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Progressing Patches / Re: Enforced Generic Class Challenge
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:40:35 PM »
Good to see you're actually interested in this "counterintuitive" patch.  Currently, I'm working on a much bigger project that shares much of EGCC's core mechanics (meaning I likely won't update EGCC until I finish that patch's mechanics).  Expect an update by September 1st.

New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
« on: May 03, 2014, 03:46:45 PM »
Dome, I like the idea, but it would take forever if monsters only did 1 damage to the shaman.  Maybe it would work better if it was 25% normal damage?

CONMAN, check your PMs.

General / Re: Houses of a yet un-named world
« on: April 03, 2014, 04:21:24 PM »
Your latest one is the most detailed one yet.  Are all of these going to be used in that game you are making?  Has there been any updates?

General / Re: Who here likes Suikoden, writing and/or game dev?
« on: April 03, 2014, 04:19:23 PM »
I know nothing about the game's lore, but I do like fiddling around with geography (and I do know quite a bit).  If you all want to discuss this further, I'll relay the details over PM.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: flowoftime feedback thread
« on: March 14, 2014, 10:24:46 PM »
Dorter Trade City comes up on you pretty quick in your first Vanilla playthrough. How many people got through that battle on their first try without losing a unit?

I'm pretty sure I did, but then again, I didn't know how to change jobs or learn abilities during my first play-through until Chapter II.

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Charge and Delay ASM hack proposal
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:26:57 PM »
Check my edits, Jupi.

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Charge and Delay ASM hack proposal
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:17:29 PM »
D&D has mages that are frailer and often slower than physicals with no good weapon options.  You cannot carry that over into a MP system (or really, any system that adds new requirements specifically on mages) and expect things to work.

Oddly enough, frail and slow works as long as midcharging isn't possible.  Pretty much, low or no CT means mages are getting optimal strikes.
If you want faster mages, then they either need weapons or more HP.
If you want to keep charging and retain really long-charges, then midcharging needs to be survivable.  Arena tried to reduce FFT's unfair bonuses but that didn't really work.  It effectively means more HP (or charging granting defensive bonuses) and putting every single means of incapacitation on a charge timer so they're less effective at midcharging.

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Charge and Delay ASM hack proposal
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:11:22 PM »
I'd appreciate it if you actually bothered to read my posts instead of casting it off as rubbish and replying with spam in a language you don't even understand.  The problem ISN'T that I have an intrinsic horror against people who design non-FFT mechanics, but that I want a mechanical system that is better than FFT.  I do not want to see a system that, in order to be optimally balanced, mathematically implies mechanics that are less balanced than an optimized MP system.  The fact FFT did not properly balance the MP system and that most RPGs were unduly influenced by D&D and thus created mages that actually violate balance under the MP system does not mean the MP system itself is inferior.  Jupi's prejudices are simply a result of bad experiences, not reasoned analysis.  Of course, my proof is not exact (because to fully list out all the variables and the correct functional relations would be the work of a supercomputer), and as I wrote in my previous post (which you chose to ignore), I am fully aware that my ideas of balance, if taken to their logical conclusion turns the RPG to a puzzle game.

Of course, you can choose to preserve the RPG elements at the expense of full balance.  You can definitely turn FFT into a pseudo-FFX or pseudo-Gugnir PSP system.  But if that's the case, please do not pretend your proposal is more balanced than tweaked version of FFT with MP balance.

If you think I'm wrong, then prove me wrong with actual results.  Either produce a mathematical proof to refute me or produce a patch that runs well with these mechanics.  Don't waste your time and mine spamming this thread.

Oh, and as for my patch?  It's Phoenix Down, not angel ring, and yes, that's supposed to happen.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: flowoftime feedback thread
« on: March 13, 2014, 03:44:40 PM »
Curing bad status = wasting a turn, thus giving the enemies an advantage to deplete/reduce your HP/MP.

That would be a problem in an AI tournament or a PvP game where the level of intellect on both sides is equal.  However, in PvAI, your human brain is clearly superior to the AI.  You occasionally wasting a turn healing status is far outweighed by the AI wasting a turn almost 50% of the time.  There's no need to worry.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: flowoftime feedback thread
« on: March 13, 2014, 11:18:22 AM »
2. Only three people have read the AI code.  Me, Glain, and SA.  None of us are primary coders for Jot5.
3. Totally unnecessary.
Poison is cured by Heal (you have Ramza).
Charm can be dispelled by attacking your own units.  Just because the AI is too stupid to do this properly doesn't mean you have to be.
Confuse can be removed in the same way as charm, but it's actually good for you because you can use it to exploit the AI.  A confused unit will not be directly targeted by the AI unless the AI can 1HKO him or he walks into the AoE range of an AI attack.

