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Those of you who know me know that I'm a huge fan of Ivalice not only as a series, but as a world itself. To that end, I've modded most of the games in the Ivalice Alliance to some extent during the last several years of my modding career.

Recently, I was working on FFTA2 and kinda vanished from here for a bit, as I was pulled into modding something very different- Final Fantasy XII for the PC. I wasn't expecting the modding scene to be as advanced as it was, and I, along with a few others in the community, worked together and have created the world's first FFXII rebalancing mod. I'm excited to announce the release of Final Fantasy XII: The Struggle for Freedom, a mod that changes various aspects of FFXII to make things more tactical and interesting, while making things a little more difficult. Struggle for Freedom's biggest changes are as follows:

-Each character has a set role, similar to FFX or XIII. These roles are based off of other canon appearances throughout the series, and allows for a balanced party at every point during the game. Vaan is a Thief, Penelo is a White Mage, etc. If you don't like set jobs and prefer XII's job choice system, there's a version of the mod that allows you to choose the original, albeit slightly modified versions of, the original boards. Taking Quickenings early on gives you an early boost of power, or you can save them until later on in the License Board's progression to unlock bonuses for each character.

-There are more elemental options now- Gravity/Graviga are Earth Elemental, Bio/Scourge are Water Elemental- elements that were sorely lacking in the original game. Likewise, certain Technicks such as First Aid that were useless in the original are much more usable now.

-Equipment is rebalanced, and most final-tier weapons within the same category are unique in the sense that they're different, but each usable. For example, Gastrophetes has a higher Attack Power, whereas Tula is weaker, but fires faster. Also, the Three Invisible Items can now be obtained via the Bazaar.

-Enemies are tougher. Most enemies have 2x HP and 1.3x boosts to their other stats. Enemies that use weapons use various different weapons now, such as the Urutan Yensa using Bamboo Arrows to Poison the party.

-Espers have a wider array of skills now and entirely new Gambit sets to take advantage of those new skills. For example, Adrammelech focuses on outspeeding the enemy with Haste/Slow, whereas Cuchulainn can reverse the effects of items on the enemy.

There have been more changes than I can possibly list, but everything is notated in the Readme/Master Guide included with the mod download. I hope everyone enjoys SFF as much as I did making it, and I'm excited to be able to mod FFT/A2 again very soon! As always, feedback, suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome!

Full download here:!uLQU3Y4C!_wl1_X2YL4fEU4dMwbB_TBX5_L142SZJpnhj850ayY0

Non-FFT Modding / Final Fantasy XII Modding
« on: February 20, 2018, 09:49:30 PM »
Hey team! Wanted to quickly note that there are mods and a modding scene developing already for the PC release of Final Fantasy XII.

Here's the Nexus Modding page where some people have already released a few fun hacks (namely a License Board Editor, the ability to bring your party into towns, and the ability to play as Reks all game long!)

The Lounge / FFXIV: Return to Ivalice
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:18:18 PM »
Hey team, read this article and thought it was pretty cool. FFXII and FFT will be featuring prominently in a new raid in FFXIV. It'll be pretty cool to see FFT areas be fully explorable. Article here.

The Lounge / FFT Record Keeper Spell Quotes
« on: February 04, 2017, 12:58:33 AM »
Hey all! Some of you may be familiar with a FF spinoff game for cell phones, called FF: Record Keeper. The basic premise is that you play as a young scholar who goes through the FF worlds and recruits FF characters into the party. The game covers all the numbered FFs and FFT up to a certain point. There was recently a limited time event involving FFT's world that allows you to recruit Orlandu, Gafgarion, et. al to the party. That aside, it also introduced something very interesting: retranslated spell quotes. In boss fights in FFT's world in RK, enemies may incant spell quotes at random, just like in FFT. These spell quotes found in RK are retranslated and are rewritten in a style much akin to Tactics Ogre PSP. Although RK doesn't have -all- of FFT's abilities and thus, we don't have all quotes translated, it does have a select few with more being added later. Thought you all would be interested, especially since these can be used in Complete and other projects. Note that the list below may indicate *MISSING* for a spell quote, indicating that the spell quote is in the game, but I wasn't strong enough in-game to get far enough in the event to see them. Considering WotL didn't have quotes, this is the first glimpse into what they'd possibly be like.


Cure: Unsullied winds of timeless life, hereby renew our falt'ring strength!
Cura: Unsullied winds of timeless life, through sky now dance and wounds make fast!
Regen: Spirit of life in all things found, dwell now in us ere all is lost!
Wall: Long-vanished light asleep below, stir now your gift and rise once more!


