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FFT Arena / How the AI Works - An ongoing project researching the AI's code
« on: December 28, 2016, 10:59:25 PM »
Hey guys, I'm going to spend some time looking into the AI's code. I don't know exactly how far I'll get, but I already have some great results.

Unit Target Priority

Located in: AI End of turn, in between turn, etc. (0019d37c)

*Note: The entire routine isn't done yet, but the subroutine I'm about to talk about will prove very interesting and is documented.

Target Value Formula

(HP Value[curHP * 128 / maxHP] + Total Status Values + (51 * # of items broken up to 7) + Caster Hate [(curMP% / 16) * # MP using Abilities, 0 if not enough MP] + Golem Fear [CurGolem * 128 / Average Team HP (- 1 if Golem not damaged)]) * (-1 if unit is Enemy, 1 if ally)

HP Value goes from 0% to 128%. Multiply by 25/32 to get 0% - 100%.

This is the formula that the AI uses the determine how much priority an individual unit gets.

The more negative the value, the higher on the enemy target priority that unit becomes. The lower the target's HP, the more of a target that unit becomes, which makes sense. However there most likely is a threshold and the unit will be ignored if it gets too negative.

I assume that the Priority Value is interpreted as effective curHP%. So if a unit has -50% effective curHP%, the AI assumes that unit is pretty incapacitated and will ignore them for a unit that has 5% effective curHP%. However, units in critical are flagged and singled out, so the AI doesn't ignore units with no HP left but a ton of non-fatal statuses.

Units that are Petrified, Dead with no Reraise, Death Sentenced, and Charging/Performing skip giving a Target Value at all. Charging and Performing do not need to contribute to Priority because they already have their own routines to processes them. Same goes for Dead and Petrify.

Now, what exactly, does the AI do with this Target Value next, I've yet to determine.


You didn't make a sacrifice to the RNG gods today, I'm just gonna sit and spin my wheels instead

This confuses me a bit, but no matter how you slice it, it does seem that the AI will occasionally skip assigning units a Target Value at all or basically decide not to do anything at all this turn. The odds of that happening is pretty small because while this might be a 13.7% of that happening every time you come here, the AI comes to this routine several times. So it's more like a .13X% very tiny chance of that happening. Still, giving the amount of decisions the AI makes just per battle, it can and has been observed to happen.

Blind and Silence gain more value to the AI the more abilities you have that are Evadable/Silenceable

This is probably why the AI doesn't seem to like adding Blind a lot in Arena, or even at all. The AI doesn't take into an account just how much damage a unit can actually do. Attack, even if they deal a truck load of damage, is only one skill to the AI. It cannot tell the immediate difference between a White Mage with Healing Staff and a Berserk Cursed Ring Two Handed Main Gauche killer. Since there aren't too many physically evadable skills in the game, the AI just tends to not want to use Blind all that much it seems, only ever adding -12.5% priority at one time. So simply having no abilities at all is apparently just as good as Blind Immunity. The AI looks at the percentage of units with P-Ev, not the total.

It should be a different story for Silence, but I only ever seen the AI cast Silence as an interrupt, not ever by itself to debuff, even though it's desire to should be much higher, right?

Units become bigger targets the more equips they lose
Seems pretty straight forward. The more stuff you lose, the bigger of a target you become. What is a bit surprising is that all items lost are treated equal. In practice however, you also lose Max HP for losing Armor anyways, so you become an even bigger target than normal.

The AI really fucking hates Mages

The AI puts priority on units that have lots of mana and can cast a variety of spells. So if you ever wondered why they gun after your weak little mages all the time, this is why. The price these guys can gain can get stupid high at time, just take your MP, divide by 16, and multiply it by your number of spells to get a grasp on just how much the AI hates spellcasters.
Robe of Lords might as well be a giant Kick Me sign.
The AI takes into account the percentage of spells with MP costs.

Golem is complete cancer
To clarify, this is not exactly why the AI drops everything it's doing to break Golem and makes the AI retarded. However, this is not really helping at all. You can clearly see the fault in adding the same amount of priority value to all units in a team. it's useless at best. Nuke this section please.

Finally, here are the Status Target Priority Values.

