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FFT Arena / Re: Arena battle videos and discussion
« on: July 25, 2013, 07:47:09 PM »
We can resume videos after the tournament is done. I would personally wait until 1.39 is ready





I will watch those matches when I get back from connecticon.  I hope everyone is enjoying the tournament so far. I will continue the matches when I get back

But from now on the matches needed to be uploaded in order so things won't get out of hand


Got it

Match 11 is coming tomorrow, I guess CT5Holy just wanted to get the matches done to get things moving along. I forgot that Match 11 was my responsibility. I'll rectify that mistake tomorrow so apologies in advance

Your turn CT5Holy! I know the game audio sound on my new lap top is a bit off and quite loud but it does run the emulator much much better. Overall, not perfect but not bad either

FFT Arena AI Tournament Season 2 Match 8 - CT5Holy vs Garland

FFT Arena AI Tournament Season 2 Match 9 - LightningHax vs Eternal

FFT Arena AI Tournament Season 2 Match 10 - Wiz vs Malroth

I'm uploading the next set of videos today anyways so CT5Holy you won't have to worry about anything

I have your updated team. You're set to go

Just a heads up the next set of matches that will be up tomorrow while the emulator on my laptop works better than it did before the sound isn't as good because of the internal microphone array that is installed in my laptop. So I ordered a dual splitter that has a headphone and microphone jack and that won't come in until next week.

So I apologize in advance if the sound isn't perfect by any means but otherwise the speed of the videos are much much better

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