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War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Formula to increase MA by 1?
« on: November 29, 2016, 04:38:30 AM »
Default Scream boost from Ramza's vanilla set increases MA. Maybe you can reverse engineering that one?

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Journey of the Five Battle Logs
« on: November 25, 2016, 11:54:20 PM »
Warning cures Berserker. Is that supposed to happen? If it is, will it cure any mind-affecting ailment then?

Beastmaster's Support ability has no description. What does it do?

Spam / Re: Good songs topic - what's stuck in your head?
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:36:06 AM »
Emigration Tunes, by Loreena McKennitt.

Help! / Re: Questions regarding Skills, Ailments and Monsters
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:28:55 PM »
Hmm, got it! That's nice to know.

Marked it as solved given it was mostly a clarification sort of thing.

Help! / Re: Questions regarding Skills, Ailments and Monsters
« on: November 22, 2016, 03:50:22 PM »
Thank you kindly for the quick and clarifying answers.

The reason I'm asking this is first to see how far we can go and how far it's been gone, because knowing that some stuff were coded already is a very good starting step (I have noticed many of these things already by reading threads, so I just gathered here what I didn't really noticed), and because that I'm fully aware that I would have to learn ASM and that it'll require time to grasp things. It's been a while since I last meddled with programming; perhaps rust-off time is on schedule.

1. Ah, it seems Emmy's suggestion as for Att UP feels the way I was thinking, helping to avoid PA stacking.

2. I'll look into that Shed Skin code when I start learning ASM then, if you allow me to do so.


4. That was what I was wondering when watching people making sprites. It's a table with graphics and it just makes sense there's no more room in there to add anything, now that you guys explained. Unless we change some default movement/sprite which wouldn't be used anymore?

5/3. Just curiosity. ^_^

6. Hm ... it's because I don't know how animation edition works for these matters. I was taking the example of RPG Maker experience of years ago when editing effects, which you could have a certain sprite grow or shrink on the screen and set opacity to it, so you could make a white square as big as the screen and simulate flashing of screen by setting opacity with the timeline (although RPG maker had a flash screen option already, of course). I was asking this because I remember reading in some older thread around here that it wasn't known yet how to hack means to make the screen or the character flash into some color. That's all.

1. Ah, I see. So only monster-coded will have the three-species relation (not really worried about eggs) ... that's really clarified now, thank you.

2. Ok, it's not a mandatory thing, mostly curiosity in the making.

3. We have skill sets with skills for jobs that occupies skill slots. I'm trying to ask if Monster skills exist as if being skill slots which could be added in a job skill (example if we make a Blue Mage with Monster abilities; or if characters cannot have skills which are set for monsters by default).

1. Ah, understand. The quickest way would be exchange some of those three which are not really interesting, since adding anew feels like a lot of trouble.

2. Ok, just similar to the feeling of Sleep being able to evade stealing, nothing really important if that's simply too much trouble. Thanks.

Another question I forgot to make:

Regarding monster pallet, is there a 'transparent color' when editing their variants? So we might use transparent color on one of the versions of the being on the parts of the shape we don't want to appear, and then color them on another visible color and give the impression the monster has a different shape, an additional horn, wing etc.?

Again, thanks for your time answering this. Where would you point out so I could start grasping ASM-hacking conception?

Help! / Questions regarding Skills, Ailments and Monsters
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:33:35 PM »
Good day!

After a couple of years of absence, I have been perusing some threads and posts here and there to find out the possibilities and limitations of modding a new project (story-line-wisely), so as to plan things with palpable ideas, and some questions arose. I have asked Elric some and others ended up finding out while playing some mods (Ko and Jot5). If someone knows the answer or knows if there's a thread explaining these questions which I missed, I'd appreciate any directive. I'm mainly asking if these things are already known issues. I asked some of these through PMs, but maybe they're also someone else's questions, then it would be more useful making it a public reference.


1. If I want to tie a status boosting effect to the terrain when moving over it, can it be done?
The example: The MOVE skill says that if I'm over grass terrain, my PA is + 2. When I'm not on grass, it gets back to normal. It doesn't increase +2 each time I move on grass; don't want it to stack values, only once WHILE I'm on grass.

2. If I want to tie an ability, which might be reaction or movement or support, that randomly checks if my character is suffering a set of ailments to pick one and cure it, can it be done?
The example: The SUPPORT skill says that at the end of my turn, my character purifies him/herself against certain ailments, only one per time. If I happen to be under Darkness and Silence, it'll pick one of the two per time and cure it, not all of them at once.

3. The DEFEND and CHANGE EQUIP commands are added to the main set of actions of a character when equipped as support. Is it possible making CHARGE, JUMP or THROW work the same way?
The example: my ninja has a set of skills (whichever effects), has the TWO STRIKE and THROW abilities as support. When you equip Throw, you can throw items by using the additional command added to you command menu, detached from your ability sets. Same for Jump and Charge.

