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Use of ePSXe before 2.0 is highly discouraged. Mednafen/RetroArch is recommended for playing/testing, pSX is recommended for debugging.

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War of the Lions Hacking / Re: WOTL FFTacText Editor error message
« on: September 17, 2016, 03:42:09 PM »
You'll need to change the Crystalization and Treasure text, and you may need to remove some of the Japanese text.

Update: the parts are in and the repairs are being made this week. So, hopefully, early next week I'll be back at it. Thank you all again for your patience. Using this craptop for everything is a total pain!

My computer should be being repaired sometime this week. The motherboard was fried and is getting replaced, and since I don't have a Windows key from my old one, that'll need to be reinstalled as well. Thankfully, my IT guy said my data should be fine, so with any luck that'll be true. Thankfully, the only things that I really need to do for the update are minor text changes.

And, believe me, as frustrated as that guy was, you can imagine my frustration when I realized my new computer that I spent hundreds of dollars on just a few months ago got fried by a one-off blackout. >:(

FFT Arena / Re: FFT Arena Season 5 Registration
« on: August 28, 2016, 11:07:05 PM »
And I'm entered! Been a bit since I've done an Arena battle, so I wholly expect to be thrashed.

Hey all, wanted to give you an update since I promised a release this week. I had just about everything ready, save for a few text changes. Unfortunately, I went to work a few days back and came home to a power outage. When the power was restored, I was unable to turn my PC back on. I've tried everything to no avail, so I'm waiting for my IT guy to check everything out. He thinks it could be a power port issue despite my computer being connected to a surge protector, but we'll see. I've specifically instructed him to make this a priority so that I can get the update out to you as soon as possible. I asked Darth to post an update on here since I couldn't access FFH for a bit so as not to leave you all hanging, but I know he's been busy, so I apologize for the lack of communication.

I really apologize for the delay. The worst part is that I do some work from home now, so this is even affecting that. Thank you all for your patience, and wish me luck in getting this fixed. I just hope it's the power port and not something worse!

Great news, everyone! I'm hoping to have an update out tomorrow or early next week. Things are wrapping up nicely. I'm also working on making a Master Guide on Google Docs with ability info- more will of course be added later. This way it can be easily updated as updates continue. Thank you all for your support and patience!

The Master Guide (WIP) can be found here.

Works in Progress / Re: Souls of Destiny January 4 2016
« on: August 20, 2016, 11:28:14 AM »
I'm going to give this a shot and report my feedback! :)

FFT Arena / Re: Official names for MP poison and regen
« on: August 03, 2016, 02:46:30 AM »
I suggest Refresh and Sap, personally.

Monsters are inherently difficult to balance, simply because you're so limited with what you can do with them. My suggestion is to try either Mandalia or Sweegy to train characters, Mandalia in particular, since the most annoying thing you could run into there is a Chocobo. (Or Poison, if a Panther Poisons you.)

Joe, if you're going to be consistently negative, I would advise just dropping your armor and gil and walking away. Real life takes priority over anything on FFH, and if you can't be patient and wait for a quality product, you're free to look elsewhere. I'm not going to rush anything I do just to succor you. Make no mistake- I'm grateful that you're excited. I just ask that you have patience. I'm in the midst of working out some bugs and making sure every job feels fun and balanced, and that's meant restarting the game several times over. If I see Klesta one more time, I'd quite welcome having a beak to the eye. Ultimately, you want everything to feel polished, yes?

In your dreams, maybe. :P

Just been busy with work. Besides, Darth is working on a new editor with expanded features, so I want to see what comes of that.

Hey, sorry I didn't see this reply until now! I think to fix your Vanilla save characters, you'll have to feed them Ethers, Elixirs, or replenish their MP in some way and when you go into the next fight, they should go back to full MP. Heck, you may not even have to restore their MP. Just fight a battle, and then next battle they may be fixed. I haven't really tested it, but I imagine that's what would work.

