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Final Fantasy Tactics / Least favorite music tracks
« on: June 20, 2017, 05:33:54 PM »
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I am sick of/burnt out on many of the Tactics music tracks.  Don't get me wrong, the soundtrack is pretty darn good, but certain tracks not so much.

Random battle music is the number one offender.  Some, like "A Chapel", Desert Land, or Random Waltz, I was never crazy about and now have simply had too much.  Even "Apoplexy" (1/2 not sure?) is grating at this point.

Story battle music is easily switched up and usually heard a lot less.  Some of the unused tracks are pretty good...

I've been going a little crazy with the smd converter lately... and I wondered what others would throw out of the game or what they would replace it with.  Personally I have been packing tactics with songs from FF5, FF6, and chrono trigger...

(BTW are Chapel, Desert, and Random Waltz the only Random battle exclusive tunes?  Had trouble figuring that out.)

Help! / Creating new rumors...
« on: March 19, 2017, 03:11:44 AM »
So, I have had a lot of fun changing up old rumors and using them to enable side quests.  However, I have few left to mess around with.  A while back I went ahead and put in some fftactext junk to fill the blank spot after Nelveska temple.  I edited an event to activate the variable 2E7 (the first bank spot after Nelveska), but had no luck.

I don't think I messed up at the time, but it's possible.  Any ideas? Perhaps the game just doesn't want to take any more rumors without some extra coding... I don't know.

Anyone tried to create a new rumor before?

Event Editing / Attackout squads
« on: May 20, 2016, 06:12:02 PM »
I'm curious about what squads are actually free to use when creating additional events.  I've created several side quests and don't want to overwrite already used squads (I actually already overwrote a couple of random battle ones I have to fix.). 

Xifanie's random battle editor tells me that squads 1-46 are used.

Xifanie's attackout editor tells me that squads 100 to ~14C are used for story battles.

Are the rest  in between free to use? When I pull them up in the editor they already are set with odd arrangements- not that it really means anything.... Anyone know?

Recruitment / How would you implement these characters?
« on: January 27, 2016, 09:03:26 PM »
I wasn't sure I should be posting this on the recruitment forum- as I'm looking for some help, but not trying to ask for it long term.  I almost posted this on the Jobs/Ideas thread-but I'm asking, not producing.  If this topic gets moved, I understand.  This just seemed to be in the general theme of this (rather empty) sub-forum.

Character creation is so much fun, but at a certain point you run out of steam.  At a certain point, one can only create so many sword-skillers, monk/brawlers, ranger/rogue,whatever types before they simply step on each others toes.  Similarly, you don't want to keep adding more similar skills that are already getting overdone.

Anyway, I would like some input what kind of skills/builds others would do on a few characters/sprites.

I'm working on the classic ff6 character Umaro, but also intend to use generic bigfoot.

-his storm attack as a ranged "northwind" ice/wind attack

-a "head cracker" attack where he jumps and aims for a big finish (random damage)

-"green cherry"- in which Umaro eats a green cherry and gains berserk, haste, regen and protect.

-I was thinking about giving Umaro some kind of "howl" move that would have a chance of slow/stop.  I'm just not crazy about it.

I'm having a little trouble finishing up an "Ironman" skillset.  The general idea is that he would operate like Worker 8.  All his attacks would require battery power (hit points).  He would be a monster type (why equip armor over armor) and I was considering giving him a bomb only throw as a secondary.

-a "Repulsar" (not sure how to spell that?) attack that would hit a small aoe from relatively short range.

-an electrical "Burst" attack similar to the Samurai's aoe around the caster. short ct

-a "Dive Bomb" attack that would be a jump attack(I'm aware of the drawbacks) with a semi-long ct that follows the target.

I'm also trying to figure out what kind of skillset I would want to give reptilians.  Spitting sounded alright, but I wasn't sure how I could do it and not have it look like just another breath attack.... Currently it has a "growl" move with a chance to reduce a characters ct to zero... but I'm not loving it.

