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FFT Arena / FFT Arena 1.42 Statistics
« on: October 05, 2017, 06:55:49 AM »
Hello all,

Good work with the release of patch 1.42, everybody!

I thought I would contribute to the patch in my own way: by dumping boatloads of stats on everybody.  Below I have aggregated data from both teams submitted on the forums and teams loaded in the memory card generator that is bundled with patch 1.42.  Only data available up to 1 October 2017 are considered.  Data from patches before 1.42 are not considered unless specified otherwise.

At first, I thought I would write a bunch of unsubstantiated nonsense about how I thought patch 1.42 will change the meta-game.  Now with these stats I can write a bunch of substantiated nonsense.  You can find this nonsense under the "Commentary" spoiler.


FFT Arena / 【PROPOSAL】Evasion-piercing Summon Magic
« on: February 06, 2017, 11:36:12 AM »
I would like to propose a new design concept for Summon Magic: Evasion-piercing.  That's right. I'm going old school on your derriere and taking you back to vanilla FFT.

What's wrong with my current Summon Magicks?
Nothing, really. It has a job. It does its job. It works 9-to-5 with a co-worker called Black Magic. They do the same stuff.  Occasionally, Summon Magic steps in to take care of that touchy feely healing stuff, and other times it leaves the heavy lifting to Black Magic. There's nothing wrong with a bit of cooperation. But here's the problem: Nobody is working the night shift.

Night shift? What are you talking about?
A competitive game needs to spin like the Earth needs to spin.  Lock your planet in geosynchronous orbit and people on one half of the planet will freeze. Right now the world of magicks is in geosynchronous orbit. It is always sunny in the land of magic evasion.  Are the skies looking stormy with black magicks, summoned beasts, and feudal warriors walking around in funny armor that looks like it is made of papier-mâché? Put a shield in your hand and a mantle on your back to keep yourself dry.  Is the pollen of status magic blowing in the wind? Hold that shield in front of you and wrap your face in that mantle to filter the air.  Magic evasion is living in the sun, growing its hair long, and walking around barefoot while whistling John Lennon songs. Meanwhile, magic defense is freezing its pants off on the far side of the globe, burning coal in its log cabin, and nobody visits even for Christmas.

Nobody likes magic defense? You're being silly. I was playing Smash Bros at its log cabin just last week.
Yes I am silly. Magic defense is good. I would not hesitate to introduce magic defense to my parents if we were dating.  But magic evasion is even better. There's a reason why there were 28 pieces of evasion-boosting accessories used last tournament, but only 6 Setiemsons. Magic defense protects you from the odd Holy and Chirijiraden. Magic evasion does that and even more. When Time and Yin Yang Magic come to town, magic defense leaves you for a better mate.  But magic evasion? That girl (guy) stays with you to the end.

What does any of this have to do with my Summon Magicks?
Basically, it's time we rain on magic evasion's parade. One can listen to only so much John Lennon. Right now, the sister planet of physicks is spinning freely. The rotation of this planet has been initiated by a support skill called Concentrate. On this planet is a country of people who spread evasion on everything like mustard.  But then day falls to night and those from a neighbouring country with better Concentration come and steal all their mustard.  Back on our first planet of magicks, there is no equivalent "Concentrate" support skill. This means that its world of cuisine is inundated with the smell and taste of mustard.  The only ways of washing out the sour taste of this condiment is with the fashionably constricted Geomancy and the fashionably unfashionable Lore spells.  I say that we add Summon Magic to this list.  Think of it as the easily-boostable Geomancy you always wanted but couldn't have, or the Lore you always had but never wanted.

So what exactly are you proposing here?
In a sentence: Weak-to-mid damage magic AoE spells that ignore evasion, but have high MP and/or CT costs.  Summon Magic will essentially become Black Magic that trades offensive potential for reliability, or Geomancy that trades consistency for offensive potential. Auxiliary healing functionalities with Moogle, Carbuncle, and Fairy will be retained.  Rough categories would look something like the following (note that no number is final):

All summons pierce evasion and are smart-targeting, but cost around twice as much MP as competitive Black Magic. In this way, Summon and Black Magic work different jobs. Specifically, Summon Magic interacts with the crotchety high-evasion customers, and Black Magic interacts with the freewheeling low-evasion customers.

Any thoughts and suggestions about the foregoing are much appreciated.

FFT Arena / Official names for MP poison and regen
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:59:33 PM »
I would like to confirm the official names of MP poison and regen before releasing an updated team design tool.

Currently, we are referring to MP regen and poison as exactly that.  Aesthetically, I and perhaps others would prefer to give these two new statuses unique names.  "MP regen" and "MP poison" are a mouthful, yet are difficult to abbreviate without inviting confusion with either the MP stat or regular old (HP) regen and poison.

Unfortunately, MP forms of regen and poison are uncommon in RPGs, so we do not have established nomenclature to fall back on.  Thus, we need to get creative.

I will start by proposing my own names:

MP regen: Refresh.  Easy to say alongside Regen, and alludes to the lucidity of one's state of mind, which which one is capable of reciting a tireless number of spells.

