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Call of Power: Chapter 1 to 3 / You all at least deserve an apology.
« on: April 17, 2019, 05:35:07 AM »
Dear FFhackers,

I dissapeared some years ago and never bothered to tell the community why I decided to leave.
I left for a multitude of reasons, most turning around CoP. I failed to deliver time and again, and I failed to motivate myself. I won't get into the details - but the last few people that were very supportive left the site and it did not help. It was a gigantic effort to go in alone, but I should at least have set limits. I did not.

I came back today to say sorry to those who wanted the project to be completed and that were waiting pointlessly for it, and to those who were there in times before, a double sorry for trying to blame you instead of taking responsabilities.

This does not mean CoP of back on track. I always felt guilty of not finishing it, and could never bring myself to delete the files on my desktop... Recent discussions with Elric have made me want to finish it, but I wonder if it's just the spur of the moment. Time will tell, but this time il inform the community of the decision.

Call of Power: Chapter 1 to 3 / Re: CoP Battle logs
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:57:32 PM »
Damn, I missed it!

It's the main tool used to modify the game. It should be really easy ; apply the patch to a working ISO and then open the resulting ISO it in FFTpatcher.

Call of Power: Chapter 1 to 3 / Re: CoP Progress Log, Suggestions & Bugs
« on: September 18, 2016, 08:49:38 PM »
A small update. It's still being worked on, progress has been very slow, but I haven't forgotten.

Currently working on the final map.

Once again, fixed. For real this time. I did test, you start the battle with the full party, however you'll need to go one save back.

Oh jeez. Im sorry Hebrew, I don't even know how that happened. Il try to fix it by tonight, once again, I feel shitty about this.

It did, and I just now uploaded a new version to fix that. Seems I forgot the important step already.

The Lounge / Re: I used to post here a lot back in the day
« on: June 02, 2016, 01:38:41 AM »
Holy damn I remember you.

Call of Power: Chapter 1 to 3 / What I plan to do, at last.
« on: June 02, 2016, 01:10:46 AM »
Well it's no surprise that I took this long to think about it, I am good at taking my time.

At first I wanted to make a big, emotionnal post about what finnaly gave me the edge to decide I would continue CoP and finish chapter 4, but I think that'd be better reserved for my final post, once it's all done and fixed.

I did set up some hard dates because I have another projet to finish first and some personnal things to take care of, including a surgery (I am certain to come back alive anyway).

I'll start back the work in July 2016. I expect to be finished by January 2017, but aiming for december 2016.

Hoping for the best to all of you,

Kokobird :wark:

Done, I've also sent you guys private message. This should work without fail.

Updated, fixing the bugs of staying stuck on one peculiar battle in chapter 2.

It seems I fucked up my ISO a bit more than I had thought, Il have to take an extra day, very sorry once again. It's nothing serious but it is busywork.

I should be able to do a whole-game test by tommorow night and upload a fixed patch that will allow you to continue.

Damn. Sorry Mudvayne. Il try to get this one quickly, I know what causing it and it can be traced back to me being lazy or just imputting a bad number. Il have to do a full test to be sure.

Updated with the ACTUAL no inventory bug this time, thanks to Elric.

If there's any problem please do notify me here on the forums

The Lounge / Re: I'm surprised my name isn't taken~
« on: May 12, 2016, 01:11:38 AM »
W͆̐ͨ̔̋̓̄è̱̦̳̱̹͙̂ͪͧ̇ͬͦl̳͗̓̅̊̽̈́ͤc͂͋̔̂̔ͧo̱ͭ́̆ͦm̤̗̫̝̼̓̽ë̬͔̗ͬ̽̆ ̪̟͙͔̬͊̄͂ͨͩ͊ͅͅt̤̮̲̰̬̤̺͆ͣ̂ȍ͕͈̱̝̫ ͕̜̺͍̙ͯͧF̯͙̰ͪ͗̿F̘͈̜̻͓̯̙H̦̗͍̥͉̲̜̄͐̓.̓́̉͒̉̽
ͧ͊ͬ͋ͭ̚W͖͖ẖ̗̱̣͙͈ͩe̒̓̆̊r̗̯̣̬̼̙̳̒e̯͎̹͈ͦ̈́ ̦̳͔͉̫ͬ̍͊ͭ̽ả̆ͫ̈̅ͭ̅ḽ͉͇͒ͫl̟̟̿͑ͣ̚ ̣̥͇͗̽y͎̞̱͔͇͔ͪ͊̽ͤͥͦ̿o̥̦̰͊̇ͦu̹̤̦͋̈̓̈̈́̅ͤr̲ͩ͛̓̍͆ ̞̯̘̝͗́͂̾͛̏d̆̃̆̈̅̂r̗̜͔͕͉̮̮͐̋̋̔̑ͤe̜̼̟̮̿̃ȁ̘̣m̦s̮̙͖̬͉̬̒ͯͅ ̟̩̲̰̍ͪͦ̐ͮ̍̓c̥̜̫̣͓͚̟̒͒ō̼͓ͧͫ̃ͨ̈m͍̬̣̫ͥ͋̋̉̄ě ̞͉͒t̼̤̞̠͓̬͑ͮ̏̃̀̚r͔̟̼̪̻̐ủ͉͓͕̹̠͚ͪͅe̯͌̉̔͊̆.̼͉͓̱̘͈̉ͣ͑

Currently finishing my vacation, so il be there in 2 days with, hopefully, a solution and fixing the item glitch.

Call of Power: Chapter 1 to 3 / Re: CoP Chapter 3 : Official Download.
« on: March 10, 2016, 11:45:42 PM »
Updated the new update. No more inventory bug (I swear, I tested it myself), and most items have had their PA and MA stats doubled or tripled. It will now be worth it to damage this way.

Plus some minor bug fixes. I sadly forgot to buff the last boss of chapter 3.

Im going on vacation for a week, il be back with more!

Call of Power: Chapter 1 to 3 / Re: CoP Chapter 3 : Official Download.
« on: March 08, 2016, 09:52:26 PM »
Thanks to all for the support and the comments.

I am still working on the update to prevent the inventory bug and I am pretty sure I got them all. I am slow because I rediscovered my steam portfolio, haha.

Call of Power: Chapter 1 to 3 / Re: CoP Progress Log, Suggestions & Bugs
« on: February 21, 2016, 06:13:03 PM »
Dang. I still have those to fix it seems. A new patch should be up by the week's end, with doubling of most item stats (PA and MA)

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