What would you do?

Spriting / Basic Frankein-Spriting with GraphicsGale
« on: January 22, 2016, 04:17:22 PM »
Frankein sprite tutorial

Many people come to this site and soon after joining ask that someone make them a custom sprite.  About one out of every one hundred requests gets fulfilled.  Nobody wants to make a sprite for you, sorry.  Similiarly, I don't want to change the oil in your car either.  Sure, I might be able to do it in only an hour or so, but what then?  How about we do it togethor this one time and then you can take care of it on your own. Win-Win right? I can teach you and you can turn around and reward us with a new sprite!

Spriting can get very difficult, but starting off is actually very easy.  While it might seem like a formidable task, the basics are incredibly easy once someone has dove in.  Not all the steps are particularly obvious, so allow me to make this process much more simple for everyone.

The only things required for this tutorial is shishi sprite editor (downloadable in the tools section), and graphics gale.  Other tools can be used, but graphics gale is awesome for editing tactics sprites(and free too). I'm going to assume that use of shishi sprite editor is understood.  Export your wanted Bmp images from here or the main site.

Part 1 -Introduction to tools

First let's look at the Palette box.  You'll notice it has 16 rows of 16 boxes.  The first row is your sprite's basic palette (and the ninth is it's portraits corresponding palette.) 

You must make sure that your sprite never exceeds 16 colors (or 32 counting the portrait)

Locate Image on the command bar. The count colors used button will let you know if you have too many.

Back on the palette box you will see a down pointing arrow with a line underneath it. If you select it several options will appear.  For the purpose of this tutorial you only need to use save palette/load palette.  Make a habit of saving your sprite's palette(s).  You rarely if ever will want ever make up your own colors- the game provides plenty of them. 

Select view on the command bar and make sure "layer" has a check mark.  The layer box should only serve one purpose for us.  A square box with the dots "..." will give us a few options when selected.  Here you can turn transparency on/off and select which color will be made invisible.  Rarely will you choose anything other than the first color (black).  This allows us to copy and paste without disturbing our image being pasted on. This way we can go ahead and steal a belt/cape/hat/boot/tail/head from one sprite and slap it on someone else!

Event Editing / Use 3D Object
« on: October 24, 2015, 05:52:05 PM »
 I'm not sure If I can or will get an answer on this question- but I thought I would throw it out here before I started some tedious guess work. 

Originally I wanted to try to use one or two of the Lesalia maps for battle fields (They are awesome).  Kuraudo Sutoraifu actually had posted complete maps for inside/outside castle gates- unfortunately the size of the "8 files" were too large to import.  These appear to be the files (atleast for these two maps) that control targeting.  Without targeting- I find these maps to be unacceptable.

Anyway, I wanted to have an epic series of battles at the capital and now I'm going to have to substitute maps.  I have chosen for one of these maps to be: At the Gate of Limberry Castle (1) (the unused one).  I don't believe an event in game ever uses this map- so now I am going to have to guess which variable will open the doors.  The Event instruction wiki is helpful- and let's me know that 01 will open them, and there is a chance that 2D/3D might reference the correct door.  I'm going to test tomorrow- and post the results, if I find it. 

But if someone already knows- it would save me a lot of trouble.

Event Editing / Combining Events and their Set-ups
« on: July 07, 2015, 12:47:44 AM »
I understand Raven discovered that the set-up events prior to real events are unnecessary, hence they can be combined to free up space.  I'm curious just how easy this is to pull off....

1. Would I move my event text over to it's own setup event. 

2. re-point necessary variables in Attack.out, and WorldMap/Battle event conditionals.

?More than just this previous guess work?

As an example  :mrgreen:, say I didn't want wiegraff to kill off Gustav(I know it's an awesome scene), and I wanted to do it.  Couldn't I now manage this with only 2 event spaces?  (Assuming I made the appropriate changes to Battle event conditionals.)     