Anyhow, I've been working on a new Gria job concept to replace Ravager, since I've not been happy with the old concepts. This is what I've come up with:

Introducing, the Wyrmkin! Wyrmkin are physically oriented jobs who, much like the Ravager, focus on decimating enemies with sheer force. That said, Wyrmkin take two things I was unhappy with (Doom status and Ravagers) and fixes them in a way that I like. The concept is this: Gria are very mobile units. The Wyrmkin is not. The Wyrmkin is a mighty glacier that will slowly edge towards you and crush you and all of your hopes and dreams. Wyrmkin will have only 2 Move (though they retain their ability to Fly, of course), and can use extremely potent weapon-based skills... when they're Charged. Wyrmkin also have access to a few skills without Charge, but their bread and butter is slowly getting close to enemies and striking them while Charged. That said, unlike the Daemon, the Wyrmkin's Charge doesn't wear off after using their skills, so they can stay Charged and slowly approach foes and crush them. The crux is getting close and staying alive while the enemy can rain down on you. They may not be fancy, but they will kill you. Charge can be dispelled, and Wyrmkin can only use their skills within 1 Range, so staying out of their way and dealing with them from afar is the way to go.

While outside of Charge, the Wyrmkin takes an opposite role: being a defensive unit that deals damage by countering and defending allies. Although Charge and offense is their main role, they can shift to a defensive role whenever necessary if it means keeping allies alive. How you use them is up to you!

Pain Spiral      (Deals 1x weapon damage at 100% accuracy to surrounding units, requires Charge)
Bloodfeast      (Deals 1x weapon damage and restores HP equal to damage done, requires Charge)
Phalanx      (Covers adjacent units and grants Counter to the user)
En Garde      (Grants Evasion Up and Counter status to the user)
Flight         (Grants Move Up to the user, but reduces Attack and Defense)
Accumulate      (Places the user in Fury status, granting Charge status in three turns)
Reboot      (Fully restores the user's HP and removes all buffs and debuffs, including Charge, requires Charge)
Disembowel   (Deals 2x weapon damage to a single target within melee range, requires Charge)

All of this will need to be tested, of course, but I'm happy with the overall concept.

I find that the trick to the Luso fight is charging in head first with everyone else and using Protect on him. The Behemoths fall pretty quickly once they're debuffed. It's letting the battle drag on (and boosting their stats) that causes issues.

As far as the Dark Knight goes, is this a Dark Knight you recruited or one you grew yourself? Also, the Move/Jump bug is fixed for whenever I release the next update, lol. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

@Rucession: I'm still tweaking Berserker a bit, but I'm having challenges since I can't get my test file to work, which is why the newest release has been delayed. It's good to know the Cannoneer buffs don't work with melee attacks. It's something I didn't anticipate and I'll have to test out myself. Thanks for the heads up!

@Spazz: Units start with full MP and MP regeneration is not a thing unless you use the Clan Privilege. Are you loading a Vanilla save? If so, that would explain it. Your unit's MP would be 0 and not regenerate at the start of the battle.

Sadly, something like that isn't really doable in FFTA2 to my knowledge. That said, it's a fun idea, but it's not particularly practical. Loss of control is a huge thing and would be more burden than benefit, IMO. Also, BNW is a great mod. I beat it about a year ago. :D

Hey guys, thanks for your posts! I've been meaning to reply for a while now but unfortunately haven't really had the chance.

Grassmudhorse: Thanks for playing! I'm glad you're having fun. Although FFTA2 GG may not be the most balanced of my mods, it's sure a lot of fun, and quite different from Vanilla, don't you think? In regards to your feedback...

Thieves: Thieves will be receiving a slight stat buff in regards to Attack and possibly Speed. That said (much like FFT), some jobs just aren't optimal for stat growth, and I'm fairly comfortable with Thief being one of those jobs. Instead, they get a pretty kickass skillset that's pretty good, and will be even better once I can edit enemies. Stealing and being able to drain HP and MP, and having the ability to accrue extra Gil with each attack (Mug) is great, and they're pretty fast little jerks with a fair bit of Evasion behind them as well.

Possess: Possess makes most things trivial, haha. It's extra fun to use it on your own party members, essentially allowing a unit to act twice by sacrificing the Occultist's turn. I want to make it enemy only, but then it'll be able to affect Monsters, too, which would tread on the Druid's Tame, which may be a fair trade, considering how many other things Druids can do in addition to Tame.