4. Is it possible adding a new character animation tied to a certain skill?
The example: there's an ability that makes your character have to hold his hand aloft like a ballerina, in a very characteristic way.

5. Regarding STEAL command, can you set equipment values to whether they are more or less hard to steal?
The example: Maximillian has a 30% persistent impossibility to be stolen, whilst Gengi Armor has 25%. And apply these stances to the ordinary Steal functionality.

6. Regarding editing a spell effect, I read somewhere that you guys still didn't figure it out how to make the screen or character flash. When editing a new spell sprite/animation, can we add a white squire and cover the screen with it by tweaking transparent settings with time lapse to simulate a screen flashing? I know this is a basic conception, but as I don't know much of freedom one can do, doesn't hurt asking, I guess.


1. As Elric explained to me, when adding a monster family, you change a monster which has 3 variants through color pallet. What I want to know is when you add a monster family in the place of another character, for example, Zalmo's slot, if that monster will have pallet parameters too, or if Zalmo is coded as a non-pallet unit, thus not allowing a whole monster family being set, only a single monster?
The example: I take Zalmo off and add Flan. Will I be able to set Flan, Mousse and Pudding by pallet editing or just Flan?

2. Is it possible making monsters equip items? Something akin to how default Reis base-job defines her.

3. I gather that monster skill occupies a Skill slot, am I wrong? Is it possible using that skill slot to be used into a job ability set and vice versa (migrate a job related skill to become ONLY a monster skill)?


1. Can we add a new ailment/buff? I mean, adding an effect completely, and not just erasing one to add another in its stead.
The example: I want to make a Freezing ailment. The effect tied to it is that one cannot move, and will get doubled physical damage.

2. Regarding FROG, when you use frog on your enemy, your enemy still has the default movement (which means that a frog red chocobo will still move about the whole scenery). I want to know if when frog is applied, can you set a default movement to, say, 3 and jump to 6 and raise its evading numbers? Mainly is that I want to convey by adding frog ailment: it won't go too far when moving, still will be able to jump high and be harder to spot and hit.

3. Regarding SLEEP, STOP, DON'T ACT, can you make STEAL command 100% successful on a target inflicted by those ailments? I just think so strange the sleeping guy dancing about to evade thievery, or you missing the action on a completely paralyzed foe. And this would feel about my 5th question on the Skill section above, because even if your foe cannot move, some items are harder to simply steal. Of course, we can imply all this at the impossibility of stealing sleeping and stopped units, I just wanted to know if it's possible making stopped and sleeping targets easier to steal from at % odds of success.

Well, that would cover the most urging questions as for now.

I thank in advance any directions which can be given. I'm more a Sprite-kind-of-guy, which is where I'm going to start if I decide going on with a project, but I'd love knowing how far with editing and changing one can go with the current knowledge and tools, so as to set a tangible meta.

P.S.: this is all towards PSX version of the game.

Next was Grog Hills, Fort Zeakden and Yuguo Woods. Party in those three battles were Samurai Ramza, Lancer, Ninja, Mustadio (first and third), Summoner (second) and Wizard.

If not having Mustadio in the first battle, only if you take too long to reach the opposing forces that you can have any problem. Actually, I think that battle might be difficult not to win.

Fort Zeakden was fairly ok due AoE spells taking down all ninjas at once, but not before being able to steal one of the swords. Sadly, I ended up damaging Malak too much and couldn't steal any of his equipments. All in all, the battle was easy all thanks to the Wizard. Having my Summoner almost had no use, actually. If it was Mustadio, Boco or Agrias, it might have been much faster.

Yuguo Woods was ok, although it started dragging on a bit when people started returning from the dead, at least those who weren't petrified or poached.

I'm now about to go to Riovannes Castle, which ignites in memory at least 2 tough battles. I think you first choose from where you storm the castle, north or south. Then you face Wiegraf ... then Belias; and then that roof battle.

Another map that it glitches is the southern Swamp, but it might be related to emulator, as you said.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Journey of the Five Battle Logs
« on: November 16, 2016, 11:42:49 AM »
Tried to level up a bit ... but ... any suggestions when not having a very evolved team and you need to beat down 6 angry tortoises?

Orbonne Monastery battles

Both first 2 were very easy, probably due the combination of my troops most likely. My Wizard is becoming the nemesis of opposing forces, due her Flare spells being able to take down even Lancers on a single cast. And her high accuracy at landing Frog is crippling a lot. Mustadio too, while my Lancer keeps tanking, chakraing or Jumping when possible. My ninja charmed another lancer which took care alone one of their own time mages. I focused on opponents with ITEM sets first.

