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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 24, 2016, 12:40:01 PM »
Yugioh Woods: An undead heavy fight with 2 Vanquishers on my team. You make the call!

The particular mechanics of Ghostly enemies elude me though - as far as I can tell, you want to hit them plentiful of times instead of going for 1 or 2 big hits because of how their damage reduction works... maybe.

Gates of Riovanes: Every time I play this level, I take off Rafa's equipment and get her killed ASAP to get rid of Malak. That's a free Pro-Tip from me.

The enemies have this tendency to fly to the top of the castle and stay there, which would probably be a wise tactical move if any of them were packing Bows instead of Spears. That's random equipment generation for you I guess. So I just kind of picked off the stragglers at the bottom and then worked my way up.

One of the enemy MK crystallized which gave my Ramza almost the entire skillset - guess he's now a Mage Knight.

Inside Riovanes Castle: Wiggy might be a bit too tough to do "legit" - without any mitigation, he takes off like 200 damage per hit and has Auto-Haste. After juggling my equipment, he does 133 (apparently Swordskills are reduced by Magic Defense here) which I still couldn't quite outdamage before dying - though I admit having a good Reaction would have really helped since Bane does absolutely jack squad here. I could probably do it with Auto-Potion or HP Restore but I didn't have the 400/500 JP needed.

Beat him by remembering the "Absorb Holy" trick to shut off his Swordskills. It can't be helped.

In contrast, Velius was kind of a pushover - Hydro Storm wiped his support demons and as far as I can tell, he only seems to be able to kill 1 unit at a time (500 damage punches are lolz though) so as long as you have 2 Item users and enough Phoenix Downs, you'll win.

Roof of Riovanes: No matter how I tried, I couldn't get Elmdore to go for my naked Ramza bait - he usually just ran up to Rafa and one-shot her, ending the mission right there. I guess I could have redone everyone set-up to have 10 Speed and tried to bumrush one before they even get a turn but I'm not quite sure it can be done with what I had learned.

Eventually I reloaded enough times until Rafa successfully blocked and then it was a pretty huge rush to drop him. Might wanna tune their equipment a bit such that Rafa takes 2 hits to go down instead of 1.

Chapter 3 finished! Time for chapter 4!

I see Ramza actually changed some of his skills, that's kind of interesting.

Rafa and Malak joined with equipment they couldn't actually equip apparently - it gets deposited in your inventory after they join up.

Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 19, 2016, 03:17:41 PM »
Also interesting that Ramza is your liability in the party instead of a leading damage-dealer. It doesn't take too much work to make him fairly powerful going into the midgame.
I got a habit of leaving Ramza in classes that work for the current moment and not plan for the future - Ramza has like a whole bunch of levels in classes I actually don't need a lot of JP in because I was just using them as a carrier.

So... liked Inside Lionel, did you? :P
It was unique, to say the least.

Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 15, 2016, 06:14:38 AM »
Current Team after propositions
Ramza: Ironically Least Valuable Personnel because I'm too lazy to grind skills for him.
Mageknight/Gunspinning (Filler secondary)
Dragoon/Gunspinning/Bag of Holding

Orbonne 1: Oops, Hydro Storm doesn't maintain friendly fire. Restart!

Bunch of enemies generated Angelic Kites which absorbs Hydro Storm. Mage Knight really wrecks though, 300+ damage with Cursed Cleave on good compat.

Got a bit dicey in the end because my only revival got nuked so I had to finish the battle fast.

Orbonne 2: Izlude helped in me assassinating him by using Dragon Form and taking enough recoil to chip off 1/3 of his health, how nice. I think my Mage Knight had Bad Comp sadly, but one of my Vanquishers had good Comp and chipped off the last of his health with a Dagger.

Orbonne 3: Vanquisher/Vanquisher/Mage Knight/Dragoon with Wiegraf starting in range = dead Wiegraf.

Grog Hill: Chemist had Running Shoes, should have stole it. Petrified 2 guys with Ramza's Bane by complete accident from standing around when AOEs are flying. Didn't take long to follow up after that.

Yardow Fort City: My Hydra Storm V outspeeded the entire enemy team, so I walked forward and dumped one of half of their team before they could react taking out Malak and another.

Tense moment - Enemy V immediately returned the favor by using Thousand Blades on Rafa, sending her into Critical immediately - managed to block off the gate and pull her back but I imagine with some variance in equipment rolls that might have just ended the battle right there.

More accidental Bane petrifies, which is really funny.

Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 14, 2016, 04:14:03 PM »
At this point I'd recommend investing in a Vanquisher, becuase while their higher-end skills cost a lot of MP, they are life-saving and rediculous. Just remember to pack MA too- it's what they scale on.

