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Do not use ePSXe (PC)! Instead use any other emulator. For the purposes of FFT, pSX works wonderfully well!

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I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on First Aid. It's not meant to be anything amazing, it's meant to be anything amazing, it's meant to be one of many utilities in the Soldier/Warrior's skillset. Soldiers, I might add, get Revive and Aim: Armor later on, as well. I wouldn't be averse to giving First Aid 1 Range later on if I feel it really needs it though.

In regards to Magicbreak, note that MP regeneration isn't a thing in GG. That was one of the first things removed from it. So unless an enemy uses an Ether or something, if that MP is gone, it's gone for good.

Scream will probably be getting Critical Up added to it, at least, that's what I've been leaning towards. We'll see though.

Beso Toxico and Swarmstrike were too similar for a very long time, thus the differentiation. Beso Toxico is great for Poisoning ranged enemies, but Swarmstrike is for when they're up close and you want to do damage as well.

It's funny that you mention Throw since I was thinking about it the other day. My change is to make the Kunai no longer +15% EVD (moving that to the Osafune), and making Kunai 500 Gil instead.

When 1.0 is out, I'm also hoping to release an official version of FFTA Arena, since I've pretty much overhauled everything since then. This was a demo video that was made ages ago of it:

Kensai, welcome to FFH, and thanks for playing! Allow me to respond to your feedback, and I hope it clears things up:

First Aid is actually only a few points weaker than Cure, but is based on Physical Attack and is free, and cures debuffs on the user, making it useful in different situations from Cure. It's not meant to be an amazing ability, since it's one of the first ones you get. That being said, it's still really good early-game and in situations where you need to top off your health.

To clarify, the 13 AoE you see is the game's way of saying "summon AoE", basically, 2 AoE instead of 1 or single-target. This was to put it on par with Whirlwind and other around-self skills that had an AoE boost. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble setting them back to default. Even when I set everything back to how it was in Vanilla, they still act strangely.

Magicbreak is meant to be used to cripple mages while you go after other units. If you can't flat out kill the mage, making it unable to cast spells (or at least, as many of them/the stronger ones) is a viable option. The Breaks are all weapon range and work great with Bows, for the record.

Thesis Hunt has always been a weird mission to balance. No matter what changes I make to it, it always comes out ridiculously hard or ridiculously easy. I've never been truly happy with it, but I'm getting there! The one Thief did lose Counter and Maintenance, and the other had Counter replaced with Arrow Guard. I noticed, however, that he didn't have any actual Thief skills. He can now steal your gear, but I'll see during testing how that plays out. Nurse is staying, namely because I don't feel it makes the battle much different one way or another.

I'm aware of the bug with the stat down skills, though I'm not sure why it's happening or how to fix it. Darth looked at the ROM ages ago and saw that it should be working perfectly, so I don't really have an answer on that just yet.

The hourglass buff on the Soldier was like the result of the Fighter in that fight using Cheer, which Adds: Boost onto an allied unit to increase their strength. (Think Helping Hand from the Pokemon series.)

In regards to Scream, it's getting buffed in the near future, I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with it. Fret not, it's on my list! :)

I'm trying this out as we speak! Question: is your patch balanced towards Normal or Hard Mode?

Thanks, as always you do great work! Looking forward to trying your patch in a bit! :)

I would love to make a full FFTA2 version of GG in the very near future. What tools did you use for text changes?

Hmm. I made a few adjustments to First Aid and Nurse a while ago... First Aid should only restore HP and cure Blind, Silence, and Poison. My guess is that the Soldier used Nurse- a Chivalry skill- that heals HP and bestows Regen.

The former is just a bug. It's already well known and documented. The latter... are you sure it's behaving differently for both sides? It's literally one ability.

Help! / Re: ASM AI difficulty patch
« on: August 19, 2015, 05:14:29 AM »
I'm working on the PSP version of KO Critical Mode, and here are some decent tips (courtesy of Raven and others) to get the AI to learn skills efficiently and with greater variety. In doing so, you can make really potent units, ones that are almost up to par with actual human players.

-Set Job Level 8 to require 9999 JP and set enemies to have Job Level 8 of whatever skillset you want them to have mastered. This won't guarantee they'll learn everything (you'd need every skill to have a 100% learn rate if that were to happen, but that's a horrible idea), but it'll give them a very large amount of skills to work with.

-Rearrange skillsets with the most useful skills first. The AI learns skills by going down the skillset and learning them with what JP it's given. If, for example, the AI spends all of its JP on Fire, Fire 2, and Fire 3, you're not giving them the ability to learn Flare because it's at the bottom of the skillset. It would have to go through all that muck for a chance to even acquire it. Instead, put the most useful skills first in the skillset and put less useful skills (such as Poison) last.

