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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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If there wasn't Kiku, people would find another skill to complain about.  It is because players exploit the most effective skills that they win.  In this case, the most effective skill was a no-brainer.  I voted against Kiku, knowing full well of its destructive potential, then designed a team to prove it (along with two others: ninja and haste).  I'm surprised more players didn't do the same.


I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but it's my last match until the LB semi-final and it's too good not to put up immediately.

Thanks for posting the match, Piercewise.  You did well to post it before match 55, as match 55 is currently without a commentator.  CamStudio cannot seem to record ePSXe footage at any greater than 5 frames per second on this laptop I'm using, so re-recording it on my end is out of the question.  I asked Wiz to cover for me, but as he has yet to respond, the match is in limbo.

Sorry for the delay, everyone. 

If it is too much hassle, why not just have someone do it anyways? I think we are what 6 matches from ending this season? Not sure if that is the correct number, but my point is we had a rough start in losers bracket with delays ect... ect... may as well finish strong and get it over with ya know?

I agree.

Quote from: formerdeathcorps
Gaignun, thank you for putting up the video links, but they're in the wrong order.  The one titled "LB 43" is really LB 44 and vice-versa.

Thanks for catching that.  I made the correction.

Match 43 Loser's Bracket Archives
Match 44 Loser's Bracket Archives

As for match 55, I recorded, edited, and rendered it, but was unable to upload it before my flight.  The winner is confirmed, but as I am now away from the computer on which the match is stored, I'll need to re-record the match.  Please give me a day.  If I cannot manage to record the match, somebody else will need to cover for me.

Match 50 Loser's Bracket

I'll have matches 43 and 44 uploaded by tonight or tomorrow afternoon.  In truth, match 45 was not recorded.

Ah, I had those recorded already, Wiz.  I reread my request and realized that I wasn't very clear.

Edit: It might be too late to replace your matches with mine.  I won't be specific, but revealing winners in yours as losers in mine would cause controversy.  Let's hold yours as official.


Jesus, I need to get going on commenting on all these matches (don't have to do so atm, tomorrow for sure).

Anyways, I figured out the bracket assignments for the later rounds of the Loser's Bracket (where it's not clear who commentates what), and I'll get that up tomorrow for y'all to see.

Will you be depending on us loser commentators for those matches?  I can take over the matches shared by me and Piercewise to help him out.


I'm through three of my five matches.  I hope to have them all ready to be uploaded by the time formerdeathcorps uploads his.

Battle 10 Loser's Bracket
Battle 11 Loser's Bracket

I fixed the RGB and increased the gamma so that the colour isn't washed out.

Battle 7 Loser's Bracket

Battle 8 Loser's Bracket

Battle 9 Loser's Bracket

I daresay my delivery is stiff, crispy, and stale.  Like a cracker in the back of your pantry.

Battles 10 and 11 will come tomorrow.

Fair enough, but Hospital in the Slums is still rife with choke points.  I was calling it out simply over its quality.

Why are we using maps like Hospital in the Slums?  Those maps were weeded out last season.

Tornadoes?  I hope you're all right.
Pierce, to be honest, the loser's bracket shouldn't be posted until all of the winner's bracket is done.  This way, there's less confusion.

I'm willing to upload my matches as soon as I get them (time permitting) to speed things along.  The loser's and winner's brackets were uploaded in parallel last season, and that season took long enough.

FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena: Stats/Ability Discussion Thread [HUMANS]
« on: February 04, 2011, 05:12:15 PM »
As another minor change, the ninja skillset "ninjitsu" should be written "ninjutsu."

FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena: Stats/Ability Discussion Thread [HUMANS]
« on: October 09, 2010, 04:52:03 AM »
I have another suggestion that's slightly more benign.  Can the JP cost on stat recovery items be lowered to, say, 80 apiece?  This will allow item users to be on status duty without feeling the JP crunch.  Expanding recovery options will help once monsters hit the field.

FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena: Stats/Ability Discussion Thread
« on: September 21, 2010, 04:06:09 AM »
Quote from: "PX_Timefordeath"
If the success rate is 30% at 70/40 faith, that says just how high the actually % to land is. If it were 70/70, I'm sure it'd hit every time. Do you want Paralyze/Sleep/Petrifies hitting 40 faith units at a 60% rate? That's just retarded, as it'll ruin the metagame.
See my table above.  A 70 Fa target with MEv will take a chunk out of the success rate.  The success rate of Paralyze on a 70 Fa 0 MEv target for a 11 Ma 70 Fa oracle is roughly 90%.  Sleep is just above 80%.  Petrify is 65%.  They're not going to hit every time.  Against a 40 Fa target, by the way, the success rates are 51%, 41%, and 37%.  The spells are currently so unreliable against 40 Fa targets as to be useless.    When they do hit, the enemy can cure the ailment in one turn (and free of charge with items or Stigma Magic).  How is this any more imbalanced than one-shot Flare or Secret Fist?  A 70 Fa target is going to kiss the floor every time from a high-powered 100% accuracy Flare spell and force its team into sandbag mode, and all targets without death protection, no matter how powerful, will fall to the high-accuracy Secret Fist.

Of course 70 Fa targets will be vulnerable to Yin Yang magic; they're vulnerable to all other forms of magic as well.  There are so many lovely pieces of equipment that provide status protection: Gold Helmet, Gold Armor, Green Beret, Golden Hairpin, and so on.  Stop building status protection into the poor success rate and give players a reason to use them, or they'll default to stat boosting gear as they are now.

Quote from: "FFMaster"
Also, if you are planning to use MA gear and MAUP for Oracle, you need to rethink it.
I was using max Ma and MagicAtkUP to demarcate the extreme.  Of course full Ma gear is silly.

Quote from: "FFMaster"
At least 50% to cripple at least 1 unit for 2 turns, 4 range, and a small cast time(might use Short Charge here to speed things up, or maybe Defense UP), while having great HP(maybe some status protection instead, but whatever floats your boat) for a mage since you don't need the MA gear that much.
I agree.  In deference to the effect of other forms of magic against 40 Fa targets, a 50% chance to inflict a 40 Fa target with Don't Act is decent.  That is the best case, however.  Give the 40 Fa target a shield and the success rate goes south.  Hence, I suggest that Yin Yang magic ignores MEv.  Also, there's no reason to assume that the enemy will be afflicted with the status for two turns.  The AI is keen on curing status ailments.  A well built team should be able to cure status ailments on the fly, anyway.

This is how I break it down.  In the ideal case, the oracle spends one turn inflicting the status ailment and an enemy spends one turn curing it.  The net gain is zero.  Currently, the oracle has a 50% chance of failing (sticking with the 40 Fa target here).  The oracle initiates the offense, yet the oracle has a 50% chance of putting its own team down a turn right from the start, and that's before considering MEv and status protection!  In the real case, the success rate is less than 50%.  The oracle is now a liability.  By ignoring MEv, the oracle's chance to succeed does not dip below 50% for even the worst of targets (unless it's Petrify or Sleep, and rightly so, since those status effects are more dangerous).  Initiative now favours the oracle, as it rightly should, because luck is on its side.  In addition, Ma now possesses greater efficacy in increasing success rate on average.

Quote from: "CT5Holy"
I'll also admit that 40 Faith teams can use element absorb as another way to heal, but that requires a lot of specialization, and mages are quite useful in that regard (better DO damage/healing, Black Magic)
Draw Out is an effective way to heal 40 Fa teams.  All it requires is one piece of equipment that absorbs an element on all characters.  This immunizes your team from your enemy's use of the element as a bonus.  Admittedly, options are limited to fire and wind absorption.

Quote from: "CT5Holy"
Not many ways to have AoE damage - Draw Out, Elemental, that's basically it.
And both Draw Out and Elemental are two of the most potent forms of offense.  These abilities ignore Brave and Faith modifiers, which, in my opinion, breaks the system for everything else (unless the abilities are made incredibly weak or "unbuffable"), but this is all going off on a tangent.

Sorry for picking apart your posts, everyone.  Quoting simply helps me keep my rebuttals from being too wordy, which they evidently already are.

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