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I'm still around. I just got a little lazy and busy with other things, so here's a little update.

Thanks guys!

Satchmo, It took me long after it was initially released to beat VS as well 😅 I got to the end but was so frustrated with the last boss I couldn't beat it, I put it down for years after that!

Yea Conman, it's kinda lonely! lol I still want to try editing stages eventually.

Yurrick, I'm sorry but I don't do request. However, if you want to start on something I will more than love to help like I've helped Lunar. I just have a lot of ideas going forward and I want to make them a reality.


Thank's Lunar!

OK so I just finished the forward facing frames (alliteration!) Since I am Working on someone else's sprite I will be trying to show what modifications I've made.


I want to thank Stewelment for creating this sprite first. I hope that I am not offending his sprite or him by reworking it.

Holy moly it only took me a month to produce Callo?! My timing is getting better. 😅 Well, here she is peeps! 100% done hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope you have a great New Year! As always, she'll be upfront!

Merry Christmas, here is Merlose 98% done basically. I need to go through and fix whatever rogue pixel may be out there and when it comes to the alternative color palettes all the ones there currently do not align with her, only the first one does. 

Sigh... lol
So this is a combination of all of these.

Thanks man, I'm really proud of her portrait is well; but yeah I agree on Seifer, I'm still not happy with his face/head...

Getting it done! Any thoughts on the portrait?

Rear-facing walking animations done and here are the finalized basic poses. The images in the bottom are what I'm working with to create this sprite.

Forward walking frames done.
Updated: 😅

Thanks, guys!

Here are the basic poses almost done.

The Lounge / FFBE: War of the Visions
« on: December 02, 2018, 09:26:51 PM »
So this is going to be a thing in Japan. it's based on the mobile gacha game  Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

I'm sorry Elric! I am quadruple posting! 😓

So  I "finished" Romeo and updated Sydney a bit, therefore, they are up on the front page. I will now be working on Callo Merlose from Vagrant Story and Geomancer Viera.

I am using my Terra's boots and I want to thank Kagebunji as I will be using his Gen. Female Ninja as the base and R999's Warlock hair. 😄

Ok my doods, voila! lol

Update, almost done. If there's any critiques please do.

Lemme try again. Hmmm eyes look a little small...

OK, so I went ahead and made it wider. I just straight up took the ear off of Beowulf I counted the number of pixels for the eyes and it's right on average compared to a lot of other portraits (4x4 pixels) I looked at on the reference sheet. The thinner face actually has 2 more pixels in width than Beowulf, but lemme know what you guys think.

Spriting / Re: First Frankeinsprite after following CONMAN guide
« on: November 20, 2018, 02:27:57 AM »
Hey Reikan I like what you're doing with your sprite. I just wanted to show you some examples of long hair for the portrait you're working on.  I think this Sephiroth portrait, in particular, might serve your purposes.

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