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FFT+ / Re: Boss only-skills, Need suggestions!
« on: September 14, 2011, 06:44:56 PM »
Well, some testing will let us know if the fight is too easy/hard

Despell (the one that removes a lot of status effects) from the Sage should be able to handle that. It removes Undead at the very least. Poison, while annoying, can at least be counter by placing regen on yourself again. That said, hitting the entire field is ridiculous. A large AoE surrounding him would be cool though. As half of the fight is made irritating by the obsession with trying to make you undead. And I'd rather deal with that, because I ended up juggling a person to cure undead, which worked out fine with some management.

Spam / Re: Amazing crazy finish
« on: August 09, 2011, 04:26:16 PM »
Oh wow. That's crazy. That's exactly why I would never do something like that. Madness. But either way, that dude is some kind of BAMF for that.

Help! / Re: Blank Skills
« on: July 24, 2011, 05:01:29 PM »
That's good to know, good thing I didn't change those. That would have been annoying. But how about some of the other ones though?

Like say... The blank skills that are underneath "Move Find Item?" Or the ones that are in that big list after Parasite? I know their initial animations are set to "1FE Crashes Game," but does that mean that if I change them there will be any unforeseen circumstances like the ones you already mentioned? I'm asking this, because I know with some other things I've hacked like Golden Sun, there were a ton of spots in the game that literally had no data, but could be messed around with, with a bit of fudging-- which enabled you to have more skills present in the hack than what was used in the actual game.

Help! / Blank Skills
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:25:32 PM »
I'm looking in the FFTpatcher, and I noticed that there were a ton of *blank* spots in a couple of the tabs. Are these actually able to have edits done to them without any problems? I'm just curious if anyone knows. Because those skills would be useful for adding a couple of new jobs and/or abilities and items.

I like the idea of them hitting everything on the field. Huge AOEs simply scream abuse absorption, and would make it hideously overpowered for healing and enemy damage.

Could you make a Regenerator version of Mana for MP Restore? That seems interesting at the very least.

I agree on the Move EXP/JP that putting them on Squire makes them more useful there.

Also, Gilgame Heart COULD be useful if you were willing to grind with it...

I agree, more than enough Swordskills around :-)

I suppose that's true, there are too many swordskills. Although, would they work without being swordskills? I might actually try making it up for myself then.

Rad being a red mage is okay I guess. It gives you a special character class that isn't hilariously overpowered, and is similar to Ramza's in the regard that it's nice to have around but not the end all and be all. For anyone else, I'd say "NO." For Rad, "maybe." Honestly though, with all the talk about monks floating on the site in general, you COULD remove the Monk class, make Rad a "special" and his special IS the monk class. That way, you can remove martial arts (while leaving the innate on Rad with the crappy equips), and the moveset is now limited to one person. Thus, No more are there 2 swording/Martial arts ninjas with Twist Headbands and Power Sleeves except maybe computers, as it's no longer a possible combo for anyone-- Rad included. Then you could do add the things like make Spin Fist and Wave Fist with Wind elements and it wouldn't break the game. Because Monk Rad (Mad) is the only person that can do this. Thus, Rad is suddenly a lot more appetizing to use when he's the only one with access to a class that people like/want/feel they need.

As for Lavian and Alicia... That's a tough one, but I don't like the idea of them being Onion Knights. Not only does it gimp PSP users, but you can't make a huge amount of use out of it when you first get them, because you don't have a ton of equips. So I still probably wouldn't use them much, and by the time I'd WANT to use them, they'd have to do a lot of grinding just to get some JP to do some cool combos. Outside of that, there aren't many moments where I'd want it outside of having a mildly quick unit that could shoot guns, or have a dual Rune Blading, Magic Attack Up, Draw Out Armor User. Though, I do like the idea of them remaining knights as they are Agrias' apprentices, and it annoyed me how in 1.3, if you switched them from Knights, they didn't have enough JP to become Knights again. I don't have many ideas for them, but I have 2:

Idea 1 for Lavian and Alicia. If you have space, you could give both of them fractions of Agrias' moveset + Knight Break Skills.
Like say:
 Lavian has Stasis Sword, Crush Punch and Holy Explosion, Magic Break, and Power Break.
Alicia has Split Punch, Lightning Stab, Power Break, Magic Break, and Armor Break.