Ok, actually I thought I would sort of "wing" this earlier and derped the previous sand rats scene- totally throwing off my ability to properly check/ recheck. 
 :oops:Yup, I loaded a file at Sand Rats Cellar, save-stated a derped event (without realizing it for a bit) and went back-and-forth checking/changing EVSP/Battle Event Conditionals/Attack.out for 1 1/2 to hours :mad: .... And then I thought, how about I just ask?

Event Editing / Usable Attack.out space
« on: July 06, 2015, 04:00:12 PM »
I was wanting to play around and create a couple of side quest and started to compare the space in attack.out with events in evsp.  I searched the forum and found comments regarding an issue, but didn't quite have full clarity on it. 

Namely,  that attack.out jumps from 18E/18F underground limberry straight to the tutorial.  Easyvent editor shows the random battle template, one free space, game over event, then 6 free events and finally the tutorial events.  (The numbering between these two editors go off the rails at this point.)  Should I assume these 6/7 events are unusable? (or can be meddled with in a different manner). 

I have heard that the spaces at the end of the attack.out (1E0 to 1F3) are unusable as well. (related to the 10 empty space at the end of EVSP?) 

On a related note- the tutorials themselves are un-editable correct? In the FFT-Lion War thread Elric mentions this and I was curious.

Currently, I am under the impression that the best (only?) way to make space for things is to start fusing events with their own setup events.  I would probably start with the regular side quest as that sounds like it would require the least restructuring.  Or at least I would think because they have their own variables and don't up the story progress variable....

Spriting / Final Fantasy Hacktics Most Wanted (Sprites)
« on: June 02, 2015, 07:15:53 PM »
This section has been pretty dead for a while.  This is understandable for a few good reasons.... For one, there is a lack of fresh blood: newbies either give up quickly, or are simply scared of trying (honestly I would love to just see random head swaps/ re-palettes).  For another, vets are either tired or unmotivated to make new sprites.  Depending on how adventurous the sprites is, the time need could be anywhere from 5 to 30 hours of tedious work!

As for the first issue, I have considered making a franken-sprite tutorial to jump start newbies...  Once someone has seen how easy it is to head-swap/mix+match body parts/re-palette existing sprites, they should never need to request it again.  Honestly, how many simple request pop up that could be handled in a couple of hours with tiny effort.

As for vets, it gets very hard to fall in love with a sprite enough to actually finish it.  I have started several that go no where- because I/others would probably never use it... I'm not going to make a sprite of someone I have never heard of for a single user.  On the flip-side, if Xifanie wanted a sprite for her Delita Mod and many people would get some use out of it- you can bet your ass I would give it a try!

Okay, just rambling on a little now... Nothing gets done without some motivation!  Dozens of great sprites have popped up that never got completed in part because the creator didn't feel it was rewarding.  (I intend to finish Magus/Ruvelia one of these days) What are you favorite sprites that began and never completed?  There are too many to name for me...

However, I will highlight a few: Seushiro's Garland,  Luiakyn's everything (but especially ultima weapon), Kaedre's "anbu style" faceless mercenaries (how cool would it be to replace all of Barinten's troops with these guys), or Lijj's Sahagin (no image).

Event Editing / EVTCHR display issues
« on: August 02, 2014, 12:44:07 AM »
Back again with another question.  I recently replaced the Draclua evtchr 31(49) with an identical movement swap of Alma for an event.  This worked perfectly. However, Draclua is pretty awesome, so I figured I would use a different slot and keep him around.

I had pretty much removed almost all evtchr's from my patch because they would be useless when story/events/characters are mostly changed up.  Honestly after playing around the evtchr thing SEEMED easy/obvious as fuck (short of actually creating the new animations).