Necromancers: Can't win them all, unfortunately. Necromancers definitely shine during Undead battles (as one would expect), but their Putrify, Brainrot, and Tainted Love skills are all really quite useful as well. Though they may not have quite as large a skillset when facing living enemies, they're still rather potent. Putrify, in particular, is very deadly since it can make future debuffs on the target far more accurate (such as, say, the Charm effect caused by Tainted Love).

Fencers: Fencers already get some fun skills, though I may buff Shadowstick to deal 50% Unevadeable Weapon Damage and Slow. Though they're a fairly basic job, they're very effective early on, as intended, similar to Soldier/Warrior. Manastrike may become a Linear skill that deals MP damage to give it some more use.

White Mages: White Mages are plenty useful already, IMO, and I gave them a few buffs recently to make them even more useful. Wall for Protect/Shell is nice to drop on the first turn for some early staying power until you can fell some enemies, and Holy gives them a late-game magickal nuke to drop on enemies' heads. Reraise and Esuna are always useful, and Raise is one of the few sources of ranged resurrection, allowing you to revive a fallen unit at an advantageous position out of harm's way to heal them back to full, since most revival sources now only revive with 1 HP.

As far as stat charts are concerned, I haven't touched stats much simply because I want to perfect skillsets first and work on stats from there.

EDIT: Thinking of a more interesting skillset for Ravager. Maybe something like the below, which focuses on leeching the enemy's stats and then messing with increased/reduced stats for maximum effectiveness.

Sweeping Spin:         Negatory Wave      Removes buffs from units in a line and reduces their RES.   
Sneak Attack:         Power Drain      Deals magickal damage to a single enemy, reduces its ATK, and boosts the user's ATK.
Full Assault:         Guard Drain      Deals magickal damage to a single enemy, reduces its DEF, and boosts the user's DEF.
En Garde:            En Garde         Bestows Counter and Evasion Up on the user.
Overpower:            Execute         Deals 50% weapon damage in a cone in front of the user.
Battle Cry:            Power Aura         Restores a large amount of HP to surrounding units and boosts ATK, reduces the user's ATK.
Tenacity:            Magicide         Deals physical damage to a single target and damages MP and reduces MAG.
Blast Wave:         Force Aura         Deals heavy damage to surrounding units, knocks them back and Roots them, but reduces the user's DEF.

So, I think Berserker will be the next job I tackle. I need to test if this will work or not, but I think Berserker is going to become a class that focuses on brute force, raw offensive might fueled by devastating combos. Basically, by comboing the various Berserker moves, you'll be able to execute chains of attacks that deal tremendous damage, increased radius, and increased precision.

Proposed Skillset:

Scream: Bestows Berserk, Attack Up, and Critical Up on the user.
Ravage: Deals weapon damage to the target and makes the user's next weapon attack more accurate.
Furore: Deals physical damage to surrounding units, knocks them back, and may Immobilize them.
Bloodlust: Increases the user's next weapon attack damage, will stack with Haymaker.
Sovereignty: Deals weapon damage to the target and increases the AoE of the next weapon strike by 1.
Unfeeling: The user takes no damage for a single turn, but becomes far more vulnerable to debuffs.
Haymaker: Deals weapon damage to the target and makes the user's next weapon attack more powerful.
Combo: Deals weapon damage to the target and increases the amount of attacks done with the next weapon attack.

Basically, the Berserker's bread and butter would be to either Scream and just rampage everything mindlessly, or use Unfeeling and Bloodlust as you draw near the enemy, followed by your combo skill of choice; using Bloodlust -> Haymaker -> Sovereignty for raw power, or using another combination of skills depending on the situation. I need to make sure I can make this happen (since self procs can be wonky in A2), but I think I can pull it off.

Thank you all for the feedback! It always makes me feel good when I get feedback, especially since I've been uber busy lately and depressed that I haven't been able to work on A2 as much as I've wanted to, among other life drama going on at the moment. Your timing is rather prudent, since I've been hoping to work more on A2 as things slow down a bit. That said, I've switched around a lot on my computer and I'm having issues with Desmume saves, so I need to play around with it for a bit. I'm currently coming up with concepts to replace jobs like Templar and Berserker. Namely, things like Templar will stay Templar, but with revised/improved themes.