Status Priority Values (19f308)
Values, I assume, are interpreted as curHP%, thus, each status is +/- effective curHP.
Code: [Select]
0x0058: Current Statuses 1
0x80 - 0% (0000)
0x40 - Crystal -150% -c0(ff40)
0x20 - Dead -150% -c0(ff40)
0x10 - Undead -30.5% -27(ffd9)
0x08 - Charging 0% (0000)
0x04 - Jump 0% (0000)
0x02 - Defending 0% (0000)
0x01 - Performing 0% (0000)
0x0059: Current Statuses 2
0x80 - Petrify -90.6% -74(ff8c)
0x40 - Invite -180.4% -e7(ff19)
0x20 - Darkness -50% [-40(ffc0) * Evadable abilities] + 3 / 4
0x10 - Confusion -50% -40(ffc0) (+1 / 4 if slow/stop/sleep/don't move/act/)
0x08 - Silence -70.3% [-5a(ffa6) * Silence abilities] + 3 / 4
0x04 - Blood Suck -90.6% -74(ff8c) (+1 / 4 if slow/stop/sleep/don't move/act/)
0x02 - Cursed 0%(0000)
0x01 - Treasure -150% -c0(ff40)
0x005a: Current Statuses 3
0x80 - Oil -5.5% -7(fff9)
0x40 - Float 9.4% c(000c)
0x20 - Reraise 39.8% 33(0033)
0x10 - Transparent 29.7% 26(0026)
0x08 - Berserk -30.5% -27(ffd9)
0x04 - Chicken -20.3% -1a(ffe6)
0x02 - Frog -40.6% -34(ffcc)
0x01 - Critical -25% -20(ffe0)
0x005b: Current Statuses 4
0x80 - Poison -20.3% -1a(ffe6)
0x40 - Regen 19.5% 19(0019)
0x20 - Protect 19.5% 19(0019)
0x10 - Shell 19.5% 19(0019)
0x08 - Haste 14.8% 13(0013)
0x04 - Slow -30.5% -27(ffd9) 0 if Confusion/Charm/Blood Suck
0x02 - Stop -70.3% -5a(ffa6) 0 if Confusion/Charm/Blood Suck
0x01 - Wall 50% 40(0040)
0x005c: Current Statuses 5
0x80 - Faith 4.7% 6(0006)
0x40 - Innocent -5.5% -7(fff9)
0x20 - Charm -50% -40(ffc0) (+1 / 4 if slow/stop/sleep/don't move/act/)
0x10 - Sleep -30.5% -27(ffd9) 0 if Confusion/Charm/Blood Suck
0x08 - Don't Move -30.5% -27(ffd9) 0 if Confusion/Charm/Blood Suck
0x04 - Don't Act -50% -40(ffc0) 0 if Confusion/Charm/Blood Suck
0x02 - Reflect 19.5% 19(0019)
0x01 - Death Sentence -80.5% -67(ff99)

Help! / Anyone know how to dump binary from pSX properly?
« on: May 30, 2014, 08:32:30 PM »
It seems it only works when it wants to. Sometimes it'll dump it right, but most of the time it'll just give me nothing at all or unusable garbage. And don't get me started on trying to calculate the size (it doesn't help I've just been guessing so far).

PSX FFT Hacking / Dokurider's Custom AoEs
« on: April 21, 2014, 08:41:48 PM »

Here is the current list of hacks I've made.

Help! / How do use ANDI to check if a flag is on?
« on: March 27, 2014, 07:26:37 PM »
It was either here or Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking, so idk.

So I'm on the cusp of making my very first hack. I'm trying to turn the 255 AoE check into something I can toggle in FFTP by attaching to a unused flag. I've identified all the code that governs this check, I just some help in figuring out how to intelligently use ANDI to my purposes.

For an example, in the targeting routine, ability flag 2 is ANDI'd against 0x0006 to see if the attack is a linear AoE or not.

Ideally, I wanted to use the Math Skill flag for this check, since most patches ban that skill, but the Targeting Routine doesn't load that flag, so I'm going to have to piggyback on some of the (hopefully) blank flags.

I could just attach this hack to the Top Down Targeting Flag if worst comes to worst, because it's such a rare map feature to have tiles above other tiles...

FFT Arena / Lore Rework
« on: September 24, 2013, 08:44:18 PM »
One type of skill I always wanted to have was a skillset that took in the layout of the map very heavily. It was rather racking to come up with a mechanic that would force terrain consideration but I, with the help of fdc, came up with the idea of repurposing the Truth/Random Fire mechanics to make a terrain focused skillset.

