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Happy Ramza's 34th anniversary~

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Just because there's not been an update recently doesn't mean it's dead. It means I've been working on a lot of back-end stuff that isn't really ready for release yet.

EDIT: The biggest of which is getting Evoker working and some other weird bugs fixed. The next update will be the cleanest one yet, if all goes well! :)

Not at all. I've been working on it lately, but I've also been really busy with work. I'm hoping to take a vacation this summer and just work non-stop on this, haha.

Completed Patches / Re: FFT Monster Tactics
« on: May 06, 2015, 12:10:19 AM »
I'm at Lionel now, and I actually kinda rescind what I said about Goblins. They hit pretty hard and aren't really bad, but they need a way to access the normal Attack command to best utilize Dual Wield. Perhaps with more Move/Speed/Evasion, they could fill a niche role of being a pseudo-glass cannon.

In regards to Agrias (and hume Mustadio), the Holy Knight/Engineer names just don't display in battle under their name or in the menu. In regards to Pisco Demons, the formation sprite in the menu isn't the same as their in-battle sprite.

Some Chapter II Notes (I'm up to Lionel Castle Gafgarion):

-Leg Aim seems to completely outclass Arm Aim.
-I want more mods with Tentacle Queen Ovelia.
-I got a Platinum Sword from a random fight, I think Araguay Woods (maybe Zirekile) and it completely crushes everything. I haven't tried it with Agrias yet.
-Speaking of Agrias, I'm disappointed that she isn't a Lamia. You jerk.
-And on the topic of Lamias, the Lamia in the Save Mustadio fight was annoying. Not so much hard, just annoying. It's fast and flat-out wouldn't die. Just felt like a damage sponge and not so much a challenge, unlike many of your other enemies.
-Silence actually saved my ass at Barius Hill. Screw Merton. To death.
-Can Woodmen get a slight buff? I feel like instead of Quake it needs a healing skill. Other than Medic Chocobos, there's no real good healer yet. Baatezus (or whatever they're called) are probably the best so far, but fill far too many roles (save for buffing/debuffing). I would like to see Quake traded off for Spirit of Life or even just Cure.
-I love the idea of Gafgarion as a Dark Elemental. I need to find a way to use that somewhere. :P

Ultimately, I'm having a lot of fun but am getting really frustrated with certain fights. I'm hoping the difficulty evens out, not because it's tough, but because my options always feel so limited compared to the enemy. I'll have more feedback once I beat Dark Elemental Gaffy and Queklain (who I'm dreading)!

Completed Patches / Re: FFT Monster Tactics
« on: May 04, 2015, 09:05:05 PM »
I started playing this and it's really fun so far! Some things I've noticed. Thus far I just started Chapter II.


-Agrias' Holy Knight job name doesn't display in the menu.
-Pisco Demons and Juravises seem pretty OP.
-Pisco Demons don't have updated formation sprites.
-Aqua Rake's description is retained from Vanilla except for Range/Vert/Etc.
-Tentacle should probably be flagged as Direct.
-Goblins seem rather useless.
-Eye Gouge's description neglects to mention that it also inflicts Confuse/Immobilize/Etc.
-Defensive tactics don't really seem to be emphasized- everything feels like one giant damage race.
-Your battles are waaaaay too Time Bomb heavy.
-Algus being vulnerable to Poison = yay~

EDIT: You may want to switch Holy Sword's statuses back to Separate or Random, I forget which it was. Holy Sword, with a status set as All or Nothing, will ALWAYS make that proc land, meaning Split Punch's Death will always proc.

Thanks for all your feedback! I'm going to be a little out of commission until after the 10th of May, but I am keeping track of this topic! I'll respond in-depth after that. CrowBlack, are you sure you're using the most updated version? It fixes a lot of that.

Ah, I know what happened. I was testing a Reaver ability (Expluse) and had it in Chocobo's slot and forgot to switch it back. I'll fix that for the next update.

The Lounge / Re: Cake
« on: April 14, 2015, 04:08:58 AM »

Perfect! 0.994 will have the updated monster stats, some tweaks to status resistance, and fixed Dual Wield for Moogles! Thanks!

EDIT: 0.994 will also update some descriptions, fixes Enmity's range, boosts Reraise's MP cost, and a few other small things.