Allow me to first focus on you guys' thoughts about the current jobs:


Soldier: Soldier is definitely intended to be an early-game class, much like FFT's Squire. That being said, the Breaks are infinitely more useful now, and can still be used for a large portion of the game should one desire to. For that matter, if one has Art of War as a skillset, there's almost no reason to use a normal attack when you can be Breaking an enemy's stats. Since Breaks can be used with Weapon Range, using it with an Archer, a Hunter, etc. is also a great combination.

Thief: Thieves will be buffed by proxy when we have the ability to edit enemy formations and I can give them full equipment sets. As it stands right now, much like in FFTA, FFTA2 enemies are poorly equipped to deal with your party, and once they're buffed, the Steal skills in turn will find more use.

Archer: I disagree that the Rooted status needs to go on a Summon AoE skill, but I do think a Speed boost would help them immensely, to help them get more chances to debuff their enemies and bind them. A quick Archer could be really deadly in the right hands, if they were speedier.

Fighter: I find it kinda hilarious (and unintentional) that Grapple works on large enemies. I think I'll keep that just because it's funny as hell.

Paladin: Cover is single-target, but the Druid's Golem's Cover is not. That's a weird bug though. It's something to keep in mind, too, as I was considering making Cover AoE, but I don't think I will.

Hunter: To be completely fair, I don't like Drill Shot either. It was mostly just a fill-in until I found something better to replace Ultima Shot with. I may give it a linear AoE so that it's more useful, so that it deals AoE damage and bypasses Defense. Not sure yet though.

Black Mage: I agree with you about Blizzard's gimmick not being that great. I think what I'm going to do is give it a chance to inflict Rooted so that mages that use it are protected by slinging spells from afar. You can either go for Range with Thunder, AoE with Fire, or keep enemies at bay with Blizzard.

White Mage: Thanks for pointing out the issue with Holy! That's been fixed immediately. I'm debating whether I should buff Cure/Cura/Curaga, but I don't want it to be crazy.

Necromancer: Definitely a situational job, but things like Seal Evil are ridiculously helpful in Undead battles. In fact, Undead were buffed to a point where Necromancer, White Mage, and Black Mage shines. That said, I want to change some of their skills. Tainted Love will remain the same, but won't be able to Charm Undead, since that's what Styx is around for. Bard is being nerfed slightly, so things like Requiem won't outpace the Necromancer's sheer ability to decimate Undead.

Blue Mage: Definitely still a good job, very versatile, but it's not nearly as overpowered as it was before. Makes for a great secondary skillset!

Seer: Spells that can be Magick Frenzied are also the spells that can be Dualcast, so using Magick Frenzy is a lot less overpowered than it was before, but it's still quite potent.

Samurai: I definitely agree, I'm pretty let down by Samurai as well. Thankfully, that's why testing exists! Part of what I've found is the problem is that stat growths in FFTA2 are very important. By the time you unlock Samurai, you've sunk a lot of points into Physical Attack, and their skills are Magickally based. To that end, I think I'm going to simply switch their Iaido skills to being physically based, and that should make them more useful. Whereas the Fighter is about damage, the Soldier is versatile, and the Paladin is about defense, the Samurai would be about physical AoE skills with the ability to debuff enemies that try to get close to it and take it down. With its low defenses, using evasion tactics would be crucial until the Samurai gets to stack debuffs on surrounding units.

Ninja: Using the -ton skills for their debuffs is what I used them for. Think of it like FFT Geomancy. Not great for damage, but wonderful for crippling enemies! Dual Wield is always a plus, too!


Warrior: Much like Soldier, it blends well with Ranged jobs, such as Cannoneer and Trickster.

Monk: Chakra and Revive are great skills that can be used all-game, and makes for a great secondary skillset. Holy Sign also removes all buffs and debuffs, so it can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. It becomes slightly trickier if a unit is afflicted with both, though! :P

Gladiator: Gladiator is being revised in the very near future, simply because I don't like a lot of it. I only have four skills to play around with on them though, so that's the tricky part. Ultima Sword will probably remain in some capacity though!

