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If I manage to fix up my computer and get my old files back, I am planning on doing some spritework again too, kinda miss this stuff, haha. It's not gonna be sooner than summer though, when I am back home

Can't wait to see what you come up with! I don't know how many hours I've spent going through all of your old stuff. lol

It looks much cleaner, definitly a nice improvement. You could smooth out the shading on her forehead a bit more too, similiar to what you did on the neck. You are doing some good work here Valk, it's nice to see some activity here :D

Thanks Kage, just trying to improve my craft!

Wow, all the old Jot5 spriters are coming out of retirement these days

Hi Kage :P

Valkirst, check your PMs

Thanks, Elric I always forget about that lol

Took a few days to clear my mind and it's 3am...

First of all, I want to thank Elric for getting Twinnies for helping out. I meant to say that before and I meant to. Aaaaannd yeah my early portraits were derp incarnate 😅

So here are two versions taking into consideration what he said... hopefully lol

The hairline needs work

aaannnd update new TT sprite

Hey Valkirst, Elric asked me to come out of retirement to take a quick look at some of your work, so I hope it's okay if I do a little bit of critique. Glad you liked my Lamia/Snake lady design btw.

Your very first draft is honestly probably better than the others/most recent, and I'll try and help pinpoint why.
If you take a look at the chin and neck for example, in each iteration her neck looks like it's building up a bit of gunk. Your first draft has a clean chin and jaw line, though it does need a slight bit more chin to neck shadow. It looks like you've tried to do that on subsequent updates, but you've gone a little overboard with it. The front of the chin has a similar issue where you've built on the area too much. A sharper and a less gradated version would work better here. The weird reflection around the side of the face and on the shoulder should go too.

Keep experimenting with the eyes and colours, I'd personally prefer if they were pushed further towards Vanilla though. Your reference image is good but I think you're focusing too much on the design's original eyes. It's more important to focus towards FFT eyes, then bridge the gap from there. Your Callo Merlose reference image particularly worked really well because the art style is extremely similar (pretty sure it's the same artist?) to FFT. But I think you have to reign it back a little here.

The ear is particularly strange, it almost looks like it's on the bottom or side of her jaw. There's no real cut off point around the jaw line for FFT ears, the side of face sort of blends into the start of the ear. The ear is also pretty small, FFT characters generally have notably sized ears. You'll just have the issue of them looking Elf-like if they're too oversized.

The face placement worked well in your first draft since the hair took up a reasonable space down the bottom of the portrait. I think since you've removed it in the recent version, it's looking a little strange being able to see a lot more of her body. I think it'd be best to add the front hair back in or move her whole face down a little bit to hide more of the body.

The hair needs work, it's just a little bit pixel-y. I guess first off would be suggesting to keep a fairly regular outline where the hair connects to the dark grey background. One of the hair strands underneath her chin doesn't have an outline at all for example, and the one to the direct left of that hair strand has an irregular outline. It's kind of hard to go into anymore detail with hair since it's weird to explain but just try and sample the best references you can from existing portraits.

Colour wise, all I can really suggest is to start with FFT Vanilla colours and work them towards the original design rather than the other way.

Hope that helps somewhat, good luck!

Holy heck, Twinees! Thank you so much for taking the time I had just come on to post an updated version which dealt a little bit with what you said. So this is pre-your great advice, the jawline had been bothering me and since you pointed out, even more, it's more pronounced how bad it is lol. The thing is is that I made some of her body lines sharper but I didn't apply that to the face. You're right though when it came to the eye I was really trying to be more faithful to the art style than to FFT and that's a little backwards. I will definitely take your advice about repositioning the whole image downward a little because I agree it's a little awkward. Thank you for the advice on Merlose as well and you're right it's actually the same artist Akihiko Yoshida, I'm gonna get on it as well. Thank you again for taking the time like I said. Your custom sprites were always an inspiration.

Changed her up to align with the Sprite model, any tips, pointers, critiques? Also, 1 or 2? I'm partial to #1.

Also part 2 I have the shoulders that way to convey apprehension.

Thank you so much for letting me know! What happened was where the hand met the ear the same color pixel collided making it look like its extended. I went and added a shadow to it so that when the hand lifts up it won't look like its blending into each other. I also went back and looked at some of the frames I updated frame 13 because she looked too scrunched up and weird and I updated frame 3C as well. 😉

Thank you for using my sprite!


Saturated the colors and added more detail... not sure if I should do anything more palette-wise since there is no one like this in game... still not done.

First Draft and inspiration

Casting animation. They're working!

Couple more images one is up her getting damaged and the other I'm going to replace the casting spell frame to fit her more

lol Yeah usually runs on a loop, all of my uploads are like that. Otherwise, it would have to mean that I would have to add an infinite amount of frames for it to continue indefinitely.

Thanks Conman, I think I am going to try and complete her as it's something aside from my usual.

edit: why isn't it animating!? 😭
This link doesn't animate correctly
Also realized the hands need to be more purple...

It's amazing what a good nights rest can do for creativity.

  Floating or dancing to "Lord of the dance?"

No, no... not an every battle thing on the player side, I mean as an enemy/secret boss thing. One map for Terra then another for Trance Terra. Then Normal Terra joins.

Maybe I got it confused with something else. Well heck, using her with my Terra summon spell just got interesting! Battle can go from normal Terra to her losing her shite...

I can see it...
(shit, I double posted)

Spriting / Re: Mime Item Icons/Graphics
« on: April 25, 2019, 01:25:57 AM »
Thanks for these 🤟

Oh yeah, I wasn't talking recruitment but I remember reading that she crashes on other maps.

Update: Terra Forming using a mobile game version

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