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Charge and Delay ASM hack proposal
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:09:24 AM »

1) 决斗版取消了断念伤害加成且构造了很多可以吸收属性伤害的装备。这都是为了减少魔法师被打断的威胁,可是这一切毫无用处,被打断的魔法师还是必死。

2) 如果你取消念咒语所花的预备时间,你的提议和我的只是互相少了个可以用来调控游戏均衡的参数而已。 就是说,如果要比较线性无关度:
只用CT延迟 < CT延迟 + 预备状态 = 只消耗消耗可恢复的魔法值 < 消耗消耗可恢复的魔法值 + 预备状态.

3) "这个改造不是为了原版游戏而出的。"

4) "魔法值重要么? 反正它很容易恢复的."
在原版里,魔法值的确不重要,可是合理的游戏一定有个合理的魔法价格机制.  只需要遵守三点:
一、 回复魔法值的方法有足够的限制。药水的价格必须提升,排除不花金钱的回复方式。

5) "速度已经为魔法师占很大的优势。"
别瞎说了。快的魔兵 (在电脑比赛当中,这设定为十速以上的魔法师) 几乎活不了因为他们很容易被地方骚扰,连慢的武兵(设定为八速的兵)都能打断他们念的咒语。第六届的冠军Gaignun是例外,它整个班都在维护他那一个十SPD的神谕。一般来说,当平均速为9左右,只有12速的时空/白魔法师(辅助技能设为快念,组技能为加速二级,复活二级)或排在最后一个位置(由她的位置不避免地方的骚扰)的八速战斗魔法师才能有希望活下去。换句话说, 魔法师或长枪兵只能在比敌人慢一截或在利用快念而比加速的敌人还要快的情况下才能瞄准敌人。按照同样的逻辑,(除了在单项比赛以外),快的武兵(和尚、弓手、忍者)来念咒语也很弱质。他们不仅仅缺少足够的魔法力与魔法值(而弥补它会降低他们的战斗力与生命值),他们被打断的可能性太大。如果连这些你都不知道,显然是因为你不跟踪电脑比赛而对我的数学分析不感兴趣;你的无知不是我的错。


Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: flowoftime feedback thread
« on: March 12, 2014, 06:51:43 PM »
If you do not learn certain abilities, you lose the ability to learn them. other abilities are added. this may have been a bug on one of my play throughs, but I remember distinctly losing the chance to learn an ability when the chapter changed because i didn't learn it before it ended, and ramza's change added new abilities.
You lose skills if you dont' learn them. I never said you lose them after you learn them. if you dont' learn some ofhis chapter 1 skills, you lose the ability to learn them in chapter 2.
That's definitely not true in vanilla.  Your game is bugged or you misremembered.

1) As I've already said, there's no technical challenge in locking ninja (just have it require level 8 in itself), but Raven's decision is not poor game design.  He simply threw in some disincentives against what is normally considered beneficial (such as leveling up, unlocking "advanced" jobs, or buying better gear, etc.)  You may not like it that way, but it is just as valid as a more minimal approach; in fact, I think it is more interesting when everything incurs diminishing returns because it feels more realistic.

I don't  have the option of taking Dante or Ramza directly into the knight class. I must take them through chemist. even though I could have snake, cloud, and link with enough support abilities this isn't needed. Everyone must learn essential skills. I think that's how you put it.

Rather than being able to make a cohesive team I've been forced, by you the developer, to make each member of my party an self-sufficient unit for the first half of the chapter. you can't possibly in good conscience say i'm free to build my team how i wish, when you force me to spend 2 or 3 levels on chemist.
How is this any different than vanilla?
"My strategy requires haste.  Why does Square force me to level 2 levels of chemist and 3 levels of black mage to get time mage when I clearly need haste to beat Dorter I?  Rather than being able to have a full support Pr / TM, I've been forced, by the developer, to make each member of my party deal damage for the first half of the chapter.  Clearly, FFT doesn't offer me enough freedom to build my team how I wish."
Plus, your objection isn't even valid.  Once you beat the beastmaster at Barius Hill, you have access to a random battle zone (with very easy enemies).  It's not hard to level up there.  Plus, because the enemies are very easy there, you can easily gain JP without EXP gain (by Move-JP Up).