Or Idea 2, where you give Lavian and Alicia swordskills as well.

Lavian could be an elemental swordsman that physically attacks with physical elemental strikes.
*Element* + Strike/Blow/Attack/Swing for her moveset. 1 for each element. Instant use, each attack cost 5 - 10 MP. Has 2 or 3 range, 2 area, but 0 Vertical.
And the final move could be "Focus Mind" an ability that restores her MP by say... 2-5%.
Equips for could be clothing and robes. Incidentally, Lavian's class should not be able to use Knightswords.

Alicia could be a more rough and tumble character with a moveset that has her in the fray. She excels when surrounded by her friends.

War Cry - Raises units PA surrounding Alicia. Cost 15 MP. 0 Vertical.
Wide Swing - Alicia attacks with an ability that swings directly in front of her and 2 adjacent. (Or just spinfist) No Charge, cost nothing. Requires sword.
Motivate - Debuffs various statuses off of allies surrounding Alicia and heals them lightly. Make PA and MA based I guess.
Keen Eye - Next attack has 100% accuracy. If Sunken State could be made to not muck up the AI, this could work. Otherwise no.
Bludgeon - Normal attack that has 100% knockback. Isn't the only knockback move we have Dash?
Seal Mind - Alicia places innocent on herself. Cost 15 MP. Self Target. Has a charge.
Focus Body - Restores 5-10% hp. Self Target.
Intimidate - Alicia intimidates her foes. Lowers enemy brave, 2 range. 1 panel.

Equipment could be heavy armor. Unlike Lavian, Alicia can equip Knightswords.

Honestly, I want Alicia and Lavian to be unique. I always felt they needed a bit more help than Rad based off of 1.3...


FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA: Rebalanced
« on: February 09, 2011, 10:36:07 AM »
I love FFTA and would love to see a rebalancing hack that makes things better. But you know what?

Removing things strikes me as pretty lame.

Assassins:. They're powerful because they're fast, and their instant kill abilities are too accurate. Rather then remove the class, balance it out. Reduce the class's speed, reduce the accuracy of their skills. Im think that, a good baseline might want to make it that any rebalancing done would make it that with Concentrate they would be as accurate (if not slightly less) as they are in the current game with concentrate.

Turbo MP: This can be balanced out simply by increasing the amount of MP used. So if double MP is too little for the boost given, then triple MP, etc.

Reflex, Strikeback: both these skills are effected by magic and special attacks still. Increase the presence of these enemies.

Doublecast/Dualweild/Ultima: You know what? Some abilities should be powerful. Each of these are gotten from rare equipment, with 999 AP cost. What should be done is that there should be battles that need abilities this powerful. In the game normally these are overkill. Basically, the post game should have challenges that throw this sort of crazy stuff at you.

I disagree on the notation that removing things is lame. Some things are just inherently imbalanced. If you are changing something to the point that it's no longer the same, it's essentially removing it.

Assassins are not just powerful because they are fast, and have instant kill abilities that are too accurate. They are powerful, because they are the best class to level up as a Viera, their only real weakness is their low hp, and that doesn't  scale too horribly all things considered, they have instant kill abilities or incredibly lethal status effects, they can be immune to all status effects. They make a great class to carry summon for huge AoEs, and they have a very powerful damaging attack (Ultima) from long range. Actually, they can just out and out use long range. There's no real way to approach them as a computer enemy. As for the concentrate part, maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I'm not sure what you're saying here.

Turbo MP: should just be changed. The idea of it is kinda silly because the damage you get for it is absurd. Tripling the cost still doesn't help too much as you still pretty much OHKO the enemy. It needs to be altered. That's why it's being discussed for removal until then.

Reflex, Strikeback are affected by magic. Too bad the AI is still too dumb to SEE Reflex and Strikeback and mages are known for attacking physically for some odd reason.