In 1.3, Truth/Untruth was turned from one of the most laughable and weak skillsets in the game to one of the scariest and strongest skillsets in the game. How did this happen? It was pretty simple really: 1.3 just decreased the Vertical Tolerance. That way, it was easier to invalidate panels, thus concentrating onto less panels for a devastating attack. It made Truth a very strategic skillset, making players find areas they can easily box enemies into to maximize damage potential. It was so effective, especially when it came to boss slaying, that it had to be nerfed in subsequent patches.

I would like to bring this sensibility to the Lore skillset, that is, a skillset that is directly affected by the terrain. Right now, Lore’s map skills are very static and do exactly the same thing, only via different elements. This has the effect of making Lore harder to counter then it should be, because all you have to do is take another map lore and you’re good to go for hitting the enemy from across the map. It steps on Life Song/Wiznaibus’ role by healing and damaging everyone at the same time and in the right hands, can be absolutely devastating, especially with the Mime buff incoming.

So what I propose to alleviate this problem is to combine Map Lores and Truth together, by making large AoE Truth/Random Fire spells. What this will do is make Lore overall a much more terrain oriented class, capable of being dynamic and powerful, while at the same time still fulfilling the role Lore had originally set out to fill.

“But wouldn’t having large AoE mean these Truth/Random Fire skills be hitting a lot of empty space, y’know, like Truth usually does?”
Yes it would, but we have devised a way to stop Random Fire from firing onto empty spaces. Basically, a table(or offset idk) exists in FFT that limits AoE to just units, which is exclusively used for the Song/Dances. By routing these skills into that table, Random Fire will only fire onto units. Of course, this requires some ASM’ing, so this may take a while to come to fruition. Otherwise, it’s actually pretty different from Truth this way.

“Wouldn’t Random Fire combined with Target Units Only allow for one unit to get potentially peppered with instances? At least with normal Random Fire, it had a chance of hitting empty space unless you were in a bad spot.”
It is a possibility, but it has been mitigated as much as possible. All Map Lores except for one(Rime Bolt doesn’t count) that I have proposed, will always take the caster into consideration as a target, thereby making the average hit ratio 2:2 worse case scenario. 

“But what about my old Lore Teams? Are they good as scrapped?”
Don’t worry about having to scrap your old Lore Builds; Prism Tribute has consolidated all of the old Map Lores into one handy skill. But it also locks you into an element unless you dip into the other Terrain Lores. You can all thank its Weapon Elemental attribute for that.

“F_(PA + MA)/2? What gives, hombre?”
Basically, it’s a way to stop MA stacking, which is what I felt was a problem with the old Lore. It also has the wonderful side effect of opening Lore to more unorthodox users. Scholars are well suited for Lore right now anyways, given their high PA for a mage. All it would require is a slight PAM bump to make them perfect for it. Of course, Scholars are planned for a retool anyways. Of course, this is going to take more ASM, but this shouldn’t be too difficult.

“What about monsters? Wasn’t the Scholar slated to become a Monster Nanny and Babysitter Beastmaster class?”
I feel this is a more subtle and less rigid method of being a Beastmaster class because Monsters, whenever they are introduced, would benefit greatly from the elemental nature of the skillset, being Elemental beings themselves.

“What effect would Mimes have on these skillsets?”
Mimes would actually have a difficult time with these new skillsets. Prism Tribute is completely cut off from them because they can’t hold weapons at all, thereby just hitting everyone on the field. The rest would still be hard to Mime well because they are so sensitive to positioning. Making Lore unmimeable is no longer necessary.

“Why send Mad Science to Time Mage?”
Because I feel it would do the most good there. No other skillset can take it, yet I feel it’s a worthwhile skill and should still exist.

“’Dark Whisper’? That name sucks.”
All skills are open to be renamed.

“Speaking of, what’s with Dark Whisper, anyways?”
Dark Whisper represents Lore’s high ranged game without stepping on Comet/Dia. Instead of dealing damage, it just randomly adds statuses. Keeping with Lore’s theme of terrain consideration, Dark Whisper stops at obstacles, making its effectiveness depend on the map.

