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Spriting / Custom Sprites WLDFACE.BIN and UNIT.BIN
« on: February 01, 2018, 01:48:26 PM »
The purpose of this thread is to share some of the WLDFACE.BIN and UNIT.BIN (Formation screen) files that i have made for some of the custom sprites that can be found on the site.
the main reason to do this its because some people have a hard time understanding how this works and it can be a tedious thing to do if you dont know what you are doing. i still encourage people to learn how to do it by themselves. this can help a lot

Part 1 (Some generics)

Help! / Random Unit JP
« on: April 17, 2017, 02:51:48 AM »
Okay i've been wondering this for a long time and im a little embarrassed to make such a  dumb question but..
how exactly is JP assigned to random units? :?

im tired of messing with ENTD to create new encounters adding lots of units trying to add some challenging encounters with very powerful generic units but 90% of the time it ends up with dissapointment as the units will always use the first or the weakest abilities   for their respective job, in other cases they wont do anything but attack or use weak abilities from secondary and thats no different than fighting normal units, i have tried messing with the ability learning % setting it to really high numbers (unless im mistaken thats the thing that allows randoms to have x ability learned)

i added a encounter with 5 white mages all 10 levels above the party to my surprise when injured all they did was use cure and protect instead of a really poweful ability heck not even raise or esuna maybe they were really unlucky (or lazy as fk white mages)

tried it with 5 black mages and same results~ bolt ice fire and 1 of them had ice2 but thats it

soooo if theres a way to manipulate this manually i would love to know because this only happens with randoms i dont have this issue in main story battles in fact i get my ass kicked really hard sometimes with black mages casting level 3 magic and white mages spamming cure3 and raise, even the units with custom jobs get to use pretty strong abilities but im guessing this is related to attack.out or... not?

The Lounge / Bad Habits and stupid things i do.
« on: August 16, 2015, 05:47:06 AM »
Lets be real we all do it! those silly stupid and embarrassing mistakes following us everywhere! those fails that make us facepalm and  make us say:im a retard... but the worst thing is that WE CANT STOP DOING IT!
and no im not talking about your adictions or the twisted and weird things you do when you are alone.

here are mine all 100% legit and 100X10^9999% Stupid

1. "Cooming" new word
cant help it i know the word its "coming" but i just dont know why my brain keeps writing the information as cooming, i think its because i usually see the word with a sOOn that has double o and maybe thats why but i swear i need to edit the cursed word every single time because i always write it or type it as cooming <_< (and it sounds WRONG.. really wrong)

2. Where the hell are my glasses? oh there they are.. :oops:
common mistake.. i have myopia so i only wear my glasses when i need to read or when i watch TV but sometimes i forget to take them off and 10 minutes later im desperately looking for them and then.. oh im still wearing them... derp

3. Sometimes i dream that i fall off my bed.... damn i did it again
im 19 years old and i fall off my bed twice per month~ not kidding it became an habit and now i sleep on a quilt to prevent more injuries but yeah i still fall.. dont ask how

4. maybe you should use apostrophe more often - NO
i can't help it i never use apostrophe even if i know when and how to use it but i just don't see the point if people understands, i know some people find it annoying and i have tried to make the use of ' an habit but i have failed many times :/ oh well blame spanish for not using it but spanish has something worse: " á é í ó ú "

5. Muack -3-
...this is the most embarrassing thing i do. thanks to this habit some random dude almost punched me in the face but well he had a reason. whenever i see people getting their faces close to share a kiss i inmeadiately and instintively proceed to do a "muack" sound yeah the very same sound of a kiss then i cover my mouth and walk away slowly. i remember i was waiting for my niece at her school and then a guy kissed his sexy girlfriend and i did the "muack" way to loud so he heard it and he was like: you wanna kiss my gurl? what if you kiss my fists fking psycho gtfo before i break your face... i was dying i couldnt say anything but sorry and then walked away dying in the inside. i was 17 then and i still do it with more discretion but still its just wrong.