Second battle against Izlude was basically similar. Mustadio stopped one of the knights from approaching with a 92% Don't Move snipe, later only attacking Izlude, which kept jumping on him (200 damage when it hit) and on my ninja, which was too fast. Ninja and Wizard and Ramza and the Lancer took care of the Oracle and the other two Mediator. One of the knights died first for a Flare and a shuriken.

Against Wiegraf, I had to try twice. The first time, the battle started dragging on, until I got 3 units killed in which would not be able to resurrect before being able to take Wiegraf down. The second attempt I wasn't using my ninja/steal anymore, because I realized there was nothing worthy there (dancer had maintenance), so I use my Priest instead. Wiegraf went forth and didn't last the round of attacks: Ramza's Draw Out + Flare + Holy + Mustadio regular attack.

On random battles, things are getting balanced now, however, I must be preemptively aware of protecting at least one unit from a recurring status common on the set of monsters at some places. Bariaus Hill required protection against Berserk, which made me had to reset once. Luckily, the second attempt conjured again an Oracle, from which I could steal a Black Robe and a Golden Hairpin, items which are not at shop yet. Again, the combined forces of Mustadio and the Wizard helped dealing with and control the enemies, whilst Ninja and the Lancer kept damaging, pouching, charming, stealing and healing, and Boco was there just in case. ^^

Is there a currently updated list of pouching items?

New Project Ideas / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics: Brave Story
« on: November 14, 2016, 03:52:46 AM »
Also a big fan of the original translation, and I agree with Kaijyuu upon some details.

Stasis Sword's quote was one of them. "Bury" has strange interpretation, that both feels like it's meant to be what it is (Bury under Stasis) or that it was meant to say ", buddy!", as if speaking casually with the target.

– The numbering of spells should be gone and add the -ra, -ga and -ja particles (fire, fira, firaga, firaja etc.).

– Name of characters, dunno... I abhor that Asgarth-thing, and many of those modified WotL names.

– Some items having their names fixed, like Obelisk.

– Some boss-related skills too. They all sound blank somehow.

But as I'm not really familiar with Japanese, cannot delve further into the morality and reasoning of some more deeper translations.

Today, I played a bit more. Beat down that battle with Agrias, which turned out to be easy, because the archer didn't had all that luck again. At that time, my Ramza was back in his Squire job to allow some better equipment combination, Elemental, Auto Potion, Attack Up and Move HP Up. I had the Geomancer with me with White Magic, Distribute, Defense Up and Walk on Water. Had a Lancer with Punch Arts, Counter, Brawler and Move on Water. And a Wizard with Yin Yang Magic, Auto Potion, Defense Up and Move on Water.

After that, went to fight Gafgarion in the Execution Site. That battle took 3 attempts. The first one I ran out of means to revive my fallen allies, which would mean they would get crystalized before long. The second attempt also went that way. The third attempt, I had Ramza the same way as before, brought Boco into battle, had my Wizard with White Magic, Auto Potion, Defense Up, Move HP Up; Priest with Elemental, Auto Potion, Defense Up, Move HP Up; and the Lancer with Punch Arts, Counter, Brawler and Move Hp Up.

This battle started with my Ramza luckily hitting 2 opponents with Geomancy causing them both to fall asleep. My Wizard turned one of the fake Ovelia into a toad and rode Boco to get away from that place. So, it was gradually easy to beat them when 3 of them were disabled so soon. I gave up on the possibility of stealing Blood Sword, because my Thief character wasn't very effective in that battle.

I went straight to battle at Lionel Castle. I thought it would be a tough battle facing Gafgarion again ... but it turned out ok. Ramza could boost haste on himself and two allies next to the gates before going down to open it, whils Gafgarion couldn't dish much damage due Auto Potion. Outside I had the same Lancer, the same Wizard, Boco and Geomancer with Steal, I think. The fact is that I could steal one of the lancer's heart, which helped killing one of the Oracles. The other lancers tried to hit my lancer and failed. All in all, wizard managed to buff with White Magic my team, Boco kept Esunaing anyone who got any ailment, my Lancer kept jumping and killing, and some lucky Elemental ailments. No units died in that battle.

Against Queklain, I had the same Ramza, the same Lancer, the same Wizard, Boco and the ex-Geomancer now Monk with Elemental. The difference is that I equipped them with a ring to avoid sleeping, death sentence. So the only stuff that hit was Undead. In fact, the first boss' move was using it. My wizard reacted with Autopotion and died. There wasn't anything I could do being and undead body, so I simply kept attacking Queklain and using Boco to do the support. Before long, the Wizard Revived and the battle went like that for a little while.

