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 on: September 19, 2017, 06:22:22 PM 
Started by johnmyster - Last post by johnmyster
Will give that a try. I finally bought parallels as well as a cheap copy of Windows 10 last night so maybe I'll just give it a try on the Windows side if I can't get it to work.

Any luck?

 on: September 19, 2017, 02:09:42 PM 
Started by AGodDangMoose - Last post by AGodDangMoose
I've uploaded it to mediafire, and changed to link.  I've also added in a few things I missed last minute

 on: September 19, 2017, 01:41:44 PM 
Started by AGodDangMoose - Last post by nitwit
Can you upload that to mediafire or mega?  I don't want to give you my gmail address.

 on: September 19, 2017, 04:48:43 AM 
Started by izlud3 - Last post by btmarcher
Near as I can tell, there is no way to successfully restore the FFTSAVE.bin to your iOS device with the new FFTWotL update Square released. I thought at first it was just with the Clear Game status but with a fresh install it still didn't work. If anyone can figure out a way around this it would be appreciated. I'm using iBackupBot for file browsing, no issues there.

 on: September 19, 2017, 01:07:00 AM 
Started by Julian - Last post by Julian
Table starts at 0x053FFEA2

These are the values according to Edea:

12 bytes:
Byte 00: Index/order the job will appear in
Byte 01: Job ID
Bytes 02 and 03: Unique Sprite ID, one in each byte (see below)
Bytes 04-09: A-Ability mastery requirements (up to 3 jobs - didn't look too much into it, should be able to reverse it from known classes)
Bytes 0A-0B: Quest completion prerequisite (did not look into this at all as I'm not very interested in it)

Theoretically I suppose you could assign a class to more than 2 people by just repeating the entry.

Sprite ID's: (didn't double check all of them but should be it)
01 Luso
02 Cid
03 Adelle
04 Hurdy
05 Vaan
06 Penelo
07 Al-Cid
08 Montblanc
3A Frimelda

The table fits every job assignment perfectly, and ends with Heritor. Since there was no space, I used the 00 job assignment, since it's unused. Could potentially use Keeper's as well, I suppose. No issues seen from testing.

Anywho, I spent like 4 hours looking for that offset I was looking for to no avail. I'm starting to think the game just has a hardcoded check for Reconnaissance when playing around in the menu. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to find it if I had a proper debugger.

So, the solution I came up with was to swap skillsets with Nightshade. (I tried skillset 00, didn't work.) Agent gets the Guile skillset, Nightshade gets Reconnaissance. I then swapped the skills in each skillset, then swapped the pointers for the skillset name and description. So effectively, I just rearranged the skillset ID: 5E is now Guile (which the game has some hardcoded check to gimp, I believe) and 5D is now a fully functioning Reconnaissance.

Screenshots:  - Using Frimelda as a test subject since she has skills learned, to show how everything works properly.

I just tested the final battle really quick.... and Illua lost all her skills XD oops. Not entirely too sure why. So this isn't perfect but it's the least damaging solution I can come up with for now, and not an issue for me since I beat the game already. Attached a ups patch for anyone who may be interested. (Agent Frimelda not included!)

edit: Apparently fat fingered one of the bytes on the new Guile skillset, fixed it, didn't change anything. D: Oh well.
edit2: Eyy, I fixed it! Updated patch attached. Should work flawlessly with no issues now. About to load up onto my 3ds to play a bit and test.
edit3: If you're loading a save with Al-Cid already on it, he'll have Guile equipped. Change jobs and it'll go away forever.
edit4: So... Went into a fight with Soldier Al-Cid. Went to hit an enemy, game crashed XD no animation I guess. All this for nothing lol. Oh well I was just about done with this game I guess, had some fun figuring this out anyway. :)

 on: September 18, 2017, 11:17:09 PM 
Started by HowDoGameDev - Last post by Elric
Lookin good at always man, keep it up!

 on: September 18, 2017, 11:10:34 PM 
Started by silentkaster - Last post by White Knight Wiegraf
Here are the planned changes for 142.

 on: September 18, 2017, 10:41:31 PM 
Started by Julian - Last post by Zeke_Aileron
Anyone who has changed Agent to "can change jobs" knows that once Al-Cid changes jobs, he can't change back. I managed to add Agent to Al-Cid's job list successfully. (Thanks, Edea! (RHDT)) (And on a side note - I can easily add any special job to any character now, providing the races match. Gave Frimelda Agent as well to help test. There seems to be a limit to two characters per special job, though.)

You was able to add the special job to the special unit's job list, i'm curious on how to do that as well.

 on: September 18, 2017, 10:02:18 PM 
Started by AGodDangMoose - Last post by AGodDangMoose
I've updated the original post with more up to date modules, as well as a new one.

Also, as stated above, if anyone has any other information regarding this game, like item, spell, or shop information, or anything I haven't already made an editor for, please let me know.  I'm very interested in making more modules for this,

 on: September 18, 2017, 05:01:37 PM 
Started by mrjane - Last post by Emmy
I'm pretty sure what you're thinking of hasn't been done.  However, MT's break skills are crazy good, even in a game where 98% of enemies don't have equipment.  I made break into something more similar to Meliadoul's vanilla abilities (only that they hit monsters too). 

ASM for this (along with required code):

However if you still *really* want it to apply status as well as breaking an item, you can learn asm.  This is a relatively simple hack to make for someone experienced with asm (is literally just 2 additional lines of code, one of which is a nop), since the inflict status byte isn't used by these formulas.  Though because you're adding to the code, you'll also have to either move the code of the formula that you're using for break, or copy over a longer unused formula.

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