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That bug has also been fixed! Keep 'em coming! :D

Hmm. If you're looking for a greater challenge, I'd advise trying FFT KO Critical Mode, which is only for the PSX version at present, but can be found here.

I suspect I know why those issues are both happening, and I'll fix them now for the next update. Thanks for the feedback! How'd you enjoy the main story?

Sorry, it had been a minute since I messed with KO PSP, so I was mistaken. Defender itself no longer exists as it had been replaced with Durandal, and therefore can no longer be obtained, and Ninja won't Throw those items.

As for the Acacia Hat, I think I fixed the problem... hopefully. It'll be fixed in the next update. It's supposed to be a MD only item, but since it used to be the Black Cowl, I may have accidentally left it on a storyline enemy.

As for the title screen, I believe Lijj made it! :D

Are you enjoying MD and the endgame stuff so far, MJ?

Ode to the Deathbringers is the Mime/Summoner/Dancer/Bard squad. :)

And I was mistaken- the Defender is actually a totally different item, it's the Durandal sword. 25 WP.

Looking in the Patcher now, all four battles are there. You must just have really bad luck, since the Ode to the Deathbringers battle is intact. As for the Mace of Zeus error, that's been fixed! Thanks!

For the record, the four items you can Treasure Hunt in the Algus battle are an Elixir, a Defender, a Nagnarok, and a Ribbon. The four you can find during the Ovelia/Delita battle at Zeltennia are an Elixir, an Invisibility Cloak, a Cachusha, and a Barette.

Here's a Poach list. Hope it helps!

Chocobo: Hi-Potion/X-Potion
Black Chocobo: Ether/Hi-Ether
Red Chocobo: Barette/Elixir

Goblin: Jujitsu Gi/Power Garb
Black Goblin: Celebrant's Miter/Lambent Hat
Gobbledeguck: Gaia Gear/Ninja Gear

Bomb: Flameburst Bomb/Fuma Shuriken
Grenade: Flame Rod/Yagyu Darkrood
Exploder: Flame Shield/Cachusha

Red Panther: Battle Boots/Germinas Boots
Coeurl: Hermes Shoes/Croakadile Bag
Vampire Cat: Holy Water/Pantherskin Bag

Piscodaemon: Celebrant's Miter/Gold Hairpin
Squidraken: White Robe/Black Robe
Mindflayer: Wizard's Rod/Luminous Robe

Skeleton: Jade Armlet/Orichalcum Dirk
Bonesnatch: Assassin's Dagger/Spellbinder
Skeletal Fiend: Air Knife/Zwill Straightblade

Ghoul: Phoenix Down/Vampire Cape
Ghast: Holy Water/Featherweave Cape
Revenant: Remedy/Invisibility Cloak

Floating Eye: X-Potion/Diamond Armlet
Ahriman: Magick Ring/Magepower Glove
Plague Horror: Rubber Shoes/Septieme

Jura Aevis: Hunting Bow/Gastrophetes
Steelhawk: Windslash Bow/Artemis Bow
Cockatrice: Gold Needle/Yoichi Bow

Pig: Cachusha/Elixir
Swine: Chantage/Nagnarok
Wild Boar: Fallingstar Bag/Ribbon

Dryad: Mage's Staff/Healing Staff
Treant: Bloodstring Harp/Faerie Harp
Elder Treant: Icebrand/Runeblade

Wisenkin: Giant's Axe/Phoenix Down
Minotaur: Power Gauntlet/Holy Lance
Sekhret:  Bracer/Sortilege

Malboro: Remedy/Elven Cloak
Ochu: Nu Khai Armband/Cherche
Greater Malboro: Elixir/Omnilex

Behemoth: Guardian Bracelet/Fallingstar Bag
Behemoth King: Eight-Fluted Pole/Whale Whisker
Dark Behemoth: Mythril Gun/Blaze Gun

Dragon: Angel Ring/Dragon Rod
Blue Dragon: Blood Sword/Wyrmweave Silk
Red Dragon: Obelisk/Dragon Whisker

Hydra: Hydrascale Bag/Scorpion Tail
Greater Hydra: Lambent Hat/Rubber Suit
Tiamat: Sasuke's Blade/Whale Whisker

I believe they're the same, if my poor memory is serving correctly. As for Luso, that's correct. He can no longer learn Ultima. His gimmick is Innate: Beastmaster/Beasttongue/Tame/Poach. In KO PSP Critical Mode, he is a Blue Mage, however.

Hmm, yeah, I don't know what would cause that then. Have you noticed any other bugs/balance issues?

Poaches have all been improved from their Vanilla versions. And it's funny that you mention Duskblade/Magicksap since I was thinking about that after I released the latest version. I'll probably change that in a future release.

You were Jumping with a Lance, right? Not a Flail or something silly like that, correct?

Yeah, I changed absolutely nothing about Jump so I have no idea why it'd do that. =\

Hmm, I didn't change anything about Lancers or Jump. Was the target Charging before the Jump landed?

Sorry, didn't even see your post! I'm aware of that bug but I'm not entirely sure how to fix it. I won't be adding special characters as inviteable in DD, for a few reasons, namely that it goes against the premise of the patch and some of them don't have proper formation sprites. As for the list of special battles, most of them are in the first post, but I'll see if I missed any.

Help! / Re: Help,what patches are for WOTL
« on: April 03, 2014, 02:26:47 PM »
It's harder than Vanilla FFT just because most of the broken things have been nerfed/rebalanced, but it's not designed to bust your balls. Midlight's Deep and the Trials are, however, designed to be somewhat difficult.

Help! / Re: Help,what patches are for WOTL
« on: April 03, 2014, 03:10:44 AM »
I can help with that. The multiplayer battles are added (in one form or another) in Midlight's Deep, and a very select few appear elsewise in various locations. Likewise, the multiplayer items are also added, but replace old, semi-useless items.

I would argue that the Assassin's greatest asset is their versatility. Although they aren't particularly great at any one thing, they're great at crippling enemies and handling an array of situations.

In KO PSP, I imported some of the multiplayer battles as regular battles. I believe that's one of them. :)

Chances are good that they'll temporarily go back down to 1 AoE until I find a decent fix for them. There are some other minor tweaks that need made as well.

FFT Arena / Re: Arena battle videos and discussion
« on: March 25, 2014, 02:55:07 AM »
Requesting a battle against one of Silentkaster's team- any will do surprise me. :D

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