Myrmidon: Like Thieves, Myrmidons will benefit greatly from improved enemy rosters. Frost/Storm/Burn are great for non-human fights, especially if Frost gets Blizzard's Rooted upgrade. Ultimately, I think they'll stay as they are, simply because I know they'll be far more useful once enemies get upgraded.

Dragoon: Much like Gladiator, I don't have room to mess with them too much since they share skills with Dragons. I have some ideas in mind, but I'm not sure how to implement them yet. That said, I agree that they feel too same-y.

Oracle: Well, Sheep Count shouldn't be 100% Sleep (and has now been fixed!), so that helps Repose stay on par slightly. I wouldn't be averse to making their debuffs inflict damage as a way of making them stand out a little more. That said, my other idea was to reduce Resilience all around to make debuffs slightly more accurate, but I'm not sure how everyone else feels about that.

Templar: Templars are being buffed. Again. Note that they have a dual use that not many people use them for, and that's (shockingly) outspeeding the enemy. Templars have access to Haste and Piercing Cry (which flat out decreases Speed, and persists, unlike Slow). Rasp will be greatly buffed and Soul Sphere will be becoming something new altogether, most likely, perhaps a Slow spell, or a Reflect ability. To that end, I want them to become veritable mageslayers, so these buffs are needed. A big issue with Rasp at present is that it's considered Magickal, which means three things. 1) Bangaa have crap MA and can't do much regardless, 2) Enemy mages tend to have high Resistance, and 3) Even at 100 Power, Rasp can't dent high enemy MP late-game.


Druid: Everyone loves Thorns, which is kinda hilarious since I thought nobody would use it! I'm really glad to hear it's popular. Thorns might get a nerf soon to be on par with Level 1 Magick (20 Power instead of 30), but I'm a little afraid to touch it now that everyone likes it, haha. My other idea is to simply reduce Vertical Tolerance from 3 to 0. 3 seems excessive.

Time Mage: Yes, Comet can be used with Snake Eyes! Dualcast (with your Moogle!) at your heart's content.

Scholar: Scholars at present are pretty damn powerful, and will be even more useful once enemies are able to be buffed. Things such as Paling and Magick Barrier can make you nigh invincible, even if they are single-target. I used them in some difficult late-game fights, and they helped tremendously. Regen, as always, is useful, and Veil is great when you're fighting debuff spamming foes. I used them as a secondary on my healer and had great results. They also make for a great skillset to use before you get into the thick of the fight.

Daemon: Such a tricky class to balance, and I knew it'd be that way from the start. Dark Holy is already slated for a buff from 140 to 180 power, which should make it more usable. Do you recall what ability you used inflicted Doom? I thought I removed all instances of Doom, but I knew I'd miss some.


Fencer: I'll have to look in to why Retreat isn't working. It was working fine when I tested it. Yay for more testing! Hopefully it at least feels like a more interesting starting job now. It has a lot more depth than it used to.

Occultist: Possess is interesting in that it can only access skills that are in an immediate skillset. So things that require going into a sub-sub-skillset can't be used by Possess. Using their other skills strategically is key. Geist is great for restoring HP and MP and completely undoing (literally) an enemy's hard work. Abomination can quickly prevent enemy advance, Offering is a great desperation move, Elder One deals huge damage and can cause chaos among the enemy ranks, Squassation is great for dealing damage and quickly summoning support Espers, Sanguis flat out deals a lot of Water damage, and Xenoglossia is one of the best mage support skills in the game. As with other advanced jobs, it's all a matter of using it tactically. Granted, Possess (even used on your own allies) is a great way of accumulating damage, but there are many ways to play Occultist.

Sniper: Doubleshot is going to be replaced with a skill that damages and delays an enemy's turn, which is quite valuable (especially against monsters) early on. While not flashy, I think it's a better alternative to current Doubleshot.

Summoner: Summoners are basically glorified Black Mages, but for Viera. Thankfully, they smart target and things like the wide AoE Regen and Reflect are convenient, niche things you can't really find anywhere else. Much like Viera as a race as a whole, they don't excel in anything, but they can always fill a role in your party.

