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Help! / Questions regarding Skills, Ailments and Monsters
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:33:35 PM »
Good day!

After a couple of years of absence, I have been perusing some threads and posts here and there to find out the possibilities and limitations of modding a new project (story-line-wisely), so as to plan things with palpable ideas, and some questions arose. I have asked Elric some and others ended up finding out while playing some mods (Ko and Jot5). If someone knows the answer or knows if there's a thread explaining these questions which I missed, I'd appreciate any directive. I'm mainly asking if these things are already known issues. I asked some of these through PMs, but maybe they're also someone else's questions, then it would be more useful making it a public reference.


1. If I want to tie a status boosting effect to the terrain when moving over it, can it be done?
The example: The MOVE skill says that if I'm over grass terrain, my PA is + 2. When I'm not on grass, it gets back to normal. It doesn't increase +2 each time I move on grass; don't want it to stack values, only once WHILE I'm on grass.

2. If I want to tie an ability, which might be reaction or movement or support, that randomly checks if my character is suffering a set of ailments to pick one and cure it, can it be done?
The example: The SUPPORT skill says that at the end of my turn, my character purifies him/herself against certain ailments, only one per time. If I happen to be under Darkness and Silence, it'll pick one of the two per time and cure it, not all of them at once.

3. The DEFEND and CHANGE EQUIP commands are added to the main set of actions of a character when equipped as support. Is it possible making CHARGE, JUMP or THROW work the same way?
The example: my ninja has a set of skills (whichever effects), has the TWO STRIKE and THROW abilities as support. When you equip Throw, you can throw items by using the additional command added to you command menu, detached from your ability sets. Same for Jump and Charge.

4. Is it possible adding a new character animation tied to a certain skill?
The example: there's an ability that makes your character have to hold his hand aloft like a ballerina, in a very characteristic way.

5. Regarding STEAL command, can you set equipment values to whether they are more or less hard to steal?
The example: Maximillian has a 30% persistent impossibility to be stolen, whilst Gengi Armor has 25%. And apply these stances to the ordinary Steal functionality.

6. Regarding editing a spell effect, I read somewhere that you guys still didn't figure it out how to make the screen or character flash. When editing a new spell sprite/animation, can we add a white squire and cover the screen with it by tweaking transparent settings with time lapse to simulate a screen flashing? I know this is a basic conception, but as I don't know much of freedom one can do, doesn't hurt asking, I guess.


1. As Elric explained to me, when adding a monster family, you change a monster which has 3 variants through color pallet. What I want to know is when you add a monster family in the place of another character, for example, Zalmo's slot, if that monster will have pallet parameters too, or if Zalmo is coded as a non-pallet unit, thus not allowing a whole monster family being set, only a single monster?
The example: I take Zalmo off and add Flan. Will I be able to set Flan, Mousse and Pudding by pallet editing or just Flan?

2. Is it possible making monsters equip items? Something akin to how default Reis base-job defines her.

3. I gather that monster skill occupies a Skill slot, am I wrong? Is it possible using that skill slot to be used into a job ability set and vice versa (migrate a job related skill to become ONLY a monster skill)?


1. Can we add a new ailment/buff? I mean, adding an effect completely, and not just erasing one to add another in its stead.
The example: I want to make a Freezing ailment. The effect tied to it is that one cannot move, and will get doubled physical damage.

2. Regarding FROG, when you use frog on your enemy, your enemy still has the default movement (which means that a frog red chocobo will still move about the whole scenery). I want to know if when frog is applied, can you set a default movement to, say, 3 and jump to 6 and raise its evading numbers? Mainly is that I want to convey by adding frog ailment: it won't go too far when moving, still will be able to jump high and be harder to spot and hit.

3. Regarding SLEEP, STOP, DON'T ACT, can you make STEAL command 100% successful on a target inflicted by those ailments? I just think so strange the sleeping guy dancing about to evade thievery, or you missing the action on a completely paralyzed foe. And this would feel about my 5th question on the Skill section above, because even if your foe cannot move, some items are harder to simply steal. Of course, we can imply all this at the impossibility of stealing sleeping and stopped units, I just wanted to know if it's possible making stopped and sleeping targets easier to steal from at % odds of success.

Well, that would cover the most urging questions as for now.