Help! / Uploading error?
« on: July 31, 2015, 10:54:15 PM »
Posting here again omg ._.

i finished the beta for my patch (yay) and i wanted to upload it as an attachment and i get an error message saying the attachment could not be saved because the load took to long (1 minute 37 seconds everytime) or because the file is to big for the server.

the PPF file is 9.03 MB but i compressed it with winRar and the file is rar format and the size its only 4MB but i keep getting the error.
i have tried diferent configurations but the error its the same so im guessing its because my Derpy internet connection (54mbps) or i dont know but i really dont feel like using one of those sites for file hosting i have really bad experiences with those sites

now wondering what is the cause for the problem? i have tried both rar and zip and before trying .7z i would like to know if there is a necesary configuration for the attachment to be saved or if my connection speed sucks for the upload.
if i need a program, an app or something just tell me what it is and i try to get it ASAP.

why must this happen everytime i finish something why??? :gay:

Works in Progress / FFT the Durai Records (Working title) VanillaMod
« on: July 23, 2015, 07:53:10 AM »
    Final Fantasy Tactics:
    The Durai Records

    The same story, Another Version.

    This Project is Currently an unfinished thing( NOW IT IS FINISHED :D) and not just an idea. I AM 100% about finishing this project with or without help. this is NOT just another dream of a guy that had fun with FFTP and other tools. i have spent hours on this and im going to make them worth even if it is only for entertainment. i have all i need (ASMs)(Hacking tools)(Sprites)(Imagination and creativity)(A LOT of free time)(Love for FFT) all of the editing and hacking tools Provided by the awesome community and the rest by Magnificent Game Developers with Amazing Ideas that became Fantasy.

    The idea for this patch started when i decided to make my own story patch but with the lack of experience i decided i should start of playing around with the hacking tools using a simple vanilla mod made for testing that eventually became bigger and after the hours and hours i spent on it i made my mind and decided to make it an official work with the capacity to become something bigger than just a personal project.

    Ok lets get started so what is this about?

    these are the BIG things that changed from the original game.
    This is a list of what this patch will offer.

    1- Several Job changes   (Sprites , Skillsets , Growth and Attributtes)
    every job of the game has been edited while some sufffered minor changes and nerfs several jobs habe been replaced for a totally new job. Special jobs have also received changes.

    Job Data

    First of all im not a Spriter or Pixel artist, every Sprite and portrait used in this patch was not made by me and they are the work of different artists.
    Before i go into details here are the jobs that have been removed :<


    Returning jobs
    Time Mage
    Songstress (FEMALE ONLY)

    These are all of the returning Jobs, there are many unmentioned changes and many of the jobs listed here are subject to receive modifications or fixes.

    New Jobs

    Warrior AK Riskbreaker
    Dark Sorcerer (MALE ONLY)

    Special jobs
    Demon Knight (New character)
    Magus,Spellcaster and Warlock
    Holy Knight
    Heaven Knight

    2- ENTD Changes and Batles reworked   (Monster Encounter revamp and new Special Battles)
    Monster Encounter Changes
    The point of this is to allow the player to find Variety in random encounters not just the same boring stuff you encounter every time (chocobos , goblins and squids) this patch has every random battle modified to increase the amount of enemies the player can find while respecting 9 sprite limit and offers more variety for the player to poach them or just kill them all. with this in mind dont expect to find the very same boring stuff everytime.
    ° The player is expected to find high tier monsters such as Dragons more often starting from chapter 2
    ° The player will run into battles containing at least 5 enemies (no less) unless the player runs into a challenge encounter.