Quote from: newb
Actually. No i'm not. I'm free to play it how I deem fit only if i'm skilled and capable of dealing with the consequences. which is a big caveat.
Quote from: RavenofRazgriz
Best response to  being called lazy ever. in most cultures laughing is a sign of embarrassment. Am i reading too much into it?
That's essentially your logic at work.  Please don't throw stones from glass houses.

Excluding ramza and cloud...
I was referring to vanilla.  ONLY Ramza has skills that unlock by chapter (maybe the phrase "locked skills" was imprecise).  The reason is obvious: only Ramza (and arguably, Alma after being possessed if you count ultima an unlockable skill) has that level of character development in FFT.

Again, character growth. character growth doesn't have to happen over years of time.

Take this: Dante shows disdain for Snakes' way of fighting. for being sneaky etc. Dante is a very in-your-face kind of character.

At the end of chatper 1, Dante maybe gets injuried or something and snake has to help him escape without drawing attention. Dante then realizes there is merit in the way snake does this. he then teaches himself to take a 'sneaky/tricky' way to combat, but in his own style. unlocking his trickster line of skills.


once chapter two begins, you could just have each character start with the base skills and job levels you expected them to have at the end of chapter 1.
Your second proposal would not work very well because everyone's playstyle is different.  I think it would make more sense to determine skillsets based off of the character (so Link would have levels in Archer and Knight, Alma would have levels in white mage, etc.)
As for your first, it's an intriguing idea, but Dante already has a full skillset of 16 attacks.  I don't think we can fit it in.  In general, the idea of having abilities unlocked by events is interesting, but it shouldn't be overdone or the game will feel too much like FFTA2.  Honestly, I find it ironic that you support the freedom "to build my team how i wish" and simultaneously want to restrict abilities through ideas like this.

Physical/mental changes? you mean character growth? >.>
I am known to be repetitive, but what I had in mind were things like...
1) A character gets his arm lopped off in the transition from Chapter I to II.  Clearly, he can no longer use 2H weapons now.
2) A mage was captured in Chapter I and was tortured while in prison and is released in the beginning of Chatper II.  Clearly, he is no longer able to cast advanced spells because he can no longer maintain that level of focus.
3) A man is injected with superserum and now has superpowers.  Clearly, his main class now has more options and he probably has fly as an innate.

In other words, given the above changes, it is possible to justify unlocking or locking certain skills or abilities.  What you call this process is irrelevant, but such "character growth" needs to pass a certain limit before we can express those changes in chapter or event-unlocked skills or abilities.  This is why I don't think it should be a default feature in FFT or Jot5 (meaning it will affect most jobs and classes); most characters don't undergo such drastic changes.

So everything Cloud and Ramza, Agrias, etc. learned in Vanilla was temporary?
Again, you missed my point.  "Temporary effects" would be something like using accumulate in FFT or swords dance in Pokemon.  Those effects do not carry over when the battle ends.  Similarly, if one "chapter" of your game is essentially a continuous state of battles or other situations where adrenaline would flow (some games are like this) and the next chapter happens after a period of calm, then many in-battle bonuses should not carryover.  Obviously, FFT and Jot5 are not this type of game.

This is a turn  based strategy game. Not dark souls. Stop trying to make it dark souls. It's not dark souls.
My point exactly.  Because FFT is a turn-based RPG where mix-and-match is encouraged and units are supposed to get progressively better, we should not import mechanics from real time games (like event-dependent skill unlocks or resetting skills / gear in between chapters) where the above conditions do not hold.  In other words, although FFT is a mix-and-match, mechanics are NOT a mix-and-match between different games and different genres.

This is my point. the team could have easily picked this route. you didn't. That's perfectly fine. but saying you can't is different then saying you won't.

It is a new game. no-one is going to question resetting to 0 in a new game. it's expected.