Thoughts about 100/1.0 Speed Growth: since I started with jobs having 2.0 Speed Growth, should I keep that trend for monsters as well, for people who've already started a save file with 2.0 Speed Growth? Other than that, everything looks good!

FFTA GG is now updated to Beta 0.993! Some fun additions include:

-Alchemists have been changed to Evokers. Currently, their Summons are no different from Summoners, but once some hardcoding is changed up, they'll have Summons with different effects from Summoners. Chocobo has been added as a Summon to both Summoners and Evokers, and it deals damage to enemies in a line on both sides of the user.

-Engagement is temporarily unavailable as a Limit- it will return again soon.

-Reavers have an updated skillset, unfortunately, descriptions won't be changed until a later date. Reavers are still kind of a WIP, so I don't want to make those changes until everything is 100% finalized.

1) Drain- Drains HP from a unit.
2) Zombify- Add: Undead on a unit.
3) Exorcise- Banishes an Undead unit from battle permanently.
4) Lifebreak- Deals damage to a unit equal to the user's lost HP.
5) Rot- Deals moderate damage to units in a small area, heals the Undead.
6) Dark Magic- Add: Charm on an Undead unit.
7) Expulse- Deals physical Dark damage to units surrounding the user and harms the user by 25% of the damage dealt.
8) Malice- Add: DEF/RES Down on the user and surrounding units.
9) Judgment- Deals tremendous physical Dark damage to units surrounding the user and kills the user.
10) Shieldbearer- Allows Reavers and other jobs to use a Shield.
11) Weapon Def+- Reduces physical damage taken.

-Green Magic MP costs have been reduced, MP Gift has been replaced with Slowga.

-Protect/Shell/Barrier MP costs have been reduced.

-Haste's MP cost has been increased.

-Bards and Time Mages have more weapon access early-game for more abilities.

-Adrammelech no longer has 999 Magic Attack.

-Evil Gaze properly costs MP now.

-Doubleshot has been removed. R.I.P. Doubleshot. You were the most screwed ability in the game, screwed over just about every update. May your eternal soul rest in peace. Faram.

@Lucius: Be glad PDs only heal 25% HP now instead of 50% like they used to, haha! And yes, map layouts have been significantly nerfed. You can still get good things, but nothing gamebreaking. Bards are also getting more early-game weapons in the next update.

The first shop upgrade is after Ultima Crystals. As far as Limits go, Combos work like this: each unit has X% chance of joining a Combo, if that check fails, that unit doesn't join in, as denoted by a Miss.

EDIT: Although Evokers aren't what I want them to be, they're temporarily bandaged so I can update soon. Both Evokers and Summoners get the Chocobo Esper! Kweh!

@Beckendorf: I -highly- advise against modding/cheating in GG. The ROM is rather unstable as it is. Modding things that you don't know about without my notes may cause issues later. Also, Nu Mou, Viera, and Bangaa jobs are all pretty incredible. I would advise playing with those and learning how to use them before changing them.

@Lucius: Thanks for the positive response! Please, let me know about anything you feel that may need tweaked as you play through the game!

@Viking: Glad you're having fun! Feedback is always welcome! I don't know about the 3DS part of your question, but that may be valuable info for later.

If anything, I would make Spirit Magick Reflectable and not Summons, but that's not in the plans any time soon. Beckendorf, that bug is well known and can't currently be fixed.

Evil Gaze's MP cost has been fixed, but note that Elementalist spells have never been reflectable.

The spell quotes can't even be edited in Tactext in WotL, to my knowledge. When I asked the translating team ages ago about whether they were even given the quotes to translate for WotL, they had no knowledge of them.

Hmm, could you or Darth take a look at possibly undoing that? Also, a bug was pointed out to me wherein Adrammelech has 999 Magick Power. This has been fixed for the next update... whenever that may be. Evoker needs fixed first.

So, I've been working on Evoker today, and ran into a rather large snag. I'm in need of some help from some of the more experienced hackers here. I used the (currently unused in GG) Morph ability slots for the Evoker's abilities. I thought the "Enable Morpher" flag was what tied the ability to the Monster Bank, but upon attempting to use the skills like normal skills, I'm still unable to select it (presumably because I lack monsters in the Bank). Would anyone know how to un-tie those ability slots from the Bank?

Hmm, that's really strange. My -guess- is that clan battles are somehow hardcoded to drop certain items, but that's just a guess. I reworked random mission drops to all be usable items, so that's what should be dropping (and has been dropping for me, but I haven't done clan battles yet).

