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Hacky New Year!

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Great work as always. This topic is really fascinating. Thoughts on Float though: I know I've seen it use Float outside of Critical after seeing an Earth spell. Heck, I think I've seen it used before an Earth spell was used, but the AI still "saw" it in the party's skillset.

For sure! Thanks for doing a playthrough. :)

It's not quite as hard as you're thinking it is, honestly. Heal from the Squire class will remove Blind, Poison, Don't Act, and Don't Move and is pretty cheap, so I'd recommend trying to have that on a few characters. Goblins can be easily destroyed by the Wizard's Ice spell, and Chocobos should be killed first since they can revive. It's all about prioritizing which units you kill first and playing offensively. :)

You're very welcome, and I hope you enjoy it! Please remember to post updates as you progress through KO. I want to hear about your journey! :)

I wouldn't recommend it. Combining patches can get messy.

Right now time is pretty scarce, so it's been hard to work on anything, much less FFTA, heh.

To make a potentially long post very short, I'm in the planning stages of just completely rebooting FFTA GG, namely because it's kind of a mess right now since it was started when FFTA modding was very dirty and a lot of stuff was duct taped together. Ultimately, I'd be remaking it to be cleaner, better balanced, and more fun with the findings that have been discovered since FFTA modding first began. The challenge is that it takes a lot of time, and as I mentioned above, time is very scarce for me at the moment. Statuses are a truly tricky thing to play with in FFTA, but you can be assured that I've taken note of everything that's been posted. Much like in FFTA2 GG, I want to get rid of most instant KO statuses and make existing statuses more useful/better balanced in different ways.

Correct, they're technically images. As far as Engineer, I hope you enjoy nukes and lasers. :)

Elemental is the same as it ever was, more or less. Elemental is based on both MA and PA, but boosting MA has a greater effect in the formula IIRC, and also IIRC, Magic Attack Up boosts it.

Hey, sorry Blue, I just saw this. I think the Dark Behemoth bug was fixed for the next update, but I'll double check. Thanks for playing, and I hope you're having fun!

Hey Yunerotroy, thanks for playing! I'll try and be as descriptive as possible so that you have the best idea as to why certain things are as they are.

There are certainly a few animation bugs because some abilities are hardcoded to have certain animations and some races can support some animations half the time, and other times they can't. That said, upon my testing, I've found that since the only issues are animation and aren't lasting that I didn't want to sacrifice a really fun skill for something minor like that. I'm sure there'll be a fixed animation in the future, but for now it's not too much of a concern.

Rend skills were buffed because the debuff isn't particularly useful, and having it deal 50% damage wasn't making it useful either. Art of War isn't a particularly great skillset, so I'm not feeling too bad about it having a strong advantage over the Attack command, especially since it forces you to either be a Soldier/Warrior or sacrifice your secondary skillset.

I can't change what names the item screen says yet. FFTA1 GG has this issue, too. It's annoying, but there's nothing I can really do about it at the moment.

The fact that you didn't miss with Charm at all just means the RNG favored you in those instances. It's a true 50%.

Grapple's point is to draw an enemy closer to the user and it pins them to that tile for the turn. It's a great way to keep an annoying fleeing/ranged enemy close to your melee brusiers. The Japanese text that appears just says "Rooted". The Rooted status appears on the Cannoneer's Mortar ability as well (but affecting the user), but since the status never actually displays, they never bothered to translate the text that shows when the status is afflicted on someone else.

As far as formations are concerned such as Wanted: Gilmunto, I agree. The challenge is that I'm extremely limited as to what I can edit at the moment, and formations are one thing I can't. The more immediate goal for FFTA2 GG was to create more interesting jobs, since that's something I do have control over. This is also the reason why we're not at 1.0 yet- I want to be able to edit formations before making it a true 1.0. It would just feel wrong otherwise.

As far as the jobs not feeling FF-ish, that's kinda the point as well. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a FF purist. I hate when jobs are changed up and made to feel different, but FFTA2 has a really cool base to use and it has the potential to make some really fun jobs. The jobs -are- mostly based on different parts of different FF games, if you look hard enough. The exception being Necromancer, which is directly based on Tactics Ogre's Necromancer. Here's a list of what each job is based on:

-Necromancer: Tactics Ogre's Necromancer
-Orator: FFT's Mediator/Orator
-Oracle: FFT's Oracle/Mystic
-Reaver: Dark Knights
-Vartan: Tactics Ogre's Vartan
-Samurai: FFT's Samurai
-Engineer: FFT's Engineer + Metal Gear Solid
-Spellblade: FFXIII's Paradigm Shift system
-Scholar: FFXIII's Synergist
-Daemon: FFT's Ultima and Ultima Demons
-Occultist: Bravely Second's Exorcist
-Myrmidon: FFT's Divine Knight
-Druid: FFT's Geomancer
-Kunoichi: One of the few completely original jobs created for FFTA2 GG
-Corsair: FFXI's Corsair
-Moogle Hero: FFI's Paladin/White Mage, FFXIII's Sentinel, and Dragon Quest's Heroes.
-Gourmand: Homemaker from Celdia's Class Patch

Hope this answers some of your questions!

One of the goals of 2.6 was to make monsters far more interesting and viable, so hopefully you have fun with a monster party! (Boco is your friend.)

Yeah, it's already known and there isn't too much I can do about it unless Emmy has found a fix for that. Regardless, it makes monsters more useful since they can spell spam without consuming MP so in some regards I like it.

Monster MP is a funny thing. If a skill consumes MP, it won't consume MP if used by a monster, but the monster would still need enough max MP to be able to use it. However, Counter Magic -does- consume MP.

Looks like the description is just too long. I'll fix that now, thanks for noticing it. I'm also fixing Monster Skill's description. I thought I did that ages ago. :P

EDIT: For the record, it cancels a charging enemy's ability.

Wandering Cloud, it sounds like you've patched everything correctly. Cloud's Limits have a CT and Accumulate does cost 14 MP, so you're good to go! Do note, however, that Accumulate's MP cost reduces to 0 in Chapter IV for Ramza, so don't be alarmed when it suddenly becomes free, haha.

The Lounge / Re: Barren Plays Final Fantasy Tactics K.O 2.6
« on: December 31, 2016, 11:38:07 AM »
It's totally fine! :)

Feel better soon and keep up the great work!

Hey there! Guests aren't controllable in KO. It's something I've considered, but I feel like it'd take away from some of the challenge in Chapter I and that it'd take away from Vanilla's feel too much. If you want to make Guests controllable, I'd suggest looking into downloading the FFTPatcher which comes with FFTorgASM, a program that allows you to make that change. Hope you enjoy KO! :D

This is great stuff! Keep up the amazing work, Doku. :)

The Lounge / Re: Barren Plays Final Fantasy Tactics K.O 2.6
« on: December 24, 2016, 04:13:15 PM »
This is great stuff, thank you so much for playing through KO. Can't wait for the next update! :D

Hey Protosz, welcome to FFH, and thank you for giving KO a try! FFT was one of my very first games as a kid (doing Dorter when you're 7 is a tricky affair), and when I designed KO, I aimed to make it as polished and fun of an experience as possible for both new and returning fans. I hope you enjoy the journey through Ivalice once more, and feedback both positive and negative is welcomed and encouraged. Thank you so much for joining us!

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