Otherwise having a Mageknight with an axe can also be pretty handy dandy to have around cause high damage + elemental versatility (Cursed Cleave is delicious)
I haven't unlocked either of those two classes, can you tell me their requirements?

Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 14, 2016, 12:37:55 PM »
Did Boco get neutered or something? I was hoping for some Red/Black Chocobos but he hasn't laid any eggs.

Gates of Lionel Castle: Gaf killed Ramza the first time which made it impossible to open the gates - fixed that by making him wield the Protect Stick and using Chakra all the way.

Got a better roll on the 2nd try too - only one unit showed up with Alchemy (multiples get very annoying with Phoenix Down spam). My damage potential isn't really high so the battle got kind of tense because by the end of the battle, half of my units had Undead and were relying on Ramza's Chakra to keep them alive.

Gafgarion had a delicious crystal - I think his crystal is empty in Vanilla so this is nice for my Ramza.

Inside Lionel Castle: Well, this should be HOLY COW

In retrospect - bring Stimulants because Sleep is bad (don't know what other status Befoul inflicts) and make sure you can take a few MA-based hits from Corruption. Slow seems to be the only status effect you want to inflict so an Enchanter is nice to try to keep the pressure down. Not really sure if there's anything else I can add to that.

Chapter 2 finished!

Goland Coal City: 3 Enchanters confusing half of my team was scary, but they only did it once - guess they ran out of MP - might want to bring some form of Arrow Guard to protect yourself. Outside of that, this is the map where you have Olan so it shouldn't be too hard.

Gates of Lesalia Castle: Alma has "Magic Barrier" which deals like 200 damage in a health drain form so I don't really have much to say here... I imagine that probably isn't intended though.

As for "legit" strategies... if you have Fly, you can fly on top of the Castle and then fire arrows from above, which is great if you want to hit anyone that isn't Zalmo (because he has Arrow Guard). If you stand on certain tiles, Bane will give you Confuse so building a tanky Ramza with 6 Jump + Bane can disable a lot of the enemy team and give you some room to walk the rest of your army out from behind the gates.

Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 14, 2016, 04:45:23 AM »
Goug Machine City - Nothing stood out.

Barius Hill - Monsters in story missions! Espers (?) are mostly only threatening to mages, but can be taken out easily as long as you don't try to use Bows. Agrias isn't going to be that useful unless you get lucky with the Stop procs but she isn't going to be a liability either.

Execution Site - Probably the first hard mission of the mod, though I might have gotten lucky with Algus (Auto Hi-Potion is really strong that early). Might do with some slight toning down? I had to spend a lot of money on Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs of my own for this.

I had good comp with Gaf so he usually killed my Ramza off the bat - got stuck in a bit of a revive loop since someone would kill him as soon as the Phoenix Down went off.

So strategy boiled down to 2 "key" units - one Hawk Knight who flew up to the top of Gate ASAP and one-shot a good comp Canoneer, hurting units and disabling with unit Arm: Aim in general.

Another Gunslinger/Alchemist with Auto Hi-Potion on the ground - he managed to keep triggering reaction and I don't think I could have won if I hit a streak of bad luck. Also kept Ramza from crystallizing.

Everyone runs up to the top of gate ASAP except for him and abuse your range in general. Takes quite a while though - there's A LOT of enemies in this mission and I guess at least the only way they can revive is through Phoenix Mortar.

Set-up changes that would have improved my battle - Bane reactions while standing on the stone tiles - most stages have a kind of iffy Silence proc but on this stage it's Petrify.

Having someone with Sunder Weapon who wasn't using a Bow, since Gaf had a Katana (Arrow Guard) - unfortunately I had to constantly try at a 8% rate until I finally succeeded long after every other unit on the map was dead.

(By the way, I love that money is actually an issue in this mod as far as consumables go - saving up for that Bag of Holding had quite the pay-off.)

Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 13, 2016, 02:39:41 PM »
Chapter 2:
For some reason sometimes Move-Find Item gets me an empty ' ' item, also I wonder if it's just me or if enemies really do not care about Friendly Fire at all in this patch.

Dorter 2/ Sweegy Woods: Not much to say here - Shrapnel all the way

Zirekelle Falls - From here on I kind of ran into the problem of outspeeding most of my enemies, meaning Shrapnel hijinks are a bit harder to pull. Agrias is the only one with 6 Speed + High Mag power to pull it off.

Ovelia's really squishy and can't instantly throw up MBarrier like in Vanilla - at my level, 2 hits from Gaf's Night Sword will kill her making it kind of awkward if she doesn't spawn with Alchemy the first time I tried. I think this must be the only time in the history of FFT mods where I sent Delita to block off the bridge side with Gaf instead of the other one.