After that we have ... Coal City? I played some random battles before going there, having now a Ninja with Stealing abilities, the one I use to Poach too (which seemed one of the best ways to avoid the resurrecting-annoyance of some monsters plus the fact that some poached items are good and advanced compared to shops). Ramza is now a Samurai with Guts. The Lancer is the same as usual. Wizard too. My Priest is a Summoner now.  I was going to make him the Time Mage, but his odds at hitting buffs are way lower than the Wizard, so the Wizard will be a Time Mage later. The Wizard which was the Oracle. Mustadio is a Mediator and Agrias is a Knight. I'm not sure what I'll make of Agrias.

Anyway, Coal City battle was the easiest thing in spite of the beginning. The first thing that happened was my Ninja being killed to 2 ninjas hitting those bizarre odds of 40% in a row. Just when I was still fuming, Olan hit all but 2 enemies with Galaxy Stop, fully with the three stats. I don't need to say how easy that got all of a sudden. The farthest ninja, which couldn't so anything and the closes Chemist, who died with 1 jump. I could only steal 1 sprint shoes.

The next battle was in Lesalia, the dreaded Zalmo's battle. The funny thing is that I wasn't remembering that battle was at Lesalia.

Which turned out to be another easy stuff, and the source, finally, of many stolen goods. Ramza's Bizen Boat quickly turned any magicians useless. Alma kept being Alma. My Wizard started turning others in toads. My Mustadio started sniping those who weren't toads (so it basically was a disabling battle, which kept getting easier and easier). Zalmo's Odin kept missing Ramza, while he still had MP to cast it. One of the enemy samurais went on a spot I mined with my Lancer to keep them away from my units, and she was killed by that preemptive jump. And my ninja only had to get next to the toads and disable enemies to start stealing stuff. It was a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long battle until I managed to steal most of things possible so then I defeated Zalmo. The only thing I had to keep check was having my Lancer chakras Alma and Ramza bizen boats Zalmo. Mustadio and the Wizard simply did the rest.

I have been doing those propositions meanwhile, and then some other random battles. I'm still to enter the Monastery, which I recall has 3 tough battles, so I'll get a bit prepared.

The random battles are now easier with a broader range of abilities available. Also having Mustadio or the Wizard in the team pays loads due their disabling power. One of the battles was an accident in which I still hade people doing propositions, so I ended up fighting with 2 chocobos in the team, my wizard, my summoner and Ramza. It got very easy too in the end, because 2 chocobos in the team is simply OP.

All in all, getting used to having chocobos in battle, also getting used to use more buffs and debuffs, acting and not acting and the battles are getting a bit less annoying. Procs sometimes are bizarre, but that works around sometimes, when I have very low odds and still get successful. Just one battle that I missed 5 times a 80% Aqua Ball in a row which made me angry. It was at Bariaus Hill against 2 chocobos (the first to die), 4 bombs and a dragon. Poaching the dragon created an Angel's Ring.

Regarding balance so far, Olan's battle was the most representative of all. It was simply too easy that his Galaxy Stop had such high accuracy. The second time he cast it, he stopped the other ninja which wasn't affected the first time. So it all resumed to me moving to their position and killing them. I suppose it makes that battle less dangerous, due Olan being at that position and the AI sometimes suck so hard, that he could be easily taken down if he spell misses.

I'm starting to think that Auto Potion will be useless in late game.

Now, to your responses.

-In regards to monsters taking a long time to fight, I'd be curious to ...

Most of the problem was gravitating around battles against chocobos and the cuar which could revive. Given than most these unsuccessful battles happened on places I was visiting the first time, I wasn't prepared because I didn't know the monsters of that place. Other battles were ok. Started using petrify, poach, Raise 2 etc. to get rid of the undead too.

-In regards to Brave/Faith, outside of events, no, they're not boosted/reduced permanently. On the flip side, Mediators can alter those stats by 10 points in a single pop, meaning that it's well worth it to bring a Mediator around to either boost a mage's Faith or boost a Monk/etc's Brave.
Yeah, I just thought it was sad that they all started with 60, 60. It feels unnatural and the surprising factor of having a varied number is now gone, because I usually used these numbers to set my fighters and mages. And it could be even more surprising if the mages had bad zodiac signs to your teams, making your ponder whether they would be then fighters, or then that you would require using more of those brave and faith boosts as an aid.

-IIRC, the healing is done passively, but it doesn't display the number...
It's been appearing normally in all the last games I have been playing.

-Mindflayers are evil, evil creatures and they're ...
The only thing that's being bothersome in the last battles is the Counter Flood. It usually makes a character goes critical in 1 hit.

-I'm not sure of what you mean when you talk about Vertical Jump.
That's an overall feeling about it. When I first played this job years and years ago, it always sounded strange that we had to master jumping on high places if we actually goes outside the screen to do it.

-The graphical glitch at Zirekile is likely emulator related. What emulator are you using?
PCSX. The other emulators didn't work, no matter what.