Fire: Shatter the stone and corpse consume, red flame now rise from earth's abode!
Fira: Long-dormant spark asleep in dust, awake red flame, the world engulf!
Firaga: Starfire asleep beneath the earth, awake and judge as is your due!
Blizzard: Breath of spirits darkness-born, knife's edge now cast on freezing wind!
Blizzara: Wind that blows through hollow sky, judge my enemies with merciless hand!
Thunder: Fulminating light on high, my blade become and rend the earth!
Thundara: Light in darkness lost, gather to me and unleash your power!


Haste: Hither and yon you flit and fly, mark well time's passage swift and sure!
Slow: Incessant Time pray stay your march, bestow your grace on worthy souls!
Slowja: Obey the will of void and sky, by Providence true time abide!
Stop: O spirits steeped in Time's stern mien, from hand divine do hide us well!


Moogle: Kupo kupo kupo, kupo! Spin 'neat the light, snow-white moogle!
Ifrit: Fires of creation, lord of flame. To ash and dust return, Ifrit!
Shiva: When last you fade on wind and light, our might become, noble Shiva!
Ramuh: Old and wise, o'er all you rule. Mete out your judgement, great Ramuh!
Titan: The earth's foundation as your force, all bonds shattered, hew and crush!
Lich: The corpse-song lifts to terror's hearth, hear now, return from Death's dark shore!
Cyclops: In lightless chill form blades of air, cut deep in flesh and bone alike!


Aurablast: White hot the whirling rage does burn! Its cry, a roar that knows no bounds!
Shockwave: The earth's wrath flows through my fists! You cannot hide!


Bio: Devour sweet flesh that brims with life, that sacred chalice fill with blight.
Biora: All life by laws divine abides, not even Death may dare defy.
Bioga: Life great and small by sin survives, cleanse now these mortals of their vice.


Unholy Darkness: Defiled air awash in blood, breathe darkness into heart of man.
Karma: By wounds still fresh and muttered curse, taste now the dish you once served!
Gigaflare: *MISSING*


Ague: Dark lord trapped twixt heaven and hell, close by my side your minions keep.
Fowlheart: In mortal fear your heart beats swift, now chains of iron bind you fast.
Nightmare: In darkness sleeps our gravebound fears, in darkness cloaked it wakes and stalks.
Befuddle: Cast wide your heart to thought unbound, with neither shape nor light to guide.
Aphony: Foul words who gives to thoughts their shape, know now the fear of own thine self!
Petrify: Your future rests in hands divine, your life forfeit I hold in mine.


Shadowblade: To god-cursed secrets of the blade, bear witness now with your own eyes...


Judgment Blade: How short sweet life, but do not mourn, from ash to ash and dust to dust!
Cleansing Strike: Lord on high or servant low, in time all men are equal made.
Northswain's Strike: The Seven ride, their shadows fall. None can escape unyielding fate!
Hollowed Bolt: Ripe trembling air suffused with pow'r, through arm upraised shine forth your light!


Nether Ashura: Sword foe of your evil flames! Now burn away the foes we face...
Nether Blade: Through gust and gale, your spark ignite. Bring down your ruin, swift and sure...
Nether Maelstrom: With tears of heaven rend and tear, from this land wash all filth and drek!
Hell's Wrath: Your roar a storm, great wyrm in black. Unmatched the dread your wings portend!

EDIT: Added most of the missing spell quotes, thanks to Enlog on Reddit.

EDIT 2: 5/7/17, added Summon and Un-Truth quotes to the list.

So, I've been having the urge lately to replay Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core lately, one of my favorite PSP games. I've played through it a lot, so I'm spicing things up this playthrough and doing a Job Themed Run. Basically, you all will get to vote on a job that I can use, and Zack will be forced to use whatever Materia and Accessories are permitted for that job (see link below). Each job has its own theme and play style. Some jobs will be more boring than others (I'm looking at you, White Mage, Thief, and Summoner), but should make for an interesting playthrough.



-Materia Fusion is forbidden.

-Dependent upon job chosen, game will be played in Hard Mode or Normal Mode. Not sure which it'll be yet.

So that's that. You can vote for 3 jobs, the job with the top votes will be picked. The poll will run for 7 days. St. Ajora save me.

This is the link to the spreadsheet showing which jobs can use what Materia and what Accessories (there's two tabs). Refer to the FF Wiki if you wish to know what anything does.