Changed one of my units into a Mime for this mission though I think I could probably win it easier with a non-gimmick class - almost accidentally Sunder'd my own units and did hit my units with AOE because I keep forgetting she was there.

Zaland Fort City - Whoops, didn't realize Ovelia was going to participate as a guest here - I guess I could have restarted but I was lazy. Musty rolled Red Magic as a secondary so no contribution there.

At first I thought that this would be easy for Mortaring but outspeeding enemy + enemy Canoneerers put a damper to that since same speed match = they go off first IIRC. Luckily they only used Flashbang and rolled pretty badly all things considered.

Awkward situation #2 - all the Demagogues spawned with Rainbow Mail, leaving Red Mage Ramza and Icicle wielding Champion kind of weak until I individually Sunder'd their Armour one by one, which took a while.

MVP Agrias, who sneaked through the little gate thing and started harassing the Cannoneers with Stasis Swords so I could get my own Mortars off.

Barius Valley - Ovelia + Musty + Agrias + 2 enemy job types... isn't there some kind of sprite limit here?

Goes back to not having much to say - the enemies can't really move out of the way of Shrapnel so it doesn't matter that they outspeed you.

Zigolis Swamp - This is... new. The wards are totally not allied to the monsters so you can just let them destroy them for you while you set up all your buffs and shoot a couple of them with ranged weapons.

Ghosts will probably one-shot units with Ectoplasm so top priority, Skeletons... uh, I think they don't have enough MP to cast their big spells at all.

Strange MVP of this battle but Hawk Knight's Aim deals much more damage than anything I tried on the ghosts for whatever reason.

My "in retrospect" observation is that I should probably bring more Longbows instead of Guns since there's a bunch of obstacles that makes Guns/Crossbows awkward, to say the least.

Celdia's Complete Patch / Re: CCP - Battle Logs
« on: April 12, 2016, 02:06:58 PM »
Started playing this again! Excited to see how it's been changed since the original Beta. Right now, I've beat Chapter 1. Assorted thoughts rather than battle by battle.

- Like the new Warrior skillset, much better than Charge.

- Are Demagogues supposed to affect themselves with their skills? I can see hitting allies with the negative status effect ones, but inflicting them on yourself seems weird.

- Cannoneers are REALLY really good in the early game when used in multiples, speed match and a volley of Shrapnel will basically kill all the casters and cripple the mages. Use Piercing/Hazard for assassinations instead.

I assume this will change in the future as Speed increases but maybe they should swap positions on the job tree with a slightly later class? Still, I never liked FFT's Chapter 1 so wiping out an entire team in a couple of moves makes things swift.

(Also I'm a bit confused as to which damage stat they use, MA I assume?)

- The Blind/Slow/Don't Act cannon skill has 2 range less than it states.

- Quick Fingers (Gunslinger's reaction) doesn't allow you to Throw Items like it says in its description.

That's all.

Does ALMA4 still not play nice on real consoles?

Keep up the good work.

Completed Patches / Re: FFT 1.3 EZ-8 - a FFT 1.3 Variant
« on: November 30, 2015, 05:46:57 AM »
Fair enough, should I do anything about this current thread then?

Completed Patches / FFT 1.3 EZ-8 - a FFT 1.3 Variant
« on: November 29, 2015, 02:49:04 PM »

I am working on a variant mod based off the latest version of FFT 1.3 (especially the Content version of the mod) for myself but decided that maybe other people might enjoy it as well. It's a collection of balance changes, readjustments and convenient ASM changes compiled in one mod.

Without further ado, here it is.

FFT 1.3 EZ-8

Design Statement:
FFT 1.3 had some interesting ideas and rebalancing of the game's content, but is marred by a rather frustrating difficulty that always picks "Hard" over "Fun" when a choice between the two is had.

EZ-8 attempts to significantly speed up the early game (Chapter 1) and tone down
several of the more visible display of "egregious difficulty", while still remaining significantly more challenging than regular Vanilla FFT.

Current progress:
EZ-8 is now considered "complete" for the main game and sidequests, subject to testing.

Version updates:
-v1.05: Katanas rework, many more random battles tweaked.

Issues remaining:
*More changes to random battles
*New cutscene to explain Meliadoul's presence as a Guest in Chpt 4.

Quality of Life Features:

Balance Changes:
-All Zodiac Beasts and many bosses are now vulnerable to Slow, Blind, Don't Move and Oil and now Halve Dark (instead of Immunity). Zodiac Beasts also have their HP Multipliers reduced and lose Defense/Mag Def Up if possible.


Unit Changes:









Please report any bugs or suggestion on balance/battles. I'm interested in knowing if any battles are still considered "too hard" even after me toning a lot of them down.

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