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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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Help! / Re: PSX / PSP Version confusion
« on: August 24, 2016, 01:33:36 AM »
Long story short, the creator of the mod used to be so proud to call his difficulty mod a community mod here on FFHacktics... he publicly harassed one of our members so much that ~8 of our members personally PMed me to tell me to do something about it. I gave him a one week ban to which he retaliated with "let's lie out of my ass about the situation to everyone to lure them to my new website and try to delete as many forum posts as I can from FFHacktics", so, obviously, it had to become a permanent ban. Today the mod is hosted elsewhere, and it's gotten so much worse than it ever was. Most of the members here are not very familiar with the mod, especially the newer versions, as it is not hosted here anymore. The author also removed all previously existing credits from users here on FFH, and insists that he and only he made the mod.

So yeah:
  • People won't get support here, as it is hosted and developed somewhere else now
  • It's a relic of the past
  • It just really sucks now (that is even disregarding my hate towards difficulty mods; the best version [by like, everyone's opinion] was released few months before the whole thing happened)

Help! / Re: Mods on iphone version
« on: August 18, 2016, 05:29:36 PM »
Nope, nothing for iphone, carry on. (Except Lios if what you want is a save editor)

If you want to see what complicated excel spreadsheets are, you can look at some that I made:
There are also many others that are in development on my laptop or that are just for personal use. I've taken excel to its limits so many times, it's not even funny.

Help! / Re: Adding characters
« on: August 17, 2016, 08:17:07 AM »
Any battle can only have up to 16 units, it can be 11 monks + 5 of the player's units (this is an actual random battle in vanilla).
Any battle can only have up to 9 sprites loaded at any given time. It's just not possible to alter this for random battles. For story battles, vanilla pulls out a trick a few times, like at Orbonne (first battle) where it unloads the sprites of your opponents in order to load in Delita, Ovelia and the Chocobo.

In random battles, as soon as the ENTD has 4 sprites loaded (5 are reserved for the player; 9 total), it will completely ignore units that does not match one of those 4 sprites, and not even try to generate them. In story battle, you'll just have a nice graphical glitch; the sprite won't be loaded, but the unit will exist and will be functional.

AFAIK, "Always Present" means the unit will always be created if the game can afford to load a new sprite, or if it is already loaded. "Randomly Present" has ~50% chance of creating the unit or not. If it fails to, it gives a chance for the next unit at the same location to draw.

Sprites are different looking unit graphics. Male and Female Priests look different, they use different sprites. Chocobo, Black Chocobo, Red Chocobo do not look different, they're just different colours (i.e. a different palette). They still share the same sprite.

For example, let's take this ENTD (let's just assume they all have different X/Y coordinates):
Goblin  Random 
Chocobo  Always 
Squidlarkin  Random 
Red Panther  Always 
Blue Dragon  Random 
Bomb  Random 
Black Chocobo  Random 
Red Chocobo  Random 
Female Priest  Always 

Failed to randomly create
Successfully created
Unable to create because 4 sprites were already loaded

It could generate:
Goblin  Random  1st sprite
Chocobo  Always  2nd sprite
Squidlarkin  Random 
Red Panther  Always  3rd sprite
Blue Dragon  Random 
Bomb  Random 
Black Chocobo  Random  2nd sprite
Red Chocobo  Random  2nd sprite
Female Priest  Always  4th sprite

Or even:
Goblin  Random 
Chocobo  Always  1st sprite
Squidlarkin  Random  2nd sprite
Red Panther  Always  3rd sprite
Blue Dragon  Random  4th sprite
Bomb  Random 
Black Chocobo  Random  1st sprite
Red Chocobo  Random 
Female Priest  Always 

Or still:
Goblin  Random 
Chocobo  Always 
Squidlarkin  Random 
Red Panther  Always 
Blue Dragon  Random 
Bomb  Random 
Black Chocobo  Random 
Red Chocobo  Random 
Female Priest  Always 

As for the whole undead thing... you can't really make them undead. It's possible, but it's extremely complicated. What you can do though, is either creating a custom job with the permanent undead status (that's what vanilla did), or equip a Cursed Ring and give that unit Maintenance.

If you really want all those units available at the same time, you could only use 4 "Sprite Sets" total, and they would all need to be special character sprites, since you can't select generic male/female/monster sprites under the Sprite Set dropdown.

No, you cannot have the effects of any R/S/M twice; they're all set to ON or OFF

Well, it would be an extremely simple ASM hack to make, but it would still be an ASM hack... in WotL. I don't hack WotL, so even if I made a hack for the PSX version, I couldn't guarantee its compatibility in WotL.

I really wish the game would just let you see when the action would resolve... just like it does for every other action in the game. :/

This seems to be the routine in question (PSX):
From what I see, it would be a simple matter of replacing
00195ad0: sb r2,0x0001(r16) with sb r0,0x0001(r16)

This should make the jump action take place immediately. You would still be unable to Move after the action, though.