    Special Random Battle encounter
    ° Every map now has at least 1 or 2 random Battles of high dificulty that can be accesed by entering the map from an specific direction and the player should start finding them from chapter 2
    ° Succesfully Winning the fight will reward the player with high amounts of gil and a chance to winnRARE item. the player is free to try encounter the special battle again to try to win more of the same reward.
    ° Warning! The fights offer considerably dificult even if the enemy party its of 3 units 1 of them AK the BOSS will be equiped with really powerful equipment and outstanding skills that can obliterate the player party if unprepared. make sure to save often
    *NOTE* the Special tier 5 Battles of the original game HAVE NOT BEEN MODIFIED, you can still expect OP groups of dragons , 10 monks, parties with guests and that stuff with the only change made as the war trophies.

    3- Major change to Magic mechanics and MP Usage  (0 CT for magic and all class MP usage)
    No charge Magic 0 CT
    YES this is a CRAZY and super Risky Move I KNOW but the reason for this is to make Magic classes more useful late game and not just posers that stand in the same place charging a "powerful" spell for 8 Turns just to get some dude or mob to 1 shot you and never cast a spell that would do just decent damage when you have a ninja that 1 shots everything by just attacking. BALANCE MUST BE PRESENT.
    °All kinds of Magic now have NO CHARGE TIME the magics will be casted instantly. the skillsets affected by this are:
    Black Magic
    White Magic
    Arcane Magic
    Time Magic
    Elemental Magic

    ° EVERY SINGLE MAGIC that has 0 CT has been adjusted to do Balanced Damage, Balanced MP cost and or Succes %
    if your Firaga(Fire 3) used to do 150 Damage when charged now it will do something close to 90 Damage, this is only a Vague example but dont expect Uncharged magic to do the same damage they used to do when charged.
    YES I have balanced this and tested it was fair so that the player will not abuse magic but then again a very good geared unit will always destroy but this applies to all kinds of jobs not just magic based.

    MP Usage now Global
    °ALL jobs with the exception of jobs that make use of a special Resource (Items , Magicite , HP) WILL now need MP to cast a skill! YES! while every class excels at something its not fair that some consume MP and some other while stronger doesnt. every unit skill in the game will now consume a fair amount of MP the main reasons for this are:
    - So that the player thinks before it acts.
    - to render skills as supportive and not just spammeable exploits. (-cough- Swordskills sand other special job skills -cough-)
    - To make Ethers consumable and not just useless items colecting dust in your inventory.

    4- Completionist and item collecting changes  Move-find item, Synthesis shop and poaching)
    Move Find item changes
    -Changelog- *UPDATED*
    °Update: Move find item has returned to the game but now every valuable or very rare item will have 100% chance to be adquired. equipment items have returned as rare find items that will require shop progresion and this means the player can get high level equipment or next tier early in the game.

    Synthesis Shop
    °This will be a PUNISHING job for game completionist and item collectors. the synthesis shop hack provided by Xifanie  will offer some of the most powerful pieces of equipment but the challenge will come by colecting the materials you need to make this Balance-breaking equipment. this was made to encourage player to DO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS because 90%of the items required for sysnthesis will come from items adquired from Poaching.

    °EVERY single monster of the game now drops as a Common item a Magicite ot a consumable item (More detailed info in the item rework section)and as a rare drop a Powerful piece of equipment that can be tier 2 or 3 and that is very likely to be an ingredient for sysnthesis. while it sounds hard as fk its pretty similar to vanilla said that if you played MMOS or other massive grinding games such as FF12, Vagrant Story and other several RPGS this should be easy.

    5- FULL Item Rework(Every single item of the game has been reworked)
    All equipment balance
    not only the Item icon and the in Game graphics changed, the way equipment works now changed as well and im not going to lie with this: the hardest was to balance equipment. This patch will not use linear equipment.
    every piece of equipment will be similar to other piece of equipment of the same type. lets say a leather helm and an iron helm.   Leather helm     VS     Iron helm
    HP  50                      HP 70
    MP  15                      MP  0
    The items however do get stronger as the player progreses but this is only a small diference.
    now the items have been divided by tiers:

    Tier           Power                               How to get
    Standard  (weak and common)                Start with or buy from shops usually super cheap
    Tier 1      (Strong and uncommon)           Buy from shops for moderate prices. may require story progression
    Tier 2      (Very strong and Rare)            Buy from shops for moderate prices. may require story progression
    Tier 3      (Overpowered and very rare)    Rarely from shops. Primarily obtained as the rare drop of poaching monsters
    Tier 4    (Special and also rare)              Extremely rare and obtained through item synthesis.