FFT: Parted Ways / Parted Ways 2.0: The Story
« on: June 18, 2015, 08:18:48 PM »
It's been a while since I've been able to make a post on here, but I've got some good news to share! Although I've been ridiculously busy with work (I work at a flower shop and it's wedding season), I've been hard at work coming up with the new story aspects that'll be added to PW 2.0. With any luck, I'll be getting help from Elric (and whoever else may wish to join in!) in adding these additional plot events to PW 2.0. At this point, I'm still really focused on working on gameplay mechanics. PW 1.0 was really messy in that regard, in that it had great ideas but they were messy and unbalanced. PW 2.0 is taking a far more polished approach to the whole thing, so I appreciate everyone's patience.

Some examples of new events you can look forward to upon PW 2.0's release:

-A battle involving Elmdor's death upon the Fuse Plains and his subsequent contract with Zalera.
-Playable battle against the Hokuten as Wiegraf upon his escape after Zeakden.
-Rad will have additional plot involving the death of Gafgarion.
-Expanded Balmafula plot.
-Beowulf's search for Reis will extend before Chapter IV, as well as introducing a new character who will in turn be connected to Rafa and Malak.

Basically, the aim of the added plot will be to allow you to play as characters you never could in Vanilla, as well as making a lot of the filler fights more interesting and valuable to the plot. I have quite a few player punch surprises in store as well, so look forward to those! :)

PSX FFT Hacking / Hume Casting Animations
« on: June 16, 2015, 04:52:49 AM »
I forget if I posted this before, but if not, here's a reference of what three byte animations certain skills use. This list is useful if you're creating new skills and want the animations to look properly, such as creating a new spell and having the unit raise their arms as they cast them.

Casting: 01 2C 00
Yin-Yang Magic Casting (Two Hands in Air): 01 74 00
Summon Magic Casting (Summon Orbs): 02 2C 00
Draw Out: 03 73 00
Singing: 0D 28 00
Dancing: 0E 6F 00
Spin Fist: 04 67 00
Repeating Fist: 04 68 00
Punching: 04 3E 00
Positive Punch Art: 04 69 00
Stealing: 11 71 00
Steal Heart: 11 72 00
Talking: 06 6C 00
Geomancy: 03 2C 00
Weapon Strikes: 07 00 00
Accumulate: 07 16 00
Dash: 04 6A 00
Throw Stone: 11 4C 00
Positive Basic Skill: 03 66 00
Truth/Untruth: 06 65 00
Seal/Shadow Stitch: 05 6D 00
Stop Bracelet: 05 3E 00
Lucavi Statuses: 03 2C 00
Ruins/Spellblades: 01 00 00
Blood Suck: 11 16 00
Breaths: 08 65 00
Dragon Skill: 06 66 00
Items: 09 01 00
Throw: 12 4C 00
Jump: 0F 76 00
Charge: 00 00 00
Math Skill: 00 2C 00

Spriting / FF Pictlogica Sprites
« on: March 19, 2015, 02:09:26 AM »
Hey spriters, stumbled onto these sprites that may be of interest as a reference. They're not the greatest, but they're official Square sprites, so they may be of help to you guys. Just thought I'd throw these out here!

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Loose FFTA Ends
« on: January 04, 2015, 12:32:12 AM »
FFTA has become highly moddable within the last year, due in great part to Darth and Blanky's editors. However, there are still certain small things that cannot yet be modded. This topic is mostly just a wishlist of things that I- and others- would like to see researched in the near future.

-Clan Level Up Rewards.
-Shara/Ritz/Ezel/Babus recruiting data.
-Shop inventory when areas are liberated.
-How long liberated areas stay liberated until they're attacked.
-Mission item bonuses, i.e, Sprinkler boosting Ice.
-Editing the elemental boost bonus multiplier, i.e, from Thor Rod (does it work like Geomancy?)
-Llednar's invincibility.

Anything else that should be added to the list?

FFT: Parted Ways / Parted Ways 2.0 Weapons
« on: October 15, 2014, 05:04:41 AM »
Equipment in PW 2.0 each fills a varied role, with different weapon types having different advantages over others. Unlike PW 1.0, where items were more-or-less equal like Arena, PW 2.0 is a little more traditional in how items are handled.
















Feedback and thoughts welcome as always! Armor will be posted eventually-ish!