FFT Arena / Notable and Memorable Arena Videos
« on: July 02, 2013, 03:15:25 AM »
I had a realization recently that many newcomers and returning contestants aren't up to date on the latest strategies that have been in development since the release of 138. All of the videos released so far are all scattered in the Arena Video Discussion topic, with 138's video being spread out over 40 pages as of this writing. Naturally, that's going to be difficult for some people to sort through of what's going on.

So I propose that we place what is felt to be the most notable and memorable videos of 138. Basically, any videos that you really liked or felt that were significant in highlighting significant/popular strategies in Arena. Videos that you'd feel that someone that is new or returning should watch. Doing this will help get them up to speed faster on how to proceed with their own teams or to better put strategies in upcoming videos into a better context.

Here's a list I put together quickly just to get things started:

FFT Arena 1.38b - Accidently (First video of 138. That seems pretty notable)
FFT Arena 1.38c - Dienasty (Second video of 138.)
FFT Arena 1.38c Mania 1
FFT Arena 1.38d - CT5Holy (Ele Break)
FFT Arena 1.38d Rivalries - CT5Holy vs Otabo
FFT Arena 1.38d Rivalries - DarkxFatal vs Malroth
FFT Arena 1.38d Trifecta Series - DomieV (Famous Knights)
FFT Arena 1.38d Mania 2
FFT Arena 1.38d Mania 3
CT5's Cruel Concoction vs Barren's High Risk, High Reward)

Also Video Recorders, please post your Arena Playlists if you have them. Or really, anyone can post a playlist as long as it's Arena, I suppose.

« on: January 22, 2013, 04:33:26 AM »

In this crime ridden city, corruption and decay is the way of life. Every day, murders, rapes, and robberies wear on the hopeless spirit of the city, feeding the ever spiraling chaos the downtrodden city is plunged into nightly. It's a meat grinder that crushes and squeezes victims and the innocent apart and spits them back out as monsters and criminals. The hand of justice cannot even make a fist, much less get a grip on the horrors of the urban jungle. This city cannot be saved, not by itself. Only one man can, only man cares, only one man sees the humanity within the twisting and seething mass within the city's dark heart, and that man is:

Inferno Cop

RP Forum / The Monster Hunter Guild -- Goblin Invaders from Araguay
« on: July 21, 2012, 07:08:29 PM »
The city of Dorter was about to begin its first day of spring doing what Dorter does best, trading. Fish was fresh and supple, fruit and vegetable colored the stalls, and the smell of freshly baked bread wafted throughout the market. The Farmer and Baker markets once again this year command the eyes of the customers now trickling into the streets. They also command the eye of a force more sinister than mere thieves.

In the woods surrounding Dorter, a horde of goblins plan the first raid of the spring. It has been a long and cold winter and their foodstuffs have been depleted; they all look forward to breaking their winter fast. Camouflaged in leaves and brush, they use telescopes swiped from humans in previous raids to spy upon a blissfully unaware public. The younger goblins are impatient and are asking the older goblins to start the raid immediately. They are particularly enthusiastic to begin so they can try out the new weapons they've been training with all winter.

They received them at the tail end of last fall when goblin traders, both coming from foreign tribes around Ivalice and their own returning from trading with other tribes throughout the land. It was a miracle so many came. Usually, only 2 or 3 make it from Mandalia, occasionally, a foreigner from Germinas Peak, or Barius Valley comes, and rarely do the ones they send out make it back.

Yes, this year, never has a tribe of goblins been this well armed before. Despite their arsenal, the older goblins tell the younger ones to stay put. They have seen many raids before, and the most productive raids happen just before the most humans are out. They sit and watch silently as the shadows shorten and the bustle of the human city increases.

The market was now packed with humans, cavorting and carrying on in their nasally and squeaky gibberish. How do they carry those freakishly large heads on those glass necks of theirs? Or walk on those twiggy legs all day? Humans crush and break like dead trees. The goblins gathered their weapons and armor, and gave them a final look over. Then, a select few armed with spears jumped up on their chocobos and on the elder's signal, charged the market.

The food stalls mostly lay deeper in the market area, mostly to delay the yearly goblin raids and to minimize the damage they do. In order to get to them, the goblins have to charge through the rest of the marketplace. It was a minor inconvenient at best. As they charged the stalls, they let out their goblin war cry, banging on their shields, and swinging their spears wildly to send the panicking humans fleeing, making their way to the food markets, occasionally cutting down one of the slower or unlucky humans to complete their threat.