    But what changes?
    for every type of item this works diferent as not every item has up to 4 tiers mostly up to tier 3 but that will be in detailed information later.

    NOTE: with this equipment mechanic the player will find monsters Super easy and mostly 1 hit-able in the first chapter of the game. this is normal because monsters can't equip items and they depend on their stats but as the player level up so the monster will and they will be getting considerably stronger and eventually harder. Human units however will be more challenging now.

    okay lets get started with the item Setting but first these are the items that been REMOVED:
    Katanas - replaced with magicite
    Poles - used slots for more weapons of diferent types
    Harps - used slots for 3 more books
    Bags - used slots for more weapons of diferent types
    Cloth - Removed as weapon now it works as a material
    if you liked any of these well im afraid to say you wont see any of them in this patch.

    ASM Hacks Used in this patch

    -Raven's Workbooks : Weapon Battle Graphics (weapons should look similar to their item icons when used in battle)
    -Xifanie Synthesis Shop Hack (Because this awesome hack deserves to be used)
    -20 Bonus Money per level (if you want to be rich then go spam kill inocent monsters)
    -Weapon Guard Innate All
    -Move Find item Innate All (With the changes made to Move find item the skill has been removed and placed as an innate )
    -X button skips events (another miracle made by xif, press the X button to fly through events ans skip l i t t l e  m o n e y.
    -Smart encounters (if you want a random encounter move to the desired area if not then simply move to a town or city and you wont run into undesired random encounters)
    these are are some of the hacks used in this Mod.
    if you'd like to know more about Xif's amazing ASM hacks go here:

    current version COMPLETE VERSION 2.0

    Posted complete version and removed the beta patches.

    Known Bugs.

    1- Graphical
     - Female warrior formation sprite and portrait are innacurate (green instead of blue)
    2 - Gameplay
     - Sometimes critical hits from abilities that display damage twice can knockback the targeted unit twice and into walls or into innaccesible areas. this is such a rare bug that you don't have to worry about it.
    3 - Text
     -  english is not my main language but i try hard. Expect bad english and nazi grammar when reading the descriptions for some jobs, items and abilities. please forgive me if i make you cringe :/

    Thats all but im sure some pesky bugs managed to get away from me so if you encounter suspicious stuff or stuff not doing what the description text says then please report it.

    Human units will not transform into crystals or treasures after their death counter reaches 0. this is intended so you can only get game over if all your units die (and let me tell you this can happen).

    Current version 2.1.3 (Fixes Bethla Garrison sluice bug, Chapter 2 Mustadio joining with rafa Sprite and Mustadio's Secret ability)
    Thanks to Paladin679 for reporting this mess. the Mustadio-Rafa bug appeared after i finished my test run so i didn't experience it when it happened.
    Very sorry about that one.

    Help! / Now need advice with job edit and graphic related stuff
    « on: June 21, 2015, 12:38:35 AM »
    Hello again. no im not gone forever still here with more complex questions but this time related to graphics (Sprites, skill effects, palettes) and with sprites and skills theres always a job.

    i have succesfully learned and edited sprites (formation and in battle) but as always there are questions related to the "what if i..."
    you know...   :?

    Decided not to edit my previous thread because its in my opinion a totally diferent topic as that is refered to game mechanics and mostly fftpatcher and ASM but this one will not include anything related to formulas or ASM.

    1. yeah sure maybe some people find sprite/portrait editing a load of fun but i totally hated it >_> okay the question.
        i noticed that the portrait in formation screen changes but in batle it doesnt D: i modified a female priest to female priest with cat ears and while the sprite worked fine in both formation and batle the portrait did not change in batle -_- then after i noticed there was more than 1 female priest spritesheet so.. DO i have to modifiy ALL OF THEM?