I thank in advance any directions which can be given. I'm more a Sprite-kind-of-guy, which is where I'm going to start if I decide going on with a project, but I'd love knowing how far with editing and changing one can go with the current knowledge and tools, so as to set a tangible meta.

P.S.: this is all towards PSX version of the game.

Help! / Creation of Monsters
« on: March 14, 2012, 08:46:30 PM »
Hello again. :D

I read some stuff here and there and I got some things in my mind that I needed some clarification, if anyone can help me, that'd be nice. You also might go to Heaven. *rainbow-puke smiley here*

1. We have 16 families of monsters (not counting demons and apandas). Is it possible adding a new one?
2. Regarding these families, they use a certain colour pallete to differ one from the other. Can we actually make 3 different monsters from a single family pallete? I mean changing all 3 chocobos for 1 cactuar, 1 tonberry and 1 Chimera, for example.
3. Is it possible adding chocobo as an additional sprite to compose a new job, so chocobos would still be in the game, but deeply attached to knighthood? The visuals would obviously be like a knight riding a chocobo, but they would be now one only.

Thanks in advance(d :P).

The Lounge / Panda says hi *nom, nom*
« on: March 09, 2012, 02:13:45 PM »
Hello there!

I went top speed to Parted Ways boards and forgot to introduce myself here. *extreme inverted facepalm with moonwalk*

Been a fan of FFT since it's release, when I was still at school age and got dragged here by my nostalgia. Actually, I was looking for mods to make the game fun, because even if my nostalgia is big enough to make me replay FFT, I think I wouldn't play it through the end AGAIN. So, mods might make it interesting to play it in different fashions, with different points of view, different bugs and different tantrums.

Hopefully I'll be around regularly so I can make a mod myself. Until then...Cheers!

Hello there. I hope the title will suffice.

I'm new around here and hacking stuff as well, and I find these things pretty much interesting, specially when it comes to bring some new life to the games we most loved. :)

I was reading things here and there and I got curious regarding three things that I don't actually know if can be done with the hacking tools and codes you guys use, so I wanted to know if there's some similar mechanisms or even if it's possible anyway:

1. Immolation-like aura effect: e.g. you cast Immolation on yourself, and all surrounding enemies will be damaged each turn (for 'each turn' I mean every time any character does an action OR damage can be input only over each character when it's one's turn - affected) BEFORE they do anything, act or move or wait or blink. What comes first in my mind is a new ailment entitled Immolated or Burning, that would be inflicted on all surrounding targets, triggering damage following this and that parameter. Is this right? But this ailment should immediately be dispelled as soon as the surrounding targets move away or when Immolation Aura is turned off or gets away from range.

2. JUMP with larger AoE: is it possible making JUMP hitting a larger area, like range 1 or 2? And adding animation or multiple hitting properties? For example: there is this special movement from Star Ocean 2 called Spicule (first thing in the video) that I'd like to make as a similar ability for a Dragooner/Lancer, something of the sort, only you get the picture. The idea is having a large damaging area when Jump lands. The other idea is when the Jump finishes, it'll damage once and immediately after, as a 'shockwave effect', an animation follows damaging target(s) again, making it look as if it's the same ability.

3. Multiple-hit summoning: like we have in FFX with Anima, for example, or FFVII Knights of the Round. What I think at first is a similar mechanism as we see in Rafa's Truth skills, but making each hit have a different animation, in a way that it'll all look linked, as if they are all part of a single spell, so I wondered...

4. Samurai-dash like skill: it's that trademark ability we see in samurai-style stories - samurai dashes through the target, and gets to the other side. Then the target feels the blow after that. On this game, I mean this skill to actually be suitable to hit a line of units (like Kikuichimonji does), but the Samurai would have to MOVE to a suitable panel at the end of that line. If not possible, then the skill wouldn't be allowed to be performed. Plus, this ability can only be performed by spending two actions such as MOVE and SKILL/ACTION. If the Samurai already moved, then one would not be able to use this skil and vice-versa. In addition to that, it would mean new sprites for the Samurai to make that movement? Hum, perhaps not, only the animation of an ordinary attack, then disappearing and reapearing on the other panel, and a beautiful animation of slashing effect on all targets left behind.

Thanks in advance!

I cheated! :P 5th question:

5. Ailment that breaks EXP and JP gain: is there a way to make this ailment work in our current modding options? It renders target unable to gain Exp or JP when taking actions.

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