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Thanks I really appreciate that reply. The Lion War seems interesting, I'll check back every now and then to see if it ever gets completed. Sounds like exactly what I wanted, all the good stuff without the dialogue.

LFT and Kind Of both seem appealing to me. I'll be doing a vanilla playthrough with the LFT patch this time around. Celdia's seemed a bit confusing, checked out that forum and couldn't exactly find what the patch was about and it seemed there was two versions. Got a little confused so I'll stick with LFT for this time. Really glad I discovered this site, looks like there is an endless amount of ways to change up every playthrough now with all the patches the people here have made. Really excited to be able to play my favorite game of all time in a new light.

Hello. I have played the vanilla version many times and am looking for something different this playthrough. I have never tried the WoTL remake. The improved graphics and animated cutscenes look cool, but I'm not particularly a fan of the olde English dialogue.

When choosing strictly between vanilla and WoTL for someone who has played the original countless times, does the dialogue tend to grow on you or does it seem weird the entire game?

Is it possible to keep the new graphics and cutscenes while retaining the old dialogue?

I see that the WoTL translation can be patched to the vanilla version with the LFT mod + complete patch, but can the LFT mod be patched to the WoTL version in case I decide to make my playthrough with WoTL?

Overall what would you recommend - Vanilla + LFT, Vanilla + LFT with complete patch, or just the WoTL game by itself? There's so many options for my next play through it's kind of daunting to decide.

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