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FFT v1.3 / Making invisible more fun
« on: September 10, 2010, 02:44:33 AM »
Having temporary concentrate isn't very cool. It would be awesome if vanish gave a temporary invasion boost, like reflex or something. Sort of like how it worked in vanilla, but with the AI not looking over the invisible unit. One hit at reduced accuracy, or an action, and Vanish is gone. You could use the skill as a decoy.

Whenever I have the invisible/haste perfume, I never wind up using it, which is a shame since it's such a unique and weird feature. From what I played, having a first strike doesn't mean a thing in the harder battles.

FFT v1.3 / Enemy levels
« on: September 16, 2009, 03:43:33 AM »
FFT is a favorite game of mine, and I was excited to play a new version of it. The changes to items and skills are absolutely great, and I also like how the enemies scale in level with your squad. My favorite play style has always been, develop the characters without grinding, and try to use the terrain and squad formations to get through levels. In vanilla FFT, I usually get to Weigraf 3 at level 22 or so.

I was able to play through without much difficulty until Miluda 1 at level 5, where I hit a brick wall until I found out I could lure Miluda close to the water, corner her in at a 2 depth, and have my way with her. Then, on Miluda 2, with Ramza at level 6, I noticed her level was 11, and the other enemies were also highly over leveled. I keep getting plastered on this one, my squad mates crumpling like wet toilet paper.

Is my level too high? I don't want to grind JP spillover to keep my level low. How are the enemy levels determined? Is there a patch that keeps the enemy level more consistant with my squad?

I don't mind a challenge, but when the only way past a level I can see is JP grinding or having a bland, expensive squad of knights with item secondary skills, I think it's gone a bit too far.

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