-Steal is definitely a late-game thing to have. I want to add better Steals throughout, but it's not a priority at ...
It looks like it's worth at random battles with humans. The last battle I had was before going to Lionel, and there appeared 2 Geomancers with items in which it would take a while to appear, such as White Robe, Black Robe, Black Hood. Sadly, I wasn't expecting that and I had no stealers in my team and I also lost that battle given that I ran out of means to revive one of my characters at the same time the cuar was reviving another fallen enemy.

-Absorb: Holy is good late-game when there are enemies that throw Holy around...
So it's an anti-Wiegraf item at the Monastery?

keeping the report, story line battles are going rather smooth. After Zirekile falls, Saving Mustadio was pretty much easy, given the mages kept focusing him, while my lancer/monk killed them through the walls. Agrias landed a killing Crush Punch on one archer, and the other archer survive just another round after being hit during a charge. The monks were the last to die. I took Boco in that battle, so the simply kept healing Mustadio.

After that, there was Bariaus Hill. Summoning magic dealt 100 damage around on my army, but that was the worst of it. Archers and Geomancer go in line, just ok to be killed on the first round. The remaining archer and summoner last no much longer. The archer attacked my Geomancer, and got petrified with Counter Flood. Summoner got killed instantly by Agrias Crush Punch. The other summoner got killed by spells.

Something I noticed so far, is that there's not much compelling having Stealing arts at this point. I usually had one thief handy to steal items from Story Line battles, but most of the times, items were basically already present in shops, or they'll be available on the next battle, so that's a downside I'm feeling so far. It's like I wasted my time leveling a Thief. I'm now going to enter battles first to check if there are items to steal, before setting my support ability for that character.

After that, I went to the swamps fighting undead and the malboro. I was dreading a bit this battle, because undead always return... however, they proved too vulnerable to my Wizard, my Lancer jumped off a Death cast on him, the malboro got poisoned on the swamp, and the ghosts were not much of a threat. Before the first undead could revive, they were all dead.

Goug had an easy battle. Not caring much about Mustadio being killed, it was mostly a matter of keeping the supports at distance while the fighters dished out damage buffed by protective spells. Summoners died last again, whilst the rest died slowly by Counter Floods and other attacks.

The battle I lost was Bariaus Valley. Although it didn't felt difficult, Agrias was first targeted. So we had an archer hit her with charge, which would damage her around 60. Agrias attempted a Stasis Sword on the nearest knight, instead of trying to hit the nearest foe, which seemed much safer. Damn AI. Missing the attack, she retread not too much. The Archer charged her before some of my units could move, and, guess what, he had 32% of success and hit her, WITH A CRITICAL, 90 damage, and it also triggered a Bolt spell. To top it off, before I could do anything else, that knight she tried to attack attacked her with 65% chance of success and killed. And I lost. That's all about it. I didn't try again because I was sleepy. I'll try today again.

Aside from that, normal battles against monsters are really becoming bothersome, lenghty and irritating. I'm not really having fun on those battles. They are becoming chores, and whenever it feels like I need evolving a job, I don't feel compelled to try my luck against monsters which have such combination of skills that make it somehow boring and irritating to fight against. One battle was in Sweegy Woods, too much unlucky % procs in a single battle making me reset. The other battle I had was in Zirekile Falls. It was tough, but I managed to win. Again, too lenghty to be called fun, and I had Boco keeping resurrecting Ramza and the Priest in succession, until opposing troop missed the almost unmissable Aqua spell. Just this flick of luck turned the tide. It felt really strange, not really rewarding because I felt I depended on luck again. I would have won without that, but would have been long after that. Tried another battle on the place we kill Miluda, against 3 chocobos and 1 goblin and couldn't manage to win. My Oracle was completely useless, unless she hit all chocobos at once, and whenever I could burst down a foe with damage, another chocobo would resurrect the fallen one, the other would cure, and their high speed would allow them to get away. And that kept happening the whole 1h of battle, until one of my characters was going to become a crystal, because my priest kept missing his 85% chance of raise back, and my monk missed his 82% chance of revive.

So, in a general view, random battles are a pain, more like annoyance and fun. That's how I'm feeling about it so far. It's not that they are too tough, but they are simply beyond the boundary of being that kind of hard and fun, and they feel like a burden. All of them, it seems like the worst moment is when you are about to win, because it'll prompt or trigger a tide-turning combination of abilities that makes it look like your efforts were all in vain.

And regarding the small changes in their bravery when you make choices, how is that working? I remember seeing Ramza with 75 bravery when I chose not to help Mustadio.

Ah, yes, I also noticed that we can buy an 'absorb holy' item on the shop. If you are undead, you can absorb healing magic then? Because I see no other use for this particular effect on that item so soon, aside from the event that your character is transformed into undead, which is so rare up till now, and given they'll raise back by themselves ...