    2. OK before i do something stupid i shall ask this. i hate cokatrice monsters so i tried to swap them with Flan sprite :D
    while i know this involves a lot of changes (Moveset,Job Growth,optional ENTD,Atributtes and a lot of text edit) what im worried about is how is it going to work.. the cokatrice has 3 palettes and flan has 4 palettes does this mean only the first 3 palettes will replace the 3 cokatrice palette? i wouldnt like all the monsters messed up because of 4 flans

    2.5 How is it going to work? is the sprite made to be compatible with actions? such as casting magic , melee striking , charging attacks? im uncertain because mon sprites do not show animation.

    3. This one i would apreciate to be answered ASAP. I decided to leave many generic jobs intact, maybe only a sprite change but i am going to change 1 or 2. My plan is to kill Mediator (because other than invitation preach and the brave thing.. i find it useless)
    and use its room to make a Dark Knight. already got the sprites both female and male but here the question.
     Is it posible to totally change talk skillset? More specific by a totally diferent effect. EXAMPLE if i wanted to change Invitation by editing a skill that uses as effect a custom version of Fire2?
    the skills i edited all i did was to recolor not interested into graphic change yet but i wonder if its posible to totally swap an effect by another such as placing an Edited BIN of Fire2 in the BIN spot of Invitation so that i would have 2 similar recolored effects [1 would be the original unchanged Fire2] and the other would be [The custom Fire2 taking the place of Invitation].
    yes im familiar with the whole process this involves and with this i mean i know about filesize and hex paste

    3.5 AND finally is talkskill also a mess to change? because editing geomancer skills didnt seem posible to me, only the effect changed but the way skills are used are still coded to work depending on territory

    4.If i wanted to add a special character with his respective special job would i need to replace one? cough cough.. Cloud.. cough

    4.5. if 4 was yes is Limit skillset also complicated to edit or works just like guts,magic,batle skill? im aware you need materia blade already changed that with an ASM that changes Swords as requirement instead of Materia blade and not a problem because the character i want to add will use swords.

    thats all the questions i have for now. sorry if im being annoying but im learning as fast as i can so i can stop bothering peoples :/

    if you know the answer to any i would apreciate if you shared that knowledge with me :D

    Help! / looking for advice and knowlede with patch making
    « on: June 18, 2015, 05:10:24 AM »
    First of all i apologize for any typos or nazi grammar, my main language is not eng and im using virtual keyboard because my laptop board died today -.-
    i will try to be direct and explicit with my questions, i don't like to ask for help but nobody is born knowing and while i could try to find out how to do by myself i would break the game for sure so it would be both better and faster to get help from experienced people.

    i have the fft patcher suite and i have familiarized with the basic stuff of the tools it has
    so yeah i know how to edit items and i made a basic vanilla patch and GOD!!
    item edit with the proper description text edit and ENTD all batle edit TOOK FOREVER!!
    But there are things my noob brain can't understand and i have been working on my small patch non-stop and thanks to it now i understand why making patches takes so damn long and im doing only basic stuff, im hoping to learn eventing once my vacation starts and that will be in 1 week so i can fully dedicate to that and start making my own story.

    but now i would like to settle things before moving to eventing so my questions are the next. i would apreciate if you could write wich tools i need or what i need to do to make it work, im a fast learner but well explained answers are allways apreciated.
    NOTE i will use references of patches i have played, after all they are what inspired me to learn moding.

    1. formula: 07 Heal_[weapoN] NS NE. im trying to make staves to heal+ add buff on hit but i have noticed buffs will not trigger with this formula because of NS.(no status infliction possible) wich formula could i use to make it work properly? or do i need an ASM?