Doublecast/Dualwield/Ultima: Doublecast is fine... If it didn't have access to so many spells being used with it. That + Turbo MP is ridiculous. Dualwield isn't just powerful because of its attack... It also effectively doubles your skill learning as well as bumps up your attack.  Ultima is just a bad algorithm used and is a glorified OHKO attack pretty much. Making them cost 999 AP? Um... Doublecast DOES cost that much. It's still overpowered, and it's on rare equipment. Nosada is a pretty rare equipment for dualwield... Might I add that you can still learn other skills while learning Dual-wield? Ultima skills are just too powerful in general. Nerfing would be the best choice for them. But it is a bit lacking in the creativity department admittedly.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: FFTA: Rebalanced
« on: December 29, 2010, 11:25:44 PM »
Alright, I'll take a shot at it. I haven't played this game in a long time, but I'll try to go off of what I can remember.

*Moogles: Need stat buffs in general. Besides the infamous Gunner/Mog Knight, I can't think of much else that these guys can do that's useful besides support, and they aren't really needed for that, as other classes like Blue Mage and Elementalist can do that as well, while not sacrificing raw attack power.
-Smile needs to cost MP, like 20 MP. So that way you can't powerlevel 2 moogles to level 50 the minute you get the ability and thus, kill any form of difficulty that could be obtained over the course of the game. Actually, Juggler's should have to cost MP for their stuff. Why do they get all of these amazing status effects and decent damage for no MP? Because it's single target? I don't think so.
- Machinist: needs to either get an entire moveset revamp, or needs to change the way it works. It's bad enough that it's 50% chance of buffing or inflicting status effects on the entire team. Does it really need to help the other team out on failure? It just makes the entire moveset stupid. When the computer uses it, if it fails, congrats, you just won. The only way to get any use out of it is to make your teams immune to whatever status effects you plan on using, and with Concentrate + Status effects, there's no need for this moveset. At all.

*Viera: Besides the already mentioned, the Viera classes in general need to be a bit slower. Most of them are pretty darn fast, and the only class that's really slow is the Summoner, and even then, it'll still be faster than a lot of people because it's probably a hybrid summoner.
- Ribbon/barette needs to protect against less status effects or something needs to be made so that other classes can be immune to a ton of status effects like them.
- Can Red Mage at least learn to 2 level spells and then have DoubleCast only work with Red Magic? You could offset this by making the second tier spells only able to be learned much later (like when the Wizard/Black Mage classes have their 3rd tier spells).
- Need to lose Concentrate as a race. It's too powerful for them.

* Human: For the most part, humans are fine in terms of growths. Except the Black Mage. It needs a buff, because I remember the White Mage strictly having better growths than the Black Mage. Either that, or the White Mage needs a growth nerf.
- Hunting needs to be nerfed to only 3 or 5 JP when you kill something. It's stupid that you can have two hunters, use a Totema, pick it off with Hunting with both of them and then finish it off with another Totema and still have Hunter 2 still have 10 JP for the next battle.
- Sonic Boom needs to be nerfed hard. It's way too powerful. Just because this really does need to be mentioned multiple times.
- Double Sword needs to be innate on Ninja. It's stupid that it isn't.
- Veils need a buff, or should be both physical and magic based. Their damage is abysmal and they don't inflict the status effects on with enough consistency to make them worth using. Throw, as usual sucks. Get rid of it and make it something else if you can.
- Marche needs to be more well-rounded. I'd say make him start with average hp, slightly above average MP, high attack, low defense, high mag.attack, low mag.defense, and above average speed. So he's a bit of a glass cannon. It sort of makes sense from a storyline perspective too.

*Nu Mou: Growths are fine, I suppose they could use a "speed" class as well.
- Morpher: Needs to be rebalanced in the fact that it's entirely overpowered or underpowered. There's no medium to it. I'd wager you might want to change this class completely, as the computer is unable to make use of it, making it even more strange... And FFTA2 seems to agree with that because it's gone there as well.