I could consider that if things start getting out of hand, although I never used this feature, even being aware of it. Something that bothers me fighting monsters is that they can pretty much snowball out of the blue. In that desert, I fought 2 birds, 1 grenade and 2 skeletons. Skeletons, due their positioning, ended up being killed first. One of the birds, the one that didn't cast haste, kept dodging all attacks, 90%, 75%, 83% chance to hit it, but no, I just could land attacks with Geomancy or so, while it kept triggering Speed Save ... Meanwhile, the other bird with haste kepts hitting my magicians from afar due its great movement and great ability range. Not a single time my magicians triggered Auto Potion. Eventually, as I dragged on in the struggle to kill only one of the birds (who killed my magician who failed auto potioning the third time in a row), the Skeletons started raising back. And then, the grenade caught up, oiling everyone just in time that my Protect and Shell spells expired, given that I couldn't resurrect my Priest yet, not to mention that my Oracle had died on a place with no leveled adjacent terrain, making it impossible for my Monk to use Revive. So, as I miraculously happened to kill the tanking bird (which by now was almost acting every 2 turns due the goddamn Speed Save plus Haste), the second Skeleton popped back, whilst the other one was killed, the grenade was hasted, and its flaming attack was dealing over 100 damage ... it soon transpired that:

It was the second time I tried battling monsters in the desert. The other attempt was against grenades, skeletons and the Bull. The Bull was the least of the problems in a sense. The main problem was those Skeletons returning (I'm not sure if they are designed to ALWAYS return, or if I was just unlucky that all Skeletons in the game so far have been returning when countdown reached 0). And again the problem was with the Skeletons returning while grenades kept miraculously dodging + 90% chance of attacks. By then, the bull had gathered some PA countering a couple of attacks, and started being a problem.

I do hope that Skeletons DON'T always revive on countdown 0. It was a nice feature having them surprise returning (or not) anytime in their countdown. It started feeling like Tactics Ogre, which the undead always returned, and we eventually had a spell that banished them from existence – without the banishing spell, if you don't count the Pouching effect.


On a side note, some stuff I noticed as I was reading again the changelog:

1. Songs: I was really wondering if some were new, and I was ok with them. Although I must say that whenever I entered Sweegy Woods after beating the Story Battle, I dreaded listening to that tune again.

2. I was wondering why Ramza started being able to Yell at everyone with 100% all of a sudden, because in Chapter 1, he had 36% chance to yell at my monk. I haven't tested Healing more sinister ailments yet, but I do think that being able to resurrect with it might be stretching Ramza powers only too much, given that he has means to do many things already with his Guts skills, not to mention using all equipment.

3. I haven't noticed my characters healing when mounted on a chocobo. Haven't checked their status, but I do not recall any blue number popping on their head either.

4. Had a battle against Mindflayers and they are a tough bunch, specially that Aquasoul, which killed any of my magicians on a single hit, and having that Counter Flood to top it all.

5. Speed Break: isn't there a way to make it work only when the opposing enemy has speed greater than yours? Or greater than 4-5? Set a minimum number, I mean. Having these Speed Save reactions for those birds make them snowball ridiculously, imho, specially when giving one of them Haste, and slow doesn't work on bosses, I think, and it has a bad chance to inflict a status which you can cast with a magician with AoE and also temporarily. Save for decreasing its cost for Archer, Speed Save. This feature became a bit too strong, now that you (or the AI) cannot directly counter attack high speed units, even with haste or slow.

6. Vertical jump. Sounds odd that there's actually limitations to that.

7. Is it not possible having chicken ailment in the game?

8. There's a graphical glitch at Zirekile Falls, on the edge of the map. Below the surface of the water, it showed the water in pink color (the vision cut on the edge, where you see the layers of the map).

I don't know if it's possible updating the main Changelog to provide the current stats, as you have in the first post. Many things seem different already, and it keeps difficult tracking what to look for. For example, the Geomancer in now is way different, and I don't know where in those lists he is updated.

Another update then, before going sleeping.

Before going to Bariaus Hill, I visited Zeklaus Desert to test monsters there. I lost.

I decided going to Bariaus Hill face Miluda. I managed to win on the first attempt. It was rather ok, nothing difficult. After that, I went to face Wiegraf.

That battle dragged on a bit given Boco being there and immune to anything my Oracle had. Oracles are kinda useless against bosses... anyway, I managed to win also on the first attempt. Without further ado, I went straight to beat Algus ... and again won on the first attempt. Whenever humans are involved, things go smoothly.

Overall, haven't seen or noticed anything out of the ordinary. Battles were balanced ok. AI is a bit dense sometimes.

After finishing Chapter One, I went to Dorter 2 and also was somehow easy to beat. I fought a couple of games to improve my JPs and did the first Side-stuff at the bars too. After that, I kept going first to Araguay Woods, where I decided not to save Boco, which was a good decision, because Goblins were damaging +100 Boco with their Mutilate ability, and the bird passed away before long. Aside from that, and the surprise of Goblin's Punch effect on my Ramza once, the battle was almost easy.

