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Thanks man, I'm really proud of her portrait is well; but yeah I agree on Seifer, I'm still not happy with his face/head...

Getting it done! Any thoughts on the portrait?

Rear-facing walking animations done and here are the finalized basic poses. The images in the bottom are what I'm working with to create this sprite.

Forward walking frames done.
Updated: 😅

Thanks, guys!

Here are the basic poses almost done.

The Lounge / FFBE: War of the Visions
« on: December 02, 2018, 09:26:51 PM »
So this is going to be a thing in Japan. it's based on the mobile gacha game  Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

I'm sorry Elric! I am quadruple posting! 😓

So  I "finished" Romeo and updated Sydney a bit, therefore, they are up on the front page. I will now be working on Callo Merlose from Vagrant Story and Geomancer Viera.

I am using my Terra's boots and I want to thank Kagebunji as I will be using his Gen. Female Ninja as the base and R999's Warlock hair. 😄

Ok my doods, voila! lol

Update, almost done. If there's any critiques please do.

Lemme try again. Hmmm eyes look a little small...

OK, so I went ahead and made it wider. I just straight up took the ear off of Beowulf I counted the number of pixels for the eyes and it's right on average compared to a lot of other portraits (4x4 pixels) I looked at on the reference sheet. The thinner face actually has 2 more pixels in width than Beowulf, but lemme know what you guys think.

Spriting / Re: First Frankeinsprite after following CONMAN guide
« on: November 20, 2018, 02:27:57 AM »
Hey Reikan I like what you're doing with your sprite. I just wanted to show you some examples of long hair for the portrait you're working on.  I think this Sephiroth portrait, in particular, might serve your purposes.

Thanks for the advice Nyzer you were right, on closer inspection It was actually very small. I used the proportions of Beowulf as a comparison so I think I got it right, but any more critique is welcomed.

Okay, thanks. I'm gonna see what I can do. ^.^

Hey Lunar here is the first version, did you ever figure out how to put it on your sprite sheet?

I got bored, heehee

Just posting an update. 😁

Update 11/20 didn't want to double post.

So I fixed The Walking frames and made some modifications on the head there are bunch of little's sprites and you're gonna need to clean that up. So you're gonna need to add the purple shirt on the facing forward walking frames . Make sure you clean up all the pixels though so that everything looks consistent.

So the reason to head was bobbing up and down is because you didn't align them properly, they all have to be on the same plane so to speak. Some were too high or to the left

Hey Hey, I saw what you were doing and um I decided to put my own together using a different sprite but which is very similar to the one you're using. Hopefully what I'm going to say makes sense, so that you get the gist of what you have to do. I want you to practice doing the head swapping so that you can get used to it.

So the first thing that I did was go through the main site and actually look through all of the "custom sprites" that were already done before.  I knew there was another character that had a trench coat which is Dante by Amici and for the hair I found M Warlock by R999.

1. So now I noticed that Dante had white hair already and the trench coat was red so all I did was switch the pixels on the pallet from the white the red and presto, we have a white trenchcoat and the black legs and gloves you needed. So obviously the next thing we need to do is to do a head switch with the Warlock. 

2. What I want you to notice is the palette and that I cleaned out everything with green that was unnecessary except for the head by simply replacing some colors in the palette.
3. I did notice that the color of the hair wasn't quite right so I went and found that male White Mage which is a little bit more blonde and went ahead and replaced the colors.
4. Now that everything was clear notice the arrows where we have ourselves a little floating head. Using the magic wand tool at 95 tolerance you can cleanly cut it out.

5. So the next thing I did was go back to Dante's sprite and to align all the palette colors to make sure that I have the whites where I needed to have them the blacks where I needed to have them and also the blondes and purple for the shirt.
6. Now that I have the head all cleaned up the Warlock sprite I can now copy and paste it over to Dante's sprite.

7. Here it is copied and you can see there are some excess sprites around the sides.

8. Now here we are, I had to change the palette in the colors close enough to be what I wanted to be and as you can see I've copied and pasted over the head and did some slight modifications because there was a little too much volume and the hair.

I think these 2 files are better to suited to use and I will help you at any point you need. 😁

I think you are right Lunar, Helps differentiate.

Also, here are the frames for Romeo walking I think they're pretty much done.

To anyone who is interested in spriting if you save these you can open them in Graphics Gale, so that you can check out the frames

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