The guards that were present didn't dare strike at the raiders, opting instead to evacuate everyone out of the area until reinforcements arrived. Try as they might, the guards could not prevent the streets from being congested with the crowd, slowing down the evacuation and more importantly, preventing the Dorter Guard from getting to the goblins.

Despite the bulk of the city guard were trapped behind panicking citizens, it did not stop the more agile members of the guard, bounding from rooftop to rooftop over the crowd, while the archers scrambled to their crow's nests, and searched the city below them for the goblin intruders. Spotting them, they took up their Ice bows and fired at will at the goblins coming in after the mounted goblins.

The goblins, anticipating the barrage of icy arrows, raise their shields to cover them from the blizzard arrow storm. The arrows make a deep plunk as they hit the crudely made wooden shields. Only a few arrows manage to slip through and bury themselves into some of the raiders' flesh. Despite their thick hide stopping the arrow itself from dealing serious damage to their muscles, the unforgiving cold rapidly drained their life force.

The older goblins knew they had to get to cover and quickly before the archers picked them off. They led the horde to the shadows of the various buildings that populated the city sector and between and into the tight and complex walkways of the stalls. With the threat of icy arrows reduced, they can now get to pillage the food stalls. They pulled out their bags and started stuffing everything they could get their hands on, taking turns to watch the skies and streets for threats. And then, here came the first wave of guards, jumping off the buildings and throwing an icy barrage of knives, was the Dorter's Rooftop Patrol.

The pillagers blocked most of the volley and proceeded to ready their own projectiles, rocks half the size of a human head. They put them into their rough looking slings and flung them at the guards with wall cratering force. This was not a new tactics to the guards as deftly dodged and deflected them with their capes, moving in to cut these beasts to ribbons with their short blades and knives. However, they did not expect one of the goblins to be pulling out a crossbow and shoot them. It caught one of the rooftop guards below the collarbone, the force of the bolt blasted him against the wall he just jumped down from.

Despite the surprise of such advanced technology from the goblins, they bravely closed the gap and clashed with the raiders, slashing and weaving through their shields. Even with a combination of arrow fire and guards remaining on the rooftops to harass the plunderers with more freezing projectiles, they easily withstood and repelled the attacks. Patrol opted to play defensive until the main bulk of the guard arrives, aiming to distract and hold their attention, their knives and short blades only leaving light scratches against their tough skin. As they dodged and weaved though their attacks, they noticed that the crossbow wasn't their only un-goblinlike technology.

They wielded metal swords, axes and spears, crafted with a finesse no goblin was ever capable of. A few even had full metal armor and shields. It was a stark contrast with the crude and crooked weapons the goblins traditional made: wooden clubs, some with bits of sharp flint and rarely, obsidian hammered into them; misshapen spears not out of place from the Stone Age; slings fashioned out of grass or wool; and the occasional stone sword and axehead. There was no mistake to be made here; these new weapons of theirs were made by man.

And they used them quite well; their efficient cutting edges combined with the goblin's monstrous strength, devastated any human it made contact with. The elder raiders instinctively knew it was time to make their escape. There was no way they could take on what was coming for them. They did not fear the burly knights wielding icy swords or the flying leaps of the dragoons, no, they feared the wiry people cloaked in darkness and pointy hats. And there, in the very distance, they were, coming up from behind their armored brethren.

The goblins immediately retreated upon seeing the main force coming up to them, taking their ill gotten gain and handing them to their mounted goblins. They couldn't have retreated at a sooner time, then did the Geomancers and other light units seemingly came out of thin air; the humans had almost surrounded them. As they made a beeline towards the safety of the forest, the Geomancers barraged them with stone and dirt bursting out of the ground.

The pillagers dared not stop, as mounted wizards and knights were gaining on them rapidly. The goblins were starting to drop. Arrows impaling them, an ice dart too many, the earth consuming them in stone or dazing them, sending them reeling into the pursuing forces, who skewered the unfortunate creatures with a vengeance. As they neared the edge of the wood, the head of the mounted force had caught up with them.