FFT: Parted Ways / Parted Ways 2.0 Ability Details
« on: October 04, 2014, 05:01:10 AM »
For those of you who enjoy analyzing my PW 2.0 threads for balance/thematic feedback, it's greatly appreciated. That's why I'm posting this topic: for you all to scour my skill ideas and hopefully provide some feedback as I'm making them. Listed below are the skills I have intended for each generic job and a basic description. Feedback is, of course, welcome!

Thoughts and feedback are welcome- Alchemist and Performer have been left out because their skills are still being finetuned and balanced. :)

FFT: Parted Ways / PW 2.0 Special Jobs
« on: September 08, 2014, 12:50:49 AM »
Special jobs in PW 2.0 are shades of their Vanilla counterparts, but with a unique blend of general PW insanity, with each unique job fitting a unique role or gimmick.










Exact details to be yet decided.



Thoughts are welcome as always!

FFT: Parted Ways / Monsters in PW 2.0
« on: September 06, 2014, 02:48:47 AM »
As with PW 1.0, each monster in its family will fill a unique role that sets it apart from its family. PW 2.0 revives that concept, with a bit more flair.

As with PW 1.0, there are new monsters:


The following monsters have been removed from player access:


Don't fret! Behemoths, Ahrimans, and Minotaurs will return as Lucavian allies, with buffed stats and skills.

Monsters in PW have high HP and can survive many blows if they aren't debuffed, making them potent threats. Some monsters can be jerks (like Werewolves that can use Taunt/Berserk and have Hamedo), while others focus on healing (such as Flanitors and their Rescue/Esuna abilities), and others who focus on buffing (such as the Adamantoise with Protect), and others on debuffing (such as Ghouls with Curse). Monsters are also gaining the added perk of Innate: Omnicasting (Non-charge), meaning their spells will be able to go off instantly, giving them a tactical edge.

In addition, Gerard the Beastmaster will also be returning in Chapter I, and he will be the sole source of getting monsters onto your team with his Tame ability. Having Gerard stand next to a monster will unlock their Beastmaster skill- often a potent spell that can greatly help, especially combined with innate Non-Charge.

Further details to come later in the week!

FFT: Parted Ways / PW 2.0 Job Rundown/Ideas (Insight/Feedback Welcome!)
« on: August 31, 2014, 01:25:01 AM »
PW 2.0 will feature mostly returning jobs from PW 1.0, although heavily rebalanced and modified. I had a ton of new jobs planned, but it just felt right sticking with most of the jobs from PW 1.0, so I've decided to build off of those. In the meantime, I want to outline the basics of the generic jobs you'll see in PW 2.0:




















Well, that's all for generic jobs. Any feedback is welcome... I'm mostly posting this here as notes for myself, lol.


Not listed above, the new statuses:

Curse: A unit has all of its buffs dispelled, and cannot be buffed again.

Veil: A unit has all of its debuffs dispelled, and cannot be debuffed again.

Imperil: A unit is weak to all elements.

Gossip: A Gossip'd unit cannot attack, and can only use 1 of 16 random Talk Skills against random units.

Skills that could be used through Gossip:

FFT: Parted Ways / A Preview: Quinn
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:24:10 AM »
Quinn is but one of a handful of new characters that will be introduced in Parted Ways. Who is she? What's her relation to Kletian? What is her motivation? Will she join the party? Find out later!

Thanks to Elric for helping me with my (currently awful) event editing! I'm quite aware of the spacing issue in the one screenshot and the arrow pointer issue. Those are being fixed right now! :)

Recruitment / Wanted: FFTA Playtester
« on: March 25, 2014, 12:44:14 AM »
I'm in need of a playtester for the FFTA rebalance I've been working on to report every little thing you feel is wrong with it so that I can fix them. You will be paid in gratitude, yogurt, and mead. It should be beatable now, but if you're interested in helping out, please let me know!~

The Lounge / Eternal's Pokemon Y Wonder Trade Challenge
« on: November 07, 2013, 04:30:53 AM »
So for those of you who have Pokemon X/Y, you probably know about the Wonder Trade feature. If you don't, in a nutshell, you basically instantly trade one of your Pokemon with somebody in the world and get a random Pokemon in return. It could be something awful like a Bidoof, or something amazing like a Dragonite. You just never know. This topic will document my adventures through Pokemon Y as this challenge progresses.

Friend Code: 3969-3789-3703

Starter Obtained: Chespin (To trade to a friend, is not part of the Wonder Trade Challenge)

I'm trading away Route 2 fodder, and this is what I received in return:

Lv. 14 Smeargle for Pidgey
Lv. 30 Pinsir for Caterpie
Lv. 1 Torchic for Fletchling
Lv. 1 Mareep for Zigzagoon
Lv. 29 Noibat for Fletchling #2
Lv. 21 Dedenne for Bunnelby

Early game should be easy... but I expect things will get a bit harder later. Let the journey begin!

