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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Re-Release Info and Changes
« on: June 24, 2016, 10:33:43 PM »
In an interview it was said that Ramza and Alma did indeed survive and would be off in another land having adventures. I always just assumed that rhe zodiac stones saved them upon defeating Altima.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Re-Release Info and Changes
« on: June 24, 2016, 09:48:43 PM »
Will Jot5 change/clarify the ending of the original game slightly to help fit Jot5's story. Example: adding a scene in Jot5 that shows certain people leaving Ramza's party before entering into Orbonne/Dead City (Orlandu, Rafa, Malak...).

Didn't you view the bravestory in Jot5? Pretty much everything is bridged there, there are even some bonus scenes as well.

How did Ramza survive his encounter with Altima? We might find out these answers during the game but it was implied that Ramza and Alma might have died.

No it wasn't, you see him and Alma on chocobos during the funeral scene at the end.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Who is the Cloaked Stranger
« on: June 24, 2016, 08:04:30 PM »
Lol, what? No

The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
« on: June 23, 2016, 01:15:55 AM »
I can see hes running low on material for full avgn episodes

No, he's not.

The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
« on: June 22, 2016, 03:58:02 AM »
Anything Cinemassacre. And thats pretty much it.

The Lounge / Re: Most emotional video game moments & Ruined ones
« on: June 22, 2016, 01:38:08 AM »
Resident evil 1

Code Veronica

Silent Hill 2

Quite sad

Chances are you have a bad or premodified iso/bin/img.

Try using a different copy, and make sure to make no other additions to it before patching with ppfomatic3.

Epsxe is also discouraged, but as long as you are only playing and not actually modding, there shouldn't be any issue. This release has been pretty thoroughly tested at this point. Lol

How/where did you hear of Jot5?

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Who is the Cloaked Stranger
« on: June 18, 2016, 01:46:28 AM »
I do not put myself into my own games.

FYI I really, really dig Sephiroth, like a lot. I played more Ehrgeiz than is sensible. it someone from Ehrgeiz?

<3 Ehrgeiz. I havent played that in years. But no, it's no one from there lol

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Sprite Editing Question (PPSSPP WOTL)
« on: June 17, 2016, 12:05:00 PM »
no. just depends on the sprite size for WotL.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Who is the Cloaked Stranger
« on: June 17, 2016, 04:28:49 AM »
still incorrect though :P

I agree with Emmy and Disagree with Jumza about the name.

FFT: PSP sounds weird, it also clashes with both TLW (which actually IS FFT PSP to PSX) and FFT: Complete

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Official Mark Ideas Thread
« on: June 16, 2016, 02:30:15 AM »
Also thought I'd mention, after everything is said and done, you can expect ~ 80 marks total in Jot5. Though obviously you won't have FULL access to them until CH4. I can say that you'll be able to do 7 (plus the gathering marks) in Chapter 1 and 17 in Chapter 2

Also, keep in mind that some of these are battle series and would not just be a single battle for 1 mark (an example is that one is actually a 4 battle series for 1 mark) and they do come properly with prerequisites same as props did.

So all in all, I'd estimate around 90 or so optional battles in Jot5. This does not include what we made to replace the DD in Jot5, which is very very different, this -thing- becomes available near the end of Ch2.

Vanilla had 55 scripted battles, if that helps to put anything into perspective ;)

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Official Mark Ideas Thread
« on: June 16, 2016, 01:40:33 AM »
Indeed it will be a bit, but you know me, I'm likely to throw out a random mark video here and there. Plus you'll be able to see the Ch1 and 2 marks yourselves once they come out lol (which will also still be a bit, but not overly long, as we are making good headway on just about everything)

So I'm assuming it was you who accidentally removed and them immediately replaced ~100 files from the FFT:Complete Dropbox the other day? :P

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Re-Release Info and Changes
« on: June 14, 2016, 12:39:53 AM »
Well when I was talking about the hacks on the site above, I was referring to Xifanie's ASMs and tools, not actual mods.

For story mods, you could try CoP (as already mentioned), A Stones Ripple demo, or tabletop demo, as well as Souls of Destiny. Aside from Jot5, these are the only story mods being worked on and non are finished as of yet, and I cannot give an ETA on any of them as Rufio is gone, Jumza is rarely around (other than randomly in the help section :P) and CONMAN rarely talks. lol

There are completed vanilla mods on the site if thats your thing though.

Help! / Re: Creating a Dark Knight Ramza
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:43:37 PM »
considering this is some of the easiest stuff, I won't suggest looking at it that way.

Help! / Re: memory card/ saving issue
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:42:43 PM »
pSX 1.13. aka PSXFin

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Xif's Fixes (ASM Hacks & Spreadsheets)
« on: June 12, 2016, 09:06:05 PM »
Updated to fix an issue in the Proposition Hack Tutorial.

dunno. I don't mod WotL. and to my knowledge, no one edits EVTCHR in the PSP version.

New Project Ideas / Re: Troubleshooting With Elric
« on: June 11, 2016, 05:58:49 PM »
Still need you to upload the .fftpatch to find the issue, we've only got your text stuff and the here :P

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