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Please use .png instead of .bmp when uploading unfinished sprites to the forum!

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Help! / Re: Lucavi Question
« on: May 05, 2019, 12:41:35 AM »
Thank you nyzer.

if even FFH isnt able to do that atm, then probably nobody is.

But that is good to know, because i have lots of fun doing other things in my game. Like editing the job system and more.

and if i view it from the perspective of those trying to do it in an event, i fully understand the problem. wouldnt make sense that way.

Help! / Re: Lucavi Question
« on: May 04, 2019, 03:37:20 PM »
Hi everyone. I just read this topic. And i decided to write because i am trying to make a patch for fft, too. And i lack knowledge on how to do that as well.
I am planning to give the character a spell which allows them to transform into the lucavi.

Can you please give me a step by step explanation on how to do this for beginners?

Help! / Re: Assign abilities to Mime class ?
« on: August 31, 2017, 12:07:10 PM »
thx Xifanie.

I will change the Class back to its standard and give the job tree a new structure then.
Thx 4 your help


Help! / Assign abilities to Mime class ?
« on: August 30, 2017, 10:00:31 PM »
hi everyone !

i edited the mime Job Class and everything looked good until I noticed that i cannot assign or remove abilities.
How exactly can I change this ?

Thank you Nyzer.  :D

You saved me this time.
I am making a second Project to get some experience in modding. I am saving the first and loooooong Project
for later of course.
This way, I am making good Progress and I am having lots of fun while the first Project gets done slowly.

Thx @ FFHacktics

Hi There !

I would like to ask you something. I have to face something I didnt face yet. I changed the sprite set
of a male wizard to bolmna. I edited the palette with graphics gale. changed his clothings color. then i put it into shishis sprite editor.

I played the first battle in dorter when wiegraf escapes after asking the Knight about the whereabouts of the marquis.
And the wizards showed up in black. only shadow like.
What can i do to fix this ?

Hi people!

Personally, i have fftpatcher open together with fftactext and i am always looking up the entry numbers of the skillsets. (or whatever I am editing) and i thought:

It would be helpful (in my opinion at least) to have another column in fftactext which shows the hexadecimalnumbers next to the decimal numbers. That makes things easier for the user to identify the entries he is looking for. From my experience with Java, that is something not too difficult and helps a lot because we dont have to have a calculator open all the time.

What do you say?

I did it. I cut the text and the image was patched successfully. No problems there. In the future i should be able to patch my images.
I never said that i wont be able to patch it. Since Xifanies post I immediately understood how it works.

And since I now know that the western releases dont have this sound test in them, I am very happy because i can save much textspace.

Thx Xifanie for helping me out.

Hi Everyone !

Now i am posting here without questions about modding.
I wanna show you that I am an honest and friendly person (in reality, too) who wants to integrate here in the community and who doesnt want to only ask questions about modding without enjoying the community and without remembering them. And if I have all the neccessary knowledge someday to help other ppl out, then I will certainly do that.
I like this forum a lot. Its design, the homepage. everything about it. And, of course, I am not someone who thinks that its his own forum. The thought alone makes me smile because i cannot understand ppl who think that way.

We all share fft as a hobby. We all have that in common. And I am sure even more. But before I write more about this because I am excited, I wanna write about the subject first:

I looked at the sprites which are released at the homepage and I like them. I noticed that the spriters dont write any background about their characters. Personally, I would like to know more about their ideas about that character. His integration in the story, his past before he came into the world. All his experience he made. That way, the spriters will get the credit they deserve and as a fan of that game and RPGs in general I will get a good picture of the person, the spriter, to remember him. Because i know exactly how difficult it is to sprite. There is a 2d fighting game engine named MUGEN. I have experience in coding characters of that game. And, of course, I had to deal with sprites, too. Thats where I came in contact with sprites. I cannot paint characters from scratch. Thats why i am giving spriters much credit.
The Asura Male, The Paladins, Hanzo, Zelda, Lenneth Valkyrie, Beatrix, Rena, Voldemort, Sephiroth, all the clouds, Miluda, Banon, Zack,  Dycedarg's Elder Brother, all Ramzas, Deis, Agrias, Balbanes, Alucard. These are my favorites. And I would like to hear more from the spriters who did the hard work and created them.
What about you ? Do you agree ?

thats obvious so far. But what does it stand for ? Where do i read them ingame? I didnt visit sound test in the past. If I know what text is written there normally, then i would be able to edit successfully. I mean, we dont read these Kanji in the game correct? I know that i should cut it unless i wanna keep that DTE error. Xifanies post showed me that clearly and I had success with WLDHELP.LZW. But if I know the english text, then i can think of a shorter text and continue. Wouldnt look good in the game if I cut the text and i would read ??? instead of proper text until i know what text is supposed to be written there.