Having a huge amount of evtchr laying around at my disposal, I figured I would just start with the first one.  First test I immediately noticed a very buggy result with only some of the animations displayed and then total sprite disappearance.  I chalked this up to the way the original evtchr was composed: 7/8 ovelia frames followed by 5 female knight frames.  I assumed that the knight frames were meant to use a different palette, so I shortened my frames to 7.... and then I got really irritated.

event.txt instructions


I am half tempted to simply overwrite a different slot in the evtchr.bin but that wouldn't really solve my confusion.  As far as I know the order of the my animations line up with the variables, but perhaps I'm missing something here and I just don't see it  :mad: I haven't seen many questions about evtchr's and I plugged it in to the search bar.... so does anyone see what I'm screwing up here?

edit-I'm half tempted to think that I need to reorder the animations in a seemingly strange order matched up exactly with how it's done in the first event of the game....

double edit- ah fuck- I only just now saw the evtchr diagram on the wiki for instruction 11(unitanimate). I had just been looking at instruction 58(loadevtchr) - I might actually get this.  If I do I'll try to explain my screw up in this spot to justify this post....

Event Editing / CONMAN SCREWS EVENTS-solved!
« on: July 04, 2014, 01:46:53 AM »
So....yeah I'm not that great at eventing- and sometimes not sure where/why I am f'ing up!  I try not ask too many questions and see if I can solve something on my own.  Sometimes you go back and forth trying stuff... take several months off and then relearn... only to rinse and repeat. 

...So yeah, this should be one of my top 2 favorite events (that don't work right) and a couple things are still off- but I know I can fix them.  The one reoccurring screw up I can't fix actually plays out several times in this event!  This scene is a replacement for the old attack on Beoulve.  Namely, my villain should cast bolt and kill 3 guys in a row- (not all at once).  They should take a pain loop animation, get hit+ bolt sound, cry out, and fall down dead.  Typically- my 1st guy would play out- get hit by lightening, fall down and then get the fuck back up!  I actually just retried this and simply added a wait and he failed to fall at all.  So this is exactly where I am failing.....

A couple of little problems in this event I can totally fix- and I'm happy that it most of it plays out the way I want but- fuck   


PS: I assume I should remove all units when the map changes (a couple of them appear in the Igros Office)

PPS: shall I post further help questions in this topic and change it's name, or mark it as solved and start a new one when needed?

Works in Progress / Souls of Destiny 3.5 chapter patch release!
« on: November 16, 2012, 02:37:44 AM »

Original Posting:

Slowly chugging along on this patch still!  Many small changes have been made since the original beta ppf patch.  I finally got around to making sure that all the main characters cannot be booted out of the party and their deaths equal instant game over. Many events are cleaned up (still some awkward camera angles here and there) and a solid 2 chapters of game play ready to go (a handful of scenes and two battles up for the third chapter).   

Thanks to tinkering and critiques, the mains have been stream lined and have more clearly defined roles: physical glass cannon, 2 rogue-ish disablers, apprentice mage.... Zalbag is now a controllable guest unit- he comes in very handy.  The large level jump early in the game has been removed, but battles should be difficult because of entd editing instead.   

This started as story mod- and now is rolling with more structural changes.  Jobs haven't been changed from the 1st beta, but all chap1/2 randoms are new.  Items have gotten a change up. The goal is to have lots of equipment that stays viable for a longer period of time-  but still have an overall progression in value.  Thrown out equipment such as hair adornments, bags, harps and cloths are retooled to be a larger variety of mid to late tier equipment.  A couple weapon types have a completely different flavor.

Items: (Incomplete- I don't want to throw everything out there!)

Thanks to event compression, I have begun to implement side quests via rumor- so far just one chap1, and one in chap3. 

If you manage to be beat the first two chapters (okay- it's no that hard!) You get to battle the first of the church's Lucavi empowered super soldiers! 

EDIT: just added my updated 3.5 patch here too, so I wouldn't have so many partial patch updates all over this thread.

Help! / Black screen on new event...Not 1st camera command
« on: September 21, 2012, 10:45:01 PM »
Hey all, I haven't posted in a while largely because I have been stuck with an event change that has been driving me nuts...