MP poison: To pair with the naming philosophy of Refresh, I want a name that reflects how one's mental aptitude degrades over time.  Unfortunately, using real world language here for inspiration gives names that are too technical or downright terrible: Dementia, Depression, Migraine, et cetera.  Thus, I am going for the nondescript yet delightfully concise name of Hex.  In the style of Breath of Fire IV, a Hex is some kind of poisonous miasma created from negative emotions such as hatred and sorrow, two emotions among many which perturb the clarity of thought and mind.

As a bonus, both names can easily be uttered as verbs in commentary (i.e., refreshed and hexed).

FFT Arena / 1.39 Patch - Proposal Summary
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:55:31 AM »
The following is a (mostly) complete list of changes proposed for FFT Arena 1.39.  This list is for the purpose of display only.  Nothing on this list is final.

Please keep discussion of these and any additional changes confined to the discussion thread.

I will attempt to transfer ideas from the discussion thread to this thread once per week.

Buffs are highlighted in green.
Nerfs are highlighted in maroon.
Neutral changes are highlighted in blue.
Disputed/new changes are highlighted in red.


♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ S 1 ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ T O U R N A M E N T ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓

Hosted by Avalanche, Barren, CT5Holy, Dol, Fanatic, Gaignun, and Wiz


Red = Winner's/Regular Bracket Commentators

Blue = Loser's Bracket Commentators

Yellow = Helpers who structured S1 and put the pieces together

Extra Notes

Wiz = Made this page via copy/paste and S1 Intro clip. Also made slight alterations to the patch such as disabling of weather effects and changing unit placement on a few of the maps.
CT5Holy = Checked/Registered, and put the data of the individual teams in spoilers, and made S1 registration page via copy/paste
Gaignun = Randomized maps for all matches (includes Winner's + Loser's Bracket and Final Match; X videos in total, Y-Z rounds in total) and generated Winner's/Loser's brackets.

And of course everyone else for giving input and those who put their foot forward making the transition from pussified silly boy/girl to a merciless warrior ready to shed blood :mrgreen:

FFH Season 1 Youtube Account (You can also click on the 137b image to get there too)


Videos & Maps

FFT Arena / Season 6 Map Selection
« on: March 18, 2012, 09:33:42 AM »
I would like to arrange the map selection for season 6 here.

I believe that a team's design, and not the map on which it does battle, should determine the outcome of a match.   One of the largest conflicting factors to this criterion is a map's size.  Some designs naturally synchronise with large maps, others small.  In attempt to excuse this factor, we change the map's size between rounds.  Other conflicting factors, such as bottlenecks, poor placement, and so on, are less excusable.  As the majority of FFT's maps contain at least one of these other factors, the majority are ill-suited for an assessment of sound team design.  While I am comfortable with throwing out all of these maps, I would suspect the resultant lack of map variety will not sit well with most others.  So, it is our task to separate the bad from the irredeemable.

I'll kick things off with my own arrangement.  I've sorted them in terms of size.  Here are my size qualifiers.

  • Teams placed closely enough to make contact within the first turn
  • The majority of the opposing team's units are within striking distance at all times during battle

  • Teams cannot make contact within their first turn
  • The map is large enough for units to attempt to stay outside of striking distance
  • Teams are subjected to the risk of spreading out and fighting on several fronts

Naturally, most maps will not fit all of a size's qualifiers in practise.  For example, Colliery Underground First Floor (028) is large enough to be labeled large, but fighting tends to be clustered on its high ground, so teams stick together.  This is where medium maps - which meet the small and large qualifiers halfway - come in.

I deem maps guilty of
  • bottlenecks (ex. Gates of Limberry Castle)
  • wide unit placement (ex. Inside of Riovanes Castle)
  • Unfair unit placement (ex. Weapon Storage of Yardow - team 1 is split across different heights, while team 2 is not)
to be the irredeemable kind.  Of course, classification of such maps is subjective.

Anyway, here is my arrangement.  I regard maps in bold to be of high quality.   Maps I regard to be nearly irredeemable but are present for the sake of variety are italicised.  If I believe that a map has undesirable features, I will indicate so in parentheses. 

Here are the maps that didn't make the cut with my reasons for cutting them.

And finally, here are maps whose fate is undecided

FFT Arena / Team Design Tool
« on: December 21, 2011, 03:42:12 AM »

I would like to share a spreadsheet I wrote to assist the team design process.  The spreadsheet streamlines calculations I make when putting a team together, such as damage output, success rate of support skills between party members, and so on.

Information is taken directly from the FFT Arena master's guide, so any errors in that guide will be reproduced in this spreadsheet. 

Let me know of the errors you spot (that are not consistent with the master's guide) or any changes you'd like to see.  The spreadsheet uses some formatting rules that are not compatible with versions of Microsoft Excel earlier than 2007.

Current version: 1.09
Compatible with FFT Arena v1.42a
Required software: Microsoft Excel 2007 or later


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