    2. Is it posible to replace equipment items with consumable items? im guessing i need an ASM because as far as i can tell ffpatcher doesnt let me do it and i would like to make a secondary item user job while keeping chemist job intact.
     Ej: job Item Mage, skillset: Alchemy  Instead of healing items like chemists it would use buffing and debuffing items but for that i need more item slots, willing to sacrifice katanas.

    3.How to add innate abilities to equipment? ej. shoes with innate  move HP up  :v/: this one has been solved

    4. which formula do i need to make a shuriken that drains HP on hit? i tried using blood sword formula but it didnt work , guess its because of how shurikens are coded :/ any ideas?

    5. is it posible to make generics have special jobs while keeping a generic sprite? i tried by adding a boss-like fight random encounter on ENTD by placing a pro geared holy knight generic but o surprise it was ramza sprite i think its because that job was not compatible with any of the generic sprites so i tried using miluda sprite for female and golagros for male... did not end well (miluda ended as a 10 year old woman and golagros as an abomination lol) :v/: solved

    6. how to change ability animations for items? i know its posible for normal skills but items as far as i know cannot be given to work with the animation of an actual skill ej. i can make fire to look like cure but cant make a potion to look like fire after using it. .....its only a vague example. :v/: solved.. kinda

    7. would love an ASM to earn 0 gil after a batle.. i want to keep gil exclusive to war trophies.
    Eternal sensei care to SHARE?  :v/: solved

    thats all the questions i have i will try to answer as soon as posible in advance thanks for answers.

    P.S(fk you hardcoded stuff restrictions)

    special thanks to
    ccp loved jobs(belmont+mystic knight) love you celdia yours was the first patch i played
    cop Arcade-like fft... i finished and wanted moar i even went survival like mode xD TY Kokojo
    PW: all i have to say is i loved the balanced mix and match equipment feature and i took that idea for my small project ,Eternal you are my sensei
    Jot5. AWARD to best storyline and best freaking suspense it took 1 chapter to kill vanilla main story. its been almost 3 year and im still hyped for chapter 2 thinking about doing sorcery to make elric post an update.
    thanks xif for your super sexy synt hack and raven for many of the tools and jot5.
    and thanks to all of the amazing ffh community for the hacks the help and for not letting fft die.

    EDIT: Most of the questions made here are now solved thanks to this awesome people. however some do not have a solution yet mostly stuff related to hardcoded stuff D:
    but the answers here did help thanks guys :D

    PSX FFT Hacking / Another Novice with a few questions about hacking
    « on: June 13, 2015, 01:43:09 PM »
    hello after finishing PW, CCP, Jot5 (like 5 times now) and CoP i got enough inspiration to make my own patch but i think the best thing for a beginner like me was to make a patch using Vanilla original Jobs and sprites

    so far i have changed things for a balance, added-removed skills from jobs, changed all equipment to be balanced and not linear (thank you Eternal for this i loved that of parted ways) killed move find item because i hated that and set the poachings BUT!

    i ran into some things i can't figure out maybe im blind or simply a total noob but thats why i ask for help ._.

    so im at the point where i want to change stuff for battles and i can't get rid of things here...

    1. How do i change battle rewards (Gil, war trophies)? i cant find this anywhere and i want to make sure i dont get rich after 2 or 3 battles
    considering the shop prices had been set maybe i should have started with that oops

    2.i tried playing with effects and after messing up a few things i prefer to stay away from them but some items i changed have an odd animation effect and i would like to be sure on how to change them before crashing my game again.
    lets say i have an item (Lunar curtain) that adds shell but the item slot i used was Antidote so the animation is the same of antidote of course. if i want it to be shell do i need to mark all the [] that the spell has onto the Animation of Antidote? asking because last time i tried something similar and crashed my game whenever i used the item. there an ASM to add fur shop in chapter 1?i couldnt find it in orgASM i would love to have it in chapter 1

    thats all the questions i have right now and i know the 3rd question has probably been asked like 5 times before but im lazy D: sorry im still nub ;l
    in advance thanks for answers c:

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