Shortly after you pointed it out, I noticed the evade issue on my end as well. I'll figure out a way to approach that, if I even keep armor weight at all.

Hey Qavex, thanks for the response. It's actually kinda funny that you mentioned the things you did since 90% of those things are things I noticed on my own playthrough today.

Evade: That's likely the reason, yes. What item(s) were you looking at?

Gold Armor: Clan battles should only be dropping a usable item, no armor, weapons, etc. That's weird, and I'm not sure why. I'll take a deeper look at it.

Time Mage/Green Mage: I noticed that today during my playthrough, and it'll be remedied soon. The likely scenario will be the -ra Rods being moved to Tier 1. It might be overpowered (though MP cost is always a concern, and some enemies pre-Tier 2 can use -ra spells anyways), but I would like Green Mages/Time Mages to have skills to learn. This way they can each learn 3 skills. Also, on the note of Green Mages, they'll be losing MP Gift for Slowga and their MP costs will be decreased slightly for a little more ease of use. Further, Protect/Shell/Barrier on White Mages will also be seeing an MP cost decrease.

Bards: Conch Shell (Minne) and Fairy Harp (Lifesong) will be moved to Tier 1, most likely. On the topic of Bards, Paeon is being reworked to cancel buffs and debuffs instead of restoring MP. It'll act as a blend of Esuna and Dispel, basically.

Scream: Berserk increases physical damage, yes. Unfortunately, it's not very useful. Future updates may instead make Scream boost the user's ATK instead.

Reaver: Heh, the cat's out of the bag, I suppose. One of the things I'm attempting to do for .993 (and is why said update is taking a bit, comparatively) is because I'm attempting to revamp Reaver to what it was originally intended to be: a Dark Knight/Necromancer hybrid for Nu Mou. Right now it (and Alchemist, which I'm getting to shortly) are in the process of being changed significantly. Since you brought it up, I may as well reveal what their (hopeful) skillset will be:

Basically, a Dark Knight with control of the Undead that learn skills by ripping away souls from enemies. Which is badass, IMO. But that may just be my Dark Knight fetish showing itself. :P

Reavers are armored mages that can change the tide of battle by turning enemies (which are in larger numbers now, compared to Vanilla, simply because you can't use as many allies) against each other and crushing them with the HP lost by your own attacks. This will only happen if I can find a way to disable Nono's shop (I need access to those text strings that his shop uses for new text), so we'll see if we can make it happen soon-ish.

Likewise, Alchemists are being revamped. I'm sure you've noticed that now they're "Arcanists". That was the original Necromancer job I had planned for them, but they're being revamped to "Evokers". Inspired by Final Fantasy III's Evoker job, Final Fantasy X's Dark Aeons, and the early Persona series' Reverse Arcana, the Evoker will be a Nu Mou summoning job with summons whose effects are reverse of the Summoner's. Their exact skillset has yet to be determined, but some examples are Kirin inflicting damage and dispelling buffs (a reverse to Viera Kirin healing and dispelling debuffs), Phoenix inflicing Undead on a large area (a reverse of Phoenix reviving the dead properly, also to help Reavers out), Maduin healing HP over a large area (a reverse of Maduin dealing damage), etc. Shiva/Ramuh/Ifrit/etc. have yet to be determined. Also, should their animations work, Chocobo will be returning on Evoker (and Summoner!), but only if both their sprites don't bug out. The real issue is that I'm running out of skill slots to work with. I should have enough to make Evoker work, but fitting Reaver in will be tricky.

Catch is exactly how it was before. Proceed as such. :P

It's funny you mention Geomancy and Moogles. I'm tempted to give Mediators Geomancy (although they couldn't directly benefit from it) so that Moogle Mages would have a little more power.

EDIT: Still attempting to fix Paeon. Unfortunately, every change I make seems to not work. Whenever Paeon is used, it won't restore MP and (somehow) inflicts Reflect on the party instead.

EDIT: I'm also perplexed as to why certain items- namely accessories- aren't appearing in the stores.

EDIT 3: Items are now appearing in shops properly. Fun fact about FFTA I learnt just now. If you want an accessory to be buyable in shops, it has to be Shoes. If it's anything BUT Shoes, the game won't allow it to appear in the shop.

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