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Completed Patches / Re: WotL Slowdown Removal Patch
« on: April 18, 2016, 04:01:42 PM »
Hi, I have trouble running the slowdown removal patch.

I'm running an ISO ripped from an original NTSC-U/Greatest Hits version of the game - I had to do so to apply sadnes city's translation patch (I'm namedropping in case there is a known problem with that particular patch, not intended to be spam). I tried applying the slowdown and unstretch patches following and, while the latter works, the former (and the one I really care about) doesn't have any effect. I loaded up my old save file, tried using some of Ramza's Squire abilities and they still suffer slowdowns.
This is how my folders look like
Again, the aspect ratio patch does work, and the translation patch makers suggest the slowdown removal too (even though through an executable by a french hacker called "plastik", of which I found nothing online, and whose tool was supposed to be included in the translation patch - sadly it's not anymore, so I'm stuck with livepatch) so it should be compatible.

Any tips?

EDIT did some other testing with both my original UMD and the translated ISO (and I now I'm beating a dead horse but, goddamn, the UMD load times are nightmare fuels) and the UMD/english copy does have slowdowns removed. It's the translated iso that doesn't work, only the unstretching patch does with it. I'll ask on the translators' forum, but does anyone have an idea about what might be causing this and how to fix it (for example, I just noticed another thread here with the slowdown patch in .pff form. Can I apply it on top of the already .pffed, due to the translation, ISO?)?

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