Finding 3 excuses can be easy, depending on how the story is written. A lot of different things are happening In Ivalice. we're seeing bleed in from FFT, FF7, and from across dimensions having Dante, Snake, and link appear in Ivalice. The balance of the world is clearly being upset. it isn't that unreasonable to see drastic changes happening to the world between chapters. maybe it starts to merge with other worlds. at this point the same reasoning can be used when you started the game. the characters are now in a 'different' world. it's no longer Ivalice. but Ivalice+Hyrule or w/e.
This is clearly where we differ.  You believe that the desired mechanics should drive the story.  Hence, to you, the game starts everyone at level 1 because this is a standard game mechanic.  I believe the story is the supreme feature of a game.  Due to the limitations of the RPG genre, time, game balance, and our understanding of the code, we must allow certain "small" deviations between mechanics and story (such as Dante being able to learn a stealth generic class like thief despite it being against his nature) or Cloud being able to use ribbons in his generic class (while as a knight, he cannot), but any "large" or "global" disruption needs to have a storyline justification.  Hence, to me, the game starts everyone at level 1 because Ramza hasn't fought in two years and everyone else was warped into the world by a process that took their weapons and sense of normality, but that reason isn't something you can repeat three times (because sentient beings adjust to their surroundings).  IN fact, I'd find it contrived even if three different reasons were given for the next three chapter breaks if the result of each of them is the same kind of equipment / skill reset (because the probability of getting the same unlucky result from three different processes is low).  I'm sure a good enough storywriter can certainly string together a plot so these things happen more "naturally", but a good writer would not insist on it happening either.  In other words, if this was a movie rather than a video game, the plot should be just as fluid and not have spots where it only makes "sense" in a video game.

As it stands, by the end of chapter 1 you will be about level 26. between 20 and 30 for sure. over 30 seems to high based on monster difficulty. below 20 seems to low based on other encounters.
I think you're overgeneralizing from your own personal experience.  For the record, my units were 5 levels lower than yours when I beat Chapter I, and I'm sure Raven can probably do it at Level 18.  It all depends on how much care you put into analyzing the enemy.

so I should spend my time moving and not performing actions for hours to learn abilities without raising my level? >.>;; really?

With the exception of snake's base class, everyone else will be limited to 3-4 squares per turn. meaning you can gain 3-4 more jp per action. that's assuming you ALWAYS move the maximum amount per character turn. which more often than not, is not a good idea. but you will also lose any tactical advantage to jump+1 or jump+2 which you can get early access to. In a game like this, mobility is important.

move JP isn't a bad ability. but after a while, taking it over something else is a bad tactical decision.
That's up to you, but I don't use Move-JP as a grinding tool (though it's tempting while Snake is invisible).  For me, it's mostly a supplement so I require only 70-80% the EXP to get the same amount of JP.  I find that mobility isn't so good early game when I don't have 1HKOs and the enemy easily outnumbers or outspeeds me.  The key to not dying in the early fights is CT conservation and knowing the CT of your units when enemies get turns.  Remember, first strike KOs don't have to come from superior speed or mobility, it can also come from AI stupidity: let them walk into your attack range (and keep your units out of theirs when it is their turn).

For me, this is one thing that made sweegy woods difficult. I lacked the utility gained from knight, priest, wizard.

Rather than being able to make a cohesive team I've been forced, by you the developer, to make each member of my party an self-sufficient unit for the first half of the chapter.
Maybe your playstyle is different than mine, but I've always favored a team of self-sufficient hybrids over specialized units.  I can say that Raven's mechanics fit my playstyle quite well.  I will also, say, however, that my Arena teams do not match this playstyle (my best teams are either pure offense or pure defense).  It pays to adapt to the game.

No. the game would not be more incomplete, but more complete. Raven has a vision in his  head. he expects you to have progressed your character a certain way. (this is obvious because of Chemist)

It's not uncommon at all for games to limit your progress based on chapter. In persona, you can only fuse certain persona at certain stages of the game, because more powerful ones aren't available. they only exist at a later stage of the game. this is the same principle.

but it is fundamentally the same system. it follows the same rules. the only thing that has changes is the scaling and the rate at which you can gain JP.
1) Small tweaks to the rules can have large effects.  Archael's 1.3 was appropriately termed FFT: Item or FFT: Hardmode because he made two vital changes (PD can be used by level 1 enemies and all enemy units scale to player level).  These two changes mean 1.3's strategy is different enough from vanilla that many veteran players could not adjust.  I do not doubt Jot5 does not have similarly groundbreaking mechanics.
2) If you admit Jot5, 1.3, and vanilla FFT are fundamentally the same system with the same rules, and you want Jot5 to be more "complete" (i.e. more perfectly fitting the system it is contained in), then aren't you contradicting yourself by proposing mechanics from Persona?
3) I can't speak for Raven, but as a modder, I would like to think "completion" means resembling a final product.  IN Jot5's case, the final product is a full FFT mod that spans four chapters.  If the final product is to contain ninja in Chapter IV, then the patch is more complete if the Chapter I release has ninja than if it does not.  In other words, the form of the game's release (piecemeal) should not affect the content (the available classes).
Remember, the modder's intent need not be formalized as law (or hard-coding).  A disincentive works just as well.