-PRE GYM 1 & GYM 1-

So far most of the challenge has been in raising my level 1 Torchic and Mareep. They've come into their own and are somewhat capable fighters now. Torchic came bred with Fire Spin and Slash, so now it's starting to kick ass. It's Adamant, so Slash will be very nice in a bit. Viola's gym is Bug themed, so my Torchic had absolutely no problem burning through the competition. Viola's Surskit surprised me by using Water Sport instantly, greatly nerfing Torchic's damage output. It did not, however, prevent Torchic from Slashing Surskit into ribbons. It became a battle of trapping effects with Viola's Vivillion. Fire Spin vs. Infestation. Water Sport eventually faded and Ember took care of Vivillion. And with that, my victory was assured. With Bug Badge in hand, I can finally progress with the plot- and control the rest of my party.

Game Over Count: 0

The Lounge / VGM 3 WINNER: Battle for Everyones Souls!!
« on: November 02, 2013, 01:42:44 AM »

Since nothing was happening with this due to a completely unrelated matter (O_0)
I figured I'd go ahead and start it up again for everyone who was enjoying it.
I've also made a new Bracket Page below, it's the same as Eternal's was, but
this way I can update it.



FFT: Parted Ways / PW 2.0: What's In Store
« on: October 10, 2013, 06:29:17 AM »
So for the crowds of you who are still following this (read: you two people out there), PW 2.0 is well underway. I have a lot of fun new things planned.

1) New Move-Find Item Rewards

The great Treasure Hunt is something that you completionists will hate me for. Each map has (as talked about previously) a Treasure Idol- one of which is found in every map (except for Gariland). Collect them all and either keep them to show off, or sell them for high amounts of Gil, which is still very limited in PW. Also introducing Secret Logs. There are 13 to be found (all findable via Move-Find Item). These items don't sell for anything, but reading them will give you a great bit of insight on a FFT character that isn't talked about much. I'm hoping you all will find them and read them!

2) New Jobs

I've (finally) decided on a set of jobs I'm happy with. Many jobs from PW are returning, such as Scholar, Berserker, Necromancer, and Harbinger. However, a great many jobs have been replaced and given new coats of paint. Joining the PW job tree is the Ranger job, which, well... I'll get to that next. There's also the Judicer job, Seer job, Chronomancer job, etc. I'll go into further detail on those all in a bit.

3) Revamped Item System

Unlike PW 1.0 where you could unlock a ton of equipment at once and mix-and-match as you pleased, PW 2.0 is a more linear item progression system, akin to Vanilla FFT. However, unlike FFT, the new items are fun to use and have some cool gimmicks. Staves, for example, deal no damage but instead inflict a buff 100% of the time. Knives are prone to inflict debuffs, etc. Unlike Vanilla, equipment is more varied and is just generally more interesting to use. And yes, each one will have an interesting Sage Knowledge entry to read.

4) Speaking of Items...

Useable Items (such as Potion and Phoenix Down) are dead. Now, before you riot, this is where the Ranger job comes in. The Ranger is a ranged (obviously) unit, capable of using Longbows, Crossbows, and Guns. They have Innate: Poach and Treasure Hunt. What's so special about them? They're basically the new Chemist replacement. Their skillset revolves around foraging for herbs on the ground and making their own items to use on the party. What does this boil down to in terms of gameplay? Basically, Rangers can use (formerly) Items without having to actually buy Items. Instead, all they have to suffer is a short CT to use them. Gil can still be acquired by selling Denamda, coins which are won after battle. Additionally, the new Juggler job can Throw these for heavy damage to the enemy.

5) What's With the New Jobs?

6) Events

New events are still going to be added, and I have a much clearer vision now of the things I want to add. My intention is to add events that allow you to briefly play as previously unplayable characters, and events that chronicle things that were previously unresolved in FFT. PW 2.0 will be less about adding new characters and plotlines, and will focus more on building upon what was already there in FFT to begin with.

So yes, people, I've been working hard on PW and hope to have some screenshots of the new jobs and items up fairly soon. PW 2.0 should be more balanced, less buggy, and more fun than PW 1.0. It won't be half as fancy as Jot5 or CoP, but I'm hoping you all will enjoy it as a refreshing way to play Vanilla. :)

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