At the very tip of the force was the captain of the guard, readying his Ice Brand to launch a holy smiting on these disgusting little monsters and behind him and other knights, were the wizards they feared so much, now in range to channel a powered Blizzara. The captain swung down his sword and an aura of absolute power roared straight ahead of him. Each goblin it hit, a phantasmal pillar of cold exploded to the heavens, and a pathetic cry of a goblin followed all but the last one, a particularly tough goblin, barely managing to stay on his feet. Then, the wizard raised his cold rod to the sky and immediately an avalanche of ice smashed down on a unlucky few, ice exploding from their bodies, ripping and freezing their little bodies to bloody pieces. A well charged shot of one of the archers pierced one of the goblin's ribcage, traveling through its core, just barely sticking out of the other side. It sent him hurdling to the ground like a rag doll.

In spite of the series of terrific attacks, the goblins finally made it to the safety of their wood, the guard stopping just before the forest began. The guard had no problem letting them go as their hasty retreat meant they could not cover their little tracks this time and they would led a trail directly to their tribe. After a few moments more to make sure they really left, they let out a collective sigh of relief.

The captain dismounted his chocobo and walked up to one of the dying goblins, its life force ebbing away all over the ground and through the giant ice shard sticking out of him. He adjusted his glasses, picked up its metal sword and inspected it. It was a sword for a goblin, but a short blade for a human. Its fine grain edge and while it looked plain and basic by human standards, its consistent shape was downright elegant compared to the twisted and crude shapes of goblin clubs and swords. This was indeed forged with human precision. “It looks like, the Goblins have gone from the Ice Age," adjusting his glasses again, "to the Iron Age.” he uttered.

RP Forum / The Monster Hunter Guild Discussion
« on: July 09, 2012, 11:16:20 PM »
This is the discussion thread for the Monster Hunter Guild RP. It is a freeform FFT RP, set, uh. You will be working for the Monster Hunter Guild to preempt monster swarms and keep monster populations down, kill marked monsters, or marks and just deal with other monster related problems in general. This RP will have a focus on action and fighting, so bring your A game.


1) I am the boss. Rather, I'm the head of the Monster Hunter Guild. What I say goes and you work for me. Failure to comply will result in anything from a warning, to death and finally, to termination of employment.

2) All Guild hopefuls must submit an application (via Post Mailing or PM) to me. I will determine if you are a good fit for our organization. Criteria for consideration include, but are not limited to:
- Job Diversity. Teams tend not to do well when they suffer from overlapping/redundant roles. The application process will weed out job and role redundancies.
- Combat effectiveness. Undead Bards with Charge +2 are not necessary. We need effective setups for the tasks at hand.
- A willingness to get the job done. Ninnies need not apply, nor do I hire broken men.
- Personality. Showing some color is encouraged and very much appreciated in the application process. That being said, I don't want to hear your life story about how your mother wouldn't let you suck her tit after age 5 or whatever else dramatic misfortunes befell you. You aren't going to impress me with your tragic village-burnt-to-the-ground backstory. Keep it brief and simple.
- Qualifications. You will have to do better then being some shlub commoner/peasant that one time almost beat a immature Chocobo 2 on 1.
- Elite Classes. We do not hire elite classes such as Holy Swordsmen. If the need for one arises, we will request one from one of the various armies around Ivalice.
- Jobs outside of the Ivalician Standard Catalog will be considered after a through review. (Custom Classes). Blue and Red Mages are open with welcome arms.
- Monster experience is not necessary, but a plus. We will teach on the job.

And some other stuff like references or criminal records or some other shit like that. I don't know, I don't really look at that stuff or anything. Just kick some ass and you'll be fine.

3) You may bring your own weapons, but rare weapons will have to be considered on a case by case basis. Weapon Insurance gets really finicky about having to cover multiple rare weapons, especially on one person. Otherwise, we will provide the weapons and armor necessary for the jobs at hand.

4) You may apply multiple times.

5) Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a serious issue. All reports of Sexual Harassment will be taken serious and will always be investigated. If any individual is found to have committed an act of unwanted sexual attention, they will be killed and/or immediately terminated from employment.

Once I evaluate your application, I will post it here and you can start when I give you all an assignment. I will assign your task once I receive at least 6 applicants.

**This thread bares no relation to Monster Hunter© series owned by Capcom. All rights reserved.

The Lounge / Meet the Pyro/Pyromania update (TF2)
« on: June 25, 2012, 11:14:41 PM »

So, at long last, the final Meet the Class video will be upon us on Wednesday. Being that the Pyro is my favorite class, I have waited for this day since 2007. Day 1 brings us a new gamemode, something about a nuke and monkeys, idk.

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