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FFT v1.3 / ePSXe FPS issues
« on: July 07, 2011, 03:14:22 PM »
After watching the AI tourneys and various videos I notice that some of you run the game faster and I would like to do the same but I simply can't write my head around the video plugin. I'm currently using Pete's OpenGL2 driver and it works like a charm in terms of graphics but the only speeds I can manage now is 60 (which is standard, as if I would've played it on the TV) or  200-350 depending on where I am in the game if press the F4-button which is way too fast to play (the cursor is just to fast to actually select abilities). I want to have it somewhere around 100 (I think that would be most optimal) and I've tried FPS limit, frame skipping, whatever, but it just doesn't simply work. Am I way off in setting this as I want (that is, it isn't working as I think it does) and if I'm not, what do I do?

Any help is appreciated! :D

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