I went to the next battle in a row too, to save Ovelia. The battle was much easier than most of the others, mainly because Ovelia keeps boosting everyone and her MP seems not to end. Even being easy, it took a long while chasing Gafgarion around, who kept recovering mana and life. In the end, the was defeated. It would have been faster if one of those knights didn't break Delita's sword.

Did some other Job offers, mastered some jobs and started changing things here and there (Geomancer -> Archer), (Monk -> Lancer), (Oracle -> Wizard). When I master Priest, I'll probably try a Time Mage.

Yes, it might have been my fault being too cautious. The problem then was that neither Augus nor Delita keeps up with the levels, so they arrived at lv3-4 the place where I had lv10. I had to compensate them by evolving some jobs, which made them even more behind. Now my characters are around 13-14 and Augus and Delita managed to scrap 8.

The thing about monsters is that they were designed to be dangerous when next to their defeat, or most of them. They'll either cure, revive, counter attack deadly, act or do any sort of hindering things. ^^

Second update.

After three new attempts, I was able, a bit irritated, to beat Sweegy Woods. It became quite clear that the dragging battles were always when monsters were involved, because either Dorter and Zeklaus areas I could beat in the first attempt. Dorter felt a bit more menacing than Zeklaus. My party was formed by Knight (+ Guts, Auto Potion, Gain JP Up, Move HP Up), Monk (+ Basic, Regenerator, Defense Up, Move HP Up), Oracle (+ White Magic, Auto Potion, Maintenance, Move JP Up) and Priest (+ Black Magic, Auto Potion, Equip Shield, Move HP Up) ... and the two cannon fodder namely Delita and Augus. The battles were again punctuated by those odd % procs hazards.

The battle I won in Sweegy Woods started the worst way possible. A back attack against the panther with 95% chance to hit missed. Then a side attack around 80% also missed. Then that same panther tried to poison/darkness my allied troop with 41% and hit. Then another attempt against the panther with 90% missed. By then, I was considering resetting the battle already. But I managed in the end due the auto potion not failing me that much and a lot of dashes, also possible to keep spamming spells with my monk chakraing casters and using buffs like protect and shell, which helped tankers withstand and soak much of the damage, specially from those bombs (the last one managed to auto-destruct, killing 3 with it.

Dorter I had to watch that archer up there break all helmets he attempted to, no matter how low the % procs were, ranging from 23-71%, he hit all 5 times he tried to perform. Just my luck. The only spared soul was my Oracle due the Maintenance ability, given she had low HP already. Oracle was a bet, either able to suck MP from the mages, or Disable the fighters, although I wasn't really hoping she would succeed that much given I was sure that I was bound to misfortune. But in the end, it was ok. Delita might have died 10 times in that battle. Augus kept trying to resurrect him just before the goddamn archer's turn (the first archer to die, from the top after falling from a stone on his head, but revived by his fellow archer – he was, in the end, the last to die. Irony).

Zeklaus desert was much easier with Monk's spinning fist. After three 70% attempts at casting Reraise on him, just threw him in there, while enemies were trying to kill Delita again. The Priest and the Oracle kept supporting while Ramza and the Monk wreaked havoc in there. Even Augus helped my mages spending my ethers on them. Delita might have been annoyed, given that the crystal I was hoping my Monk to grab from the dead Monk was used by him, even when Delita was completely fully healed. I think I almost heard Thug's Life tune on the background.

I stopped there, after winning that battle. I started feeling like some battles are not meant to be dragged on, specially after a couple of attempts at Sweegy Woods, when you spared a unit to allow another to kill or to do something else, then the monsters miraculously turn over the table.

I'm going to Zeklaus desert fighting monsters, to check how my team fare and evolve the jobs a bit. Only then I'll try Thieves' Fort to face Miluda, because this time, I'll have my Thief going along to try snatching something, instead of my Oracle, or leaving my Priest out, to use the Oracle to silence and disable enemies. If then, I'll have my Oracle learn Mag Defense Up or Defense Up for this fight. Maybe have Ramza with Maintenance, given that Miluda might try to break stuff.

New Project Ideas / Re: Jobs and Etc. Ideas Proposal Thread
« on: November 09, 2016, 04:15:45 PM »
This is a skill concept that I'd like to propose for use, if anyone sees it fit somehow. It is designed for jobs related to the relation between body and nature, so you can think of it useful for Monks, Geomancers etc. It is supposed to give the idea of flowing energy and synergy between man and nature, also being considered flow between elements.

When standing on natural terrain (which means terrains like grass, water, dirt, snow, rock), character has boosted PA or MA or speed (depending on the job).