War of the Lions Hacking / Re: Code Documentation Thread
« on: March 12, 2014, 01:48:53 PM »

After a review of how to unlock dark knight, it seems two bytes are needed to track the necessary data.
1) ID of the unit that killed this character.
2) # of kills scored (not the # of crystals eaten).
EDIT: Found 'em!  They were tacked onto the end of the unit RAM table.

092e5c44 - Target's Data Pointer
092e5c48 - Attacker's Data Pointer
With these two pieces of data, WotL battle mechanics are now fully hackable!  Have at it, FFH!

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Charge and Delay ASM hack proposal
« on: March 12, 2014, 05:19:32 AM »
For an effect and its corresponding cost to be balanced, |Effect - F(X, Y)| < E, for some chosen tolerance interval E.

In FFT, you have X as MP and Y as Charge Time.
In this system, you have X as Delay and Y as Charge Time.
In both cases, F(X,Y) satisfies a sliding scale relationship in X and Y.  In other words, if K > 0 is given, then there exists positive functions g(x) and h(y) such that K = g(x)*h(y).

Without a deeper analysis of game mechanics, nothing distinguishes these systems and in theory, both are equal.  MP costs and a "cooldown" system are not contradictory.  All you need is innate MP regen.  The cooldown can be reduced as one levels up (as long as the MP Regen is a % of maxMP and maxMP increases through level ups).  Nor are MP costs "restrictive" if you set initial MP to be sufficiently high.

However, since we are hacking FFT (not some game in the abstract), we'll see that these two proposals are different.

1) The basic unit of FFT is the CTR or clocktick.  It would make sense to express all the costs in units of CTR.
2) FFT already uses a simplified version of this proposal; all actions cost 40 CT.  Hence, if we were to assume a innate MP regeneration system based on % of caster maxMP, we would have these functions:
Vanilla (assuming 5% MP Regen): F(40 / CasSP, MP Cost * 2000 / (CasSP * CasMaxMP), CT)
Proposed System: F((40 + Dly) / CasSP, 0, CT)

The only real restriction to the vanilla-modded equation is that a class with high SP and high maxMP might be too effective at diluting the value of MP costs on spells, but most mods typically have low MP ninjas and low speed mages.  However, compared to the second equation, the vanilla-modded equation not only one more variable to work with, it has three degrees of freedom whereas the latter only has two.  Notice that the latter problem is only resolved if CasSP is (nearly) constant throughout the team.  To ensure balance both late and early game, CasSP should be have little variance over the game.  IN other words, both +SP gear and speed growth has to go to make the proposal equal with vanilla's balancing options.  I admit that the latter system is easier to calculate (and thus, more intuitive), but the balance will be less complete.
(An analogy: a^2 + b^2 = 14 does not have a solution in integers, but a^2+b^2+c^2 = 14 does.  This is the power of an additional variable.)

To answer a potential objection, it is true that the original FFT does not freeze CT while charging or performing.  However, that does not mean the CT variable in the vanilla FFT's equation has no effect.
In FFT, midcharging was lethal to mages because of the damage bonus, the lack of evasion, and the fact that their charged spell can be redirected to allies (or themselves) if they locked onto the target or totally miss if they targeted the affected panels.  Thus, a crude estimate of the effect of CT on spells is given by Spell Effect * (1 - TarSP * CT / 100).

Notice that this penalty actually applies to both systems as long as 1HKOs are possible, which is why I was concerned in the previous post about an "added" penalty in the form of CT freeze.  Although you can certainly delete the midcharge damage bonus (and reduce the danger of deflected AoE attacks by increasing the amount of elemental null / absorb gear) like Arena did, midcharging is still lethal (as any Arena player can attest).  The alternative is ZTP's option of making everything a 2-3HKO at best, but I don't think many people want to sit longer in front of their computer or TV.  Hence, the best way to equalize the proposal with vanilla FFT is to eliminate the CT variable by making TarSP * CT roughly constant and to set enemy SP and caster SP to be roughly equal (meaning limited speed growth or similar levels / growths between player and AI units).  This is the essence of my second suggestion here.

Without MP costs, there is nothing restricting a fast physical unit from wrecking the competition with status magic like petrify or death.  One way to solve this is to make status magic more MA dependent for their hit chance.  However, that creates an early game balance problem wherein no one can use status magic for beyond a 25% hit chance whereas late game, every mage is hitting for 100%.  I think the formula needs to be something like (MA * X + Y - TarLVL)% to ensure balance.