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: [Question] Regarding Wotl Audio
« on: August 08, 2016, 07:12:56 AM »
We don't even have a way to edit sounds on PSX as it is. So if it is normal that the sounds effects are corrupted even after the slowdown fix is applied, I'm afraid you're out of options. I think like the slowdown, it would be a hardcoded glitch, and not a simple matter of reimporting sound files from the PSX version.

Spriting / Re: Question about Sprites and how they fit together
« on: July 27, 2016, 01:54:26 AM »
Shishi will show you all the animations you want and highlight each part that it uses with a yellow rectangle... that's how you know. Making a FFT sprite is about viewing the animations in Shishi to make sure it looks good, and edit the sprite bmp itself in the sprite editing program of your choice.

Help! / Re: Can't Open ISO in psxfin help me
« on: July 15, 2016, 04:20:47 PM »
This is what the inside of a proper .cue file looks like... just change the filename accordingly.

Code: [Select]
   TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
      INDEX 01 00:00:00

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Serious WOTL text hack
« on: July 10, 2016, 06:08:35 PM »
what for?

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Who is the Cloaked Stranger
« on: July 08, 2016, 11:08:31 PM »

Help! / Re: Linux alternatives to CD Mage or cdprog?
« on: July 08, 2016, 03:59:52 PM » know that M2/2352 CDs are all stored the same way whether they're .ISO, .BIN./.cue and .IMG, right? Just renaming your FFT Image file to .iso should do the trick. If it doesn't, that's one hell of a picky program.

EDIT: You can just mount a .BIN and rip an .ISO if it doesn't work

PSX FFT Hacking / Re: ASM Requests
« on: July 08, 2016, 03:50:21 PM »

But hey, it doesn't work. All I have to say to fdc is:

Because it's an enormous endeavor of astronomical proportions, and with how easy it is with Chotokukyan and SecondAdvent's documentation on the wiki to create custom formulas, I just don't see a point to doing so.

The Lounge / Re: Do want?
« on: July 07, 2016, 11:53:22 PM »
That's because you were in an airport... those prices are in U.S. airports too.

The Lounge / Re: Do want?
« on: July 07, 2016, 10:50:04 PM »
Yeah, here it costs 24 bucks to send a package to the neighbor town, but you can get shit as big/heavy with free shipping for 1 buck coming all the way from China. Fuck us, right?

The Lounge / Re: Do want?
« on: July 07, 2016, 10:17:51 PM »
That's Canada for you. $23.95 for my location as well.

So, I'm guessing you never got anything out of this huh. Because I could really use that stuff right now.
And C++ and VBA... but at this point I'd prefer C++. :v

Error Detection Code (EDC) is 4 bytes, it's the CRC.
Error Correction Code (ECC), if present, is 276 bytes... using  Reed–Solomon error correction (which uses Galois arithmetic), probably.

Might've found something here, but it still hurts my brain:
I'm still extremely new to C++.

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Serious WOTL text hack
« on: July 07, 2016, 09:22:14 AM »
Better resolution? No. It's stretched more and you lose more details.
16:9 is better than 4:3 I'll give you that (even if they destroyed graphics in the process)
O is confirm and X is cancel on the PSX too... is there any version that it's not?
ASM hacking is the least of your concerns for a project like this. I don't see how it would be needed at any point... ever.

If you want to cut the block, you're going to need tools for that. You need to make those tools first.

EDIT: Oh, btw, of the ~12 people who wanted to translated the game we've had here on FFH, one was German, one for another language (can't remember), and all the others wanted to translated WotL to Portuguese. It still hasn't happened.

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Serious WOTL text hack
« on: July 07, 2016, 12:18:52 AM »

3. There is no way to do that right now (and probably ever). I made an excel sheet that generates bytes for a single character, but that's all it does so I haven't release it to the public. You can use stuff like Tile Molester I guess, but personally I hate that program and can't really help on that because I'm not all that familiar with it... I THINK it has export/import functions though.

4. Event Script? If you mean changing the font colour, or changing the printing speed, or adding selectable options, then yes, otherwise I don't know what you mean.

5. I've googled before and there are websites with a ton of the game's text in Japanese. Even if you can't get the Japanese text through tactext, it would be a good start. And yes, there is a font width table for the Japanese version; even if there's only 2 out of 2200 characters that have a width different than 10px (0x0A). If you hex search for a lot of 0x0A in a row, you should find it easily enough.

You might cry and abandon your project because of Tactext. I'm not sure if the best version for it works that flawlessly, but I've heard plenty of horror stories... Spending hours and hours trying to make it work, and still no go.

If you're going to use Tactext, you should really use my FFTText Editor as well:
...if that would even work with a .ffttext generated from the WotL version; I don't know.

Either way, you'll have to figure a lot of things on your own. That's what we have. Just about no one here hacks WotL because we just think it's an inferior version. If you insist on using it, well, good luck to you.

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Serious WOTL text hack
« on: July 06, 2016, 03:52:06 PM »
2. That's what the "Character Length" is.

3. That's what the "Charater Graphic" is.

4. FFT Uses pointers for sections of text, but no, not for individual strings.

5. It seems you're going to translate the game anyway. Why would you care about the Japanese version? Do you know Japanese better than you do English?

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