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Help! / EVTCHR editing problem
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:02:58 PM »
Been looking for tutorials wasn't able to find anything related to my problem.
trying to change around EVTCHR event sprites for my new sprites going to get into event editing a little later for now this is fine.
few things, cant find the battle.bin file just a battle folder in cdmage

2nd whenever I look at the EVTCHR file on shishi the palettes are all garbled or colors totally changed around.. princess's cape is blue in file but red in game for example.

3rd I read somewhere in forums that you need to redraw each dude for each frame when doing this is that true? I cant just copy paste or anything? or do I have that completely wrong.

If I need the other event editing programs that's fine, if theres a event editing program that goes hand in hand with EVTCHR editor please let me know.. was going to get into other event editing stuff later, I learn a chunk at a time not all at once type of thing.

ty for your help its greatly appreciated and as always.. tyvm for your dedication and help!

Help! / FFT psx version with dark knight?
« on: January 04, 2018, 08:03:43 AM »
the last time I was modding on my old computer.. I could have sworn that there was a FFT version for psx that u guys made that included the original dark knight job, sprite, abilities etc.. am I just remembering incorrectly? or was that actually a thing?.. seriously could've sworn I was modding with a PSX WOTL version.. or at least a PSX version that had onion knight, dark knight, the other characters like luso etc.. am I seriously crazy? haha

because I wouldt even know how to begin to go about actually ADDING a brand new class wether its one already made.. all I know how to do is replace a class that's already there.. I'm sure I can figure it out I just hope I don't have too yet

I tried the FFT complete completed patch, it literally did nothing.. downloaded it, did the PPF o matic applied it correctly.. even said it was fully applied.. I tested it out nothing.. looking around online for a version I can use but I'm not finding one for some reason.

Spriting / 1 sprite location?
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:40:36 AM »
Hey, getting restarted going threw the forums looking at other peoples sprites using them to play around with in game or for inspiration.. then I had a thought or a hope rather.. I don't know who handles that official sprite section on the main website but I was hoping that someone could compile all the posted sprites and put them in 1 location on forum or add the more recent ones to the main site sprite location idk if this has been talked about or what but it would be a GREAT help.
if there is already a place like this and I'm just SOOPER DUM please let me know

I realize that's a lot of work I would be glad to help do some grunt work tracking them down if need be.

Help! / just returned sprite help pls
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:09:08 PM »
was needing some help with sprites and asm, but I have most of the sprite stuff figured out.. having some problems with the palettes, changed pallete #3 to pallete #1 on the guardian sprite from the main website and it made the helmet and other pieces all brown, so I changed all of the lines to the #3 pallete it fixed the problem but now theres only 1 color so its like zomg how did I fix this before? I know I did I just don't REMEMBER haha

I'm modding fft for the psx and using a playstation emulator..

have most of everything I think I need far as modding programs go
ppf 0 matic
pallete editor
graphics gale

I think that's most of what I need right? because I feel like I'm missing stuff...

New Project Ideas / Chess?
« on: February 18, 2016, 10:02:43 AM »
It might be a terrible idea because FFT is already a form of advanced chess.. but was just thinking the other day.. maybe a chess version could be cool.. squires for pawns.. idk haven't put a TON of thought into it but I thought it could be cool, just thinking out loud here

Spriting / In game weapons and item pics and WEP1 files
« on: February 05, 2016, 12:33:13 PM »
Hey ive been looking arouind for some new weapon files to use for future projects.. came across a couple for ingame inventory pictures and WEP1 files from similar games..
post your WEP1 files or inventory weapon pictures here
just using these for ideas for future projects or to just copy paste thanks guys
Cant remember whos WEP1 edit that is, its not mine that's for sure.. it has a scythe instead of mace, a upgraded cool lookin axe.. and some other weapons

Spriting / Mograine_D sprites, and reworked ones
« on: January 29, 2016, 11:48:23 AM »
None of these are actually mine, I'm still working out how to actually make one some of the programs ive been recommended don't work or just wont work for me.. anyway its mainly just recoloring on some of the sprites a lot of you have done and some original sprites.. if the portraits or somethings are off its just because this is my first attempt at actually editing some..
this is ment to be a compliment to those who made these sprites and not to be taken as a insult or anything of the sort, just reworking some colors took a lot so much respect for all that you guys have done and all your very hard work I just like black haha and for some of these it works well.. others not so much..

-dante's portrait was difficult to rework some of the colors.. the brown eyes didt showup too well with the black so I changed it to red eyes..
-helmetless cid's cape going black the red symbol on the back was very dark and was near un-seeable so I had to change it to a lighter color.. but his hair was tied into the color of the symbol.. working on recoloring the hair one animation at a time though so ill repost it when its complete.
-added a black color for the purple mystery one, recolored that one because I had used the cloaked stranger and the purple mystery as male and female of a class for personal play.. worked quite well I think.. it was ment to be same exact color as cloaked stranger but with her other pallettes the colors got somehow mixed up even though it was all done on the same pallete line.. turned out real nice though I think.
-the ramza one was difficult and sorry if the symbol dosent turn out too well.. had to do it by hand on each animation and I think I messed up on a couple animations.. first time doing this and all.
-I don't know if the adventurer's portrait is the same color as the rest.. right now its just showing up as a multicolored mess on my picture program but in game it works fine..

Again, these are not my sprites I just reworked some colors that's all.. just been using these for personal use but I thought id share and get some pointers.. since you all shared.. thanks again

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