In all honesty, I don't think this proposal is unworkable, but it definitely works better in games where not every unit has access to every job, when mix-and-matching isn't allowed, or when generic units don't exist (and everyone has a specialization simply based on their stats).  It also works better in a game where additive damage mechanics predominate (i.e. defense, magic defense, and status defense scores).  That's why it worked in FFX and FFXIII.  I personally think these mechanics are too foreign to FFT and require too many changes just to be functional, only to end up with a system that is harder to balance.

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: flowoftime feedback thread
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:46:35 AM »
Raven's right about CT though; it is the bigger problem in FFT and there only seems to be three good ways to deal with it.

1) Kill or severely neuter speed growth.
2) Make the final CT of a spell decrease over time as a mage levels up.
3) Severely neuter the damage and "instant status" offense so midcharging is not a credible threat.

These are mutually exclusive as doing all three is overkill.

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Charge and Delay ASM hack proposal
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:21:09 AM »
If you're going to do it this way, please do not have charging or performing freeze CT.  That is an unnecessary nerf to mages.

1) Assume for a minute that a mage and a physical unit have the same speed.  The physical unit makes an action, deducting some standard amount of CT.
2) A mage casts a spell, deducting the same amount of CT.
2) Her CT is now frozen, meaning she cannot move or change her action, exposing her to fire.  Once her spell is done, she then needs to spend more time recovering her CT to full.
3) Because the physical unit only has to deal with CT delay, he now has a CT advantage over the mage.  In the PSP game Gungnir which uses this system, I find that my physical units get 3 actions to a mage's 2.

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Equip Change ASM
« on: March 12, 2014, 01:40:20 AM »
  <Patch name="EQ Change is not an action">
      Use equip change without taking up an action.
    <Location file="EVENT_EQUIP_OUT" offset="9fc">

Final Fantasy Tactics Hacking / Re: Charge and Delay ASM hack proposal
« on: March 12, 2014, 01:36:56 AM »
Must it be either / or?  Can't we fuse this with the MP system?  Also, to save space and prevent unit RAM reorganization (which is messy), can't we just divide all your above numbers by 10 so it fits in one byte?

Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: flowoftime feedback thread
« on: March 11, 2014, 11:46:49 PM »
I agree with Advent's point of view.  It's always nice to have more variables to balance a game's features.  The MP system, in my opinion, is perfectly fair IF
1) Every class is MP dependent AND MP Regen is an innate
2) Every class has valid non-MP options for offense / defense.
3) MP-dependent classes (henceforth known as mages) are so powerful that only being able to attack once or twice is a necessary balance feature.

People will recognize that vanilla's magic system is a case of #3 early game.  It's merely that the late-game balance was wrong.

FFT Arena / Re: How long does it take you to make a team?
« on: March 11, 2014, 01:09:33 PM »
My teams either take 30 minutes or 3 hours or 3 days.

1) I'm an offensive player at heart, so I can very easily make up-tempo autonomous offenses.  These are defined as teams capable of scoring 2.5 KOs per 4 turns while no unit is in the 1HKO range of non-optimized offenses and every unit is a lethal threat on his own.  These teams take 30 minutes to make and are my favorites because they are exciting to watch.
2) Teams that take 3 hours are either defensive teams or trick teams.  The former is defined as a team where on average, no more than 1 unit will be KO'd per 4 attacks from an enemy team.  These take longer because defensive teams / trick teams need to have backup strategies to destroy their commonly seen counters or need to have a setup that covers the broadest net of opposition.  This often requires hair-splitting decisions to get right (which is why they take 3 hours).
Back when I wasn't playing for keeps, I used to also make teams based on my former roleplay characters.  These would also take 3 hours, but the reasoning is different here: I had to reconcile the characters, their skills, and their gear to Arena's standards.  Most of these teams were average or below-average, though, so I scrapped them.
3) Teams that operate off squad synergy (i.e. a team meant for an AI tournament where each unit has a different role and the team cannot afford to lose any member) or those that need to be rebuilt take 3 days.  Because every piece of vital, I have to constantly re-juggle the pieces and figure out the things needing replacement as well as what to replace them with.  Quite often, when facing problems, multiple solutions exist and multiple replacements are possible, so a complex game of judging what is "functionally equivalent / better" is in order.  I find CT5Holy, Barren, and RAven (back when he cared about this stuff) to be helpful sources of advice when I am working on such things.

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