*Bangaa: Bishop needs a bit more magic growth I suppose. I don't really have much to complain about with Bangaa growths.
- Expert Guard needs to be rebalanced. Putting a law that makes the comp break it + berserk + standing there and taking no damage from it is ridiculous.

- In general: Steal Gil needs to become something else. It's lame and never useful and makes the computer act stupid by using this. Maybe it should change to "Steal Sanity" for confusion or something. It makes sense for a thief to have a confusion skill anyways to aid in stealing.
- Maybe make something where you can change Marche's race? That might be cool, as having a forced hume at moments is kind of annoying.
-Computer needs to get stronger skills when it levels as well as equipment.
- Special characters should be able to switch classes. Otherwise they are really just glorified waste of spaces.
- Antilaws are fine, but laws that put on extra laws are stupid. Fight Law Card + Berserk wins the vast majority of randoms, and certain clans can be dismantled by one law. And certain fights like the 2nd Totema can be cheated to death by having charm be against the law (although that's more so because you can walk around until it's against the law). Totally unfair for the computer.
- Computer always needs to have the same amount of enemies as you have allies or more. I noticed that a lot of the time enemies have 5 while you have 6. Weird and kind of stupid, as you are clearly stronger than them.

FFT Remix / Re: Ovelia or Agrias
« on: May 03, 2010, 04:05:20 AM »
That's cool that Agrias gets to live. I really like her. I have no idea why, but I've always used her (and if not, I've at least kept her). I really like Female Warriors/Knights.

The Lounge / Re: I want to do this with FFT one day
« on: January 10, 2010, 03:59:38 AM »
That would be so awesome. And I do love that video!

Mercenaries /
« on: November 29, 2009, 10:08:34 PM »
That's a nice looking scrapped teaser. I'm really starting to like the way this is turning out.

The Lounge /
« on: November 11, 2009, 08:01:04 PM »
I finally got my hands on Breath of Fire III and am starting that up for the first time. It seems like a pretty fun game so far, but I haven't gotten very far.

The Lounge /
« on: October 28, 2009, 07:31:41 PM »
Quote from: "darthpaul"
They like lowered Raven's stats

I never noticed that Raven had high stats.

He kind of does, he is level 5, with Eliwood like defense, and myrmidon speed. His only weakness is the fact that he has pretty mediocre starting strength, but his strength growth (55%) and axes upon promotion ensure that such won't be a problem for long. With stats rivaling higher level characters at (level 10+), Raven will also grow faster than a lot of other units in your group.

In Hector Hard Mode, Raven gets a 1.5 bonus to all of his stats, so take all of that stuff I just said from above, make EXP even harder to obtain for everyone, and supports that give him extra avoid and defense, and it's pretty easy to see why he's a bit too good.

The Lounge /
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:27:34 PM »
I know there was a rebalance hack for Fire Emblem 7/Blazing Sword being made. They like lowered Raven's stats, made Isadora not a complete waste of space and stuff like that.

I don't think it's finished though. The only other one that I can think of would be Tactics Ogre, but I have no idea how that is coming along, because is has been a good while since I have heard anything on it.

The Lounge /
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:22:04 PM »
I always thought people called it "Shakespeare" in a way as to scoff at the script (perhaps a knock at Shakespeare's writing style in general). I'm probably wrong though.

I think they thought the script in WoTL was needlessly wordy.

The Lounge /
« on: October 19, 2009, 12:50:37 AM »
I'd like to say I heard of it, but I have not. It looks interesting from the cover though. I must find this game to play it. It looks funny.

The Lounge /
« on: October 19, 2009, 12:48:58 AM »
No. Probably not. I don't see why I'd do such a thing. As a matter of fact, I would probably warn the person that other people might actually think of stealing the visible numbers. Then I would leave. After purchasing my games.

Plus, think about the poor soul that would purchase the card. He would use it and it would claim that it was already used... How sad.

FFT Remix /
« on: September 08, 2009, 01:51:12 AM »
Hmm... I don't know if I'd like for monsters to not be able to be recruited. Monsters are always fun, maybe you could make it to where you could only recruit the lowest tier monster and they only breed lower tiered monsters?

Or is that just not possible?

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