I don't know if these stats such as PA, MA and Speed can be modified by terrain checking, so it's just an idea if it feels useful somehow. Also, if it already exists, I apologize for repeating. I was designing this for my Monk class, back when I was pondering about making a patch myself.


The other skill, also a MOVE SKILL, was designed for a Priest-like job: in the case of my old project, Zealot was its name. I also don't know if the mechanic of it is possible to be designed the way I was intending.

Constantly cleansing one's soul from sins and maladies, after moving it'll dispel a random ailment inflicted upon the character.

I don't know if its possible procuring and checking for ailments active on the target so it'll randomize one to be cleansed. But that's the conception, of walking in repentance of sins and then getting better as one is cleansed from status ailments.

Just wondering, actually. I wasn't sure if I had seen that in game. My mind wandered there thinking on Cyclops summoning, something of a desperate-low-on-mana bet. ^_^ It would have a 0.5% proc chance to cause critical damage. =p

And let me try and find out how to patch the game. I completely forgot how to do it. T_T


Well, started replaying yesterday. Firstly, I thought I failed patching due the script of all conversation being still the original one, then I remembered that on WotL would have those new rewritten speeches, not in the original. Then, moved on.

The overall impression was similar to that of few years ago. The mechanics regarding the jobs are ok, at least those basic jobs. I only felt that it got really time-consuming battling monsters, like too much. It has two sides of that coin: first the good side, you do end up gaining a lot of JP and Exp having long battles, and also start getting the feeling of a cleverer positioning (something I, as a Dota 2 player, am in a constant process of evolution) to avoid certain monster-skill combos. The other side is that some combos and sometimes some skills make you waste too much support items (and adding to that the possibility of having equipment stolen from you), almost compelling you to try another battle to farm for money to be able to buy back those same items and equipment, having the risk to waste some more and losing again some equipment.

This proved to be annoying after a couple of battles, specially because – I'm not sure if it was something like those times when you start a game and it is bound to have more negative results than positive results, you know what I mean? – that only too constantly, my 90% and 80% procs were failing, in succession. Like, many, many, many times. Coupled with the fact that monsters simply could revive and heal each other, some simple battles dragged on and on. Meanwhile, monsters with 31%, 45%, 60% chance to inflict things simply were successful only too often.

Then I had an Oracle in my team to inflict some statuses on my own, because I was start feeling bad with all this unlucky and long battles. I had her cast Darkness on foes. She hit all them. Then, the panther came to attack me by the front: 98% chance to hit. Why? Anyway, all other abilities seemed not to have changed their % of hitting, or being slightly lower. Even so, they basically hit 8 out of 10 with low % procs, while I hit 4 out of 10 with high % proc.

So I don't know how to put it simply, but aside from spending too much time and sometimes wasting and losing resources in simple battles, everything looks fine so far. However, I failed to pass through Sweegi Woods three times in a row due the constant 'lack of luck', and I hate depending on luck to win a battle. Too many misses with high % procs. Also, our NPCs don't evolve, so they are lingering behind and being killed rather faster. So, it seems my experience might have been similar to that of Bonesy. Whilst Darkholypl didn't have problems, which makes it feel like too much product of chance, or skill build, which would require a greater level of knowledge of the game not expected from new players, so it might prove a bit too endeavoring to some. That's the holistic impression.

Basically, the game feels like it needs being mastered for longer, until we get the grip of some new mechanics and skills. Then it might be a bit more fast paced (we'll lose less time replaying or dragging on to battles unnecessarily; just keep in mind that as we grow older, we have less and less time to spend on gaming), for the better or for the worst.

Now, when I get back to play it, I'll only report this 'take-too-long' issue if it really starts bothering me. Aside from that, I'll try checking and focusing on other things. Yesterday I was too distracted. Perhaps today it'll feel different. :)



1. Regarding Faith and Bravery, can you boost/nerf it permanently? Given that our troops start with 60 of each in the first mission, it feels odd that it's a stuck number for ever. It was somehow interesting starting the game with characters that could have some wavering numbers, then we sort of decided who would be fighter, who would be caster – besides the zodiac match ups, that is. It was something I enjoyed that it is now absent.

2. Does Maintenance protect against Stealing techniques? I don't remember.

3. And Calculators cannot target multiple of lv3 enemies? How come when facing lv 99 enemies (for example)?

I'll try playing it the next weeks.

Is it possible inserting Critical procs on spellcasting?

Indeed. They should escalate with the game somehow, or it won't feel that well earned effort of mastering them at all. Perhaps if it's considered adding a related ailment to their effects. E.g.: Shiva damages and may cause slow. Ifrit damages and may cause darkness.

Years ago, when I was pondering over a project myself, I was designing the Summoning Magic to be a sort of final skill of some special Jobs, of some of the unique characters, more or less related to their personality, giving them a strong and unique effect, most likely making them have a reactive Summoning skill when critically injured.

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