-Mixed units can be truly deadly. A Knight with no Knight skills but a full set of Math Skills and Black/White/Time/Yin-Yang Magic set to 70 Faith can be really obnoxious and dangerous. It's all about what R/S/M skills you give them and what secondary you want them to play with. Thinking outside the box can lead to some really deadly units.

Some other ways to boost difficulty without being unfair would be to add traps in each map (making things like Treasure Hunter and Float more useful- albeit slightly- by proxy). The thing to bear in mind with this is that the AI cannot see traps and will gladly walk right into them. In Lucavi/boss fights, you'll want to use Sleeping Gas traps and Doom Traps, since even if the AI walks into them, it won't affect them. Steel Needle traps can hurt Lucavi/bosses big time though, since they're percentage based.

I know we had briefly discussed the starting roster, but I've grown to like it how it is now. As far as recruitable characters are concerned, they join at the party's average level now, so they shouldn't throw you off like they did before.

-Laws are back, but each battle has set Laws. Prisons and Judges still serve their purpose. Law Cards can't be used except for Clan Fights to shift those battles into your favor.

-Enemy levels scale based on the average level of the party.

-Descriptions have been changed and are now (mostly) accurate.

Enjoy! :)

For all those wondering, I've been working a lot on KO PSP Critical Mode and Parted Ways lately. After I finish my test run for KO PSP Critical Mode, I'll be doing a test drive of GG and with any luck, once that's done, 1.0 will be finally released! Thank you all for your patience! :)

Help! / Re: fft wotl: esuna and arise are very buggy
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:45:25 AM »
It helps if you post what hacks you've applied. Also, you should never patch an ISO with multiple patches. Always patch clean, lest you be in for many bugs.

@DC: Glad to hear you're having fun! Early on, it's best to play defensively. In regards to Chocobos healing each other, Black Mages help significantly with their AoE.

@Rediumus: Unfortunately, classes and monsters are coded in such a way that they can't use Human skillsets. :P

Help! / Re: New, overwhelmed, scared, excited.
« on: August 09, 2015, 10:45:14 PM »
If you want to see the full fruits of what has been discovered and made possible in regards to modding FFT, I highly advise playing Jot5. It's literally a sequel with lots of new (and surprising!) additions.

Help! / Re: New, overwhelmed, scared, excited.
« on: August 09, 2015, 10:04:56 PM »
PPSSPP is a great emulator, but I still have graphical bugs fairly often with FFT. I'd suggest KO PSX instead if you're averse to trying to emulate the PSP version. They're more-or-less the same, albeit with the less interesting changes WotL has to offer.

Help! / Re: New, overwhelmed, scared, excited.
« on: August 09, 2015, 08:36:58 PM »

...ahem. Anyways, I'm really biased, but Kind Of PSP fixes the Slowdown and a bunch of other little issues as well as rebalancing things. For a first time FFT mod player, I'd really suggest it. It's very close to Vanilla while getting your feet wet in the world of FFT modding.

That is intended. Switching jobs and strategies around is key- Laws will always be set for each battle.

Right after Square-Enix pops up before the title screen, it'll say Final Fantasy Hacktics, and then Darthatron + Eternal if it was patched properly. You're going to want to patch an existing file (your untouched FFTA ROM). If you're getting a checksum error, my guess is that you're either not using a US FFTA ROM, or it's already been patched with something else.

Now that I'm at my computer I can properly answer! :D

Nyzer: OKs in KO have innates. Apprentice OK has Reequip/Safeguard/Counter/Accrue JP. Master OK has Reequip/Safeguard/First Strike/Accrue JP. As far as giving them abilities, KO's purpose is to stay true to Vanilla, which means not making many new skills. In fact, the only truly new skill I'd say is Unction/Oil. That's why I opted to give them a single skill from each skillset that can be given- to give them a new role and still stick with what's already around.

Mithos: Something to bear in mind with KO is that part of it is to make monsters viable for the player's team, as well. Chocobos as such were given a little more utility to synergize well with other jobs, acting as an immediate and mobile battle medic. I lessened the amount of Chocobos in each battle early-game in 2.3 or 2.4 (I forget which), to negate some of the tedious battle frustration early-game. Ultimately, in battles early-game with Chocobos, you're going to want to aim for the Chocobo first. This goes for any unit with reviving abilities- take them out first and the battle becomes much easier.

In regards to Black Goblins, again, they're meant to compete with other jobs and have their own niche. For the record, Spin Punch's accuracy isn't something I can change. Its accuracy is based on the defending unit's evasion. Their niche is getting in close and crippling enemies easily. The best tactic with them is to nuke them with magic (preferably Blizzard), or shoot them down with arrows. The AI is quite adept at using the Goblin's skills, so they'll use others when they're viable.

This feedback is very helpful though. Please, keep it coming! And I'm almost always on IRC, so feel free to chat on there with me directly if you'd like.

I'm on my phone so I can't type a full reply to you yet Nyzer, but Mithos, please, feel free to go ahead and post your thoughts. Anything- positive or negative- is helpful!

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