I have been trying to change: EVT_038_026 Interrogation (the scene following the dorter battle) and have run into a snag.  By using the AttackOUT gui and EVSP I have managed to reach upto the Teta kidnapping scene... so I have "some" exp at this....(I haven't messed with the world map, or Event conditionals and have only used the Attack, EVSP, Patcher... the basics)

Rather than place this scene at the broken down wood building, I am having a different scene at the Beoulve residence (the Balbanes death bed map).  I successfully changed orbone chapel to hospital slums, the opening battle to thieves fort and Balbanes death to broken down wood building... so I had done this before....
Sadly on my multiple play throughs to fix my MANY mistakes, I keep hitting a wall at this scene. (Yes, I remade several scenes and played through noting mistakes to try and cut down on replaying the exact same scene over and over.) 

Music plays.....and the black screen never lifts...  I figured I had screwed up the opening camera... but after a few attempts...nothing.
Fuck it- I say!  I put back the original Scene into the compiler and reinsert my TEST file (I started over from scratch a couple of times on other scenes).... nada...

I figured I had 2 potential places to find where I screwed up- on the ATTACKOUT gui; or if not on the event in question, maybe the prior scene.

I created a seperate folder which contained a copy of the ATTACKOUT.editor and a fresh Attackout file from a clean version.  I compared and changed my edited copy to make sure the NEXTSCENE, and TEXT numbers matched up.  I went back and forth trying see if the two unknowns should be set to zero, or leave them like as 09, and 01 respectfully.  nada

I double checked in EVSP my changed file, the original file and the preceding scene that I had changed:
EVT_035_023 Dorter Trade City1. I never edited EVT_036_024 Dorter Trade City1 (Victory), or EVT_037_025 Interrogation (Setup) because that seemed pointless.
  I specifically looked for this information:

I knew better than to ever adjust this info, (which I don't really understand) but believe is neccessary to let the game know that this scene is move to the next scene number.     

So, I am at a crossroads with this now.  Either I have once again overlooked something that should be obvious,  or I may have to learn to use another tool to fix this sucker (and while typing this considered that I might need Delita's and or Algus's unit id's in my party to proceed).

Any ideas guys?  I've exhausted what i know to and other than the possibity I just noted, have no clue how to proceed from here... :(

Help! / Having a problem with Elric's event editor tutorial
« on: June 06, 2012, 04:52:51 PM »
After finally getting up the courage to attempt some more indepth moding of Tactics I decided to try and give event editing a try.  I had a couple beers and watched the first two videos for the most basic editing and reread everything a couple times and gave it a try.

I tried to follow along, but with two minor differences:  3 characters and a different map.  Seemed pretty reasonable.  Perhaps becuase I was drinking I made a minor mistake that should have been easier to catch.  I had two copies of the attackout and placed one with easyvent editor and another in a folder with the actual application.  Foolishly I imported the copy that I hadn't edited. 

I start the game to get a look and everything goes right, except  my characters walk in place inside of the monastery.  No, big deal I expect to make mistakes (sometimes a lot of them).  I retry the the tutorial and make the same mistake... long story short before I call it a night I notice what I had done :oops:.

Today I try to give it a spin again and find my current problem.  Now using the proper attackout I go to the correct map, but my characters don't load  :(  Instead, I keep getting a handfull of monsters on a different part of the map.  I try and try again to see if some minor error has caused this.  I keep reviewing patcher, evsp, and attackout knowing something just aint right....  Where do these monsters come from? 

On a hunch I look at attackout out and see that it says it is loading entd 100- should be my three characters.  So, i'm think hey- 100 in hex should be 64 and check that entd and it isn't right either, I check entd63 (araguay woods west3) and there are my intruder monsters (0 to 63 is 64 duh)

So is there something off with attackout editor, or am I screwing up something obvious?

Spriting / We need MOAR Monsters
« on: May 30, 2011, 12:33:15 AM »
current list of my sprites both complete and random unfinished:

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