitting in back is pretty much guaranteed, and anything that is not armored dies. And remember there is like 3 fights during chapter 3 that have units with armor(not counting bosses, cause they are to be two shot anyway).

So the ch3 is a cake walk.

I mean after chapter 3 they aren't that powerful, but they are still useful.

FFT+ / Re: Most useless special unit in FFT: Plus?
« on: April 08, 2012, 02:48:18 PM »
Judo outfit, Power sleeve, headgear twist headband, I mean unless you have done something to them, that I am not aware of. (Like changed when you get them)

Or you haven't updated master guide. Possible.

Note on that I haven't been in ch3 in very long time.

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