26: sound test comment.

when you are in sound test mode, Ramza says: sound x0001 (for example).
Is that what should be standing here?

ah cool. Thx. if thats all i have to keep in mind, i should easily be able to handle this.
I tried to shorten the text and lower width. WLDHELP.LZW was compressed ok after i cut a little bit of text.
But there are some difficulties i found in OPEN.LZW for example:
What if i have to deal with a mix of japanese text and other text like in 26: sound text comments ? Or similar text where i dont know what it stands for, so that i cannot know with what i should replace that text?

hi There!

i have been searching in some threads and i am having the same problem which other ppl have. But saving the tactext file, repoen tactext, open the file and patch the image doesnt work. The image already has been patched with the psp translation.

and i experimented a lot, but couldnt get my image file patched. i am using version 0.457 or the latest one. But i tried others as well. and i read in other threads that the psx version of the game doesnt have the crystallisation problem. correct? and thats why i would like
to ask for help. I dont know how solve this myself.

What things should I know to prevent tactext from shouting errors and me from working fine without errors?

Event Editing / Re: Rads Unique Bowing Animation in the Church
« on: June 15, 2017, 10:00:39 PM »
Thank you guys. Problem solved. There were 2 Unique animations for rad.
i replaced the first with x0024 as Elric said and the second with x0002 for standing.
Now I am enjoying the Asura Sprite instead of Rad. Thats my favorite. Looks awesome.

Topic Solved  :D

Event Editing / Re: Rads Unique Bowing Animation in the Church
« on: June 13, 2017, 12:12:57 PM »
thx nyzer.
I did take a closer look at the tutorials, but i just cannot find the answer to my question.
If i understood Elrics post correctly, then i guess i have to use UnitAnim(xAU,xMT,xANIM,x00). And i have to change the third parameter to x24. right? but i have no idea how to load my event from my image file into EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0 and how to use it in general.

what about Xifanies EVTCHR Frame Editor ? Is there any Tutorial on how to use it and where to place the xlsm file ? Or would you recommend using EasyVent Editor Super Perfect 2.0?

Event Editing / Re: Rads Unique Bowing Animation in the Church
« on: May 25, 2017, 11:31:45 PM »
ah cool.

And where exactly can I find the event coding?

Event Editing / Rads Unique Bowing Animation in the Church
« on: May 25, 2017, 09:32:24 PM »
Hi there !

I would like to ask you how i can change the animation of Rad to the bowing/critical animation. I downloaded the EVTCHR Frame Editor but i dont know how to use it. Can someone pls explain? I would like to avoid the Graphical glitch.

You'd be way better served by just adding in uniques

oh yep. Oups =)
I thought it over and using Sephiroths as generics wouldnt look nice. fighting against sephiroths with random names wouldnt be nice. Making him unique would be the most suitable solution. I only was concentrated on the possibility on making Sephiroth with the right name but didnt think about the other edge of the sword.
Thanks Bro

they only have one EVTCHR between them, and it can probably just be overcome by making Rad use the standard Critical animation instead of the special kneeling EVTCHR.
cool. Does that apply for lavian and alicia as well ? the animation of the characters when they are near death and are kneeling because of weakness right? in what file can i find these sprites?
Thank you

ah cool. thanks for your answers. You are helping me out a lot.

A quicker solution would be to make the Onion and Dark Knight jobs unique jobs within a PSX mod, just making them unique characters entirely

Thats cool.
And if i decide to make them unique characters, is there a way to edit formation sprites, portraits and story sprites?
I am asking because i like the Armor Ramza which looks much like a Holy Knight. But if Story animations would play, then the original sprites will come through and change back to the
Holy Knght sprites. That doesnt look good.

Or you could make Rad/Lavian/Alicia Dark and Onion Knights and leave 4 spaces, up to you :P

If I understood correctly, making them unique characters would mean that the Job is the Basic Job right?
Is there a way to extend the Job List making Dark and Onion Knights possible for everyone, even generics?
What I am planning to do is Edit the Job List to make them Jobs I like, balance them out and give them sprites I like to be able to create cool characters that fit well in term of appearance.
Not only that. That way i could use Sephiroth for the dark Knight job. could name him Sephiroth. And then i got Sephiroth as a character without messing up because he is a generic.
That way he would not loose his looks as Sephiroth.

Ah I see.

But If I use the psx version of the game then I wont have access to the dark Knight, Onion Knight as well as Balthier, Luso and The Cutscenes.
Ok the cutscenes are ok if i have to miss them. But All the rest is not good.
And i am worried about enough space for Jobs and Characters. Are any tools coming out soon for WOTL ?
Or is it possible to include all the WOTL content into the psx iso of the game which includes the jobs and characters?

Hi There !

I am working on a FFT Patch and I need the NeoCloud sprite.
The one which is already uploaded doesnt work because it is too large.

Did anyone upload a working one yet ? I am searching but I cannot find it.
And sprite editing and spriting in general is not possible for me because I dont know how to do it.
Can someone please upload a working one ?

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