Kunoichi: This was such a risky job to make, but I'm glad people enjoy it. Definitely not my own cup of tea, but it makes me happy to see people using it! Note that I try not to risk adding Quicken to too many things; the AI spams it to no end and it draws battles out.

Green Mage: To be fair, Green Mage is a starting job, and isn't overly flashy. Extend is a great buff, and using Protect/Shell at the very start of a fight when your units are grouped together is great. Evasion Up is a great buff for frail units late-game as well. I think Green Mage will more or less stay the same, but perhaps get a boost in Attack so they can actually hit things fairly hard with their hammers.

Spellblade: Glad to hear that people are enjoying the class! Blitz and Sanguinate will both be getting MP costs in the next update.


Moogle Hero: Dia is great for killing Undead, and Heal is great when things are getting dire as a quick pick-me-up. The Moogle Hero may not be great at magick, but it sure as hell tries!

Corsair: Here's how it works. It IS basically Tinker, but how it works is that even if it displays 100%, it's not lying. It will be a 100% chance. It's just that it only has a chance to hit either all enemies, or all allies in the targeted radius. So if you're not seeing anything, it just means the game rolled the target that doesn't exist within the area. And I thought I gave Corsair the ability to use Cards and Guns. I'll double check it, and if they can't, I'll fix that for the next update.

Engineer: Satellite Ray is amazing, but once you unlock Fallout late game, you'll love it. 100% accuracy and Poison proc can wipe entire swaths of enemies out. Healbot gets outclassed rather quickly, IMO, but it's still great for a quick patch-up job.


Vartan: You can only Dualcast skills that you know, so if you haven't learned those two, you can't Dualcast/Frenzy with them. I'll play with Gale/Cyclone/Whirlwind and see how I should go about making their numbers a little more fair.

Ravager: On the list to be fully revamped. I'm thinking it's going to be a Shield-related job, focusing on evasion, and bonking things on the head with their Shields.

Gourmand: Gourmand is full of surprises. Keep playing with it and I'm sure people will find some pretty amazing uses for them. ;)


Berserker/Viking: On the list to be fully revamped. I have some interesting things in mind for them.

Ranger: On the list to be buffed, just not sure what I have in mind yet. Definitely an increase in Speed.

Reaver: Shadowblade will be gaining an MP cost, just not sure how much yet.


Bard: Angelsong will be nerfed slightly, and Soul Etude will be changed, just not sure how I want to go about it yet.

Dancer: Dancer is overall pretty damn amazing, as her changes were made long before I balanced everything else. (Same with Bard, for the most part). Mincing Minuet will be nerfed, among a few other tweaks to her job overall.

Thank you everyone for the feedback! Sorry it took so long for the reply, but again, things have been crazy for me lately! That, and I've become addicted to FFXIV...

Thanks for the reply! I'll address each of your concerns as best as I can. I'm hoping to release an update in the near future, but it probably won't address these points, per se.

-Monsters being a pain early on is a tough thing to manage. As you've noticed, monsters are buffed now, for two reasons. For one, I want to make fighting them feel like you're fighting legit enemies instead of just a random battle. That said, there are lots of easy ways to handle them as you learn more skills. Getting a Black Mage and a level one spell helps a lot. The second reason being that you can tame them and use them and I want them to be useful from a player's perspective, which they really weren't in Vanilla.

-I'm aware of the Vigilance animation bug. It's not something I can easily fix, and it's purely cosmetic, so I'm not particularly worried about it.

-Goblin's Spin Punch was given that buff to match the Monk's Cyclone attack change, but it's superior in that it ignores allies, which gives them a unique gimmick that was similar to Vanilla Iaido. Recruit one for yourself and see! :)

-Level scaling was done to make battles more interesting without the player having to worry so much about level. In Vanilla and mods that simply increase level, level either doesn't matter at all (because you outlevel the enemy), or you have to grind to match their level to progress. With level scaling, the odds are fair, and strategy means a lot. In terms of a reason to level, stat growth is very much a thing and matters a lot with how you grow your units.

I hope this helps!

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